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Missy’s Diary

This is about Missy. A sex charged young lady much like myself. Actually it is about me. Enjoy. I hope it makes you as hot as I am writing it. Vote and comment.

I`ll start by giving a brief description of me.

Missy is 16. 5’3” 5’6” with heels which she is seldom without. She has dirty blonde hair that is cut around her jaw bone accentuating her long slender neck. Big blue eyes, full lips that curve around her slight over bite.

She has 32 B tits a flat stomach and a cute bubble but that curves upward. Her total weight would be between 104 and 107 lbs. Missy has no morals, filters or boundaries when it comes to her sexual exploits.

Today was so much fun. I went to the kitchen wearing a pink satin blouse, short black skirt, nylons, garter, no bra. I love the way my nipples poke through the thin fabric. Bob was making coffee with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Pressing against his back and sliding my hands under the towel. Feeling his cock. Sensing his nervousness and embarrassment made my hot cunt ache to be fucked. I could tell my older brother lusted for my hot body.

He turned around protesting, but his cock told me different. I slid down on my knees taking the semi hard shaft in my spit filled mouth. Undoing my blouse and feeling his cock harden made my cunt ooze juices down my thigh.

I knew he was going to fuck me even though he had been taught incest is a sin. I am a total slut when I sense a nervousness because of taboo lust for my sinful sexual pleasure.

Spit running down my chin as his cock pushed against my gag reflex. My blouse and firm perky tits soaked. My tits red from his squeezing and pulling. His cock shiny from my sucking. I got on the counter. Lifted my skirt and pulled his big cock to my wet tiny hole.

I laughed when he begged me not to make him fuck me and pushed his bulbous cock head in and arched up. When he drove all 9“ in. I convulsed in orgasm and grated on it. My big brother was fucking me and I was going to taste, feel and wear his cum. My head was spinning as he hate fucked me with my cunt leaking down my ass.

My thong soaked as I felt his cock tighten. He was so close to giving me his thick hot load.

I pulled him out. Pointed him at my chest and jerked him. A stream of milky thick cum shot in the air landing on my nose and dribbling down my chest onto my belly and skirt. Slid down to take the next blast in my mouth. So warm sweet and salty. I sucked him till he went limp. Wiped his cock off on my stocking.

Got up. Licking his cum off my chin and face as I did my cum stained blouse up smoothed out my skirt kissed his cheek and left for the mall waving back at him.

I noticed a woman in a gray flannel dress to her ankles with buttons done up to her neck. It was loose on her but could not hide her big milk bags. She had her hair in a tight bun held with a hair pin and was quite attractive in a conservative way. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off me, which got me very interested in her.

Sitting my glass of milk on the table. Introducing myself and brushing her leg as I sat down. She told me her name was Beth, married to her Pastor husband for 25 years and she did not approve of my appearance. The more she talked. The hornier I got.

I pointed out the cum stains my brother had left on my blouse and skirt. When Beth started fidgeting and shifting nervously. I gave her a hug releasing her hair and kissed her hard on her lips.

I probed my tongue in through her open mouth. She did not resist but engaged in a hot passionate french kiss. Her breathing was rapid as I guided her hand to my moist cunt which she rubbed making my little thong wet.

“I can’t be seen like this.” This is wrong. I am a woman of God!

“You want it. You want to lick my wet cunt and you want to suck my hot tits.Take me to your place.”

Beth tried to put her hair up. A strand hanging down over her left tit made her look so fuckable. Pointed to the door and started walking.

I caught up. Put my arm around her waist squeezing her but cheek. Realizing I wasn’t going to be discreet. She walks faster looking around hoping she wasn’t recognized.

Her ass was surprisingly firm and I wondered why she would hide such a beautiful body. In the car she pushed me down to the floor and began driving.

I worked my way up over the console resting on her lap. Began unbuttoning her dress starting at her waist and going down below her knees. Rubbing and kissing her thighs. Her breathing quickening and parting her legs as much as the car would allow.

My church whore was liking being fondled and used by me. I found her cunt covered by her panty hose. Not to be discouraged I hooked my finger nails in and tore an opening.

“Fuck! Are you kidding me? White cotton granny panties underneath.”

I pulled them aside to find the hairiest cunt I had ever seen. It was matted with her moistness as I rubbed her lips and pressed on her clit. Thrusting her hips into my fingers as she pulled into her driveway.

