Mercury – 121 (Showbiz)

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“Look at this hot ass boys! I bet there is not a Valkyrie with an ass like that you have ever fucked. And these tits, oh mama, she is grade A tail.”

Episode 121 – SHOWBIZ

Mira is calling the Queen via vid/comm on the mantas module. Mira asks:

“Where are You baby. We have begun building the base in the Philippines. Do You want to name it or me?”

“I am on My new toy, the HMY Epic. I am playing with My new toy, and you are playing with your new toys. Name the base Camp Isabelle. Shoot Me some video of common construction, no nanode formations. Throw in some Scorpion flybys, and troops running around. Make it actiony. We are switching from the UGK public news feed on The News Zenith channel to our new format tonight. I will make that the lead story with how the Philippines is a secure place to live again,” says the Queen.

“Alright, I will name the base after Isabelle, sweetheart,” says Mira mockingly.

It is an inside joke, because sweetheart is what Isabelle calls Queen Dianne in Filipino. Queen Dianne explains the teleportation chambers to Janis Randy, and then introduces Janis to a teeny:

“Janis, this Petite Schmidt. She is your personal fairy godmother. She will coordinate with TG3 and guide you. Petite will hover over your shoulder like any good assistant, but you will love it. She has her own private teeny living quarters in your quarters.”

The teleportation chamber activates, and Ariana Cossad Ellis, the Advice Kid, and Alia Lin come aboard the Epic. Queen Dianne introduces them and says:

“Ariana is a spy for the Secret Intelligence Service of the UGK, and the Advice Kid and Alia are Chinese spies. The teleportation chamber in this room, and this room are classified. To avoid interception, spies will be bringing information directly to the Epic and using this room to prepare propaganda for dissemination.”

“Damn Lover. Isn’t she the newscaster? Why are you telling her this,” asks Ariana?

“Relax spy girl. Janis does not have a brain. She is totally programmable. Janis, you are already bigger than Jane Sky in one area, well, besides your huge tits and ass, but you are bigger in that you will have a channel in the Chinese Federation, and CVN does not. I secured it with the promise to give priority to news they want broadcast globally.

The Advice Kid is a propaganda writing pro for the Chinese government, and he will be bringing you content regularly,” says the Queen and She French kisses Alia Lin and continues.

“Alia is a spy and courier, and Ting Ting dream. If she wants to eat your fat pussy and ass, and lick your huge titties, you will tongue fuck her shit hole until she is satisfied. Do you understand?”

“Yes, My Queen. She is very cute,” says Janis.

“Damn right she is cute, and she has this kink about setting her pussy and ass on your tits while you hold her head face down with your feet with her between your legs, and you lick her pussy and asshole. She loves to lick your feet and toes, and finger fuck your pussy while you do this. Mm, just thinking about it makes Me horny. Anyway, they will mostly stay in here, or use the teleportation chamber in a private living quarters for them, or they may use the teleportation chamber in your quarters and fuck you until they are happy and relieved of stress. You are their private whore, and news whore.

Let’s go to the studio. You have one hour before your first broadcast. Petite, make sure the staff gets the video from Mira and provide the script we discussed. Janis will open with that story.”

“Yes, My Sweet Queen,” says Petite.

In the studio, Janis is at the desk, and makeup is working on her. The Queen says:

“Make sure her hair is fluffed and more waves, it is so beautiful, and I want as much cleavage from those balloons of hers as you can give Me without going rated R. Fuck, no earrings, take those out and I will regenerate her earlobes and remove the holes. No fucking jewelry! People are only going to see her beauty; not wonder what kind of damn necklace she is wearing.

Shit girl you look hot, and those are some fine tit visuals. OMG! Jane Sky is going to cry when she sees your show. Easy on those lips girls, she already has a full lush set, don’t overdo it. Skin tones and gloss only. I better never see those big lips with red or loud colors. Position the ship to get that awesome nebula in the background.”

“Two minutes,” says a Reveeku director.

“Ready Fade Up 1… Fade Up Music, … in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Fade All, … Ready Insert Title … Open Mic and Cue Talent,” orders the director.

