Middle School Bus

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This boy called another boy “HOMO!” real loud on the bus, and got up, but the other boys just let go of his crotch.

“I can’t help it, I’m not gay!” He got up, and turned around to yell over his seat back, but then a girl came up, and sat down next to him. He sat down too, but I had to scoot over to hear what she was saying.

“Prove it, kiss me.” Then, she kissed him, which I thought was awesome, but then kids started looking over the seats, and sticking their heads around them in between to watch. She pulled up her top, and training bra, but all I could see was her back in the way.


Then, another boy told me to “Scoot over.” So he could sit next to me, but he turned away to lean over the girl’s shoulder.

“Woo!” One of the girls pulled up her top over the back of the seat, then another one next to her. So, I tapped the boy on the shoulder, shyly.

“What do you want?” He looked me up and down, but I just shook my head, blushing.

“I can’t see his.” I bit my lip, and giggled, but he took a hint, and turned around. Scooted out, and unzipped his pants to get out his boner.

“Show him your tits.” The boys in front of us turned around, and watched me unbutton my dress. I had to pull up my boob on one side, and move the dress out of the way to show my nipple, but then the boy next to me leaned over, and kissed my neck.

He put my hand on his cock, and stuck his in my dress, to squeeze my boob through my bra, but he couldn’t get my nipple out like the other one. He didn’t really know what he was doing, and me neither, so I just rubbed it, and touched his balls in his underwear until he sat back.


Pulled his shirt up, and grunted. ‘Uh! I’m cummin.’ Real quiet, but not quite a whisper. I moved my hand to watch it twitch, and spit up his tummy. “Huh!” He rubbed it in with his fingers, so I touched it. Smelled it on my fingertips, and even licked them.

“Yuck!” I wiped them off on my bra, and fixed the cup so my bare nipple was tucked away. By the time we pulled up to the school, we all had our clothes fixed, so nobody would know we got naughty on the bus.

The whole day, I kept daydreaming about what happened, and I learned that boys could cum sperm already. I didn’t know that, they didn’t look that much older, but I guess some of them were 13.

I didn’t know anybody, really. I’m shy, and quiet so I never talk to any of them, and unless they’re in class with me, I don’t even hear their names in roll call. So, I just tried to forget about it, so I can concentrate on learning school stuff until lunch.

When I saw all the girls from my bus gathered around, and giggling. When I went up to listen, of course they were talking about boys, but this time they had gotten to see some of their penises hard, and even jerking off.

“I got to jerk mine off!” I said real loudly, so they shushed me, and looked around.


“Quiet, you want the whole school to know?”

One girl said, and then another said “Come on,” and we all went to the girl’s room for privacy until the bell rang.

“Take off your bras.” One said, and pulled up her top again.

“Ew, lezzy.” The other girls made faces, and shook their heads.

“No, not to be gay.” The girl rolled her eyes, but she already had her top off, and the other girls looked away. “For the boys, just make sure you put your bras in your bookbags, before we get on the bus.”

“Oh, good idea. See you then?” Most of the girls left, except the smokers smoking in the corner. I wrinkled my nose, but then another girl came out to wash her hands. The topless girl went in the toilet stall, unbuttoning her pants, so I followed her before she shut the door, and locked it.


“Are you gay?” She turned around, and sat down, but she wasn’t hairy at all.

I shook my head, but I looked up from her bare crotch to her round boobs, and bit my lip. They weren’t really big, but they sure looked round, and soft compared with my pointy little cones. Especially on the bottom, but they weren’t saggy enough to crease, so they were still perky?

I guess, but then she asked if I was sure, and I shook my head again. So, she started feeling up my legs, while I felt her boobs, but when she got to my underwear. She stuck her thumb in the top, and pulled them down to touch my pubic hairs, and rub down between my legs.

That felt really good, hot, and even a little damp before the bell rang. So, she had to pull her fingers out of my panties, and get dressed, while I went to wash my face. I was so red, and sweaty that my hair stuck to my face and neck. I only had 5 minutes to get to class, so I just blow dried it, and ran to get there before the second bell, but I was still too late.

