Mommy Takes Me to the Doctor

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[[All characters are 18 years old or over.]]

Part I: Waiting Room


As I walked into the doctor’s office, following my mother, my head hung down. It hung down because I knew what I would see if I looked up: my mother’s unbelievable body, encased in a tight business suit. If my eyes drifted upwards, I’d see her tiny, 4-inch-heel-encased feet, her curvy, tight legs, her full, slightly swaying ass. And, framing her petite torso, her gigantic, round breasts. Yes, from the back. Her breasts were so massive that the poked out from either side of her body. At 5’3″ – in those heels – she was completely out of proportion.

I shuffled along, my aching, erect penis pushing out visably from my pants. We stopped at the reception desk.

“Ms. Pepper, here with her son Brian.”

The receptionist, a busty young woman wearing a tight sweater, looked at me. I raised my gaze, but only got as far as her chest. I suddenly realized what I was doing and snapped up to look her in the eye. She smiled.

“Hi Brian. We know all about you here. You can stare at my breasts if you want to.”

“What!” My mother inhaled sharply, making her cartoonishly swollen chest bulge outward. “What are you talking about?!”

“Ms. Pepper, it’s fine. From the questionnaire you filled out online, we already know about Brian’s condition. We’re going to help him. Please” — she gestured at two of many empty chairs in the waiting room – “have a seat.”

My mother shook her head at me and took me by the hand. “Come on, then, Brian,” she said, and then looked down. I followed her gaze and found my huge, erect penis tenting outward, a wet spot forming on my pants.


My “condition” – well, let’s put it this way. Every kid goes through puberty. When mine came, it came with a vengeance. I had a hard-on more than not. I masturbated every chance I got – probably 5 or 6 times a day. And I came in huge spurts, even after a marathon session. There may have been a medical explanation. But in my mind, there was another reason: Mommy. I was obsessed with her body. I thought about it constantly, and there were constant reminders of how insanely buxom and shapely she was: guys at school wouldn’t shut up about it, the occasional comment from a construction workers, and the one girlfriend I had, briefly, at that young age, had once guessed she was a DD cup. I think she was way off. Now, at the age of 18, things hadn’t really changed. I was still obsessed with my mother’s amazing body.


We sat and waited. My eyes, as usual, wandered over to stare at my mother’s bust. Once again, she caught me.

“Brian! For goodness sakes.” She looked angry, but also confused and sad. I didn’t know what to do. “I mean, I know boys your age have needs. And I also understand that my body” – she looked down, and slowly, to my astonishment, plumped her huge breasts with her hands – “is somewhat unusual. But you definitely shouldn’t be looking at your Mommy that way.”

“Uhhh,” I groaned, my cock pulsing. When she referred to herself in the third person like that – I don’t know, it just killed me.

“It’s ok, sweetie. We’re here to get you some help. Doreen said Dr. Morgan is a specialist in… this area.”

“Thanks Mommy.”

She smiled and I blushed and looked down at my erection again. A nurse came out from the hallway with a clipboard. She walked over to us.

“You must be Brian and Ms. Pepper.”

I looked up and couldn’t believe who I was looking at. It was Bethany, a girl who had graduated from my high school a few years before – probably 22 to my 18 years. She must have been interning as a nurse’s assistant during the summer. She was just the kind of older girl that I secretly pined for – and who fueled many of my fantasies. She had long, dark hair, like my mother, but unlike my mother, she was tall and lean. And, of course, she was busty. Nothing like my mother, but really big for girl her age. She squatted in front of me, her breasts bouncing as she did.

“Hi Brian. I remember you. You were a senior this year, yeah?”

I was dumbstruck. Once again, I couldn’t stop staring at a large pair of breasts in front of me.

“Brian,” my mother said, “the nurse is asking you a question.”

“Um, sorry, yeah. You graduated a few years ago, right?”

“Yup. You’ve really grown up a lot, haven’t you?” She winked. “Anyway, we’re going to take care of you here. The first thing I need you to do is take off your pants.” I looked at my mother, who looked shocked.

“Here, in the waiting room?” she said.

“Yup. Don’t worry, Ms. Pepper, we’ll have a full exam with the doctor in a moment. This is just a preliminary procedure. I happened to notice that Brian’s penis is fully erect. It is, right Brian,” she said as she turned to me.

“Yeah. It’s been hard for a while.”

“Ok then. Let’s get you out of those pants.”

I looked at my mother and unbuttoned my pants. Bethany grabbed the top and slid them off, then, immediately, pulled off my already underwear, already stained with pre-cum.

