Mistress K To The Rescue

“I swear,” she said to me sternly. “If you bring him up one more time I’m going to clamp my thighs around your head and make you eat my cunt until your mouth is so sore you can’t form another word!”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized for the thirtieth time. “I just feel so bad about it.”

“Sweetie,” she intoned. “You’re not the first one to get trapped under his magic. You are the first one, I think, to walk away, though.” Her face was whimsical. “I just wish I was there to see it!” She laughed with true mirth.

“I know,” I whined. “I’m a terrible person. I…“

Kiera cut me off. “You’re a fucking legend!” she shrieked out.

Three seconds. That’s how long it took me to come to terms with my divorce. It took about three minutes to get over the emotions of telling my previous beau that I had had enough of his behavior and to leave and never come back. It had been three days with Glade and I still felt miserable. I’d probably packed on more pounds than I care to mention due to my restrictive diet of rum and ice cream and my rigorous exercise routine of binge-watching Star Trek the Next Generation. In fact, if she hadn’t shown up at my doorstep dressed like Elvira, the Mistress of the Dark, screaming “girl’s night out” I’d be watching part two of the Mark Twain/ Data’s head episode.


Instead, I found myself staring at her raw sexual beauty, low cut dress, newly-dyed, black hair, and actually smiling every now and then. It was Tuesday evening and we were in one of those middle-grade steakhouse type restaurants. This one had a sort of nostalgic theme with black and white photos on the walls, destroyed instruments beside them, and cute servers.

“But it’s just that I love him and…“

“Thighs, my cunt, remember!” she said with a slap on the table that made the glasses and flatware rattle. “You’re not in love with him. You’re in love with the idea of him. Join the club, sweetheart.”

“Is he okay?”

“Damn girl, you need a distraction! He’s hurt. Word is he just sits in his room all night playing guitar.”

I didn’t know he played an instrument. Of course he would! “I didn’t know he was a musician,” I said softly.


Kiera grabbed my face in both her hands. “Stop. It. Now,” she said slowly. “It’s time for a distraction.”

She gestured with her head towards our server. He was a young man in his late teens or early twenties. His body was nice, his face boyish and sweet looking, and we had both commented about how he kept staring at us. Mostly he looked at me and then stared at the dangerous amount of cleavage Kiera was showing. He was approaching our table for what seemed to be the hundredth time. There were only a few other patrons in the place, it being a Tuesday, and we had an entire section all to ourselves.

He began clearing our plates. Kiera’s plate was clean; I had hardly pecked at my steak. “Are you done, Red?” he said with a smile and an appreciative leer.

“Yes, I’m not hungry for meat, I guess”

He nodded and turned toward my companion’s dinnerware, barely hiding the fact that he was staring at her breasts. “I see you were hungry for meat!” he exclaimed with humor.

“Yes,” she said seductively. “I just love big hunk of meat in my mouth.” She smiled at him and then looked directly at his crotch.


Our server, Will, by his name tag, dropped a plate when she said that. It fell against a glass, spilling her whiskey sour over the table and onto her lap.

“Look what you did,” she laughed to him. She brought the tip of her index finger up to her lips and kissed it, slowly sucking on it and then traced it down her chin. “You’ve gotten me all wet.”

“I’ll, ah, I’ll get you another drink, free of course,” he sheepishly stammered out. “How about some free dessert as well?”

“Yes,” Kiera clapped. “Ice cream for her.” She looked at me. “Pour enough chocolate sauce on it to drown the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Bring me something with a cherry on top. I need something to suck on.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said as he cleaned up the mess on the table and retreated. As soon as he left she burst out laughing. I laughed as well. I wished I had her power over men.

“When he comes back I’m going to make him hard. Do you want some of that yourself?”


“You are such a whore!”

“I know,” she laughed. “Fun, isn’t it?”

We talked about things other than my recent breakup over the next few minutes. Kiera mentioned that she didn’t make it to the event because she had gotten her own apartment and was moving. She asked me if I’d help decorate it with her. We talked about music, clothes, her new look, and I complimented her on pulling off that wicked-witch look so well.

Will approached once more with a tray held in his hands. A huge sundae covered in chocolate syrup and a quart-sized milkshake topped with whipped cream and extra cherries kept company with two drinks.

“Your tasty desserts,” Will said, still staring. He plopped the sundae and another rum and coke in front of me and took his sweet time gently placing the shake in front of Kiera. “Extra cherries for you.”

“Tell me something, Will,” Kiera said in her sexy voice. “How old are you?”


“I’m twenty-two,” he said.

“Well, young buck, are you a virgin?”