That made me pretty sure that I was at least bi-curious. I heard about chicks with dicks, or trannies, but I’d never seen one in real life, or with her clothes off. Just pictures on magazines, and mom stopped watching the Kardashians when Bruce got his sex change.

“Disgusting,” mom called it, but now I’m not so sure. If somebody just happened to have the best parts, boobs, and a penis, well that would have to be just about perfect, right? I don’t know how I’d get to play with all 3, so I doodled in the margin of my notes.


That helped me decide that the best position would have to be 69ing, so I can feel her boobs, with his penis in my mouth, and get licked like a lesbian all at the same time! Then, I made a note for later, to look up tranny porn on the internet after school. Or at least learn how, I had no idea how easy it would be, it’s a wonder I hadn’t stumbled on it by accident before.

Well, maybe not tranny porn, but you know. Regular boy girl, girl girl, and boy girl girl sex. I guess those are all the most common, but by the time the last bell rang, I was good and ready to learn more on my own.

I didn’t even count on the other girls making good on their promise to take off there bras, so they could get topless on the bus ride home, so I forgot to do that. “Uh!” I sat down next to the girl from the bathroom stall, but she kept her voice down.

‘you’re not going to say anything about what happened after lunch?’ I shook my head. ‘good, now go find a boy to sit with, so I can get one too.’

‘oh,’ of course. She’s smart, so she must’ve learned all this stuff last year, but when she turned around, I recognized her hair, and the back of her top. She had a little logo at the bottom, you couldn’t see when it was tucked in, but she didn’t have her training bra on, and I wondered why a teenager would even wear one any more, when clearly she has enough to fill up A cups at least?

Never mind, I need to find that boy from this morning, because I know he’s a sure thing, but he got on late. So, there weren’t any empty seats left, most of them were boy girl, but there was this 1 girl, and she was looking right at me.


She looked up at my face, blushing, and I looked down at my nipples poking right out through my training bra, and dress too! They must have been really hard, but she was completely flat. So, I guess she was jealous of me having something to show for it, and I thought about playing that girl with her.

The aggressive one, that put the moves on her, and let her touch my boobs while I got my hand in her panties to find out if she had any hair on her puss, but I hesitated too long. So, the boy from this morning grabbed them from behind, and spread his knees so he could rub my butt with his boner.

“Come on, let’s sit down.” He breathed on my ear, and turned around to sit me in his lap. The bus driver got on, and shut the doors, so we could drive off, but the flat girl just watched the 2 of us making out.

I helped him unbutton the front of my dress, and pushed my nipples out of my AAs. Jr. Misses bras are like batteries, so AAs are smaller than A cups, but I got my nipples out for him to play with, and scooted out to reach back, and unzip his pants. I fished it out, and it wasn’t easy, because it was hard.

Finally, I pulled my panties down in front, my dress up in back, and rode his boner until he caught his breath, and grunted. This time, I could feel him twitch in my butt crack, and the wet stickiness spread under my dress.

“Huh!” I turned sideways, so I could pull my panties back up, and got off at my stop, but that flat chested girl got off after me, and followed me home. I just told my mom we’re going to do our homework in my room, so we could get naked, and gay on my bed.


Sure enough, she was hairless all over, or shaved carefully enough that I couldn’t find any stubble at all, but maybe she waxed? She turned out to be gay, so I told her “I’m bisexual.”

“Yeah,” she nodded, “I saw that.”

That’s about all we said, because she’s quiet too, but neither one of us could figure out how to give each other orgasms. We tried everything we could think of, but 69ing wouldn’t work, because she’s too short. So, we took turns sitting on the other’s faces, and practicing oral sex. Both ways, turned around so the hole was on the top, or the bottom, but it just made us wetter.

So finally, she gave up, and got dressed. Then, she asked mom to take her home, while I played with my wet pussy, and a nipple. Trying to figure out what that girl did to make me feel so good, but I was paying too much attention to her boobs.