“Good Evening and welcome to The News Zenith. I am Janis Randy. Tonight, we are coming to you from the Mystic Mountain within the Carina Nebula, which you are viewing behind me as we broadcast from inside The News Zenith’s, Epic Space Studio.

Our top story tonight is from the Philippines, where the Royal Guard Force has restored stability, and is constructing Camp Isabelle to ensure a long term presence and commitment of the Crown to supporting President Fermina Isabelle Wang-od Palad…” reports Janis, as video splits play showing the base construction, military activity, President Palad inspecting, and so on.

Queen Marciana walks up and hugs Queen Dianne’s shoulders and whispers:

“This is big! Oh my god You are crying.”

“I know. I am just so happy right now. Janis is perfect. I would not have had this with Jane. She has too much of a brain and can go off script. Dumb blondes are the best, present company included Yummy,” says Queen Dianne.

“You are blonde too, dummy,” says Queen Marciana.

“I know. Isn’t it great? The creation of the best headline news show could be the brainchild of dumb blondes.”

Janis’s broadcast shift lasts for three hours. The Queens eventually sit and relax and watch from behind the ZPANS – Zero-Point Anti-gravity ‘Neuronanite-fluidic polymer’ Suspension camera field, which captures all angles. It is like the system used to film Starcrash Ravenstar (which was Mira’s ‘Nanode-fluidic polymers’), and no Earth camera filming can compare. When the director clears Janis, another newscaster Reveeka takes over while commercials are playing. Janis walks back to where the Queens are, and Queen Dianne rushes up and kisses her and says:

“You were superb BB! You will be bigger than Walter Cronkite when I am done.”

Janis starts crying and says:

“Thank You My Queen. It was so amazing, and during the breaks I looked at the feeds, and how do You get such vibrant pictures from so many angles? Just the technology will make this newscast grand.”

“It is all proprietary and pioneering. You could get up and walk around and the cameras would automatically follow you around. I guess you could call them smart cameras, and you are working within their bubble. The Reveeki and Petite can explain it, right now, we are going to celebrate.

The Queens change their attire, and they teleport to The Alien, a members only bar on BattleQuest Island on the planet Avalon. Dr. Rebecca Voxel is there waiting in a booth. Queen Dianne sits beside Rebecca, and Queen Marciana and Janis sit on the other side. Rebecca pulls Queen Dianne over and kisses Her deep for a few moments. Rebecca says:

“The bar played your broadcast. It was very good. So, you are the new talent, Janis, I am Rebecca.”

“I know, I saw your interview on CVN Universe. It is nice to meet you.”

“I see why Dianne is all hot for you. You have got the gear dolly. Is she good in the other areas you like Pussy Pet,” asks Rebecca?

“Yes, and she shows Me reverence Doctor Bitch pants,” says the Queen.

Rebecca runs her hand up the Queen’s skirt and starts fingering Her and says:

“I missed my Fucktoy for the past few days. You are going to have to please me well tonight,” and Rebecca starts kissing Queen Dianne.

“Are you lovely ladies ready to order,” asks a waiter?

They order food, and nibble on appetizers and sip drinks. Janis is looking around at all the aliens and says:

“Culture shock! Just how many species of aliens have You encountered out here My Queen?”

“I don’t know for sure. I have not actually sat down and tried to count them. Major species there are about 20, but more than twice that if you count minor, and creatures. I just don’t know exactly. I love this place. I can teleport in, and it is normal to them. I had a teleport chamber installed in the back so Yummy could come here too, and some other human friends. You can come now too; you are a member.”

They eat, drink, Rebecca dances with Queen Dianne, and Queen Dianne says:

“We are going Yummy. Make sure Janis gets home, and feel free to feel her when you get her there.”

“Wait! You not going to party with me on Janis’s big ass in Janis’s big ass bedroom,” asks Queen Marciana?

“No. Rebecca is a one woman lover. She only has sex with Me alone, and I am her only lover. If you need more for your party, you know who to call,” and they teleport away.

Queen Marciana asks Janis:

“Is there some fantasy you would like to fulfill?”

Janis kisses Queen Marciana and says:

“I want to get fucked in the ass and pussy by two hard big cocks on some really good looking guys. Like those two cuties over there,” as she looks at two Reveeku in human form.

