Mohini exposed by her husband

‘I’m thirty-four, so too old to flash my boobs around,’ Mohini complained.


‘What are you talking about? You’ve a beautiful figure. You’re attractive and sexy, you must realise that. Look at the attention you received on holiday at the beach, when you flashed your breasts,’ Sudhir reminded her.

‘That was an accident. My top came off in the water and I didn’t notice,’ she said, in defence.

Thinking over the time she walked up the beach and entered the water, the waves of the sea pulled up her top and it got stuck on her bra straps and her top went awry, brought on a smile on her face. On noticing men staring at her, she looked down to see her boobs were uncovered. In a panic she ran to Sudhir, holding onto them for dear life. She had to take the top off to untangle it. The awful episode was highly embarrassing, yet it had been exciting. 

‘Admit it, you enjoyed being topless at the beach, and this will be just a little more adventurous. You like a challenge, and I bet you’re just a little excited by the idea,’ Sudhir cajoled her.

‘Maybe I’ll try it sometime,’ Mohini reluctantly said.

‘You walked down from the beach with your breasts exposed, and don’t deny it aroused you,’ he reminded her.

‘We’ll maybe I am excited, just a little. More over the idea of accidently flashing than purposely doing it,’ she pointed out. 

As admitted, she was damp over the idea, but actually going through with it was another matter. Remembering their uninhibited love making after that embarrassing episode, was adding to a building arousal.

‘We can play during our week off. Let’s be adventurous and just do it,’ he encouraged.

‘Alright, I’ll try. When we get there, and I decide to back out, you won’t be sore, promise!’ she warned.

‘Of course. I’m pleased you’re willing to try. The time and place might be wrong when we get there, so we’ll back off. If all goes well, I bet it will be great, and fun, for both of us,’ he smiled.

Sudhir made a point of reassuring her over the next couple of days, and was pleased she was willing to give it a try. He didn’t want to get into trouble, or put his wife in a difficult position. It was just a game and a tease, to invigorate their love making. They might never do it again, though he hoped they would. He wasn’t superstitious, yet crossed his fingers anyway.

Mohini was nervous with fear, and just a little aroused. For his sake she hoped the courage to go through with it could be found. Wanting to be anonymous, they drove for awhile to a distant park. Arriving, they wandered around with a picnic basket, looking for a suitable spot.

She wore a flowery print saree and a low cut sleeveless blouse, the blouse straps being so thin that her pink bra straps were visible. The outfit was classy and sexy, though nothing too outrageous, so she was fairly comfortable, so far. They spread a blanket on the ground, and Mohini opened a book. She lifted her legs to rest the book on her knees. 

Mohini felt as though she were bait for any passing male. A breeze stroked her thighs, and heated her pussy. Her husband gave her a reassuring smile, and walked off. He wasn’t going far, just somewhere he could watch without being noticed. She could feel the panty crotch, bulging rudely between her thighs. It wasn’t so much that anyone checking her out, it was from the possibility that a mysterious stranger could. 

A fit looking young man jogged along the path. She dipped her head into a book, squinting at him through long hair. He stopped to stretch, right in front of her. While retying his trainers, he glanced at her. She turned a page, and with that action rocked her legs back and forth and bent her left shoulder, ever so slightly. It was enough for the pallu to fall away a little more, exposing her humoungous breasts held tightly by the thin blouse. She could feel his eyes burning her nipples, or was that a flame of passion?

Retying the other trainer took longer. He was examining everything under the skimpy blouse! She fidgeted, from excitement and a need for attention. She turned another page, rocking back a little, letting the movement slide the pallu even further. The saree was just a piece of cloth on her now, which wasnt covering her assets. The latest movement of the pallu resulted in full revelation of her cleavage and the huge melons wrapped scantility on her breasts and also revealed her milky white navel. The pallu was just beneath her belly button. She’d promised to stay until her husband came to collect her, which was excuse enough to carry on rudely displaying herself.

Through long straight hair, she watched another jogger arrive.

‘Hi Aditya, didn’t think I’d catch you up,’ the second jogger said.

‘Had something in one of my running shoes,’ Aditya explained. 