My penis was large – that was obvious from Bethany and mom’s reaction. I don’t think it was huge, but they were impressed.

“Well, you’ve gotten quite big, Brian,” Bethany smiled. She reached over to the table next to me and grabbed a bottle. “This is just lotion. It’s going to help me help you ejaculate. I’m going to put some on your penis now.” I gasped as she began to grease up my penis. “Oh!” Bethany smiled. “This is going to feel good Brian. Just relax. Ms. Pepper,” she said, turning to my mother, as she continued to stroke my cock, “I know this may be a tad alarming, but I assure you the doctor knows what she’s doing. We’ve handled plenty of cases like Brian’s.”

She continued to jack me off and whisper things like “that’s a good boy” and “look at my big breasts, Brian! Don’t they make you want to ejaculate?”

And soon enough, I was on the verge. Bethany could sense it, and did two things: first, she pulled out a contraption from her pocket, a large vial of sorts, which she attached to the top of my throbbing penis; it was obviously meant to capture my ejaculate. She also whispered something new to me: “it’s ok, sweetie, you can look at your Mommy’s breasts now.” So I did. And as mother gasped, I screamed “I’m sorry Mommy!” and came, filling the vial. In fact, it began to overflow, so Bethany removed it and clamped her mouth down over my spurting penis. I couldn’t believe what was happening: one of the hottest young women in town was suckling the cum from my penis while I stared at my mother’s massive chest.

In a moment it was over and Bethany said, after swallowing my excess cum, “Very well done, young man.” She smiled.

“Ms. Pepper, Brian, the doctor is ready to see you now,” said the receptionist. Mother sighed. “Well, let’s go, Brian.” I got up and pulled up my pants. My penis was flaccid, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be for long as I watched my mom and her gigantic tits jiggle toward the office.


Part II: The Office

Bethany led us into Dr. Morgan’s office, where we sat down as the doctor – a lovely woman, slightly older than my mother, wearing a doctor’s coat and glasses – finished on the phone.

“Mrs. Rockwell, please calm down. Just because you’ve masturbated your son three times, doesn’t mean he won’t get another erection. Try sucking it for a while – and for godsakes, let him play with your breasts. My directions were very clear – follow them and Billy’s penis will eventually soften.” She gave us an apologetic look. “Ok then, call me if there are any problems.” She put the phone down. “I’m so sorry about that. Bethany, who do we have here.”

Bethany put her hand on my head. “This is Brian Pepper and his mother.”

“Of course. Very nice to meet you, Mrs. Pepper.”

“Um…” My mother was flustered from hearing the doctor’s phone call. “Nice to meet you as well. It’s actually Ms. Pepper – I’m not married.”

“I see,” said the doctor. “And Brian, you went to school with my daughter, didn’t you?”

“Your daughter?”

“Yes. Bethany, my daughter. She’s come to work in my office now that she’s graduated.”

Oh wow. I stared up at Bethany, past the shelf of her large breasts and at her radiant 18-year-old face. “I, um, didn’t you she was your daughter.”

“Well, I am! Mom, Brian has had his penis ejaculated once already today.”

“Thank you sweetheart. You can go now.”

“Sure thing, mom. Great seeing you again Brian!” She smiled and shook her huge rack at me. “And good luck with everything.”

As Bethany left, Dr. Morgan opened a folder and said, “Ok, let’s begin.”


My mother explained to the doctor the situation. Mommy had caught me masturbating dozens of times. Each time, I apologized, but I kept doing it. I just couldn’t stop. Being around her, seeing her adorable, giant-breasted body every day, feeling her chest press against mine every time we hugged. My penis was constantly erect, and when I came, I came all over the place. Every time. It took a half-dozen sessions to see a decrease in the volume of my semen.

“I see,” said Dr. Morgan. “Ms. Pepper, now that I’ve heard about Brian, let me ask you a few questions. First, your age.”

“I’m 36, Doctor.”

“Goodness! You must have been quite young when you were pregnant with Brian.”

“Yes, I was 18.”

“And when did you start to develop?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Develop, Ms. Pepper. When did your breasts begin to grow?”

“My breasts?” My mother gestured at her massive chest.

“Well, obviously, a part of Brian’s problem is your figure. And frankly, I have a theory about Brian that I’d like to explore. When did your breasts begin to develop?”

“Well, quite suddenly, actually. I was almost flat as a young teenager. But when I became pregnant with Brian, they grew quickly. After my pregnancy, I was a –” she looked at me for a moment “-a DDD cup.


“And you kept growing, didn’t you?”

