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Mercury – 111 (Ugly Girls)

“Actually, the lead singer, guitarists, and drummer have a thing for three holing girls and soaking them in their pimp juice. It is one of their kinks

Episode 111 – UGLY GIRLS

“Please Dianne! I had to spend a lot of Your gold for these tickets, and You need the break. Mira can take care of killing the Myrmidons just fine without You for one night,” says Aries begging.

“What in the world has made Aries grovel to You baby? She begs for nothing,” says Mira?

“She wants Me to go to a concert tomorrow night on Earth. She is crazy for some rock band that wears camouflage,” says the Queen.

“Damn it! The band’s name is Camouflage, and they are a hard rock band that has an old style rip, and they just had a number one hit. You know I like music, come on. Help me Mira, She needs a break,” says Aries.

“I can take care of Ionia baby. You should go and enjoy Yourself and take a break,” says Mira.

“Having My hearing bombarded with Aries’s rock and roll is not My idea of enjoyment or a break. A break for her maybe. Where the hell is it again Aries?”

“The Paradise Rock Club in Boston. The capital of rock. There will be around a thousand people. It is as intimate a setting as you can get for a band this good,” says Aries.

“Fuck it. I will go with bitch thighs to her concert,” says the Queen and Aries pushes Her down on the bed and kisses Her.

Aries has the Queen teleport them before the doors open, and when they do, they eat in the lounge, and have some drinks. Aries is amped, and they enter the standing room only concert hall, and the opening act starts to play.

“The Ugly Girls? They don’t look ugly,” says the Queen in Aries’s ear.

“It is just their band’s name. They are not bad, but just keep using Your skills to get us closer to the other stage. I want to put my hands on the stage when Camouflage starts,” shouts Aries in the Queen’s ear.

The Ugly Girls played for about 30 minutes, then Camouflage started. Aries had her hands on the stage, and the Queen was psychically pushing puzzled people back from Her ass. She had an invisible 12” field up which was distracting the band. They were trying to figure out if the Queen and Aries stunk or something, because people behind them would look perplexed.

After a while, the Queen lowered Her shield, and the ass grabbing started. Then someone handed Her a joint.

“Do you want this Aries,” shouts the Queen?

“Take a few hits bitch. You could use some loosening up,” shouts Aries, and the Queen hits it, and after a bit, She starts feeling good as She passes it to Aries.

Guys and gals would grab the Queen’s ass, and She let them because they kept handing Her some smoke, and She was getting high. Camouflage played for about two hours, and Aries shook her head until it almost fell off. The two guitarists on the side of the lead singer were right and left handed respectfully, and Aries was enamored with their head bobbing and bookend synchronicity. The Queen is high and having fun.

After Camouflage left the stage, Aries grabs the Queen by the hand and leads Her to the back where guards were standing. Aries says:

“Use Your Jedi mind tricks on him so we can go backstage and meet the band. I couldn’t get backstage passes, they were already purchased or reserved.”

“Do you two have passes,” asks the guard?

The Queen stands behind Aries and lifts her top and rubs her 36DD hot tits. She runs Her fingers across her nipples, and they get hard, and She says:

“Go ahead…Touch…Will these do?”

The guard rubs Aries’s tits, and then says:

“Uh, yeah, I believe those passes are valid,” and he uses a key and opens the door.

As they enter, Aries says:

“I could have done that.”

“Yes, but it was My rubbing that convinced him,” says the Queen.

Camouflage wasn’t in the room designated yet, but there were people with passes in there. The Ugly Girls were there, and they were autographing publicity pictures, but no photos were allowed backstage. There was a beverage and snack table, and the Queen had the munchies, and started eating.

“Ma’am! Where is Your pass,” asks some beefy guy in a dark t-shirt?

The Queen looks around and people were wearing yellow laminated cards around their necks. The Queen says:

“Fuck Off! Or you will be trying to find your way back to Boston from California.”

The guy puts his hand on the Queen’s arm and says:

“You have to…,” and he disappears and ends up in the middle of Los Angeles.

