Molly Comes To Find Us – Part One

Our holiday just kept getting more and more interesting. After our experience with Dianne and Bill, we wondered what else might happen with them and were still hoping that Molly would drop by.
I’m telling Part One of this next episode. Brenda wants a go at telling the story too though! Part Two will be from her.

The morning after our very pleasant surprise from Dianne, we woke up slowly and lazily; Brenda even more so than me. It was still early when my eyelids first peeled themselves reluctantly open but after a while lying there, I knew they weren’t going to close again.

I was happy. Brenda looked happy even though still deep asleep. I love watching her like that, wondering what horny dreams might be evoking such a smile. 

I lifted our light duvet slowly and gazed at her gorgeous body. ‘Erect nipples’, I noted. ‘She’s probably dreaming about teasing our poor floor-waiter again,’ I thought. ‘Or feasting on his cock’.

My own started growing at the thought of it. We hadn’t yet been here a week and she’d already coaxed two souls out of their confines and I wondered, smiling, if he’d be the next one. I gently kissed her nipples which caused a little stir in her body but not enough to wake her. I rested my head beside her again for a while, just enjoying her beautiful face.

Eventually, yawning my way to the bathroom and back, I grabbed my robe and quietly made a coffee from the sachets the hotel provided then stumbled out to the balcony and sank into a chair. I felt so peaceful. It was still early. The sun was already warm but not searing. A handful of bodies were on the beach and one diligent soul was swimming up and down in the calm water.


I closed my eyes and let the sun greet my face and replayed some of what we had been party to the previous two days. Dianne had taken a giant leap out of her comfort zone. Even Bill had looked surprised, though happy about it. I hoped, for both their sakes, that she hadn’t jumped too far too soon and would get panicky and retreat to the familiar.

That concern was answered moments later though, when I heard their door open and Dianne appeared, clutching her own coffee and wearing the silky gown she’d peeled off right in front of us just the night before.

“Good morning, John,” she said softly with a warm smile. I went to close my robe but she waved an interruption. I let it stay open.

“Good morning to you Dianne,” I returned. “Did you sleep well?”

“Eventually,” she answered.

“Oh dear,” I said, worried that she’d been troubled by the way the evening had ended. She read my expression.


“Not for any bad reason,” she assured me. “We just carried on what we’d started out here,” she said with a wink. 

“Ohhh!” I answered. “ I seeeee! Well… I’m happy to hear that,” I said.

“I’m surprised you didn’t hear that last night, actually,” she said. 

“You’re making me wish we’d stayed awake!” I chuckled. Dianne did too and then became thoughtful, blowing her coffee cool.

“You’re a very lucky guy, you know,” she stated.

“Oh, yes. I know I am,” I assured her, nodding. “As is Bill,” I added, glancing at her face to watch for any reaction. She seemed to accept the compliment well, smiling as her lips graced the rim of her mug of coffee for a sip.


Her robe outlined her body in a most appealing manner as she leaned back slightly in her chair. It was obvious she had nothing on under it. I found myself hoping she would slip it off again and let the sun onto her skin. Her breasts pushed the light fabric into a deliciously curved, light covering, hinting at what fullness might be revealed were it to slip. She crossed her legs, exposing them in the process; long and slender. She noticed me admiring them and smiled.

She looked down at them herself and ran one palm along the skin of her thigh. ‘Are you actually teasing me?’ I wondered silently. I wouldn’t have expected that just yet.

My imagination leapt into action.

“If Bill is a lucky man though, then I’m an equally lucky woman,” she said, her voice nipping a particularly horny fantasy in the bud. I just about managed to refocus.

“He does seem a truly nice guy,” I agreed.

“He is,” she answered. “And Brenda helped so much yesterday in letting me feel that instead of just knowing it – if that makes sense.”


“Actually, yes, it does,” I answered. “Brenda is very adept at that.”

“What you told us about that young woman; Molly, was it?” asked Dianne. “Would I be right in assuming you left out some details of that evening? I mean, you did more than just talk with her?”

I was stumped for an answer. Brenda and I had agreed to trust each others’ judgement on what we told to whom about our adventures if anyone asked. But this involved a third person; Molly. Would it be fair to go into any more detail than we already had without checking with her first? But then, citing that as a reason for not answering would, in fact, sound like a ‘yes’ answer. 

