Mom banged hard by her online friend

Hi this is Ramya and am 22 years old and am from northern part of India.My dad works in abroad amd he visits us 2 years once and my mom name is velamma and she is 38 years old.She is a HR in a company and she is a very devoted to my dad.

Telling about mom she is a beautiful woman of her age.She is a typical half bengali and south indian.She is white in colour and her long black hair make her so hot and is too long.Her melons are so huge like ripen watermelons and her sexy curved navel and fatty ass cheeks giggles shen she walks around.Her pink lips and her height is 5’4 and she is sex symbol.

Every men will die to fuck her so badly such a hot milf she is.So her measurements will make everyone cum on seeing her 38-34-46 and her melons are so huge and round and firm it is 38g and its so huge in size.

Every men will flirt with her in her office and neighbor men will die to see her when she comes out of home.Many men tried to approach her but she doesnt mind them.I have seen mom naked when she changes her dress and she is wow women.

I have not such great figures as of mom and she is modern type.She wears saree and both western wears for party her dress for office is tops with legins and she will barely cover her tops with a shwal and too her elevation over her breasts can be viewed.

She regularly goes for parlour and does all the manicure pedicure things and makes her always super sexy.But about her sex life she is too horny she is always lonely and dad stopped fucking her as he had back problems due to some disc herniation he doesnt get good erections and she is always left horny by dad.She is horny but she never shows that but i knows it that i have seen her moaning and screaming at night fingering her pussy.She always need a good fuck.
             She is always busy in online and she got into an new app and in starting she doesn’t had of much with that and after few days she started to upload her pics and suddenly too many followers came and everyone were messaged her and she doent replied them.


She slowly uploaded her pics showing her hot figures as she first updated her face pics only and now after her full image many men started to follow her and more than 10 k were following her.

Many comments on her pic were so embarrassing and some were so vulgar and she never seen that.One day I saw her phone there were so many messages and i told her about it and one day she went on reading them and replied them all.I noticed a guy  who is my college senior and he is also following her and he was too much of messages and his name is Aravind.He is a fat niggar.

He likes milfs most and have banged many hot aunties and bhabis and he is a big liar.My long time fantasy was to watch mom being banged so hard by someone unknown guy.So i thought that he is capable of doing that as he is a tricky guy.He knows well about milfs.Mom too noticed that guy and started to text him.As of now he too replied her and she was impressed by him as he seemed so descent one and he always committed that she is gorgeous and she liked it.

And this guy was tricky and mom was fallen slighty into his pit as he seems a good one and he was nice and they continued chatting very day.I didnt told her about him.And he slowly impressed her and she was too chatting with him at her will.

And after few weeks of chatting he came some of close to her and he asked for a date with her but mom doesnt agreed with him as she is afraid of being caught And he persistly asked for a outing and i have found that their chat got so intense and he is all set to fuck mom any time.
          After few weeks he convinced her anyway and she agreed for his wish and she was about to go for a date with my knowledge and i found out thier plan of outin and she dressed so nice with a white chudithar and black legins and a shawl which barely closes her huge boobs.She went out telling me thta she is gona out for her friends party and she went in a cab to their designation a hotel.

Aravind was 29 years old he is workin in a company as junior assistant and he is 6’5 tall and fatty guy.Mom went to the place nad he was waiting outside for her arrival and he is stunned by her beauty and he said wow vela you are so beautiful and his eyes were on her huge melons barely covered by her shawl and he was amazed by her beauty.


They went to a table and he started to chit chat with her and both cracked jokes and he had impressed her well.But his eyes were on her tops and her sexy body and he wants her to fuck her so badly right now and he cant so he conttrolled himself and he was on next plan and he asked her to go for a movie and she agreed and now they left the hotel by his car and now tat time she went before him and he could see her huge fatty ass giggles in her tight legins and he was on mood to spank her ass so hard.He enjoyed her view.And now he took her in hhis car and they went into theater and it was a boring movie and very few lovers came ter and they too for a private smooch and blowjobs and boob press.