One of the good looking Ugly Girls walks up to the Queen who is facing the buffet table, and she tugs Her arm, and she says:

“Where did Ryan go? I saw him standing next to You then he just disappeared.”

The Queen’s mouth is full, and She thinks this is ironic, because it is usually Aries with her mouth full of food. The Queen chews and swallows enough to mumble:

“He said he was going to get some cigarettes,” and She laughs.

“He doesn’t smoke,” says the girl.

“KD, Ryan is on is on vid/comm. He says he does not know what the hell happened, but he is in Los Angeles. He says there was a blonde that told him to fuck off or he would have to find his way back to Boston from California,” says one of the other hot Ugly Girls.

The Queen is trying not to laugh, but She is tripping. KD (Kalie Dylan, the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Ugly Girls) says:

“Okay Erika. Somehow, I believe him. I saw him disappear before my eyes. You don’t have a backstage pass, do you Miss?”

“My backstage pass is over there. It was her tits, My fondling them, and the guard’s free grope that gained us entry. She is hiding waiting for her idols the camo dudes to come in. I am just along for the ride,” says the Queen.

“You look familiar. Are you an actress or something,” asks Kalie?

“No. I get that a lot, but I am nobody.”

“Well, You need a pass to be back here, but I don’t want to take a trip to California. So, why don’t You put this around Your neck, and I will get one for hot thighs over there,” says Kalie.

“Wow! Thanks. Here, take this card and call this girl. She will line you up a concert on Avalon. You three chicks are the hottest looking Ugly Girls I have ever seen. I actually enjoyed you more than the camo boys. Your music had heart,” says the Queen.

“Avalon! Are you pulling my mic cord? Who is TG3,” asks Kalie?

“Oh, she is an agent of sorts, but selectively. She has several actor clients, and yes, she can line you up a concert on Avalon,” says the Queen.

“I thought You said You were not an actress.”

“I’m not. I’m TG3’s boss. Look, I am giving you a goldmine here. Those cards do not find their way into just anybody’s hand sweetness,” says the Queen waiving the backstage pass at Aries, and she walks over and asks:

“How did You get this?”

“Well devil thighs, Ms. Kalie gave them to Me. Isn’t she sweet? I didn’t even have to show her My tits,” says the Queen.

“Thank you, Kalie. I know we snuck back here, but we are not like fanatics,” says Aries.

“No, you two are definitely not fanatics. You are something unusual though. Especially You [the Queen]. I know I have seen You somewhere. What are your names,” asks Kalie?

“She is Aries, and I am Dianne.”

“Dianne? Why is that familiar, and it fits You too. Like, I know You. AWWW! It is going to drive me crazy like a tune stuck in my head. We are not leaving Boston until tomorrow evening. Would you two like spending some more time with us at the Four Seasons after this,” asks Kalie?

“Tempting, but we need to get back home,” says the Queen.

“If Camouflage is staying there too, and can you get them to invite me along,” asks Aries?

“They are staying there. I can probably get you in. They like to share, is that a problem,” asks Kalie?

“Shit no it’s not a problem. Are you saying they like to gangbang girls,” asks Aries?

“Actually, the lead singer, guitarists, and drummer have a thing for three holing girls and soaking them in their pimp juice. It is one of their kinks,” says Kalie.

Aries grabs the Queen and kisses Her and looks at Kalie and says:

“If you can get me a date with them, they can throw in the rhythm and base and share holes. I will fuck all five of them.”

“Damn! I thought you said you were not a fanatic. Here they come. If Dianne agrees to a date with me, I will get you invited back to their room. The three I mentioned share a room, and they are bisexual. You are on your own with the other two,” says Kalie.

“Deal. She will do it,” says Aries.

“Okay devil, just for you I will go back with Kalie,” says the Queen.

“Devil? Cute pet name, and it fits,” says Kalie, and she introduces Aries to Camouflage and whispers in their ear.