We were still hoping that Molly would come and visit us here so, potentially, they could meet. Otherwise I could’ve been more open with the anonymity involved but, hmmm… this was tricky! In the end I decided to answer her question with a question.

“Would it change what you think of us if there were more to tell?” I asked cautiously.

She looked at me, smiling kindly. 


“No. No, I don’t believe it would,” she finally answered. “I like you.”

She placed her mug on the table and leant back in the chair, stretching her arms up over her head. The fabric pulled tight across her skin and her nipples protruded deliciously through. I almost suggested she held that pose while I fetched my camera but thought better of it. She would have made a fabulous photo though, right then.

She seemed to be enjoying my attention. The reserved, disapproving Dianne that had been there yesterday had gone; whisked away into space and here was a new being, openly enjoying her body, her sensuality and, so it seemed, the effect it was having on me. It was strange and beautiful all at once.

“You know,” said Dianne in a new seductive tone, “we fucked like teenagers last night.”

Her voice and words produced an instant erection. I couldn’t believe she’d just said that. She noticed and slowly uncrossed her legs, exposing her pussy to me.

“I’ve never had more than one orgasm in a night before,” she told me, opening her legs wider as she spoke. “I can still feel his tongue on me and his cock inside me, even now.”


“Oh God, Dianne!” I breathed heavily and put my coffee on the table so I could stroke my cock. I was as horny as I was surprised. She brought her hands to her knees and caressed her thighs sensually.

“Bill licked and fucked me to orgasm at least five times,” she said, deliberately stoking the fire in my loins. “On the bed,” she went on, “against the wall, even out here at one point; right here on this table. You should have been watching, John. I’ve noticed you looking at me.”

I began pumping my cock harder, sure I would cum in no time. She opened her gown properly and thrust her tits forwards towards me.

“Mmm…” she purred, watching me stroke. “Go on, John,” she said. “I know you like them.”

“Oh God!” I breathed again.

Suddenly, their door opened and Bill stepped out and placed his hands on Dianne’s shoulders. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Caught red-handed!


“Here you are,” he said cheerfully. “Morning John. Did you guys sleep well?” he enquired, seemingly oblivious to the fact that I was wanking furiously at his wife and that she was openly displaying herself to me.

“Umm, Hi… Good morning Bill,” I stumbled. “Erm, yes, thanks. Like a couple of babies!”

“I was just telling John how good you fucked me last night,” Dianne said, tilting her head back to look at him and reaching up to take his hands in hers. Bill finally noticed my erection.

“Ah!” he replied. “So I see!” and laughed. This felt very weird, despite the previous day’s developments,

He bent down and kissed her upturned forehead, then her mouth, then slid his hands down her stretched arms to her breasts.

She reached round his back and held him as he bent further and started kissing and licking her nipples. His hands glided slowly down her body and her legs parted even wider for him. I resumed stroking my cock as his one hand reached her wet pussy lips and started running up and down between them, occasionally sliding two fingers inside her and out again. 


Impulse took over me. With careless regard for my own safety or being seen from below, I was up and across the two-feet gap between our balconies. I moved the table to one side and crouched between her knees. A quick look up for permission and then my mouth was on her. She tasted heavenly as my tongue delved inside while Bill rubbed her clitoris with one hand and massaged her tits with the other.

I sensed her orgasm approaching and licked even harder, sucking her lips into my mouth and teasing them apart in there with my tongue. I was sure she was about to explode into me when I heard a voice in the background; indistinct at first.

“What are you doing John?”

It was a female voice and as she repeated the question a few times, I recognised Brenda’s tones. I  fell into a quandary. Should I stop and spoil Dianne’s moment? Or should I just pause and invite Brenda to join in? Or… Or…

“What are you doing, John?” she said again. Then her voice got clearer still. “John? John, Darling? What are you dreaming?”

My eyes opened to find Brenda on her side but leaning over me, a towel around her, trying to shake me awake. I must have looked like a shell-shocked soldier as my eyes grew to the size of saucers and I looked bewilderedly around the room, then at Brenda.


“There you are,” she half-laughed. “Are you ok, Darling?”

“Oh! Oh Fucking hell!” was all I could gasp. It took me a full minute to get my bearings. I peered over at the kettle. 

“Has that been on?” I asked.

Brenda frowned and smiled at the same time but went to check.