“Yes. By 17 I was a EE, and then by 18… well, I got to my present size.”

“Which is?”

Mommy looked uncomfortable and paused. I noticed she kept shifting in her seat. “Doctor, really -“

“Ms. Pepper, please. I’m asking questions that need to be asked. What size bra do you wear now?”

“I wear… I wear a GG cup.”

Oh my god. My penis was throbbing as never before, and I had just cum moments before. My mother – Mommy to me all my life – was a giant-busted woman. I knew that. But GG. I had never heard anything as erotic in my life. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

“I see,” said Dr. Morgan, very calmly. “Do you know your other measurements?”

“I’m afraid I don’t, exactly.”

“That’s fine. I’ll soon need to examine both you and Brian?”

“Examine?” my mother asked nervously.

“Yes, examine your bodies. You see, Ms. Pepper, I believe that you and Brian both suffer – no, suffer is the wrong word. You have a condition, a genetic one.”

“Both of us?”

“Yes, both of you. Look.” She got up – and for the first time, I noticed that under that lab coat was an extremely curvy body. Bethany got her figure from her mother. “You and Brian both have extremely exaggerated sexual characteristics. From what Bethany told me, Brian’s penis is very large, yes?”

My mother looked at my crotch and gulped. “Yes, yes it is. Very large. Especially for his age.” The doctor unzipped my fly and pulled out my huge, throbbing penis.

“And your breasts are gigantic, aren’t they, Ms. Pepper? Completely out of proportion with your body. You are a petite woman – I’d guess a 30 waist and a 34 or 35 in the hips. And your breasts are, what? A 36GG?”


“38GG. And Brian spends an enormous time masturbating, correct?” The Doctor had come around the other side of my mother.


“And you spend a lot of time masturbating, isn’t that right, Ms. Pepper?”

“What?! I…”

“Please, Ms. Pepper, there’s no point in hiding it.”

Mommy looked at me, then looked away. “Yes, I do. Many times a day.”

The doctor reached down and took my mother’s hand and slowly moved it toward me. Soon it was hovering over my bulging penis.

“Before we began the exam, I think Brian needs to be relieved again. And my guess is, so do you, Ms. Pepper.” She lowered Mommy’s hand onto my penis. “I’d like you to relieve Brian. Brian, would you like your Mommy to masturbate you?”

“Oh god, yes!”

“Is there anything else you’d like?”


“You’d like to see your mother’s huge, swollen breasts, wouldn’t you?”


The doctor pulled my mother’s hand from my cock. As my mother sat and watched, aghast, the doctor opened her jacket and took it off. Mommy just sat there, letting the doctor undress her, like a doll. A massive-busted sex doll. The jacket came off, and then the blouse underneath. The doctor had some trouble getting it over the mass of her chest, but eventually did, revealing the ridiculously large GG bra. The doctor reached around back.

“Brian, are you watching? I’m going to release your mother’s breasts now.”

“Oh god!” Mommy was blushing fiercely and twisting in her chair now – her body twitching in anticipation. Meanwhile, I thrust my penis into the air. Mommy instinctively grabbed hold of it and began to stroke me.

“You’re going to see Mommy’s breasts, now sweetie!” she said.

The doctor unhooked the bra and slowly peeled it off, revealing the largest breasts I had ever seen in my life. Her tiny torso looked like a girl’s compared to the massive tits. The nipples were small and crinkled, and every time my mother moved – which she was doing constantly now – the breasts would jiggle and sway.

“OH!” My penis began erupting, spurting high into the air, and coating my mother’s hand.

“Good job, Brian!” The doctor beamed at me. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up and into the exam room.”


Part III: The Examination Room

Doctor Morgan called in Bethany. While Bethany cleaned my crotch and Mommy’s hand and arm, both soaked with my enormous deluge of spunk, the doctor strapped my mother’s insanely large breasts back into her GG bra. As Bethany leaned over, exposing her own impressive cleavage, she smiled and said, “Looks like you were a really good boy, Brian.” I noticed that she was putting all of my semen into another vial. “I’m collecting your sperm, if you hadn’t noticed. We’ll want to see what your total production is for the day later. Wow! Looks like your Mommy might need a new bra!”

I looked over. The doctor had managed to contain Mommy’s gigantic breasts and I noticed for the first time that they bulged obscenely out of the bra, overflowing. Her nipples, which looked painfully rigid, pushed out of the thin material, which was now splattered with my cum. Her hips were still twitching and she was mumbling “oh goodness, oh my. Um, doctor, now that Brian has…um…ejaculated, might there be an opportunity…”

“Yes, Ms. Pepper, we’ll get to you in a moment. Let’s just get you both into the exam room.”

