Mom caught me jerking off in the bathroom

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I was jerking off in the bathroom and mom walked in on me doing it. She saw what I was doing and gave me a helping hand.

My story isn’t as full on as most of the stories on here but its still a sex story so I wanted to tell it.
Firstly my name is Dean and I’m 12.

I have been getting hard boners for nearly six months and like other boys my own age I jerked myself nearly to death as often as I can because I always feel horny and I always get a boner at random times and need to pull on it because it feels good.


I was in the bathroom after my older sister had a shower, she is 15, I found her dirty panties in the washing basket so I closed the bathroom door, pulled down my shorts, sat on the closed toilet and I wrapped her dirty panties around my cock and started jerking off, I don’t know why but it felt better jerking off in to her panties because I could mentally visualise that they’d only recently been in contact with her pussy and it was as close to real thing as I could get at the moment.

So there I was happily jerking on my cock and having a great time, suddenly the bathroom door swung open and my mom walked in, I jumped and immediately took my hand off my cock because I didn’t want her to catch me jerking off, it was more of a reflex though, I knew it was pointless because I was still sitting on the toilet with my pants down and my cock out.

We looked at each other and we both froze still like statues, mom looked surprised, I wanted to die, I saw her eyes looked down at my crotch, my eyes looked down also, and she stared at my sisters panties that were hanging off the end of my boner.

As we lifted our eyes to look at each other again, she closed the door and walked over to me, I was expecting mom to batter the hell out of me, instead she kneeled down, curled her fingers around the panties and my cock and started to jerk me off, I was even more in shock, I felt like I was in the twilight zone, but mom was working my cock really good pulling it very hard.

She jerked on my cock until I came, I emptied my load in to the panties, a wet patch formed on the fabric and some dripped out of a gap on to the floor, mom squeezed every drop out of my cock and then wiped the tip of my cock with the panties and threw them in to the washing basket.

She stared at my cock, then rolled her eyes up to mine, she grinned and shook her head then stood back up, she picked up the washing basket full of dirty washing, “Next time do that in your bedroom and no one will see you.”, I nodded, still in complete shock at what just happened.


“I can’t believe how fast your growing up.” She said and she ruffled my hair with her hand and then left the bathroom.

When I jerk myself off in my bedroom it no longer feels good, my mom did it amazingly well and I tried to replicate the tightness of her grip but I’m not strong enough, I wish my mom would jerk me off all the time.

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