Mom and Dad Teach 12yr old Daughter

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This is entirely fantasy. It’s just a story from my brain. All of this
shit is illegal and you should never actually do ANY of this with

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Mom and Dad teach daughter (M/f, F/f)


My name is Joe. I’m a software developer and work from home. I sew clothing for my wife, Bev, and daughter, Sue, to clear my head of the computer code I’m working on. Shortly after Sue turned 12, Bev suggested that I learn how to sew using spandex material to make matching bikinis for them. About the same time Sue started walking around the house like her mom, in panties and a t-shirt, sans bra. Sue’s figure was 32B-24-30 while Bev’s was 36C-28-34.

All previous bathing suits I had sewn had been one-piece, so fittings weren’t that critical. Since these were the first bikinis I had ever made, I knew that numerous fittings and adjustments would be needed. I made both tops first. When it was time to do the first fitting for Sue, I was nervous because I knew I would get a hard-on while I adjusted the fabric around her tits.

“Sue,” I called, “come get the top for your bikini so I can do a fitting.”

She came into the laundry room, where I did all the fittings. I gave her the top, expecting that she’d go to her room to put it on and come back. Instead, she took her T-shirt off right in front of me and put on the top of the bikini. I got an instant hard-on that stayed the entire time I was pinning the adjustments I had to make.

When I finished pinning the adjustments, Sue pointed to the bulge in my shorts and asked, “Did I cause that bulge?”

I didn’t lie and tell her, “Yes, you did.”


She then asked, “Are you done with the fitting?”

I said, “Yes, I am.”

She took off the bikini top, stood there posing topless briefly, put her T-shirt back on, then left.

That night, while in bed, I told my wife about what happened. She said that she’d sit down with Sue and talk to her about it.

The next afternoon, Bev came into my home office and said, “We have a problem.”

I asked, “What kind of problem?”


She looked me in the eye and said, “Sue.”

At that point, I was confused.

She goes on to say, “Our daughter wants to have sex with you!”

I have to admit that I’ve been lusting for Sue but never entertained the idea of actually having sex with her.

“What did you tell her?” I asked.

“I told her that you and I would need to discuss it.”


I’m shocked that Bev is even considering it.

Later that night, after Sue went to bed, we sat down at the kitchen table and talked about the ‘Sue problem.’

Bev opened the conversation with, “I understand where Sue is coming from, I was fixated on my dad at that age too.” She goes on to say, “When I was that age, girls didn’t even think about sex, but times have changed.”

She then looked into my eyes and said, “I’ve seen the hard-on you get when you’re around her. Be honest with me, do you want her, sexually?”

I told her, “I’ve been lusting for Sue for at least a year.”

She said, “I knew that, but wanted to see if you’d admit it.” She goes on to say, “Make Sue happy, she’s already on birth control.”


I can’t believe it. Bev had just told me to have sex with our daughter.

That night, while Bev and I had sex, she role-played Sue, calling me Daddy and using a higher-pitched voice. It was the most intoxicating sex we’d had in a while.

The next night, I followed Sue to her room when she was going to bed. I told her, “Don’t make any plans for the weekend because I have a surprise for you.”

“Daddy, I don’t have any plans and won’t make any,” she replied.

I kiss her forehead, say goodnight, and left her room. I went to the living room and sat next to Bev on the couch.

She asked, “Did you tell Sue?”


“No, I told her not to make any plans for the weekend because I have surprise for her.”

Bev’s eyes lit up, and she got a big grin on her face. She said, “Good thinking, that way she won’t walk funny at school on Monday.”

The rest of the week was quiet, as usual. We all did our regular routines. As the week passed, my anticipation grew. I walked around with a hard-on most of the time I was at home.

When I finished work Friday evening, I asked Bev, “Should I use our bed or Sue’s.”

She replies, “Use our bed. Make sure you put an old bath towel on the bed in case she bleeds a little.”

After supper, I got an old bath towel, folded it in half, and laid it on the bed. I then went to the living room, where Bev and Sue were sitting at opposite ends of the couch, watching TV.


Standing between them, I looked at Sue and told her, “It’s time for your deepest wish to come true.”

She has a look of bewilderment on her face, then looked at Bev, who nodded at her. She jumped up with a big grin on her face, flung her arms around my neck, and kissed my lips.

When she finally let loose, I took her hand and led her to our bedroom. I purposely left the door open and lifted Sue’s T-shirt over her head, and put it on the dresser without saying a word.

I walked behind her and hugged her, my hard cock pressing against her lower back, and whispered, “We’ve had the same wish for a long time.”

I cupped her firm young breasts, and she moaned. When I released the hug, I knelt and put my fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties, lowered them to the floor, and kiss both of her butt cheeks.

“Daddy, why did you kiss my butt? It felt good, but why did you do it?” she asked.


“Sweetie, I did it because I love every part of you,” I replied.

I got up, turned her to face me, and stood there admiring her youthful body.

“You’re gorgeous!” I exclaimed.

“Daddy, when do we get to the sex?”

“Sweetie, everything we’re doing is part of sex. It’s called foreplay and gets both people ready for the actual sex act.