Queen Dianne made sure Aries was going to be able to leave with Camouflage, and She left with the Ugly Girls in a limo. Kalie took the Queen to her room, and it was just the two of them. Kalie starts a bath, and coaxes the Queen into the shower, and they start kissing, and washing each other. They move to the bath, and Kalie is smitten with the Queen, and keeps kissing Her toes and rubbing Her leg. She was rubbing the Queen’s hairy trim pussy with her toes.

Kalie Dylan is 28, 5’ tall, and her measurements are 36C-24-37. She has black/brown straight long hair about 5” below her shoulders. The full triangular black hair on her pussy is striking, and her pussy is shaved below. She has a light tan complexion that glows, and she is very pretty. Her legs, feet, and toes are sexy hot, especially when she bends her knees, such beautiful creases.

“Are all the Ugly Girls lesbians,” asks the Queen?

“Uh-huh, mm, You have very sexy toes Dianne,” says Kalie.

“You have sexy toes, legs, fuck, you are sexy all over, especially that damn gaze of yours. You have been seducing Me with your eyes since I told you about rubbing Aries’s tits,” says the Queen.

“When You said that, my pussy got wet. Fuck, I wanted to write a song about You after that,” says Kalie.

They get out of the tub and move to the bed. They end up in a 69 with Kalie on top. The Queen sucks Kalie’s clit so hard that suction noises are being heard. Kalie cums, and oozes ejaculant, and it taste sweet. The Queen pushes Kalie off Her and sits up. Kalie embraces the Queen’s shoulders as she sits behind Her and asks:

“What is wrong?”

“It is not you. I just lost a girlfriend, and she was the only other girl I have ever seen cum like that,” says the Queen.

“What, You two broke up?”

“No, she was killed. I will be alright, just give Me a minute. I wasn’t expecting you to cum so sweetly, and it reminded Me of her.”

“If it makes You feel better, only one other girl has ever made me cum like that, and I have not seen her in five years,” says Kalie.

Kalie pulls the blankets back and tucks the Queen in and snuggles up behind Her and holds Her. They fall asleep. The Queen’s mantas comm link goes off at 9:30am, and She answers it.


The Queen sits up and She is naked, and Kalie’s arm slides down to Her waist. The Queen’s tits and bed hair are so sexy.

“Are You alright baby? Are You having a good time,” asks Mira?

“Yes. Is something wrong,” asks the Queen?

“Maybe. There are two Valkyries that have positioned themselves off the coast hovering in the air. I told the Scorpions not to engage, and the Valkyries did not try anything. I approached in a Zodiac, and they want to talk to Goddess Queen Dianne,” informs Mira.

“Okay, I will be there as soon as I locate Aries.”

“She abandoned You baby,” asks Mira?

“Not exactly. She went, ‘sweet, sweet Connie’ on Me and left with the camo boys excited that they agreed to gangbang her. We are at the Four Seasons in Boston. I just have to find which room she is in,” says the Queen.

“Okay baby. I am on the Argonaut when You are ready,” says Mira and the call is ended.

Kalie pushes the Queen down and mounts Her. She holds Her hands above her head and kisses her breast and up to Her armpits, and then kisses Her lips. Kalie says:

“I figured out the name of that tune playing in my head, and it is Queen Dianne. I knew You were no ordinary groupie. What is a Scorpion, Valkyrie, Zodiac, and Argonaut, Goddess Queen Dianne? Monarch of the United Global Kingdom.”

“Are you going to be a problem? You cannot speak of this to anyone. Do you understand My meaning,” asks Queen Dianne?

“Speak about it? I want to go and see what a Scorpion, Valkyrie, Zodiac, and Argonaut is. I am in show business. Do you think I want my fans knowing who I sleep with? Although, in this instance, I would publicly marry You,” says Kalie.

“Are you traveling with the camo boys,” asks the Queen?

“Yes, and it is Camouflage, but I don’t care what You call them. We open for them this coming weekend in in Syracuse. Why?”