“God damn! I know just the place. Come on, we need to use the teleporter,” says Queen Marciana.

They teleport to Ionia, and Queen Marciana steps outside of Sise-C Complex, and sees some Myrmidons carousing around, and she picks four of them. Janis whispers to Queen Marciana:

“Shit! These guys are rugged manly hunks compared to those metrosexuals in the bar. I am ready to marry one on the spot. I am going to prepare a detailed fantasy list later in case this question comes up again.”

“Queen Dianne has the best cocks and pussies in the universe. I have not been back to Earth in months. These guys not only have big hard cocks, but if you are brave enough to let two of them DP you, look out! There dicks are so strong it will feel like they are pulling you apart.”

They enter the Queen’s suite in Sise-C Complex, and Tami lives there now, and she is entertaining General Eros Rokeas and Sveila. The Myrmidons go all, sir and posture with courtesies to the General, and Queen Marciana says:

“Relax boys. Tami, fix them whatever the General is drinking. Me and Janis are going to freshen up.”

Queen Marciana and Janis return naked. Queen Marciana turns Janis, so her big ass is showing, and she says:

“Look at this hot ass boys! I bet there is not a Valkyrie with an ass like that you have ever fucked. And these tits, oh mama, she is grade A tail.”

“Yes ma’am. She is impressive,” says one of the Myrmidons.

Eros is rubbing his crotch looking, and Queen Marciana says:

“You can watch General, but two of those boys are going to fuck her,” and a shoving match begins on who is going to fuck Janis between the other four Myrmidons.

Queen Marciana takes them to the bedroom, and they remove their attire. Janis inspects the troops by stroking their weapons, and when she gets to the last one, and they are all so rock hard they are denting their washboard abs, Janis picks one that has a thick 9” cock, and one that has thick 10” cock. Queen Marciana took the thick 8.5” cock, and other thick 9” cock.

Myrmidons are not just becoming the exceptional special military forces, but exceptional lovers as well. The two lay Janis down, and one kisses her and sucks titty mountain, and the other has smooth fat pussy pie. Queen Marciana is getting the same treatment from the other two. They bring the women to pleasure, as Tami and Sveila suck share Eros standing in the doorway watching.

Eros’s dick is so hard, Tami and Sveila are forced to stand and bend over and suck it against his stomach. Apparently, that is the Myrmidons’ upright and locked position for their cocks, and to suck them foolishly will show you the true meaning of jawbreaker. Janis big ass cowgirls down on the thick 10” cock, and her ass is so hot looking, Eros cums and Tami swallows. Eros is lusting after that big ass of Janis’s.

Janis discovers quick that she has to lay flat on the hunky chest of the Myrmidon she is cowgirling. His strong cock is too much to pry against sitting upright. Myrmidon number two with the 9” tool, squirts some lube, and has to lay on Janis’s back and force that meat into her asshole.

Queen Marciana is no fool, and she takes one missionary and the other lays across her head, and she sucks his cock. Janis is squealing:


“I told you. Mm, mm, faster soldier boy, ah, ah, ah, I am going to spray the shit out of you, AHHH,” screams Queen Marciana and she orgasms, and squirts and the Myrmidon cums. The Myrmidons tag, and the other mounts her and begins his thrusting in her pussy.

The Myrmidon fucking Janis in the ass cums, and when he pulls out, Janis has more mobility to fuck the big 10” cock. Big 10 inch thrust up, and Janis screams, and orgasms, and he cums. They quickly recover, and Janis decides she wants to take one at a time. Queen Marciana positions Janis on the edge of the bed like Queen Dianne did to her, and a 9” cock Myrmidon lifts Janis’s big ass off the bed and grinds against her “G” spot holding her against his chest until she screams, orgasms, and ejaculates.

“Shit! Shit! I have never done that before,” says Janis.

Eros was taking turns holding Tami or Sveila in the air around his neck as he fucked them, and he was working on his third ejaculation. Queen Marciana and Janis play with the Myrmidons for a few hours, and then return to the Epic, and Queen Marciana spent the night with Janis.