“Oh, that must be why when you held my titties I felt a tingle go all the way down to my vagina.”


“Yes, that was the start of our foreplay. Now, why don’t you undress me?”

I lifted my arms over my head, and she removed my t-shirt. She then pulled down my gym shorts, revealing my hard cock.

“I want more of the feeling you gave me when you touched my tits, Daddy!,” she exclaimed.

“Get up on the bed with your butt on the towel and I’ll make you feel even better,” I said.

Sue jumped up on the bed, laid down, and positions herself on the towel. I lie down on my side, bent over, and sucked a tit into my mouth. I used my tongue to flick at its nipple.

“Mmmm Daddy, that feels so nice and it’s sending tingles down my whole body.”


I repeated my actions on her other tit while I’ve got one hand caressing the inside of her thigh.

“Daddy, I’m getting all wet down there and it feels like I have to pee.”

I released her tit and said, “Just try and relax. What you’re feeling is the beginning of an orgasm.”

I brought my hand up and stroked her tight slit then wet my finger in my mouth and circled her clit. “How does that feel, sweetie?”

“Dadddyyyy, what’s happening? I feel like I’m going to explode!”

“Relax and let it happen, sweetie, that’s the way it’s supposed to feel.”


Suddenly her chest flushed and her back arched, as her orgasm hits her like a ton of rocks. “Oh my God,” she screamed and squirted at the same time.

Through labored breathing, she asked, “Is it always like that?”

“No sweetie, not always. It depends on how well your partner has prepared you and how much love you have for him or her.”

“Well Daddy, then we must be a good pair. Now that I know what’s going on, I want more of that!”

I glanced at the wall mirror and saw Bev watching us, her hand down her shorts.

“Sweetie, do you mind if mom watches us?”


“Heck no, she made this happen,” said Sue.

“Bev, come on in and make yourself comfortable,” I said and waved her into the room.

Bev stripped on her way to the bed and lays down on the other side of Sue.

I looked at Bev and said, “She’s a squirter.”

Bev just smiled then planted little kisses on Sue’s neck.

I then told Sue, “Open your legs as wide as you can comfortably,” then positioned myself with my mouth at her pussy. I licked up and down her slit.


“Daddy, what are you doing? I pee from there.”

I continue licking as Bev quietly explained why I’m doing it.

“Daddy, I’m getting those tingles again.”

I spread her lips and looked. She has no hymen, so I slowly insert two fingers. Once they’re fully in, I curl them up and feel for the rough patch of skin behind her clit. I find it and gently rub it.

“Daaadddyyyy,” she screamed, then squirted again.

I stop rubbing but leave my fingers in her twat. When she started recovering, I started moving them in and out until I feel her pussy adjust to their size. At that point, I add a third finger knowing that I need to stretch her a bit.


After a while, I pulled my fingers out and explained, “Sweetie, everything up to now has been foreplay. Now it’s time for the sex. I’m going to put my cock into your pussy. I’ll do it slowly so you have time to adjust to its size. Are you ready?”

“Daddy, I’ve been wanting this for a while now. Please, put your cock in me now.”

I lined up my cock with her love tunnel, pushed in about a third of it, and then stopped.

“More Daddy, give me more!”

I pushed in another couple of inches before she said, “Stop there for a minute, Daddy. That last push hurt a little, it’s deeper than your fingers went.”

I pulled back a bit and pumped in and out to the point she asked me to stop.


“Ohhh, that feels so good, Daddy. Try going deeper.”

I slowly push deeper into her twat until she’s taken all of me and hold there because I’m on the edge.

“How’s that feel Sweetie? You have all of me in you.”

“Really! I didn’t think it would all fit. Daddy, it feels wonderful, better than I dreamed it could.”

“Are you ready to ride a rocket, because now the real fun begins.”

I pumped my entire length in and out of her pussy. Bev reached between us, gathers some of Sue’s juice off my cock, and worked on Sue’s clit.


“Daddy, I’m getting ready to explode again. This one feels even bigger.”

I stroked faster and felt the cum rising from my balls. I was on the knife’s edge and yelled, “Cum with me sweetie!”

We both came at about the same time, and her eyes rolled back in her head. Her cum sprayed past my cock as her pussy spasmed around it, soaking my entire pubic area. I knew that if she weren’t on birth control and were ovulating, she’d be pregnant.

When Sue recovers, Bev asks her, “Well, now that you know what it’s like, do you want to sleep here from now on and we’ll share him?”

“Really Mom? Do you mean that? I thought this was a one-time thing!”

“Yes baby, I mean it. You still have a lot to learn about sex, with both a man AND a woman.”


Bev then spreads Sue’s legs, lays between them, and licks up our combined juices.

“Mom! What are you doing!”

“I love the taste of your Dad’s cum and the taste of the two of you combined is even better,” Bev stated.

“Mom, you’re making it happen again!”

“Cum for me, baby. I want to taste you without Dad mixed in!” Bev said as she sucked on Sue’s clit.

“Ayeeee,” yelled Sue as she sprayed her Mom’s face as she came.


“Mmmm, you taste delicious,” stated Bev, “Now do the same thing to me so I can cum.”

