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Mercury – 119 (Coming Out)

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You implicated that You knew other government leaders that concealed their sexual orientation. Is President Palad one of Your lovers,” asks a reporter

Episode 119 – COMING OUT

The intro music plays, and cameras roll:

“Welcome to CVN Universe. Where we actually bring you news from the Universe. I am your host Jane Sky.

Tonight, my favorite guest is back, Queen Dianne. Your Majesty, it is an honor as always to welcome You, and not just because You are my Boss. You look radiant, and out of character for You. That is a nice dress and I love Your hair. I like it a lot.”

[The cameras switch to Queen Dianne. Instead of Her usual black battle regalia, She is wearing a nice black dress that comes to Her knees. She is sitting, so Her gorgeous lower legs are exposed, and Her ankles are crossed. Her hair is down and lovely with no crown, where it is usually woven up and crowned with a tiara].

“Thank you, Jane, and I am glad to be here. Because of our topic tonight, My advisors felt I should be less Royally rigid,” says the Queen.

[Cameras switch back to Jane, and she says]:

“You have brought one of those advisors with You tonight Your Majesty. I also welcome you Dr. Rebecca Voxel. Was Queen Dianne’s lovely wardrobe and immaculate look tonight your idea?”

[Cameras switch back and show The Queen and Dr. Rebecca Voxel sitting beside the Queen. Rebecca puts her hand on the Queen’s thigh and says]:

“Thank you for welcoming me Jane, and yes, I had to twist Her arm, but I always win.”

[The Queen removes Rebecca’s hand and looks cross at her, and Jane says]:

“Tension! I like it. My audience knows Queen Dianne, but you Dr. Rebecca Voxel, are unheard of to the average person. You are unheard of unless someone has a top secret, eyes only security clearance. When we coordinated this interview and topic with Queen Dianne’s staff, I had some researchers do a background report on you Dr. Voxel.

They had to petition the highest levels of government, but they found out You are some kind of genius. You were performing brain surgery at 18. You hold almost every doctorate in medical fields, as well as many more doctorates in physical sciences, earth sciences, and the life science fields. You are no crackpot, which is important for our topic tonight.

For the last 20 years, you have been secretly on staff with the Vatican. They do not call you unless the Pope is sick. Now that I see you in person, you are very lovely, and your glasses seem to conceal that you don’t look a day over 25. How does a 38 year old woman as lovely as yourself stay so youthful looking,” asks Jane?

“You sure did build me up Jane. Like our product we will be discussing tonight, I also have other products I personally use as beauty secrets. Perhaps we will market those in the future as well,” says Rebecca.

“I am not ignoring You Your Majesty, but I have another trivia discovery from one of our researchers relating to Dr. Rebecca Voxel. We learned that one of the many schools Dr. Rebecca Voxel attended was Harvard Medical School. My researcher interviewed a Professor Alexander Task with the initials, MD, MS, MPH after his name.

He told us that Dr. Rebecca Voxel has never scored less than 100 on any test, at all the many universities she has graduated from. She was their teacher, and she breezed through courses on an accelerated schedule to meet her abilities. Dr. Task was embarrassed by Dr. Voxel when he intentionally added an unsolvable question to a test with the intent of causing Dr. Voxel to get the question wrong.

Dr. Voxel answered the question with an essay in which she threatened to expose Dr. Task’s cheating. He was forced to mark her answer as correct, and her 100 test score record has never been tarnished. Dr. Voxel, you may be the smartest person in the universe. Why are you not curing cancer instead of marketing an alcoholic beverage,” asks Jane?

“Well dang Jane? You have not introduced my product and allowed me to promote it. Maybe it cures cancer. I do appreciate the resume background prep, and Dr. Task still queries me when he is stumped,” replies Rebecca.