Her soft round boobs, and how heavy they felt, despite how light they look, so they float like balloons on her chest. Then, I started thinking about that boy, and how I’d never get to bring him home to do it in my room, with mom around. She’d know something was fishy as soon as he showed up, because he’s a boy.

Of course, if he looked like a girl… “Oh yeah.” That reminded me to get up, and go to the computer, until dad got home with my brothers, and dinner. They talked about the game and stuff, so I tuned them out, and mostly remembered what I learned on the internet.


Not much, besides how easy it is to find sexy pictures, and even videos on the internet. Then, I just got distracted by all the Asian Ladyboys with their weird fake boobs, and their hard little dicks. “Huh!” I went to bed, remembering my favorite 2, because they were pretty, and their boobs didn’t look that weird.

The best part was there was 2 of them, so they could get homo together, and I can’t even tell if that’s lesbian or not, with dicks to suck, and butts to fuck, but tits to squeeze, and lick nipples. Rub together, and they were even the exact same size, so they could turn around, and 69!

“Uh!” I don’t even know what I did, but then I felt it twitch under my fingers, and held my breath. So, I didn’t moan out loud, and wake up the whole house with my first orgasm washing over me, but I guess I passed out. Because I woke up turned over, with my arms under the pillow to prop me up so my boobs were almost off the sheets, and my nipples were soft.

It made my back hurt, so I got up, and went in the bathroom first. I took a shower, but the boys were waiting in the hall when I got out. “About time.” They went in, and put the seat up, but they closed the door, and I thought about them for the first time.

I mean, as boys, there were these 2 boys living with me the whole time, and I didn’t even notice? I guess I’m so introverted that I don’t even think about my own family, but now I can satisfy myself sexually, since I learned what I can think about, and my fingers can do the rest?

“Fuck off.” My boyfriend pushed another boy out of his seat when I got on.


“Hey!” He had to get up off the floor, but he just shook his head, and moved back. The other kids got up, or turned around from watching that girl sitting topless in back, but this time I remembered not to put a bra on. I wore a skirt and a lose top, so I could untuck it, and pull it up.

He spread his legs, and let me get down between them. He put it in my mouth, but he didn’t make me suck him off. Since he knew that I didn’t like the taste from the first time, but that made it wet and slippery with spit. So, I could get up, and rub it all over my chest, it bumped my nipples, and he had to get his hand in between us to pinch it off.

“Ohohohohoh!” This time, he shook, and his tummy fluttered, but he stopped rubbing his knuckles up and down. He just held it up, so he could blow it hot, wet and sticky right up my chest. Some of it dripped down in his tummy for him to rub it in, and pulled his shirt down to pat it.

Satisfied, I sat back up next to him, and rubbed it into my top until it dried up, and stuck to me. So, I pulled it tight, and tucked it back in. (I rubbed my pubes through my panties while my hand was in there.) Finally, we got to school, and that did the trick. I didn’t daydream at all, but I crumpled up my notes from yesterday, with the dirty doodles of 69ing with a ladyboy.

I guess, I never got to her face, which was hidden behind my leg anyway. So, just her hair stuck out behind my butt, and you couldn’t tell that she was a pretty little Asian boy, before he got his sex change to do porn.

Then, Marcus came after me on lunch, and caught up before I even got to the lunchroom. ‘you like shemales?’ He asked over my shoulder, with his voice real low. So, when I turned around, he could show me the crumpled up paper I threw away after the bell rang, and he fished out of the trashcan by the teacher’s desk.


“Um,” I just bit my lip, and blushed, but then I nodded my head yes.

“What about boys?” I nodded yes to that too, so we went off to the stairwell. Up to the faculty floor, there’s no classrooms up there, because it’s a pretty small middle school. Only 2 grades, so the teachers, and principals have there offices up there, and the library too, but that’s it.