He sat next to her and he was viewing her huge melons and he slowly placed his hands on her seat and his arms over her shoulder he was near her big melons and his hands some how touched her huge soft melons and was so smooth and soft and he was so hard on and now he took his hands out if she notices it all becomes  vain as he is afraid.After the movie is over the crowd was about to go and he was behind her and he some how touched her huge ass and she doesn’t noticed it.

After that they went for a beach and now he could see her figures barely as she remvoed her shawl and hee huge melons was easily visible and his eyes were squeezing them.Her huge clevage was also visible and he was erosed by seeing that.

They took some selfies and that time her big boobs squeezed his chest and he was feeling its soft and he wants to suck them out one day.They then had a dinner and he dropped mom at home after that.
            After that day they texted and chatted for hours and he was so close to her and she also developed some crush on him and he slowly started to comment on her figures and he one day prposed her that he loves her and he need her.

But she was not ready to approve it and he some how convinced her and she was also ready to do it and i came to know it after reading their texts and he is wanting her to come out for a day so that he can spent with her.He told her that she needs a good fuck and he is also wanting for it from the day he saw her and both were waiting for a perfect time.

So i also want to see her getting banged hard by him and i had a plan and i told her that i was goin for night study for a month and i will be staying in friends home and she was so happy hearing it and she readily said okk to me.He said that to him and he was ready to fuck her badly and he told her to be ready and on that day i went out with my bike and she called him thta he can come now and i parked my bike in street corner and i came behind my house and he was coming into our house and he entered into the hall.


Mom was wearing a saree red coloured with bindi on her head and she is fresh like a wife waiting for her hubby to bang her.Now he came near her and started to kissing her lips so hard and sshe likes it he sucked her pink lips so hard and he hugged her very tightly and she couldn’t escape from him.

Now she some how managed to get away from him and told that Aravind you can do anything you want am all yours now but not here in my bed room and hearing this he carried her in his huge arms and he rushed into her room and closed her room door and i came into our house and now i started to peep through the ventilation hole and he st to kiss her so passionately like a husband and she was enjoying a lot like a newly wed girl and he sucked her lips so hard and he bite her lips and he kissed her forehead and cheeks ans she too started to kiss him so passionately and he licked her neck and he bite her ear and shoulders and now he remo her saree and he was shocked to see her huge melons so close and her huge cleavage and her magalyasutra and some chains were there it was so sexy to see them.Now he was so eager to suck them and squeeze them.

He started to squeeze them so hard and now he removed her blouse so fast and he could see her huge melons hanging inside her tight black bra and he tored them up and he was shocked as her huge tits flased in front of him and was shocked seeing it was so huge round and firm and her nipples are so dark like grapes and her areola is so dark and it was so large circle.

Now he  started to suck them like a hungry teen and he bite her nipples so hard and she was moaning ahahahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshsh and he squeezed her melons so hard and she was enjoying so much and went to sucking and biting her melons and manhandled them so hard and now he came to her navel and he kissed them and now he removed her skirt and he could see her milky fatty big thighs and her sexy legs was so sexy to see it and now he removed her black panty and he was amazed to see her pink pussy was so sexy and is ready to get banged so hard and now mom is fully naked in front of a stranger.
          Now he started to remove his shirt and his huge waist and fatty abdomen was ugly to see and now he removed his pants and now mom was shocked to see his boxers and it was so large.Now he was smiling and he removed it and she  it his huge cock 10 inch long and is so thick and huge is girth and his huge balls were of a size of a hockey ball and is full of cum and his cock was so nice and he done neat trimming of hair.So now she was shocked by his huge cock and dads one is 1 half of it.

Now he came near her and he kissed her milky thighs and licked her sexy legs and now he came into her thighs and he started to lick her cunt and she was enjoying a lot and he inserted his fingers into her pink pussy is so hot like a woven

.He started to eat her pussy so well and his tongue went into her hot cunt and he bite her clit and she was moaning and screaming like a whore and she pussy juices was flowing like a broken pipe.He went on eating her pussy so well ans he was enjoying a lot after so mnay years and he went on sucking her cunt and she squirted like a broken pipe.Now he sucked her juices and it made him so mad and he was on.