“After this break, we will talk about Hard Milk, Sombwe Sole Proprietorship’s newest product…We are back, and my guests are Queen Dianne and Dr. Rebecca Voxel. Queen Dianne made me swear to stay on topic tonight, and that is difficult because there are so many things, I want to ask Her. However, we are going to talk about Her new product, Hard Milk.

We have some Hard Milk sitting here in ice, and it comes in three flavors. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. So, Your Majesty, tell us about Hard Milk,” asks Jane?

“I want to tell you like Dr. Voxel explained it to Me. So, pick your favorite flavor, and open it up and try it, and hand Me a chocolate one,” says Queen Dianne.

“Okay, I will try chocolate myself,” says Jane.

[They open the bottles and drink, and Jane says]:

“It is very good chocolate milk, and it does have a 6% by volume alcohol content. Hence, Hard Milk, but why sell spiked milk, and what is so great about this milk,” asks Jane?

“It is also called Hard Milk because it improves penis erections too. Not just if you have an erectile dysfunction, but it improves erections in all males. Harder, longer lasting erections. Hard Milk is also an energy drink. It increases stamina, and it helps speed healing in your body. You wanted a cure for cancer, I give you a prevention to some cancers,” says Dr. Voxel.

“I feel betrayed Dr. Voxel. Why would women want to drink Hard Milk if it increases male erections,” asks Jane?

“I said the same thing when she tricked Me into drinking it Jane,” says the Queen.

“It also increases clitoris erection Jane, and it increases sensitivity. I did trick Dianne into drinking it, but She appreciated it later,” says Dr. Voxel winking at the Queen.

[Cameras switch back to Jane for her next question, and she is committing a faux pas by touching her earpiece. Her director is shouting at Jane to press on Dr. Voxel’s familiarity with the Queen by addressing Her as Dianne, and how She appreciated the milk later. Jane sees the Queen’s anger at Dr. Voxel for being too familiar, and potentially saying something embarrassing. Jane ignores her director and asks]:

“So, Dr. Voxel. What is Hard Milk made from?”

“The milk comes from special cows that are feeding on another planet, and it is blended with a mead made on that planet as well. Apparently, the vegetation and honey on that planet has rejuvenating qualities. It is all natural, and healthy.

[Jane’s director is blasting her earpiece to the point she is distracted. Finally, Jane asks]:

“Your Majesty, what was the effect Dr. Voxel said You experience form Hard Milk?”

“Jane, it is a great product for increasing stamina and health. It does increase a woman’s blood flow in her erectile regions, and they become more sensitive and experience better orgasms,” says Queen Dianne.

[The director wants more, and Jane asks]:

“Dr. Voxel, when you trick Queen Dianne into drinking Hard Milk, how did She find out about the increased swelling and sensitivity?”

[Queen Dianne is squirming, and She has a disconcerting look. Dr. Voxel says]:

“Well Jane, later that night in bed I showed Her.”

[Noise can be heard from the booth. Jane is grabbing her ear again as the screen splits to show her and her guests simultaneously. Comm devices are ringing in the booth. The question being asked, is the Queen coming out tonight. Maybe it is not Her idea as She appears to be having a meltdown in silence. Jane is forced to ask the question]:

“Dr. Voxel, are you and Queen Dianne seeing each other romantically?”

“Of course, Jane. We have been dating for over a month now,” says Dr. Voxel as she puts her arm around Queen Dianne who is about to cry holding Her head up and looking to the side.

“Your Majesty, do You have a comment,” asks Jane?

[There is complete silence. Cameras are focused on Queen Dianne whose hands are pressed together in front of Her mouth like She is praying. She moves Her hands gracefully to Her lap and says]:

“Yes, Me and Dr. Voxel have been dating for over a month now.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, we will be right back,” says Jane and they take a station break.

[Off camera]:

“How could you do this to Me Rebecca,” asks the Queen?

“Baby, the world already suspected that You were a lesbian. This will make You a rock star in Your own right. Plus, I love You, and I want the world to know” says Rebecca.

