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Mergers and Acquisitions

“Might we chat?”

“Nilufar, of course! Always.”

She walked to the stand and glanced over her shoulder, “Join me.” She poured two glasses and held out my drink. Her hair was elegantly coiffed, her dress emerald-green perfect against her rich brown skin.

She looked into my eyes and raised her glass, “Salamati.” Unusually, she neither sipped nor slammed down but leisurely drank half as her eyes teared. “Go on,” she commanded. I drank quickly, not savoring the burning in my throat, and she joined me midway and finished with me.

She watched me. “How long have you known Bill’s been fucking around on me? I saw his emails. It’s been going on for almost as long as we’ve been married. When did you learn?”

“Three years ago.”

“And you kept silent. Afraid your great little venture would dissolve in the marketplace?”

“I had no idea how or whether to tell you.”

After a second she nodded. “What did you tell him then?”

“That he was a selfish shit. That he shouldn’t do that to you.”

 “We only married for my green card. There was more on my side. Not his though.” Her eyes flashed. “Still hurts. I need revenge.” She advanced to inches from me. “Business partner’s good. Damn good. I know you want me, Bill’s joked about it enough.”

“Just revenge?”

“You want more?”

“God yes.”

“Sweetest revenge of all then.” She knelt. “Bill never got this. Well, from me.” She unzipped me and stroked happily. “Longer and thicker too.”

As she licked, I said, “God, Nil, he’ll be here in ten minutes!”

“Then you’d better come quick, hadn’t you?” Her eyes twinkled up at me as she took my head in and swirled her tongue. I ran my fingers along her jaw and up to her hair, and she smiled as my fingers snaked into them.

I moaned, “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“Just as a bedmate?”


She bobbed forward and nursed as she stared into my eyes. After a minute she pulled away, “How much more?”


She leaned in further, taking all but two inches inside, smiling as I panted and squeezed her head. She pulled away, “He’ll probably divorce me and shoot you. If you survive, you’ll take me in?”


She smiled and took me in fully, working her mouth until the first spasm hit me. She stared into my eyes without blinking, swallowing until I was drained, and said, “Now we’re both one-up on the little shit.” Checking her watch, she added, “Five minutes still.” She was licking the tip clean when the door opened.

Alice’s eyes opened wide. “Mr. Calloway, Mr. Detwiler will be in shortly.”

“Thank you.”

“I assume you’re not to be bothered?”

Nilufar smiled, “No, Alice, let him come right in.”

Alice smiled conspiratorially, “Certainly, Mrs. Detwiler. Will you be in?”

“I’ll announce myself if need be.”

Alice shut the door. “He’ll see me if I leave, so I’ll just stay right here.”


She pointed at my chair and slid underneath my desk. I sat and she pulled me toward her, licking me again as the door opened.

“Ah, Bill,” I choked out as he came in; glancing around, he smiled widely and said, “Chandragupta’s agreed to sign.”


As Bill went over the details, Nilufar silently suckled. I grasped the terms of the proposal despite my attention focused on my lap, and after ten minutes he said, “Business calls. No rest for the wicked.” He glanced briefly around my office again and left.

I pulled back and lifted Nilufar to her feet. My heart leapt as she smiled lovingly, and I pushed her to the edge of the desk and lifted her dress. “I’ll suck you later all night long, but I need you, this, now.”

She was bare under her dress as she undid the zipper and let her breasts swing free for me. I pushed her back and against her as her left knee raised and her arms embraced me; she kissed me as I pushed inside her, and after three minutes of groaning sweet obscene Persian she leaned back onto her elbows. “Do you love me?”


“Then never leave. Just this, forever.”

We watched each other as our passion built, me clothed but for my cock, her bare except around her waist, and she said, “You’re all mine now.”

“I finally have you.”

“Yes,” she said, and the door opened again. We looked over to see Bill and Alice: “I tried to stop him.”

“You should have hid the glasses.”

With no way or wish to hide, I said, “Since this is it, just let us finish, dammit. Alice, leave?”

“Hell no, this is good.”

“Well, Bill, you made me watch your cheating often enough, so enjoy the show.” I looked down at my new love and thrust fast and hard into her; in a minute she smiled up at me as our climax passed through us, leaving us screaming. She sat up to embrace me and we then glared at Bill watching placidly, seemingly as satisfied as we were that my cum was inside her, his wife officially taken from him.

Bill said, “Alice, we have this merger and…a divestiture and acquisition to discuss. Purely amicable, never fear.” After the door closed, “Thank God. Vicky and I didn’t know how to handle this. Best result imaginable. Nil, you’re free, you’re his. Hope you don’t see a need to dissolve the company?”

“You are a lousy shit of a husband, but the best businessman I know.”

“I’m not a complete shit. If you don’t treat her right, I’ll hunt you down like a furry animal. And Nil, make sure he treats you better than I did.” I zipped up and poured four drinks as Nilufar dressed, humming happily. Bill opened the door: “Alice? Please join us.”

We smiled when she came in, and she said, “Finally. I wondered if you three would ever come to your damn senses.”

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