I took my fingers and rubbed them across her lips. I noticed the address as she got out and went for the door.

I sent my brother a text. Get 4 or 5 of your friends to this address in half hour. Do it if you don’t want Mom to know about this morning and make sure you come too.

I walked in the house and Beth was trying to do up her buttons. I took my tits out of my blouse and pushed her head to suck them. Grabbed her dress with both hands and ripped it off. Buttons flying everywhere. Her massive tits being supported with a white Playtex bra with extra padding to guard her nipples showing.

I slid her dress off her shoulders letting in fall in a heap at her feet. She stood in front of me in her bra ripped hose and granny panties. Beth looked good for her age and I couldn’t wait to introduce her to lesbian sex.

“Take off your bra. Now your hose and panties. We really need to trim your bush. How does Mister ever get through it with his tongue?”

“He doesn’t. Every Wednesday night we go to bed and he lays on top of me and gives me his seed.”

I took scissors and began trimming her cunt hair while I massaged her clit. Got it so I could manipulate her cunt lips and licked up and down as I finger fucked myself. Spreading her lips to expose her swollen clit. I sucked it until it exploded in my mouth.

Beth lay down on the living room carpet panting and convulsing in orgasm. I straddled her mouth. Lowered down and writhed back and forth on her face as I sucked her tits and fingered her convulsing cunt. Found her G spot and fucked it vigorously. Arching up with every thrust. Screaming.

“God forgive me. Please don’t make me go to hell. Feels so good. Don’t stop!”

Laughing. I cupped my hand catching her syrupy cum. Licked it and smeared it on her face. I felt quite proud. Obviously she had not cum like this before. Wait til the boys get here.

Just then the front door stormed open.

“What is going on here? Beth. What are you doing with this girl?

I got up. My hands dripping with Beth`s cum. Rubbed it on my tits and pulled his head to them.

“Hi baby. You must be the Pastor. Why would you make such a beautiful woman hide her body and not give her orgasm`s. She likes girls and in a few minutes she is going to learn how to suck cock get fucked doggy and cow girl. Maybe even a little ass fuck. Certainly going to get her tits fucked and her face covered in cum.”

He was protesting but sat down as I guided to a chair. Beth was busy licking her cum off her hands. I rubbed Pastors leg and felt his cock harden under my hand. I undid his pants and pulled it out. Just then the boys showed up. I pointed to Beth as I worked on the Pastor.

His cock was the smallest I`d ever seen. Jerking him and forcing him to watch Beth get gang banged I sucked him to completion. For a small cock. He sure shot a lot of cum.

The boys were busy with Beth. A cock in her mouth another in her cunt while jerking two more with her hands. My brother was sucking her tits and massaging the crack of her ass. She was delirious with the attention. Pastor tried to look away. I raised his head and stood beside him with my left tit poking his jaw.

“Your wife is making up for lost time. Look at the way she is taking those big cocks. When they cum. I’m going to show you how to lick clit. Let’s practise now?”

I lifted my skirt. Stuck my wet cunt in his face and gyrated up and down on his tongue. Parted my cunt lips so he made contact with my clit. I could see his little cock getting hard again. I get so horny when I know I’m corrupting people that think they are so fucking righteous.

I took him to the kitchen. Found some vegetable oil. Poured it over my 16 year old tight ass hole and guided his puny cock in and fucked it with my ass.

Back to the living room where Beth was totally absorbed with her gang bang. I poured the oil all over her. My brother Bob was getting ready to fuck her ass as she was riding one of the other cocks and switching back and forth sucking two others. Bob took the oil and lubed his cock before driving deep in her ass.

“That’s how real cocks fuck Pastor. Your wife is taking them like a porn star. You should be so proud. Let’s get this on video. Your congregation will love to see how the secretary loves to unwind.”

Taking my phone and recording her moaning and groaning as she experienced orgasm after orgasm. My cunt was so wet and aching for a real cock as Pastor gave in and joined the group fucking his wife.

Bob’s friend Roger saw me fingering my cunt and took his opportunity to fuck me. Lifted me up on his big throbbing cock and bounced me til I came all over it. Pastor must of liked fucking my ass as he slid into his wife’s ass.

Roger pulled out of my cunt just as his cock exploded on my belly shooting to my face. Beth got covered in cum and was vibrating while Pastor shot his load in her ass. She is a true church whore.

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