“Are You alright My Queen. Do you want me to stop,” asks Jane?

“No Jane. You can continue. The cat is out of the bag now,” says the Queen.

[Cameras roll]:

“We are back, and we have been discussing Hard Milk, and apparently, it can cause you to fall in love too. Your Majesty, there are a lot of women out there looking to marry a rich doctor. Have You found one,” asks Jane?

“Yes Jane, she has more money than the Dutch, but I am not looking to get married right now. Rebecca seduced Me, and now I cannot get rid of her,” says the Queen.

“She loves me Jane, She just hates to admit it,” says Dr. Voxel, and she leans over and kisses the Queen on the lips and holds Her hands.

“Your Majesty, this is a shock. How long have You been a lesbian,” asks Jane?

“Well Jane, if I am coming out tonight, I am not a lesbian. I am bisexual but I prefer intimate relationships with women. I am the Queen Sovereign Ruler of the Universe. If My Commonwealths on Earth cannot accept My orientation, that is their problem.

I know many Monarchs, officials high in government, and other esteemed positions that conceal their sexual orientation out of fear of reprisal by their constituencies. As the Ruler of the Universe, I promise to support their choice not to have to hide their orientation. I know what it is like to have to conceal who you love from the judging eyes of the world. I love Rebecca, and I am not ashamed to hide it any longer,” says Queen Dianne.

[Rebecca embraces the Queen and Jane says]:

“Hard Milk makes all love possible. Discover the naked truth of this drink. This has been a CVN Universe exclusive, and we are out of time. I am Jane Sky, and this has been the greatest interview of my life, goodnight.”

The Queen stands and is shaking, and Rebecca embraces Her. The Queen whispers in Rebecca ear:

“I just want to leave. Please make it possible.”

Rebecca stops time, and teleports them back to her room on the GQD-1. Rebecca asks:

“Are You mad?”

“No Becca, I am not mad. I don’t have to hide My orientation in the 10 other worlds I rule. I am more concerned with the reactions from Earth’s democratic governments, and the Vatican. You could lose your job with the Vatican, and I could lose the Vatican’s support. They do not oppose gay civil unions, but we are not getting married Becca. I love you, but I like loving other people too.”

Mira knocks on Rebecca’s door, and Rebecca lets her in, and she says:

“You are all over the internet baby. I always thought if You came out it would be with me. I am jealous.”

The Queen embraces Mira and cries. She says:

“I do love you baby. I am not marrying Rebecca. You know this is how it has always been with Me. Help Me, I need your help.”

“I was just kidding with You. Damn, You are emotionally drained. Come on, we are going back to Earth. Change and I will do Your hair. You need to look like a badass battle Queen,” says Mira.

“Why? I want to be alone right now,” says the Queen.

“No can do baby. The Philippine Federation is in crises again, and the Japan-Korea Federacy is poised to attack if the situation goes sideways, which is what they are hoping for. The Malaysia-Indo Federation is also looking to intervene in the Philippines too.

A rebel faction has seized the palace and is holding President Palad and many of her staff hostage. My Blue Carrier is in Earth space and fixing to launch Zodiacs with a RAM Team to rescue the President. Vipers have setup a command post. Teleport us into one of the Zodiacs landing near the command post. Show the world their Sovereign Ruler in action,” says Mira.

It is after 5am in the Philippines. The Queen and Mira emerge from a landing Zodiac, and there are reporters and cameras behind barricades from Mira’s command post. The reporters and their crews video the Queen going into a command tent, and immediately start reporting on this development.

Two cloaked Zodiacs drop RAM Team Five (who are cloaked) onto the top of a building a few blocks from the palace. The Rescue Assault Myrmidon Team makes their way to the palace. Mira has video feeds from their mantas helmets. Mira says:

“The Myrmidons do not have telepathy, but they have an ability called thought-speak that works between them. I tried to get them to use it with other beings and it did not work. They can communicate with each other in silence.