“What?” he said, taken aback and blushing.

“Have you had sex? Fucked? Gotten laid?” Kiera was smiling at him, looking at him hungrily.

“Of course I have,” he said. He glanced around him nervously.

“Then settle a bet for us,” she exclaimed.


Will just stood there at a loss for words. I took a drink of my too strong drink to keep from giggling at his discomfort.

Kiera continued. “Would you rather cum in her hot cunt,” she gestured towards me. “Or would you rather fuck my face with your hard cock and then cum all over it?” She leaned back in her seat. Her breasts swelled against the confines of her deep V-neck top.

Will was blushing, I was blushing. Kiera was brazenly in her element.

“I, umm, both?” Will said quizzically.

“No good,” she giggled out. “You can either take me someplace private right now and spew your hot jizz all over my face or take her back and fuck her silly.”

He stood there silent, just staring. His pants showed obvious arousal.


Kiera continued without mercy. “She needs a hard cock to make her forget about what a stupid bitch she is and I need a real dessert.” Kiera plucked one of the cherries from the top of her shake and ran it all over her lips. Some of the whipped cream smeared over her mouth enticingly. “Choose now or the chance is gone forever.”

“Uh, you, your face, I guess.” He at least looked at me apologetically.

“I win!” she shouted to me. She winked at me and then turned to face Will again. “Why don’t you show me where the ladies’ room is?”

Kiera got up, grabbing his hand, and led him towards the back. I watched them go. I don’t know why, but it did improve my mood. I ate in silence but at least I finally had a smile on my face. I waited forever; at least two entire minutes before I had to go see for myself.

I walked slowly towards the women’s bathroom and opened the door. Our server was leaning against the sinks with his pants down to his knees. Kiera knelt down in front of him. Her mouth was plunging deep and fast on his cock.

She stopped and they both looked at me. “I told you she’d come,” she said to him. “Now it’s your turn to cum. Shoot your spunk all over my slutty face.” She went right back to work on him.


I noted a slide latch on the door and locked it. I watched for a moment, finding myself getting immensely turned on. I approach them to get a better angle. Kiera was moaning with every thrust. One of her hands was fondling his testicles and the other was buried under her skirt. I lied to myself that my heart wasn’t in it, but I found myself approaching him as if in a trance. Maybe she was right, I did need a distraction.

As her mouth took in all his length and he moaned, I leaned in and kissed him heavy on the lips. I ran my hand down his torso. It was hard with muscle and felt wonderful. His hips began to buck and I instinctively reached down to the back of Kiera’s head and forced her mouth on his cock. She didn’t need my help; I swear the woman has no gag reflex.

Will came hard and Kiera pulled her mouth off his spurting member and caught the thick streams on her face, lips, and newly-colored hair. I watched the hot scene in front of me, discovering that I was caressing myself over my clothes.

Kiera stood with a triumphant look on her face. His juice was running down her chin, plastered over her lips, and stuck in her hair. “He tastes great,” she said to me. “Taste it.”

I pulled her in and gave her deep, lingering kiss. He actually did taste nice. I don’t normally enjoy the taste of a man’s semen but his was almost sweet. I licked it off her face and made certain to act as wanton as possible. I felt the passion well up inside of me. It was a welcome change from how I had been feeling.

Kiera reached into a pocket of her dress and pulled out a credit card. She turned to Will as he was buckling up his pants. “Be a good boy and go pay our check please,” she cooed out. “No tip, though; I just gave you your tip.”


I caught sight of the credit card. It was his! Not many grown men have Sponge Bob credit cards.

Kiera noted my stare and nodded to me knowingly. “Okay, I didn’t want to say anything but he gave me his card for the night.” She shrugged innocently. That innocent look was a huge contrast to the cum on her face.

“So you came here because he asked?” I didn’t quite know how to feel about it. “And you’re acting like this because he wants you to?”

“No, silly,” she said hugging me. “I came because I like you. It was my idea!” she stamped her foot like a child, smiling. “And I act like this because this is how I act. Take me or leave me; but I prefer to be taken, hard.”

I hugged her then and thanked her. In her own way, she did, indeed, make me feel better. After she cleaned the cum from her face and hair, we walked out of the ladies room holding hands. Will was just finishing ringing up our bill. Kiera took the bill, signed it, and then wrote something on her copy of the receipt.

She handed it to our server. “That’s my cell phone number. I’m free Thursday night, call me,” she said. She patted his behind and we walked out, giggling.


“Do you feel better now?” she asked me.

“Yes, I actually do.” I responded. I did feel much better for some reason.

“Great! How about we find a quiet bar for round two? Double or nothing?”

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