“Stone cold,” she said and looked at me, puzzled. “Why?”

I slid off the bed and went to check outside. Nobody there. Bill and Dianne’s balcony door was closed and the curtains still drawn. No sunshine either. Just a blanket of light grey cloud.


“Darling? Are you ok?” Brenda repeated, her puzzlement growing.

I rubbed my head hard and screwed my eyes up. “Yes… yes, sorry. Just a bit… disoriented,” I replied. “Sorry.”

She came over and gave me a huge warm hug. “There, there,” she soothed. “It must have been quite a dream you were having. You were mumbling all sorts.”

“Yes … well… I suppose. It was all so vivid though… so real!” I said. “Hell-fire!”

“You were stiff as a pole too,” she ribbed, grabbing my cock and giving it a squeeze. “Were you being a naughty boy?” 

I feigned an indignant look. “Put the kettle on,” I said. “I need the loo.”


“We’re making our own coffee?” she asked in dismay as I started towards the bathroom. “Can’t we get that floor-waiter to bring us some so I can torment him a bit?” she called out as I was closing the door. “I might even break down his resolve this time!” she added through the door when it shut.

Despite the change in weather, it was still just warm enough to sit nursing our coffees on the balcony. Out to sea, a darker, almost angry-looking cloud was looming. I grabbed my camera and zoomed in to it, catching the dramatic contrast between it and the lighter covering that reached us. 

“Not a beach day, by the looks of it,” I commented.

“Hmm, it doesn’t look like it, no,” agreed Brenda. “But that’s ok. I’m sure we can still think of some fun things to do indoors. Are we going to order breakfast, then? I’m starving!” she said.

“Yes, I’m getting hungry too. I’ll call and order while you think of how you’re going to torture the waiter, if you like.”

“Or waitress? We don’t know yet, do we?”


This was a good point. Since we’d been there, we’d been shamelessly perusing some of the very attractive staff.  One or two had caught our special attention and we’d exchanged a few ideas discretely in the restaurant after being served by them.

One in particular, Zoe, was especially appealing. She was about 5’2″ tall with dark hair; short but in a feminine style. Her deep brown eyes shone playful naughtiness when she smiled and she always wore very tight blouses which her lovely rounded breasts seemed constantly trying to escape from. If only she knew some of the thoughts they’d evoked in both my mind and Brenda’s!

I went inside and made the call to room service, suddenly hoping Zoe would be delivering it to us.

“About ten minutes, they said,” I reported, putting the phone down.

“Hmm… perfect,” said Brenda, stepping back into the room.

“Perfect?” I asked. 


Brenda said nothing but just sidled up to me with a familiar glint in her eye, unwrapped and tossed aside her towel and pressed her body into mine, and brought my mouth down to hers for a long kiss. In seconds, I was stiff and my hands started roaming up and down her back, stroking her ass and reaching under to find her pussy.

She broke the kiss for a moment and let her head fall back. Eyes closed, her mouth open and smiling, she let out a delicious sigh as my fingers worked her folds. She enjoyed that feeling for a moment, then slowly sank to her knees, kissing my chest and torso as she lowered herself. She let my hard cock rest against her cheek for a moment and looked up at me, smiling widely as her hands went around me to grab my ass.

Holding eye contact, she started running her mouth down either side of my shaft, kissing and licking her way, then closed her lips around the head. Still looking into my eyes, she held me there like that and let me feel her tongue running around the head inside her mouth. Then she slowly slid the rest of me in.

She set up a steady rhythm, slowing at some points to take me right to her throat. Her hands alternated between gripping my ass and sliding up and down my front. How I love the way she sucks cock. How I love her hunger for the flesh of a cock in her mouth. From deep-throating me, to exploring the sides of my throbbing member, she worked me harder and harder. 

I expected her to stop and want me to lick her pussy or fuck her but this time she just kept going, Her moans, which I could feel vibrating through my cock, got louder and more passionate as she picked up speed. Her hair swayed back and forth as she devoured me.

She turned me so I could rest my ass against the low shelf where the kettle and mirror were. I rested my hands on it beside me, thoroughly enjoying this moment of being passive. A big load was building inside me. Brenda sensed it and began stroking me with just the tip of my cock between her lips.


“C’mon, Baby!” she encouraged. “Come on and spunk all over me,” she rasped before swallowing my whole length again. Hearing her talk like that was irresistible, especially with everything else she was doing.