Intro music plays, cameras roll:

“Welcome to CVN Universe. Our news is from the Universe. I am your host Jane Sky.

Tonight, Starcrash Ravenstar. This movie is smashing records as it just passed one billion credits at the box office. The most amazing thing is that this movie is rated NC-17, and until now, the highest grossing NC-17 film only made around 70 million credits.

My guests tonight are the stars of Starcrash Ravenstar, Cassandra Dominique and Kyria Ravenstar. Welcome ladies,” says Jane.

“Thank you, Jane,” says Cassandra.

“A pleasure Jane,” says Kyria.

“Where to begin! Cassandra, did you think this movie was going to be this big of a hit,” asks Jane?

“After we started shooting, yes, no doubt. It was shot using pioneering techniques, and, well, we are calling them special effects, but it too was pioneering and new.”

“Kyria. You are hot right now. Your action figures are selling out, and right behind it is your pet kitty cat Praeffelia from the movie, which is more of a sexy plushy body pillow. What is next after such a monumental debut into acting,” asks Jane?

“Right now, I have a small cameo in a video the Ugly Girls are making. After that, we will see,” says Kyria.

“I am afraid to ask, but are you going to be a rock star too? We have the Ugly Girls scheduled for two weeks from tonight, and they are going to release their first single from their upcoming album and premiere a video. Is this the video,” asks Jane?

“Yes. The song and video are Dragon Fire Hot. They gave me permission to announce it. Trust me, it is hot. Your viewers are going to want to watch, and no, I am not looking to break into music. Starcrash Ravenstar was a tremendous undertaking,” says Kyria.

“Cassandra, will there be a Starcrash 3, and will you be back,” asks Jane?

“No spoilers Jane, but confidence is almost 99% that there will be a Starcrash 3. However, I died at the end of Ravenstar,” says Cassandra.

“That is not a denial, just what we already know. Okay, I want spoil the plot. Steamy, sexy, hot, and, it was real, wasn’t it, there are no CGI love scenes in Ravenstar are there,” asks Jane?

“No, none. It was real,” says Cassandra.

“You and Kyria had a steaming sexy scene. They are going to kill me for this, but did it taste good,” asks Jane?

“Wow Jane! You are walking an edge tonight. Uh, yeah, it tasted good,” says Cassandra.

“It was so steamy that we wonder, are you two lovers off screen too, Kyria,” asks Jane?

“We are not dating if that is what you are asking. Did we hook up for some chemistry lessons? Yes, a few times,” says Kyria.

“I am squirming here. Cassandra, was Kyria your first, girl,” asks Jane?

“No Jane, but the best,” says Cassandra.

“Alright, my director is fussing saying this isn’t a 900 service. The action in Ravenstar, real or fake, Cassandra,” asks Jane?

“I cannot answer that one definitively Jane. We shot most of it on other planets and in space using real vehicles, real weapons fire, real explosions. If you were swinging a bat, I think I just retired that question,” says Cassandra.

“Great answer. Kyria, the alien sex, real or fake,” asks Jane?

“I don’t play baseball Jane, or play doctor, or play any games. Does that answer your question Jane,” asks Kyria?

“You two are leaving us in between the lines tonight. Succubus Beach, a real place or not, Cassandra” asks Jane?

“Succubus Beach is actually a real place on BattleQuest Island. It is the final prize if you can complete all the quests, but no one has been good enough to reach it. Parties are, therefore, members only. I am a member, and I love going there. It is a great place to tan, swim, and party. You win a free membership if you complete BattleQuest Island, and that membership is for the individual or questing group that wins,” says Cassandra.

“I will have to look into a membership. Is it hard to get a membership for Succubus Beach, Kyria,” asks Jane?

“Yes, without connections, like for me and Cassandra, we received one by default from the movie. Fees aside, there is an extensive background check, and you must sign security clearances and nondisclosure agreements. There is also an interview process,” says Kyria.

“Bigfoot looked real, and Bigfoot’s other big appendage looked real too. Was Tami Landward’s scene with Bigfoot real, Cassandra,” asks Jane?

“You are repeating yourself Jane. We already said how real the scenes in Ravenstar were,” says Cassandra.

“Will either of you work for a Hollywood production company after this experience, first you Kyria,” asks Jane?