She saw the first jogger nod toward her. The second guy took the hint, and squatted down to tie a lace. The two of them were staring at her cleavage and breasts! Her nipples were hard enough to show, if they were close enough, which she hoped not.

The blouse was too damned flimsy. As she fidgeted from nerves, her nipples just erected a little more. Or maybe they were engulfing the little piece of cotton. In any case, more was on display that she cared to show them. Through her hair she could see them staring at her breasts, and that gave her a thrill. 

Mohini looked down at the book, pretending to be concentrating. Now she was frightened, as it looked as though they were walking over to her. She didn’t want this! She wanted to slam her thighs shut, but she couldn’t move. Being anonymously naughty was all that could be coped with. Being confronted by strangers was terrible. What would they say? Would they think she was a brazen slut? They might think she was up for fun, available to them, wanting it.

‘Hi Mohini, I’m back. Got the water,’ Sudhir loudly stated. 

She looked up with relief, to see her husband approaching. The two young guys turned away to carry on their run. She noted they weren’t competing now, as they were side by side, talking about her.

‘Sudhir, I’m so glad you appeared when you did. I’m so hot, lets pack up and go,’ she laughed.

‘Don’t you want to stay for more?’ he suggested.

‘No need, I want you badly,’ she seriously stated. 

Mohini couldn’t wait to get home. Untypical of her, she played with his penis through the jeans, while he drove. No sooner did they get through the door, than she pulled off her saree, and attacked his cock. Sudhir struggled from his clothes, and crawled between her legs. There was no need for foreplay, she was so worked up.

She wasn’t just horny, she was physically and mentally wired. 

‘Fuck me Sudhir, come on, just do it,’ she implored him. 

Talking was new, using bad language was unheard of, and doing it on the kitchen floor was extraordinary. Slightly unsure of this new woman, it took him longer to cum. He smoothly screwed her as usual, until she started to talk again. 

‘Pound my pussy, ride me hard, Sudhir. Fuck me hard and deep,’ she urgently implored. 

He wondered what books she had been reading recently. This too held him back, enabling him to ride her hard as ordered. When she climaxed he felt her writhing under him. She bucked her hips a few times, then sank back on the floor. This was the signal for him to cum, not that she had consciously sent it. She was laying supine, flat out on the floor.

From her loins, through her stomach, and out to her fingers and toes, flashes of ecstasy ignited her nerves. Her body was alive one minute, then collapsed. She felt him spurting into her, or rather knew it, when he went rigid, shoving his cock in deep. Unusually it set her off on a second orgasm. 

A while later, they both recovered enough to smile at each other. 

‘I was carried away just then,’ she said.

She looked embarrassed, and was trying to justify uncharacteristic wanton behaviour.

‘You were. It was good for me too. I’m glad you enjoyed the park thing. More so when making love,’ he grinned.

She looked shy now. ‘I did. You were right, it was fun. Especially just now,’ she sheepishly grinned.

There was a vague recognition of calling out to him while making love. Not daring to ask, she hoped he might mention it, and reveal what was said. He helped her off the kitchen floor, and she made coffee. She kept looking at the floor, wondering if there was a mark that revealed their fornication. Next time a neighbour called she would be embarrassed, when they sat right where she had sex. 

She handed him a cup of coffee and giggled.

‘Alright, I will. Once more, just to see if it’s as exciting. Just so long as you’re there to protect me,’ she relented.

Next day Sudhir drove her to a distant Mall. It was obvious she was nervous, partly afraid, and partly excited, though not aroused. 

‘Don’t worry, I’ll be nearby watching out for you,’ he smiled.

Mohini smiled back, looking distracted. Her husband had selected the clothes, and what interested him, would attract other men. Did she want other men looking at her? After yesterday she knew it would be exciting. After such passionate sex how could she refuse. Maybe this was a test, to see if the naughtiness would achieve the same result. A wonderful romantic evening together.

Sudhir watched his wife walk into the mall in black, shiny high heels. A short distance behind, as promised, he watched her cute bottom shimmy from side to side. The short business skirt tantalisingly swayed around her thighs. Men approaching glanced at the white blouse, or rather the ample breasts pushing at it. More than one turned to watch her pass, with a smile on their lips. 

Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were a nice handful, as he could testify. The bra held them up and out, showing them off to their best. Though, it was the contents that gave the blouse substance and intrigue. As her breasts sat on top of the bra, the nipples provocatively pushed at the blouse. 

He was proud of her, and it pleased him to see others thought her worth a second glance. It was satisfying to know they wanted her, and only he could have her.

Mohini noticed the looks, without revealing she had. It was certainly a boost to her morale to find men were interested in her, even if it was because of how she looked. The clothes weren’t tacky, but she wouldn’t have worn a skirt so far above the knee. The blouse was too thin, and she wouldn’t normally have worn a push up, undercut bra. 

In a storefront window an image reflected back, of a tastefully dressed business woman. In a clear mirror her nipples would be visible, clearly not so tasteful. Then she noticed a man staring at her. A warm feeling overcame her reticence. She’d always been too shy to want to be noticed. This was all new to her, and therefore exciting. 

A bench was free, so she sat down, then manoeuvred forward with a wriggle. The effect was to slip the hem up the back of her thighs, while purposefully not noticing. The same book was retrieved from a clutch bag. It allowed her to pretend not to notice the skirt riding up. Not too much, just enough to intrigue. The bag toppled over, so she placed it between her feet.

Sudhir admired her shapely legs as he strolled by. A coffee shop enticed him in, where he took a seat looking out at his wife. Knowing how shy Mohini was, he was proud of this new found courage. Of course she enjoyed it, but it took guts to carry out an exhibitionist show in public. He sipped a coffee, wondering if anything would happen.

Mohini looked through long strands of hair, almost covering her face. An old man sat down heavily on a bench opposite. The way she was sitting, with legs either side of the bag, he would be able to see white panties, if he bothered to look. He did! A lingering stare at her legs, and what was between them, made her fidget.

She felt the skirt ride up, and naturally pulled at the hem. The skirt stretched from her lap over the tops of her thighs, though underneath, the skirt was riding up. She turned a page of the book, pretending to be engrossed in the novel. When reading, she had always been able to transport herself into its setting, and become engrossed in the action. Not at that moment though.

The man was around fifty. He licked his lips while staring right at her crotch. The white cotton panties were sensible. These too stretched tight over her pussy. His lingering looks were enjoyable. He just wasn’t making her hot, or wet, as happened yesterday. 

He got up and left, turned toward her for a last look, then headed off. 

Mohini thought this a waste of time, and she’d rather have a coffee with her husband. She got up, bent over to pick up the bag, and dropped the book. Scrabbling under the bench for the book, hadn’t been planned. Not used to wearing such a short skirt, she bent too far over, inadvertently showing off the panties. When she stood up, a young guy gave her a wry grin on his face. A warm glow brushed her face, and seeing her embarrassment his grin broadened. From that momentary mistake, she began to feel hot and bothered.

Inside the coffee shop her stomach fluttered, from knowing she had shown off her bottom and crotch. The panties were plastered between her cheeks and lips, as that young guy now knew. 

Sudhir casually looked over, as a man would when a beautiful woman walked in. Other heads turned and lingered. He discreetly indicated where she was to sit. 

Her heart was thumping when she sat down. Mohini sat awkwardly on a low sofa, and adjusted the skirt, wrapping it under her thighs. A ring accidently caught the fabric, and pulled it. She concentrated on the ring, twisting it, and pulling at invisible threads. It was just an excuse to ignore the skirt, which had ridden up under her. She’d learnt some techniques from yesterday, and a newfound boldness was developing.

Sudhir noticed two businessmen glancing at her legs. Their eyes brightened when she stretched up to accept a coffee. The blouse twisted under a breast, cupping and lifting it. Lifting her bottom off the sofa to get comfortable, the skirt ascended a leg revealing a bare thigh. He wished he’d persuaded her to wear stockings. Maybe next time.