Their damn tactical instincts are off the chart. Look, that one found a booby-trap like he knew it was there. I talked the RAM Teams into magical bowie knives the Valkyries made instead of their swords, and there is one cutting a mother fucker’s throat. Look how fast they move and have progressed,” says Mira.

“You love these guys, don’t you? They are like your favorite toy soldiers to play with now,” says the Queen.

“Yes, they are fucking awesome as shit. Titan Squad is breaching the main room… Fuck, precise kills. They have mastered the NP assault rifle, and they are using silencers with Q-tip rounds. You have to hit precisely in a vital area for that or it is only like sticking someone with a needle. No need for stun grenades if the enemy can’t see or hear you. They are coming out. Send in Zodiacs now,” orders Field Marshall Mira to the Vipers.

The hostages are evacuated to a medical tent in Mira’s command post. The Queen and Mira enter the tent as cameras record the event of the Philippine President and her staff entering the tent too, as Vipers assist them after their rescue.

“Madam President are you alright,” asks Queen Dianne?

“My Queen! Were those Your forces that rescued us? They were amazing, we did not even see them,” says President Fermina Isabelle Wang-od Palad.

“Yes. They are one of My special forces branches. I am landing more Vipers now to secure the capitol. They are eliminating the rebel forces as we speak. The UGK is sending emergency relief, and they will also see to repairing your infrastructure. I am going to address the press because two other federations have military forces poised to invade your domain. Viper, fix the President’s makeup and hair,” orders the Queen.

“Thank You so much My Queen,” says President Palad.

“Isabelle, I am securing your federation from takeover from the outside. For all you know, one of the other federations orchestrated this rebel uprising to cause instability. Now walk with Me to address the press.

President Fermina Isabelle Wang-od Palad is 41, and she is a very pretty Filipina with long black hair and dark tan skin. She is 5’ tall and her measurements are 34C-24-34. The Queen holds President Palad’s hand as they approach the barricades with the press. The Queen gives a statement:

“I want to let the world know that the RGF has successfully rescued President Palad and are eliminating the rebel threat. If you are one of the other federations waiting off the coast to attack the Philippines, I will totally destroy your forces if you try it.

I am here to show My total support for President Palad and her government, and that support extends to military as well. I will be leaving a RGF division here to help her reestablish her infrastructure. To the remaining rebel forces, I am coming for you too. If My forces have not already eliminated you, they will soon. They need the practice, and I am pleased to let them use you for that purpose,” says the Queen as reporters try to ask questions and President Palad makes a statement:

“I want to thank Queen Dianne for Her gracious assistance [President Palad starts crying and the Queen embraces her]. I am sorry for my emotions. I was just so overcome with relief when Queen Dianne’s forces rescued us, and now I think the magnitude of what She has done is starting to sink in. Sorry,” says President Palad, and she wipes her eyes as Queen Dianne holds her.

“Who were the forces that rescued the President, Your Majesty,” asks a reporter?

“They were one of My RGF RAM Teams,” answers the Queen.

“Your Majesty, You just came out on world TV a few hours ago, and You implicated that You knew other government leaders that concealed their sexual orientation. Is President Palad one of Your lovers,” asks a reporter?

“What is your name and agency reporter,” asks the Queen?

“Austin Holt with The News Zenith.”

“Well, if Australian news can afford to send you here to ask about Mine or President Palad’s sex life after she almost lost her life, then they must be a profitable business that can pay fools to ask crass questions. Today is your last day ever reporting, Austin Holt. Come on Madam President, these people care more about dirt than your well being and the safety of your citizens,” and the Queen leads President Palad to a Zodiac, and they take off.

The next day SSPUniversal Media bought The News Zenith and fired everyone that worked there. Their broadcast slot was filled by UGK public news, and their website only ran one story until TG3 had time to restaff. It was simple and to the point. If you hire anyone from The News Zenith that was fired after their buyout by SSPUniversal Media, we will buy you out and fire you as well, with the same promise.


