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Mohini exposed by her husband Chapter 1

Returning to the mall the next day, Mohini was thinking of that nice guy she met in his car. Of course that wasn’t the point of their visit. It was her husband she wanted to excite, which would result in her own delight. They had never had so much sex, especially during the week. The house and garden were being neglected, while they played silly games. She laughed to herself, thinking there would be plenty of time to catch up on mundane chores.

Sudhir was singing to himself as they pulled into a parking lot, and drove into a slot close to the mall entrance. His wife had agreed to buy a hot and skimpy blouse, for a walk around the stores. He sat on a bench outside, leaving it to her. She’d become far more adventurous after experiencing the thrill of exposure. It turned out she was an exhibitionist after all.

She walked out the store wearing a saree and a skimpy sleeveless and backless blouse with the saree tucked in well below her navel and just above her clit.. His eyes were glued onto her, swishing around her breasts which was covered by the skimpy blouse and with the erect nipples visible, he understood that she wasnt wearing a bra for sure.. A grin spread across his face. 

She looked around, noticing only her husband in this offshoot of the mall.. Looking up at him, showing off her navel and cleavage, she saw his grin turn to longing. He had that peculiar expression of lust on his face. It was fun that she could do that to him so easily.

Turning on a high heel to start on their adventure, she saw an old man had joined the audience. Her face turned red, and she quickly marched away with head down. Click clacking on high heels into the main hall, she turned to make sure Sudhir was behind her. The light cotton saree swished around her milky body. The shiny black heels gave an extra length to a pair of long, sleek legs. The sheer blouse gave her breasts an enticing sheen.

Mohini discreetly adjusted the pallu to reveal more cleavage, and lowered the saree even more below the navel, then joined the early morning shoppers.

Sudhir hadn’t noticed the backless nature of the blouse, while being so intent on what was under the blouse. Others were certainly interested as they walked toward her. When she stopped to look in a storefront, he could see her profile. The blouse was nearly sheer under the bright lights, and cunningly held the breasts up in a deep cleavage. The low cut showed plenty of cleavage. 

An impulse to drag her off somewhere for sex, washed over him, and men walking by had similar thoughts. A couple of grinning painters winked at him as they passed, sharing the same idea, that she was one hot woman ready to be pounded. He followed, watching men’s reactions, and liked it. From another exit they walked out onto a busy street, the business section of town.

Mohini walked out onto a crowded street feeling nervous. It was sexual excitement, as well as a touch of fear. She adjusted the pallu, and walked toward the corner, with a small bag under her arm. It was difficult resisting an urge to turn her head, to check her husband was following.

The street was busy with traffic, and with office workers walking to and from lunch. The tall office buildings provided the key to their game. Sudhir had seen the potential when renewing the car insurance a couple of weeks ago.

It wasn’t too late to turn back. A combination of needing to meet the challenging dare, with a touch of sexual excitement, carried her toward the corner building. Practising in the shiny black, high heels, was paying off, though she did wobble a little. 

At the corner of the intersection she hesitated, as though unsure of the way. A moment later the wind blew, exactly as her husband had explained it would. The tall buildings created a twisting vortex of breezes, gusting hard round the corner.

The pallu was the first to sway, so naturally enough both hands went to secure it. At the same time the base of the saree blew up around her knees. She dare not look at the men around her, otherwise she might have run away in fright. She exclaimed a meaningless sound, as one does when surprised.

For a split second she wished she hadn’t worn any blouse. One hand went down to the pallu, in a feeble attempt to bring it under control. The purse dropped from under an arm, so she had to bend over to pick it up. The back of the blouse was waiting to give away as she was bending to pick up the purse. The saree which was tucked right above her clit also came down and revealed the cracks of her ass.

An image of what men behind her could see of her bottom, flashed through her mind. The decent white panties were a couple of sizes too small, and were pulled up tight between her cheeks. The perfect peachy shape, with a deep cleft between the rounded cheeks, was to be proud of.

Sudhir avoided saying she had a voluptuous figure, as the remark was interpreted as being negative. At thirty-eight she was lucky to have a toned body without working out, or dieting. Her husband admired her alluring, sexy figure. 