Out of a corner of her eye, Mohini caught two men, around her age, staring at her. The fit young guys in the park yesterday hadn’t considered her too old to notice, and that had been reassuring. Maybe it was because it was a first time adventure that it had been so inspiring. A need to re-capture those wonderful feelings made her consider why she felt that.

She looked at the two men, then down at the skirt, and put on an expression of surprise. She knew a lot of thigh was on show, and maybe more. Fussing and pulling at the hem brought the skirt down a little. They were enamoured by her legs parting, and her breasts jiggling around while adjusting it.
Her nipples were growing more obvious now. She stretched and yawned. A button popped off, and she pretended not to notice. Had Sudhir done something to the blouse? Were more buttons going to fail? The bra only held up her breasts, leaving them uncovered. She could feel the air on them, suspecting too much flesh was on show, and now the rest of the buttons were suspect.

She picked up the coffee, using it as an excuse to look down. Noticing a lot of flesh on show, with her nipples only just covered, a hand automatically clutched the top. It was a natural reaction to look around, to see if anyone had noticed. The two men looked away, and smiled at each other. 

Despite the coffee her mouth was dry, from considering what to do next. Her clothes were in disarray, more than she could cope with. Looking across at Sudhir was no help, for he merely smiled at her. The sofa was low, so she had to let go of the blouse to stand up with the bag.

In a fluster the wrong end of the bag was grabbed, so once more the book fell from it. In a hurry, no attempt at decorum was made, and she just bent to pick it up. It didn’t matter she was flaunting herself to the guys behind her, it was more important to escape. Turning sharply while bent over, stuffing the book into her bag, the blouse ballooned out enough to show off a nipple.

On the hard surface her heels clip clopped deeper into the cafe. Out of a corner of an eye, she saw the guys with wide grins plastered across their faces. Other men were looking at her, and it felt as if everyone was staring. The blouse was falling off, and the skirt was creased up too far. Escape to the restroom was vital to restore some confidence. 

In the restroom mirror Mohini pinned a broach to the blouse, where the button should have been. It didn’t hide her breasts, though it looked more fitting. Sitting in a stall she took a deep breath, trying to calm down. It wasn’t fear or anxiety after all, she was stoked up! This was unexpected!

She was close to calling it a day and going home. Instead, she arranged the skirt for a more daring adventure. Her heart beat faster, and the slight wetness forming in the panty crotch grew. She hesitated re-entering the coffee shop. A woman pushed the door and held it for her. Before she could demure, Mohini was in among a crowd of shoppers, taking time out to talk and sip coffee.

Her husband smiled at her as she reappeared from the restroom, and she winked back. She hurried out the store, with the back of the skirt tucked into her panties.

He paid their bills at the counter as she walked out. He turned around from the counter, but she’d disappeared through the door, so he hurried after her. Looking one way then the other, he became concerned. If he didn’t keep close as promised, she might not play the game again. He noticed heads turning, and men milling around, so he headed off in that direction. He hoped she was alright and hadn’t been approached, as that would scare her.

A group of young men were staring at a woman, who was looking at shoes in a store window. They were admiring his wife’s panty clad bottom! He stopped to sit on a bench, and unfolded a newspaper. The dress was up, showing off the tight white panties griping her cheeks. Again he wished she were wearing stockings. The lower half of one cheek was on show, with the panties pulling tight between the cheeks. From the bench he could see both his wife, and the men ogling her ass.

She leant forward to peer at a pair of shoes. She put both hands on her knees, and straightened her legs. A bulge of white cotton pressed between her thighs. By twisting her head at the right angle, she could see across the mall in the store window. 

Four young men were ogling her rear! Pretending to compare the shoes, she looked from side to side, wiggling her ass. It was thrilling to watch them nudge each other, and obviously comment rudely about her. Unable to hear what they were saying, she had to imagine their bawdy remarks. It was thrilling to enthral them with her body, but it had to end, so she moved on.

Sudhir watched the guys rather than his wife. They could smile and suggest things to each other all they wanted, but it was he taking the attractive woman home for sex. He got up and followed her, glad they hadn’t made an approach, or shouted foully at her. It would spoil things if they spooked her. He figured she was heading for the exit, so hurried to catch up. 

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