However, there’s a basement, and stairs down to the door with [Utilities] and [Keep Out] signs on it. A bunch of warnings about electrical, and fire hazards, but we could hide under the stairs up to the classroom level, and I could take my top off. Marcus got his pants open, and pulled them down, but he had a foreskin on the end.

I hadn’t seen one of them before, but when he pulled it back, it smelled gross. “Suck it.”

“No, yuck!” I got up, “Huh, can’t we just make out, and hump?” I hugged him, and humped it up against my tummy.

So, he said “Okay,” and pulled his pants up. So, he could sit on the cold floor, and I could sit on it, but this time turned around. So, I could see his face, and it screwed up like it hurt, but he blew his wad into the front of my skirt this time.


“Huh!” I put my top on, and kissed his cheek. “Thanks.” I rubbed my skirt in between my legs until it dried up, and then grabbed a sandwich to eat before the bell rang. I wolfed it down on the way back to class, but I noticed Mark kept looking over at my paper.

So, I drew him another picture to look at, until he got a boner, and had to go to the bathroom. I giggled, and crumpled it up. For him to find in the trashcan after school, but I knew that I’d have plenty of adventures with other kids on the bus. I don’t know if I like him as much as that boy. The one that keeps sitting with me, and humping me to cum on himself, and my clothes.

“Huh,” he leaned over my shoulder, in his lap, but he’s too tall to 69 with. “You want to get off with me at my stop?” I nodded, already blushing, and feeling his hands up my top, but the other kids got bored with watching us, since they couldn’t see anything, and went to find someone else to look at.

Boys, and girls, over the past half a week. We all got used to showing our boobs, or boners, which ever we got.

“It’s friday, so my parents are going out, right after work.”

“So, we’ll have the house to ourselves?” Probably the first complete sentence I ever said to him, I’m still too shy to even ask him his name, but for some reason, I’m turning into a real exhibitionist quick!


“No, but my brother’ll be there.” I nodded, looking forward to having 2 boys at once. “My big brother, with his big dick. You’ll like it, it’s 6 inches.” He just kept talking dirty, and feeling me up the whole way, but it was a long way. They lived way out, almost to the country, so they had a big house, but he didn’t say anything about his little sisters.

I guess he forgot about them, but they wanted to watch too, and then they poked my boobs, giggling. So, I stopped sucking, and pumping their big brother in one hand. Fondling his balls in the other to spit them out.

“Huh, either of you 2 girls bicurious?”

They both giggled, and looked at each other. Nodding, but I had to get up off my boyfriend’s lap to help them get undressed. I showed them how to 69, or talked them through it, but the boys just stood on either side of me. Watching their sisters play lesbians, and feeling me up. So, I jerked them off both sides, and some of it even got on their sister’s back!

The littlest one, she was about 7, so she was on top. She just wiggled around on her big sister’s face, with her fingers exploring between her legs, but when the boys were done. I wiped the cum all over her back, and scooped the rest up off the coffee table to get her slippery, and shiny.

Then, a car pulled up, so we had to grab our clothes, and run back to the girl’s room. Giggling, we got dressed, but the girls kept poking my boobs, and giggling immaturely. They barely had any nipples, let alone any pubic hairs, but I decided I don’t really like that.


Like my brothers, now that I had my hands, and mouth on an almost full grown cock, I really like pubic hairs, hairy legs, and even sweaty armpits. Boys, or girls, but I don’t really like it when the girls shave off everything below the eyes, so they look like little girls with boobs.

Same problem with my little brothers, there not even in middle school, so I bet they can’t even get boners. Let alone cum anything when I beat them off, so that’ll have to wait, I guess.

I asked their mom, and dad if it was okay for me to stay the weekend, and they said “No,” but it was late, so I got to stay the night. In the girl’s room, but then the parents went to bed to fuck, and the boys came in with boners to suck and jerk off, while the girls fought over who got to lick my puss, and who had to kiss my butt, but that was the best so far, and I finally got an orgasm from the oldest sister’s tongue.

I didn’t even have to think about Asian ladyboys once!

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