“Not me Jane. I have an exclusive deal with SSPUniversal Media,” says Kyria.

“Cassandra, will you work in Hollywood again.” asks Jane?

“I don’t have anything scheduled currently, but I have not ruled anything out,” says Cassandra.

“Big screen stars Cassandra Dominique and Kyria Ravenstar. Thank you for being my guests tonight.

“Thank you, Jane,” says Kyria.

“Thank you, Jane,” says Cassandra

The show ends and the Queen says to Aries and Zazuleah:

“Tami is jumping up and down on the bed in My suite on Ionia. She is so excited that her damn name got mentioned. This movie has made some big bucks, I mean, not like the million pound gold nugget I own, but big for what its market was.”

“Are we really making another one,” asks Zazuleah?

“Yes, it is being written now, but it will be a year before any type of filming begins.”


Queen Dianne (AKA) Kyria Ravenstar, (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 34-26-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Long, (CUP) 34DD Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Light Brown Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Complexion Fit Soft & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Joey Lynn, (COMMENTS) Small Facial Features, Very Pretty Face, Sexy Legs, Dainty Feet and Toes, No Tattoos or Piercings

Mialyn Mira Echo W.I.E.I. Ten (INTRO) Mid-20’s yrs. old Biologic Immortal, 36-24-36, Cyborg Alien, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Black Short, (CUP) 36D Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Beautiful Black Full Hairy Pussy Pristinely Manicured, (BODY) Athletic Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual Optional Hermaphrodite, (PERSONA) Can Mimic Anyone, (COMMENTS) Perfect Features, Dynamic, Mira’s jet-black head hair never extends below where it would naturally grow on a head; therefore, it is always short on the sides so that her forehead, neck, and ears are always exposed, because she is flawless

Fermina Isabelle Wang-od Palad (AKA) Chancellor or President Palad (INTRO) 41 yrs. old, 34-24-34, Asian-Filipina Human, 5 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Black Long, (CUP) 34C Natural – Pink Brown Mix, Nipples Always Hard, (PUBIC) Full Triangular Black Hairy Shaved Below, (BODY) Tan Complexion Slim Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Charmane Star, (COMMENTS) Fermina is a very pretty Filipina with long black hair and dark tan skin. Her eyes are so seductive that she easily seduced Queen Dianne when She was 18, a year after She assumed the throne. Fermina nickname for Queen Dianne is Kasintahan which means lover, sweetheart.

Janis Randy (INTRO) 30 yrs. old, 34-26-39, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 3 in, (HAIR) Blonde Long, (CUP) 34G Natural, Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Waxed, (BODY) Curvy Hot, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Savannah Bond, (COMMENTS) Janis is a very attractive blonde with long hair. She has huge tits and a large vulva and a meaty pussy that is totally shaved. Her big tits and ass, and thick thighs are an awesome attraction.

Minisculians (General) (AKA) Teenies, Fairies, (General) All of the teeny females have slim waists and exaggerated hourglass figures, with ample thighs for their size, and the cutest legs, feet, and toes. They are all 4 inches or less tall. Whatever length their head hair is on their 16.5 birthday cycle (33rd year) remains their length, and the females do not grow hair anywhere else except their pubic area, and it also stops at that age. If they cut it, it will not grow back, which is why their pubic hair is so neatly trimmed and stays that way. They have ornate bows, barrettes, clasps, ties, and pins to hold their hair.

TG3 (Jingleheimer) (TYPE) See Minisculians (General), (INTRO) 33 yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, White Fairy, 4 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Shoulder Length, (CUP) DD Natural – Pale Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Full Triangular Hair Trimmed, (BODY) Exaggerated Hourglass Figure, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) N/A, (COMMENTS) TG3 is so cute with her exaggerated hourglass figure and double D boobs, ample luscious thighs, and she is so seductive too. TG3 likes to use the catchphrases, Anyway, Whatever, and bazillion gazillion.