Grabbing the bag, meant she didn’t have a spare hand to pull the saree down. Struggling to pull it into place, meant dropping it again, with another bend to pluck it from the ground. All while keeping a hand firmly on the pallu. 

Thinking it was her husband, she let a pair of strong arms grab her around the waist. He guided her closer to the building, and held the pallu across her shoulder. 

‘Oh! Thank you,’ she breathed out a sigh of relief. 

‘My pleasure,’ the handsome stranger smiled. 

She stood balancing on high heels, breathing heavily from the shock of a strangers hands holding her. She realised one hand was caught up in the saree, gripping a bare hip. He was standing very close, smiling down at her. He was big and strong, with an overwhelming presence. Despite the high heels she felt tiny and delicate.

The naughty exposure of her body, and his closeness, added to an already high state of arousal. 

‘Thank you. You can let me go now,’ she coyly spoke. 

‘Are you sure?’ he asked. ‘You might fly away in this breeze,’ he laughed.

His smile of wry amusement had her captivated. His steel blue eyes held her gaze, preventing her from looking away. At her back was a stone wall of the building, and with him close before her, she was trapped. Her whole body trembled from the excitement, and her legs felt weak. His strong hands held her steady. 

A feeble hand smoothed down the saree, meaning for him to remove his hand from her bare hip. Unintentionally she’d guided his hand lower, over her belly button. They were in a small circle of their own, unobserved, with people walking by.

Sudhir saw his wife’s pallu blow away and was spellbound when she bent over. The wondrous shape of her bottom was revealed in bottom hugging panties and her ass crack was visible to the hundreds of businessmen. Businessmen slowed their pace to take in the mishap. A couple of them stopped right behind her, nudging each other, looking as though they might applaud the show. 

He watched her flustered movements, trying frantically to control her saree, save the pallu, and the purse. Dropping the purse again, meant her bending over, pulling the panties tighter between the cheeks. 

When the pallu blew away again, someone stepped up to her. Most carried on walking to lunch without noticing anything, while others turned their heads for an avid stare. A man almost collided with another, as he gawped at the sight of a near naked woman on the street.

The crowd was at its height when the well dressed man appeared from nowhere, seeming to collide with Mohini. Sudhir lost sight of her. Then he saw the large framed man standing close to the wall of the building. He figured she must be in front of him, pressed between the stranger and the wall. 

With his wife disappearing the show was over, and the pace of the crowd increased, as they resumed the hunger driven, quick march to lunch. Out of the wind the saree must have been brought under control. Sudhir moved closer, intent on discovering what was happening to his wife. The large man completely hid her, though he could see the pallu was now covering her, so she was alright. 

He sighed with relief from not having to intervene. Why she was still there he couldn’t understand, so hovered close in case she needed him.

Mohini felt weak from exposing herself, and from the imposing presence of the stranger. His strong voice vibrated her chest, with her nipples tuned in to the deep tone, becoming engorged. He leaned close, pressing her tight. 

He spoke into an ear, ‘I’ll take you to my office where you can straighten yourself up, and refresh your makeup.’ 

The authoritative manner wasn’t an offer to be refused. In such a state of shock and arousal, she was unable to think clearly. It seemed he was going to lead her away, while unable to refuse. He would have to support her, for she was still feeling weak and vulnerable.

‘I should go. I have an appointment,’ she lied.

He slipped a business card into her hand, and squeezed it in a large paw. A sharp intake of breath followed, when his other hand squeezed her. It was so gently nestled between her breasts, she’d hardly been aware of its intimate presence. Besides, she was hardly aware of where she was, or anything else.

He gave her a big bright smile, and said, ‘ Call me, promise?’ he said, making it sound like an order.

His big hand squeezed her navel.

‘Yes, I will, honest,’ she purred.

He tipped his hat to her, and left, disappearing into the crowd. The feel of his hand upon her navel was still there, pulsing sensations through her body. He left her leaning against the building, feeling faint.

‘Come on, back to the car,’ Sudhir said, and led her into the mall. 

The breeze lifted the back of the saree, but they didn’t bother to adjust it, from wanting to get back to safety. They hurried hand in hand back to the car. Sudhir pulled out into the traffic to join the flow. They were quiet for a full five minutes.