Bethany leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Do you want to see Mommy cum, Brian?” Needless to say, my penis was again rock hard.


The mother and daughter medical team guided us slowly into the exam room, which was adjacent to the office. My thick, elongated penis caused me to shuffle as I walked, and my mother, naked from the waist up, except for her sheer bra, jiggled and swayed on her heels. I felt my cock lurch and worried that I might explode again, right there. But I was able to contain myself.

The nurse sat me down on a chair and went over to a drawer. As she pulled out lotion and another cum-receiving vial, I noticed that the doctor was weighing my mother.

“Hm. Looks like you are about 105 pounds. Amazing for a woman as voluptuous as you are. Let’s get those heels off. Ok, your height… 4’11”. Truly amazing. Ms. Pepper, you are built like a tiny sex doll, aren’t you?” Mommy looked over at me and blushed. Nurse Bethany had sat down next to me and had begun stroking my massive penis again. “Doctor, please,” said Mommy. “Do you have to talk like that in front of my son?”

“Oh, come now. It’s something he’s obviously noticed on his own. Now let’s get your true measurements.” She pulled a measuring tape out of her pocket. “Stand up straight please.” Mommy arched her back, causing her insanely huge, round bust to thrust forward. “Ok, looks like I was about right. 29 waist. 35 hips. Please remove your bra and we’ll take your bust size.” Mommy sheepishly looked down, reached back and undid her bra. It popped off and her monstrous chest was again exposed. The doctor first took a measurement of her tiny torso, and then around her rock-hard nipples.

“Ms. Pepper, I’m afraid you were way off. You’re bra is simply the wrong size.”

Gulp. I felt the cum again welling up in my balls as nurse Bethany stroked my penis faster and faster.

“According to the measurements I’m getting, you should be wearing a 34HH.”

“Oh goodness!” shrieked Mommy. “I had no idea I was that big!”

And then, for the first time, I noticed a trickle of cum running down my mother’s leg. She was shuddering all over now, about to cum, just from having her body measured and examined by the doctor. And again, I came. This time, the young nurse Bethany was not ready and it spurted up into her face and onto her uniform. “Oh my! Brian, try to warn me the next time you are going to ejaculate!”

“I’m sorry, nurse Bethany. It’s just that seeing my…my mother like like…”

“I know. Don’t worry. It’s fine.” She began scooping up all my cum and filling the vial. “Let’s just make sure we get all of this.”

Meanwhile, the doctor was leading my twitching mother to an exam table.

“Ms. Pepper, I’d like you to take off your skirt and panties, lie down here and put your feet into these stirrups.” Mommy gulped, but began removing her skirt. Meanwhile, the doctor went over to a drawer and pulled out a large object – I suppose it was a dildo, but looked somehow different – like it could contain liquid.

Mommy did as the doctor asked. She was now stark naked, exposing her giant breasts, which stood up proudly, even though she was lying down, and now her tiny vagina, which was visually twitching. In fact, when she got a look at that device that was presumably about to enter her, her hips began thrust upwards obscenely. “Oh goodness,” she whispered.”


Part IV: The Examinations

So there was my slim and massively stacked mother, her petite, muscular body writhing on the exam table, causing her simply enormous chest to shimmy and jiggle in constant motion. Nurse Bethany continued to jack on my painfully erect penis.

“God, your Mommy’s body really is unbelievable, isn’t it?” she asked, now stroking my hair with her other hand. “I mean, I’ve always been curvy – boys are always staring at my huge breasts, like you used to do in high school” — she winked – “but I’ve never seen anyone like your mother. I mean, my Mommy, I mean, um, Doctor Morgan, is a DDD. I’m a EE. Pretty impressive, right? But your Mommy is a HH!! And on such a tiny, little body! Look at her pussy – I mean, vagina. It’s so small. I’m not even sure this big thing” – she shook my penis slightly – “would fit inside her.” She giggled and kissed me on the cheek. “God, you’re so cute! I wish I had known you better in high school. I bet we would have had a really good time.”

I didn’t know where to look. A gorgeous young woman I had lusted after for years was talking dirty and jacking me off, but my equally gorgeous and much more wildly buxom mother was lying naked mere feet away from me. She was whimpering now, as the doctor approached with the dildo-like object.

“Do-doctor? Would it be ok if I…um, if I masturbated?” she pleaded. Instinctively, she had begun squeezing one of her huge, HH-cup breasts with one hand, as the other was pressing down on the flesh near her pussy, which was visibly engorged.

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