Ariana Cossad Ellis (AKA) Duchess, Ace, Janet Graham, and Duchess of Montrose (INTRO) 28 yrs. old, 33-25-35, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 8 in, (HAIR) True Blonde Long, (CUP) 32C Natural – Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Shaved, (BODY) Tan Complexion Fit Tight & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Bailey Brooke, (COMMENTS) Ariana looks like a Victoria Secret’s Model, Born in High Heels and Never Wears Bras or Panties, A True Blonde

Alia Lin (INTRO) 27 yrs. old, 34-23-32, Asian-Chinese Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Brown Shoulder Length, (CUP) 34B Natural – Pink Brown Mix, Tiny Nipples and Areola, (PUBIC) Shaved, (BODY) Tan Complexion Slim Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Alina Li, (COMMENTS) Alia Lin is very attractive. A petite Ting Ting treat, with tiny nipple B’s to make you cream.

Jane Sky (AKA) Amialeena, (TYPE) Reveeka or Succubus, (INTRO) Mid-20’s Biologic Immortal, White Humanoid, 34-26-38, 5 ft 3 in, (HAIR) Brunette/Red Short, (CUP) 34D Natural – Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Trim Full Triangular Brown Hairy Pussy, (BODY) Curvy Soft White Body Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Aria Sky, (COMMENTS) Amialeena is the cutest hottie, and her hair adorably frames her cute wholesome face. All the Reveeki prefer to be nude. They can form armor clothing if needed. They have bat wings on their backs, a long tail with a rounded arrow point with no edges, and two vector “S” shaped horns coming out of the sides of their head that extend 6-8” curving in over the top of their heads. The wings, tail, and horns vary in color among the Reveeki, but usually match their hair. They have ears that are not much bigger than human, and they are sexy but sweep back into a point, and kind of look like bat ears. They live off sexual and lifeforce energy they drain from other species. Their age appearance varies even though they are biologic immortals. It is more like they reach a prime seductive state for their individual being, so it is a perfect state. No two are alike, and some could even be called milfs in their 40’s-60’s, down to tweens that look 10-12 (and younger). All manner of ages and body types to fit every seduction or fantasy need.

Queen Marciana (AKA) Queen Marciana Alexia Victoria Alexandra, Yummy, (INTRO) 47 yrs. old, 34-27-34, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Blonde Long, (CUP) 34D Natural, Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Light Brown Landing Strip, (BODY) Slim Fit Light Tan Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Carolyn Reese, (COMMENTS) Queen Marciana is blonde beautiful milf and is delicious looking, and she has great legs, sexy feet, and toes, and a nice ass.

Dr. Rebecca Voxel (TYPE) Decussexian, (INTRO) mid-20s yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, 32-26-36, Caucasian Humanoid Form, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long Straight, (CUP) 32DDD Natural, Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Full Triangular Trimmed Shaved Below, (BODY) Fit Pale White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Michele James, (COMMENTS) Dr. Rebecca Voxel is very pretty in her human female, and she also wears glasses that are a sexy prop. (DECUSSEXIAN FORM) In her natural form she is a trans-humanoid being that can travel between the material and aether and has a translucent body. She is female in form, and has a pretty face, but from the sides of her face back, her skull is like glass, but not substance, just semi-transparent. Her body is this way as well. She has no exterior feature like skin or hair, just a human female face and figure. You can see into her body, and it looks mechanical and organic, or mechanical encased organs, and it is wrong to call it wiring, but light streams of vessels. She looks like a cyberpunk cyborg with a transparent body.

Tami Landward (AKA) Slut, (INTRO) 22 yrs. old, 36-26-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 6 in, (HAIR) Blonde Red Long, (CUP) 36DD Natural – Pale Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Brown Full Triangular Hairy Shaved Below, (BODY) Rocking Tight Body Soft White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Young Maitland Ward, (COMMENTS) Tami is fucking gorgeous. Curvy and sexy, Tami is a hot Slut that loves to fuck. Tami can hold her own with her beauty.

Eros Rokeas (TYPE) Myrmidon, (AKA) General Eros Rokeas, (INTRO) Appearance early-30s yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, 5 ft 11 in, (HAIR) Black Long to His Shoulders, and a Nice Trimmed Beard, (PUBIC) Trimmed, (PENIS) Thick 9 in Length Uncircumcised, (BODY) Physically Fit and Well Defined, but not Bulky, (ORIENTATION) All Myrmidons are Straight, Homosexual Activity Kills Them, (COMMENTS) Eros Rokeas is rugged good looking.