Now he made her to kneel and now he removed the hairband and her long black hair fall down and now he told her to kneel and now he came near mouth and she took his huge cock in her hands and is so huge and thick like a iron rod and now she started to lick it and she remvoed the foreskin and she tatsed his precum and it was so nic and she liked it and she started to suck his huge cock like a ice cream and he plucked her tuft of hair and now she sucked his huge testicles and now he started to fuck in her throat and she was gagged by his huge cock and she was suffocated a lot.He went on doing for some time and she enjoyed it

.And now its time for real fun he made her lie on one side and he lied behind her back and he started to pull her huge tits and started ro suck them and he inserted his huge dick insid ener pussy and started to fuck her mother pussy and his cock went hardly and is so huge in size and she was enjoying like a heaven and slowly started to fuck her and he melons were giggling up and down and he went so deep so slowly and three gorth of his cock went in her cunt he started to increase the speed and  pounded her so hard and she was enjoying like  heaven and went on banging so hard and his huge balls hit her ass and it sounded tok!tok!TAp tap tok tok tok tok tok and he banged so hard and after few minutes he now changed her to doggy position and inserted his huge dick in her pussy and pounded so well.

Her huge melons wrere running here and there like a hanging bell and he squeezed them so hard and he had hit her g -spot so many times and she was squirting so nicely and now her pussy is so slippery and his cock eased into her pussy so well and goodHis cock went so deep into her pussy and hit so deep and she felt the heat in her lower abdome.After some time he was about to shoot the cum as he was fucking her for 30 min he made her to missionary position and now he squeezed his cock into her pussy and started to bang so hard and his huge belly just squeezed her body so hard and she enjoyed snd went fucked  so hard and fast like a piston.

After 30 min his body was trembling and he sucked her huge melons so hard and he shouted take it my bitch take into ur womb u bitch and he shooted his huge load into her pussy and her pussy is dripping a huge load of cum and she too orgasmed  heavily and he kissed all over her face and he went on fucking her as her pussy is dripping lot of cum and he fucked her for few minutes and now he took out his cock and for a few minutes they cuddled each other and his cock got a good erction and now he made her to give a nice bloughjob and she tasted his cum.
             Now he sat on bed and made her to ride his cock in cowboy position and he sucked and squeezed her melons so hard.She hit on g-spot so nicely and her huge melons were out of control and he sucked them and bite her nipples and he went on fucking her and then he took her in his arms and pounded so hard for few minutes and now he made her prone on bed and ploughed her so hard and she was shouting ahahahahahahhshshhshshshshshshshahahahahohohohohohohhohohohohhohohohohohohhohoohohohho loudly like a bitch and she was enjoying like a slut and he plowed so hard.

Then he made her doggy and pounded for 15 min and now he was about to cum and now he inserted his dick into her tiny ass holes and before that he spit his saliva for lubricant and now inserted his huge dick in her ass holes and he soanked her ass cheeeks so hard and is so tight  and he stretched them with his brute stren and she was screaming in lot of pain but she was loving it and not to stop it.

He went on bnaging her asshole and only half of his cock went in and after few minutes he was about to cum and he made her to kneel and suck his cock and he depthroated her and he shoot a huge load of cum into her throat and she drank his cum like a filthy whore.


And she liked it and they took some rest and after some hours he kept on fcuking ehr hard and he manhandled her melons so hard and he fucked her whole night and he plowed her pussy and asshole and he shoot huge load of cum into her womb.I went to the back store room and i slept and i heared mom was moaning loudly whole night and he banged her till moring and he left her.

I came to see and mom was naked with her legs wide stretched and her pussy was full of cum leaking out and her all over body was full of his cum and her boobs have various bite marks and she was so tired and i went out and when i came back mom was bathing and she was so tired whole day andshe could walk property and next day too he came at night and banged her whole night and he fucked her like his slut.

They con their affair and he took mom to hotels and banged her whole day and night and she too lied to me that she is goin to meeting bla bla but she is fucking with him every time she gets and they continued it.I was so amazed by his skills and i too want him to bang me too…why not he fuck me……let i try him……..

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