“Oh fuck!” I gasped. “I’m gonna cum!” She sucked a little more, then pumped me by hand, looking into my eyes again and grinned devilishly as the first string of cum leapt out of my cock and landed on her cheek and lips. 

“Mmmmmm!!” she uttered then lifted herself slightly and aimed my cock at her tits which took the rest of my load. There was plenty of it. She scooped some onto her finger and licked it, grinning at me.

“You’re such a bad girl,” I told her. 

“Mmm… I know,” she answered. “Aren’t you glad?” 

“Oh, yeah!” I chuckled.


“Room service!” came a male voice from outside the door accompanied by a polite knock.

“Hah!,” Brenda cheered. “Perfect timing!” she said.

“Bloody hell!” I replied. “I might have known you were up to something!”

Brenda grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her, but only at the waist. I hastily grabbed my robe and put it on then sat on the bed. 

“Come in, Honey,” Brenda chirped.

It was a different waiter this time, but we recognised him. He was a handsome six-footer; about twenty-three years old. Broad shoulders ran down to a narrow waist. We had passed him by in the corridors a few times and once in the restaurant. Brenda had eye-flirted with him when we did but he had retained a professional air each time. We didn’t know if that was because he simply wasn’t interested in older women (slightly older, before I get slapped!) or if he was just very good at hiding his feelings in public. 


Either way, this time she had the element of surprise on her side and his face was a picture as he calmly came through the door with a cheery ‘Good morning!’ then stopped dead in his tracks, staring at Brenda’s cum-covered tits with his mouth open in a silent gasp. She just stood there, looking casual; one hip slightly higher than the other with a hand on it while the other hung by her side.

“Good morning to you too,” she smiled, glowing from his attention.

“Umm, g-good morning… madam, sir,” the young man stammered, trying to regain some composure; difficult while Brenda undressed him with her eyes.

“Umm, where… where would you like it?” he stumbled then closed his eyes and shook his head, realising what he’d just said.

“Well,” said Brenda, “there’s a question! I’m open to suggestions on that one,” she told him.

There was a large bulge growing in his trousers as he tried but failed to take his eyes off Brenda. He glanced at me, a little nervously. I just smiled at him. 


“I suppose we could… have it… on the balcony,” said Brenda, emphasising the double-entendre for maximum effect. “But, then again,” she went on, “it’s quite cozy in here, don’t you think?” she said, nibbling her finger with the corner of her mouth and drawing his attention to the string of fresh cum on her face. His bulge almost ripped the fabric of his trousers. Brenda made a point of noticing it and moved closer to him. 

He tried hopelessly to focus on his job, looking around the room, seeking a place he could suggest to park the trolley. But his eyes kept snapping back to Brenda’s face and tits.

“Umm, perhaps over there by the…” he tried to say but Brenda cut him off.

“My husband is quite tired after our morning exercise,” she said. “I don’t suppose you could help me clean up a little before we eat?” she asked, waving her hands over her tits. “Or does room service not include such tasks?”

“Well… I … erm…” he fumbled for an answer but Brenda was ahead of him. She unwrapped her towel and gave him a full frontal view which took his breath away. Handing him the towel, she turned and backed into him, facing me with a huge smile on her face. 

“Oh God,” he whispered, helplessly, and stood there, frozen to the spot with her towel hanging from his hand. Brenda just stood with her arms out to give him easier access, waiting patiently.


A little reluctantly, yet dutifully, he reached around her and began wiping my cum off her breasts; carefully and lightly at first but her gorgeous orbs are irresistible and soon he was massaging them firmly through the towel as she rested her head back on his chest. I slid back to the headboard and propped myself up to enjoy the show, losing my robe in the process.

Moments later, he succumbed further to Brenda’s ambush, dropped the towel, and began working her tits hard; twiddling her nipples and kissing her neck. Brenda’s hand reached around for his head as he did. She was loving this.

Unsure how bold he felt though, she took one of his hands and pulled him down to her pussy. He wasted no time sliding his fingers between her lips. Her moans of pleasure seemed to encourage him and soon he had two fingers in her as she writhed into his body.

She let things build up, then turned and sat on the end of the bed. I opened my legs to allow her head to rest between them as she opened hers and asked the young man, “Are you hungry?”