Sveila (TYPE) Valkyrie, (INTRO) Appearance mid-20s yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, 32-24-33, Caucasian Human Appearance, 5 ft 3 in, (HAIR) Blonde Long, (CUP) 32C Natural – Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Full Trimmed Brown Hairy Pussy Shaved Below, (BODY) Slim Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Lexi Belle, (COMMENTS) Sveila is beautifully cute, and she is a babe from her head to her sexy toes.

Cassandra Dominique (INTRO) 36 yrs. old, 36-24-34, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 3 in, (HAIR) Blonde/Brown Shoulder Length, (CUP) 36D Natural, Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Full Triangular Waxed Below, (BODY) Curvy Light Tan Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Krissy Lynn, (COMMENTS) Cassandra is hot and has a nice body, sexy legs and feet, and cute toes.

Praeffelia (TYPE) Cheetah Girl Humanoid, (INTRO) mid-20’s yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, 34-21-38, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Long Orange Like the Color of Her Fur, (CUP) 34B Natural – Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) White Hair Thin on Pubic Areas, but Her Pussy Lips are Bare Skin, (BODY) Athletic Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Kelsi Monroe, (COMMENTS) Praeffelia is a humanoid cheetah girl and walks in upright. She is covered in fur, and the orange fur and black spots is mainly on her arms, back, and legs. She has sexy fit legs, and muscular ass and thigh motors, and paw feet with black fur on the bottom with a short dogleg joint. She has long arms and sort has paw hands, but claw like fingernails and fingers. She has white fur on her belly, ass, and inner thighs, and she has a lovely long tail that is orange with black spots, but the last 12″” of it is white fur that is black ringstraked. She has long orange hair like the color of her fur, and the cutest cat white fur face with kitty ears and whiskers. She is beautifully adorable. Her pussy has white hair, but thins at her pussy lips which is bare skin. You could watch her bend over for hours with that cute white fur ass and that bare pussy pooch and tight asshole pink star chamber deep within those firm haunches of hers.

Aries I’tuhot (AKA Authorities), (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 36-24-36, Devil in Caucasian Human Flesh, 5 ft 4 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 36DD Natural – Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Full Hairy Trimmed, (BODY) Light Tan Hourglass Perfect, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Lena Paul, (COMMENTS) A True Babe, Aries’ Thighs Curve into Her Sexy Hips Nicely and They are Ample and Soft, Plush Calves, Lovely Legs, Feet and Toes, Busty Breasts, Beautiful Nipples and Areola, Built to Fuck, Nice Creases, Defining Attraction is Her Hairy Pussy (a Work of Art) She Trims but Does Not Shave It, She has that Gap between Her Ample Thighs which Makes Her Pussy Totally Visible and Gives Her a Perky Ass

Zazuleah (AKA) Sharon Peters, (TYPE) Reveeka or Succubus, (INTRO) Mid-20’s Biologic Immortal, White Humanoid, 32-23-34, 5 ft 5 in, (HAIR) Platinum Blonde Straight Layered Shoulder Length, (CUP) 32B Natural – Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Light Brown Landing Strip, (BODY) Slim Fit, Small Dainty Features, Red Horns, Tail, and Wings, Soft White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Zazie Skymm, (COMMENTS) Zazuleah is a fucking baby doll. All the Reveeki prefer to be nude. They can form armor clothing if needed. They have bat wings on their backs, a long tail with a rounded arrow point with no edges, and two vector “S” shaped horns coming out of the sides of their head that extend 6-8” curving in over the top of their heads. The wings, tail, and horns vary in color among the Reveeki, but usually match their hair. They have ears that are not much bigger than human, and they are sexy but sweep back into a point, and kind of look like bat ears. They live off sexual and lifeforce energy they drain from other species. Their age appearance varies even though they are biologic immortals. It is more like they reach a prime seductive state for their individual being, so it is a perfect state. No two are alike, and some could even be called milfs in their 40’s-60’s, down to tweens that look 10-12 (and younger). All manner of ages and body types to fit every seduction or fantasy need.

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