Jane Sky (AKA) Amialeena, (TYPE) Reveeka or Succubus, (INTRO) Mid-20’s Biologic Immortal, White Humanoid, 34-26-38, 5 ft 3 in, (HAIR) Brunette/Red Short, (CUP) 34D Natural – Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Trim Full Triangular Brown Hairy Pussy, (BODY) Curvy Soft White Body Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Aria Sky, (COMMENTS) Amialeena is the cutest hottie, and her hair adorably frames her cute wholesome face. All the Reveeki prefer to be nude. They can form armor clothing if needed. They have bat wings on their backs, a long tail with a rounded arrow point with no edges, and two vector “S” shaped horns coming out of the sides of their head that extend 6-8” curving in over the top of their heads. The wings, tail, and horns vary in color among the Reveeki, but usually match their hair. They have ears that are not much bigger than human, and they are sexy but sweep back into a point, and kind of look like bat ears. They live off sexual and lifeforce energy they drain from other species. Their age appearance varies even though they are biologic immortals. It is more like they reach a prime seductive state for their individual being, so it is a perfect state. No two are alike, and some could even be called milfs in their 40’s-60’s, down to tweens that look 10-12 (and younger). All manner of ages and body types to fit every seduction or fantasy need.

Queen Dianne (AKA) Kyria Ravenstar, (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 34-26-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Long, (CUP) 34DD Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Light Brown Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Complexion Fit Soft & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Joey Lynn, (COMMENTS) Small Facial Features, Very Pretty Face, Sexy Legs, Dainty Feet and Toes, No Tattoos or Piercings

Dr. Rebecca Voxel (TYPE) Decussexian, (INTRO) mid-20s yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, 32-26-36, Caucasian Humanoid Form, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long Straight, (CUP) 32DDD Natural, Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Full Triangular Trimmed Shaved Below, (BODY) Fit Pale White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Michele James, (COMMENTS) Dr. Rebecca Voxel is very pretty in her human female, and she also wears glasses that are a sexy prop. (DECUSSEXIAN FORM) In her natural form she is a trans-humanoid being that can travel between the material and aether and has a translucent body. She is female in form, and has a pretty face, but from the sides of her face back, her skull is like glass, but not substance, just semi-transparent. Her body is this way as well. She has no exterior feature like skin or hair, just a human female face and figure. You can see into her body, and it looks mechanical and organic, or mechanical encased organs, and it is wrong to call it wiring, but light streams of vessels. She looks like a cyberpunk cyborg with a transparent body.

Mialyn Mira Echo W.I.E.I. Ten (INTRO) Mid-20’s yrs. old Biologic Immortal, 36-24-36, Cyborg Alien, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Black Short, (CUP) 36D Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Beautiful Black Full Hairy Pussy Pristinely Manicured, (BODY) Athletic Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual Optional Hermaphrodite, (PERSONA) Can Mimic Anyone, (COMMENTS) Perfect Features, Dynamic, Mira’s jet-black head hair never extends below where it would naturally grow on a head; therefore, it is always short on the sides so that her forehead, neck, and ears are always exposed, because she is flawless

Fermina Isabelle Wang-od Palad (AKA) Chancellor or President Palad (INTRO) 41 yrs. old, 34-24-34, Asian-Filipina Human, 5 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Black Long, (CUP) 34C Natural – Pink Brown Mix, Nipples Always Hard, (PUBIC) Full Triangular Black Hairy Shaved Below, (BODY) Tan Complexion Slim Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Charmane Star, (COMMENTS) Fermina is a very pretty Filipina with long black hair and dark tan skin. Her eyes are so seductive that she easily seduced Queen Dianne when She was 18, a year after She assumed the throne. Fermina nickname for Queen Dianne is Kasintahan which means lover, sweetheart.

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