Apparently, he was. He knelt and went straight in. Brenda panted loudly as his mouth landed and his tongue pushed straight inside her wet entrance. Gripping my leg with one hand and his head with the other, her hips began bucking and gyrating as he lapped at her juices. Her scent reached me. I was rock hard again at the oral attention her pussy was getting from this young tongue.

“Mmmm… Good boy!” she said. “That feels soooo good!. Keep going, Honey. Keep going!” 


And he did. Faster and faster I watched his tongue and lips feast on her, paying special attention to her clitoris which drove her wild. Her moans grew louder and more lust-driven which encouraged him further. Her juices were all around his mouth as he continued sucking and nibbling her clitoris. He just kept going, an expert despite his relative youth. Then I saw her legs wrap around his shoulders and knew she was about to cum.

When it hit, she let go of my leg and grabbed his head tightly with both hands and squeezed his shoulders even more. Her hips bucked manically as she released the full force of orgasm into his mouth and cried out loud. 

“Oh God, Oh God!… Ohhhh… FUCK!!” she yelled.

They kept still for a time and let everything subside. The only movement was from his tongue; now lapping up her juice at a more sedate pace. But she wasn’t finished.

She wriggled around, still on her back, to let her head hang over the side of the bed and beckoned him round. He stood there a moment, just waiting to know what he should do. She reached up and unzipped his trousers then yanked both them and his boxers to the floor.

Much to Brenda’s wide-eyed delight, a massive erection – easily eight inches of it –  sprung free of its confines and she wasted no time pulling that huge cock to her face. He was glistening with precum which she relished by smearing it all around her cheeks and chin and licking at it. What a sight she was. One hand on his quite magnificent cock and the other on her pussy, fingering herself up to a frenzy again.


She angled her head perfectly, then slid his whole length into her mouth, her throat bulging as he reached there. She paused, then slid him back again to the head and licked around it some more before pulling him in over her tongue again.

I reached for her pussy so she could free that hand and use both to grip his ass. She was soaking wet and I slid three fingers easily into her and finger-fucked her while she feasted on the monster-cock in her mouth. 

The young waiter made a valiant attempt at holding off but this would have been a challenge for any man. He started taking the lead, fucking her mouth as well as being sucked. I was torn between wanting to get down and lick her or just enjoying the view while I fingered her. Opting for the latter was the right choice though. 

He began twitching violently in her mouth. Brenda kept the head at her lips as she had done to me and opened her eyes to look up at him as she pumped his cock by hand. Seconds later, he exploded. And when I say ‘exploded’ I really mean, ‘exploded!’.

Thick wads of cum erupted from his cock, landing just above her pussy, her stomach, tits, neck and the last, smaller one, on her neck and chin. She was covered in it.

“Oh, WOW!!” she cried delightedly, loving the feel of his cream landing everywhere on her.


I grabbed my camera, causing him to look alarmed for a moment.

“Don’t worry,” I assured him. “It’s not going to be your face in the picture,” I said and began clicking to capture his slowly ebbing cock resting on Brenda’s mouth and the copious amounts of cum he had just spunked all over her. At last, he sank into a chair, looking spent.

“Oh, God,” he sighed. “I have nearly a full shift to do yet. I’m not sure I have the energy now!” 

Somehow, after a few minutes in recovery, he managed to drag himself from the chair and collect his trousers. As he was fastening the zip, Brenda got up and stood closely in front of him.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“It’s Tom,” he told her.


“Aha,” she said, “Well, thank you, Tom,” she said. “I’m Brenda and my horny husband over there is John. We’ll be sure to let the management know what wonderful service you give.”

“Oh God, no. Please don’t…” looking suddenly terrified but then stopped as Brenda started giggling.

“Just teasing, Honey. But I mean what I say about the wonderful service. And if you should get hungry again later on,” she took his hand and pressed it into her pussy, “you know where to come for dessert.” she insisted.

He closed his eyes and sighed loudly. “Thank you Ma’am.”

“Brenda,” she reminded him.

“Thank you, Brenda… and…John, yes. Umm, I really need to get back. Enjoy your breakfast and, umm, have a lovely day,” he said and hurried out of the room, still with disbelief written all across his face.


Brenda turned to me again. Her face was brimming with triumph.

“Ready for breakfast?” she asked enthusiastically.

And now I’m going to pass you over to Brenda who is eager to continue telling you about that day!

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