‘Oh! My God!’ Mohini groaned.

‘That was really something,’ Sudhir said. 

‘It was more than we expected! My pallu almost flew away, did you see it?’ she loudly spoke. 

‘I was right there, looking after you,’ he reassured her.

‘I was practically naked, on a street corner, like a hooker,’ she laughed.

‘Did those men look at my ass?’ she demanded to know.

‘Sure. The men behind you stopped to stare,’ he said.

‘Damn! I couldn’t see anyone at all. I was so blinkered, scared of seeing them,’ she continued to speak too loudly.

‘A couple of men were so intent on watching you, they collided together,’ he said.

‘Really? Were they looking at my ass, or tits?’ she lewdly spoke. 

Sudhir was surprised to hear her talking like this, especially about her own body. 

She opened her mouth to mention the businessman that grabbed her, only to flap it firmly shut. There was no way she could tell her husband a stranger nearly took her away, and that she was in such a state, she almost went. She’d been so stoked up, she was ready for it, even with a stranger. Especially a handsome hunk, who demanded her attention. 

Oh! God! She had been so weak and vulnerable, he could have led her away like a lamb to the slaughter. She would have been putty in his hands, ready to do whatever he wanted. She looked away from her husband, desperate for it not to show.

‘I’m so hot, I need you, now!’ she quietly said.

Sudhir didn’t need telling twice. He was rock hard from her public exhibition. Without thinking about it he swung into a multi-storey parking lot. The tyres squealed on the smooth concrete as he drove too fast up the ramps, into tight turns. A dark corner was found.

As he was driving she tugged down her petticoat and saree, and pushed a hand up the petticoat. She clamped the hand between her legs and squeezed. With a free hand she grabbed his cock, to pull upon it. It was a bit too rough and demanding, but he got the urgent message. 

The exhibitionist game had worked. She was as hot as a furnace, ready to overheat and boil over if he didn’t quench her flame, right now. There was no need to pull the saree off, but she did, as they pulled to a stop. 

‘In the back seat,’ he panted.

She couldn’t speak. Never mind having nothing on except a blouse, she bailed out, and slipped onto the back seat. He did like ways, almost as quick and desperate as she was. 

She clambered onto his lap, facing him. She had to spread her legs wide to get in position, and push down upon his cock. He hardly had to do anything. She thrashed around, trying to get all of him. Her legs were almost out sideways, enabling her to push heavily upon his rock hard cock. When their flesh thumped together, she was satisfied, and concentrated on pushing up and down upon his chest with both hands. 

Rising up, then lowering herself down his cock, she used her weight to push him deep up inside. He grabbed hold of her, stopping her ride. She felt his rigidness jerk, and twitch. His orgasm set her off. She threw her head back to moan fitfully.

She couldn’t move. She was stuck on the end of his cock, with the threat of cramp holding her still. She tried to relax. He pulled her head down, to kiss her lips. They were a luscious rosebud shape, that he thought would look perfect sucking on his dick. 

This time she looked around, to ensure no one would see her naked body creeping around the car. She climbed into the front seat, looking for the saree. 

‘Wait! I can’t go like this,’ she complained.

‘Of course not, you haven’t got your seat belt on,’ he teased. 

She covered her breasts, and squeezed her thighs together. Only wearing a blouse brought home how insubstantial it was. Her nipples showed over the top of the skimpy. Her panties and saree had been hidden, and he wasn’t telling.

They pulled up at the exit booth, with Mohini staring straight ahead, in a wishful attempt not to be there. Sudhir searched for a ticket, while the old man looked bored. His eyes lit up on noticing the wife. He stared, too old to care if he was noticed and rebuked. It was she who was wrong, flaunting herself in public. Not that he was complaining.

The ticket collector glanced at the pretty woman with a large pair of breasts, and a nice figure, from what he could see. A mirror above the booth window was used to watch cars approach. He reached up to angle it into the car. He could see that she wasn’t wearing panties! It had been some days since getting hard, maybe even a couple of weeks, but this certainly worked.