“Really Mom? You want me to lick and suck on your vagina?”

“Baby, we call it a pussy, not a vagina. Now, do to me what Dad did to you.”

Bev spread her legs, and Sue hesitantly got between them before licking Bev’s outer lips.

“Use your fingers and open Mom’s pussy so you can get your tongue inside her,” I directed.

Sue complied and seemed to relax a bit.


“Oh yes, baby, that feels real good,” Bev stated, ”keep doing that.”

Bev’s juices start flowing, and Sue licked them up.

“Mom! I think I’m going to cum again just from licking up your juices!”

“Keep doing what you’re doing but flip around so your pussy is over my mouth!” gasped Bev.

Sue positions herself as directed, and Bev licked through Sue’s folds.

“Yes Mom, yes. I can feel it building,” yelled Sue.


“Suck my clit, Sue, and I’ll suck on yours. Let’s cum together!”

They sucked each other’s clit, and both exploded at the same time.

As they came down from their mutual orgasms, Bev looked at me with a totally satisfied expression.

She turns to Sue and said, “Go take care of your Dad’s hard cock.”

She replies, “Mom, I can’t take another orgasm right now.”

“Don’t use your pussy, use your mouth,” chided Bev.


Sue moves over to me, staring at my rock-hard cock. She then lowers her head and licks the head of it.

“Put it in your mouth, sweetie,” I told her, “just be careful not to scrape it with your teeth.”

She did as I asked, and I directed her to take as much as possible. I then told her to move her mouth up and down.

Sue started sucking me off, and I noticed that she’s taking more of me each time she goes down.

I moaned, “You’re doing great, sweetie.”

Suddenly, I felt my balls draw up and knew I was about to cum. I didn’t warn Sue before her mouth filled with my cum. Not knowing what else to do, she swallowed several times until I stopped cumming.


“Daddy, why didn’t you warn me?”

“I wanted to see how you’d react,” I replied, “you did well swallowing my cum. Did you like the taste?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, I do.”

I turn to both my women and say, “I’m beat and I’m willing to bet you both are too. Let’s get some sleep.”

We spoon with Sue in the middle and me behind her, my hand cupping her tit.

“Daddy, move your hand or I’ll be too horny to sleep.”


I moved my hand to her belly and promptly fell asleep.

The following morning, Bev and Sue are still asleep. I got up, went to the bathroom, and took a shower. I then went to the kitchen, started the coffee, and got everything together that I’d need to make biscuits and gravy. I prepared the biscuits and began making the gravy when Sue cheerfully entered the kitchen.

“Good morning, Daddy!” she said happily.

“Good morning, sweetie. How did you sleep?” I replied as I stirred the gravy.

“I slept better than ever!”

“That’s great, Sweetie! Go wake up Mom, breakfast is almost ready.”


“She’s up Daddy, just cleaning up a bit in the bathroom.”

Just then, Bev entered the kitchen, nude.

“I like your new wardrobe,” I chuckled.

“You’re both overdressed,” she replied.

Sue immediately took her robe off; she was nude underneath.

“Sue, please set the table. The biscuits and gravy will be ready in a minute,” I said.


As she does so, I take the biscuits out of the oven and place them on the table, followed by the gravy. As soon as the food is on the table, I strip out of my t-shirt and boxers.

“That’s better, Joe. I’ve decided on a new rule! No clothes in the house!” Bev exclaimed, “Joe, you’ll need to put 3 hooks by the front door so we can hang robes there in case we need them.”

“Bev, you know I’ll have to put on at least a shirt for on-line meetings,” I say.

“Mom, that means I’ll be horny all the time!” squeals Sue.

“Sue, you have two horny parents here to help you with that,” chuckled Bev.

As we ate, Sue brought up the subject of the upcoming school year.


“Mom, Daddy, I’ll be starting in a new school next year, since I’m starting junior high school. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I need your thoughts on this. Would you be willing to home-school me until I graduate from high school?

“Sweetie, are you sure you’d want to do that? It means that you’ll miss out on all the social interaction that most teenagers like,” I asked.

“Daddy, as I said, I’ve thought about it a lot. For the past year I’ve been horny and wet almost all the time, including at school. It’s embarrassing.”

“Joe, I know where Sue’s coming from. I had the same problem at her age but home-schooling wasn’t an option back then. I’m in favor of the idea.”

“Bev, I can’t just interrupt my work to oversee Sue’s education and seeing as you’re in favor of it, you get the honor of guiding her.”

Sue jumps up from the table and hugs both of us while saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“Sue, they’ll be no sex with us during your school day. If you want to pleasure yourself during breaks, that’s fine,” I told her.

Bev looked at me and says, “Isn’t that a bit harsh? Besides, if I’m the one responsible for guiding her education shouldn’t I be the one setting the rules?”

I looked at Bev and grumped, “You’re right, forget what I just said. Just try to keep the noise down.”

Over the following years, Bev does an excellent job of guiding Sue’s education, both academically and sexually. By the time she got her high school diploma, she was sought after by two universities and had both male and female sex partners. I guess we raised her right!

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