“Call the other Ugly Girls and tell them to pack your shit up and have them find Aries. Tell them to take care of Aries until you return. I will take you to Syracuse [the Queen apports a mantas module bracelet and an android]. Put this on your wrist and tell it what you want to wear. Fix My hair Bristol, then fix Kalie’s,” says the Queen to the android.

“How in the fuck did You do that? Is it like the Mercurian powers we are always hearing about,” asks Kalie?

Bristol fixes the Queen’s hair and places a tiara on it which the Queen apports, and She is decked out in Her black battle regalia.

“Yes, something like that. Are you going to be okay, or do I have to kill you,” asks the Queen?

“No, Goddess Queen Dianne. I will settle down. This is just so amazing. Let me call Erika and I won’t say anything Goddess. You really are a Goddess. I feel a new album coming on,” says Kalie as Bristol finishes her hair too.

The Queen teleports them to the floating fortress Argonaut, into the C2, and Kalie is squealing and holding around the Queen’s neck. The Queen says:

“Stop doing that KD. I am not going to hurt you and there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“Okay Goddess. I will try and compose myself, but damn, this shit is awesome.”

“Who is the girl baby,” asks Mira?

“She is an Ugly Girl. You calm her down and make sure you explain the circumstances to her. Get her to read and sign the nondisclosure and security clearance agreement,” says the Queen.

“Ugly Girl? Where? She looks fucking hot to me,” says Tildy.

“Not now baby doll. I see the Valkyries. I guess I should go and find out what they want.”

“Wait baby. You need to see a security feed from one of the Vipers in Carree’s platoon. When I talked with the Valkyries and got some good close ups, I compared them,” says Mira.

“What are you talking about. You have footage of her death,” asks the Queen?

“Yes. I kept it from You because I did not want You to see it, and I refuse to show it to you now. However, this Valkyrie in the video I took, matches this one the Viper took before he was cut down, and she is distracting Carree just before she was killed. Now they are here to talk, and remember, we have killed over 160,000 of them to our one human death,” says Mira showing the Queen the images.

The Queen teleports away, and Kalie asks:

“Is this Carree the girlfriend Queen Dianne just lost?”

“Yes, come with me. You have a lot to learn about keeping your mouth shut,” says Mira taking Kalie to a conference room.

“So, Valdonna, who is your friend,” asks the Queen hovering in the air with the Valkyries?

“She is Sveila.”

“Sveila. I am going to reserve a special treat for you, bitch,” says the Queen.

“Then You know. Please don’t kill Eros. I love him. I was only trying to protect him. That girl would have killed him, I saw it,” says Sveila.

“Eros. Does Eros have a last name,” asks the Queen?

“Goddess Queen Dianne, King Alekos Tereselis has no intention of submitting to You. We have been observing Your forces, and they are deliberately restraining themselves from unleashing what is clearly and overwhelming industrial advantage. It is like they are playing with the Myrmidons and using them for sport and training.

The Myrmidons are very loyal to their King, but he is about to destroy both us and them. My love for You is greater than my love for the Myrmidons, and Sveila’s love for Eros is greater still. We will betray King Alekos Tereselis into Your hand,” says Valdonna.

“Okay,” says the Queen.

“Only if You promise not to harm Eros,” says Sveila.

“Okay. Which one of you can get Me within eyesight of King Alekos Tereselis?”

“I can. But how will You do it, with an attack from Your aircraft,” asks Sveila?

“How close can you get to him, and how soon can you do it,” asks the Queen?

“Right now, and in the same cavern. They are holed up in a cave, but Eros is there. If You bombard the place with Your weapons, he will be killed too,” says Sveila.

“I will go with you alone, right now.”

“They will see You and kill You before we even enter the cave,” says Sveila.

The Queen uses shapeshifting and shifts to teeny form. She flies over and lowers herself into Sveila’s bosom, and She uses invisibility. She says:

“Let’s go bitch,” and Valdonna and Sveila move off with such speed that it looked like they disappeared.

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