He was still looking for the ticket while the old guy ogled her naked body. A car horn beeped behind them, adding to her anxiousness. A couple were walking back to their car loaded with shopping. They would pass close by, which Mohini thought was dangerous.

‘Hurry up can’t you?’ she implored of her husband.

‘It must be in my jacket over the back,’ he shrugged.

In a fit of urgency she turned around and leaned between the seats. She leaned a bit further, relieved not to be showing her ass off to the approaching couple. The old guy saw the lot. Her legs parted for him to see her shaved crotch. 
When they pulled away he had a big satisfied grin on his face. She wondered if he had cum in his pants. Was that a compliment, or a sorry comment on her flashing him. The couple hadn’t notice her at all, as they were too busy arguing over the shopping they were carrying. 

‘You can’t blame me for that. You were the one who stripped off,’ he playfully scolded her.

‘OK, ok. Let’s just get home shall we. I’m not letting you off though. I’m dragging you off to bed, unless we don’t make it that far. So, be prepared,’ she warned.

Mohini felt as though she’d been on fire over the last three days. From the moment they first played the naughty games, she could think of nothing else, with powerful imaginings flooding her mind with a continuous arousal. Being so heated up for so long, left her vulnerable to her husband’s suggestions. She’d do almost anything to have them arrive home highly excited, ready to have wonderful uninhibited sex. 

This morning she wore thin black leggings under a low cut t-shirt. The leggings weren’t much more substantial than tights, and the baggy t-shirt only came down to her hips. A few days ago there was no way she would wear such a tacky, cheap outfit. She didn’t feel sexy, she felt slutty. 

Knowing strangers would be ogling her body, was exciting, and kept her playing the mischievous game. Letting Sudhir decide how she was to be exposed was a part of the thrill. That he was making the decisions liberated her from responsibility. It meant she was free to behave wickedly, without recriminations. 

The drive was in quiet contemplation, while they thought over all the naughty things that happened so far this week. Thinking of that moment when a stranger squeezed her crotch, she pulled her thighs together. That particular wicked episode had to be kept from Sudhir. Not so much because it happened, rather, it was because she became so sexed up and out of control. If Sudhir hadn’t been there, she would have let the man lead her astray.

She dare not think about what might happen today. The fear of becoming so sexed up that she became helpless to resist a stranger, was wrong, yet exciting. It was necessary and comforting to know that Sudhir would be there to protect her.

In trepidation she slid out of the car, and received a warm smile from Sudhir. It was reassuring, and right then she needed to be held, only the game had started. Walking in flat shoes toward the mall, she looked down to see his shadow following hers, and regained enough courage to continue.

The mall was old, and not so clean or swish as she was used to. She turned her head toward Sudhir, receiving an encouraging smile, and a nod to walk on. His instructions were to window shop, then enter a certain clothing store. In this rundown mall the shoppers wore cheap clothes too, so she didn’t feel so out of place. If it had been one of their usual haunts, a swish exclusive shopping centre, she would have felt excruciatingly cheap. Meeting someone they knew would have been humiliating.

Sudhir watched her bend to examine jewellery in a pawn store. The leggings stretched over her bottom, thinning, still not showing a panty-line, as she wasn’t wearing any. The nylon dug between her cheeks, cupping them, showing off a magnificent heart shaped ass.

He could see her examining reflections, rather than the window contents. A dark guy in his twenties, just hanging around, noticed, and stared. His wife’s white ass showing through thin stretchy material was attractive, and mesmerising. It swayed from side to side as she scanned the storefront reflection for an audience. 

Turning away from the jewellery, she lost a shoe. Squatting to fix it didn’t need a new skill to reveal her bottom, as the t-shirt was so short. The leggings stretched over her bare bottom became almost nonexistent. The guy stared at his wife’s almost bare ass, while Sudhir watched the excitement build in him. 

Her thighs were parted, surely revealing more than she realised. Sudhir wondered if he’d got her to wear too little, and should have given her at least a thong. He quickly moved ahead while she was giving the dark guy, and others, a treat. Sudhir sat on a bench a little way in front of her, confirming what was on show. The front of the leggings were bulging with engorged pussy. A seam pulled into her crotch, splitting her sex in two.

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