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Mercury – 103 (Impulse)

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Vanessa resists, until the determination of the Queen wins out, and Vanessa kisses back, and relaxes, and enjoys the sensation of kissing another girl

Episode 103 – IMPULSE

They enter the bath house but there is a problem. The mantas attire they are wearing cannot be removed as normal clothing. The Queen was prepared and remembered a shop they passed, and She psychically distracts Vickie and Nance while they remove their mantas attire, and She plants the apported clothes as ones removed adjusting Vickie and Nance’s memories of them.

They were provided thin woven cotton large wraps, that seemed to function as towels. Sia was acting compulsive again, and she attended to the Queen vigorously with affection. They enter a room with hot air flowing. It was not like a sauna, but they did start to sweat. They enter the next room, and it is even hotter. They then enter a room with a pool, and they get in and it seems cold compared to what they just experienced.

Vickie and Nance are attractive women and are both dark brunettes and busty. Aries seems to have excellent taste in women, because they are sexy hot. Sia gets handsy in the pool with the Queen, and Vickie wants some too. They are the only ones in there, and Aries and Nance start kissing and fingering each other.

Sia kisses the Queen and holds Her floating in the water while Vickie muff dives into the Queen’s trim hairy snatch. Sia kisses on the Queen’s breasts and rubs Her ass under the water as she holds Her. The Queen orgasms, and Vickie is obviously experienced. Vickie asks:

“How do you get Your pussy shaved so smooth, and Your skin is also amazing?”

“It is a beauty secret Vickie. Maybe in the future it will be available to all,” says the Queen giggling.

The Queen stands and makes Sia hold Vickie up in the water as She eats Vickie’s pussy. Aries and Nance are on the side of the pool pussy lapping each other. Vickie and Nance have trimmed pussies, and they also razor shave the lower part. Vickie cums and splashes about in ecstasy, and when she settles, she wants more pie. The Queen holds Sia up in the water as Vickie gets her second dessert eating. Everyone gets wet, gets munched, and gets off.

They move to another room where they actually do a full body wash, then to a room where they all receive a massage from female attendants. The alien lifeform leaves Sia, and it comes up under the table and conceals itself in the Queen hair as She receives a massage. The Queen hears a soft voice whispering in Her ear. The voice had a feminine sound that was beautiful and enchanting but like it was passing through a voice synthesizer.

“Queen Dianne, lower Your anti-psychic presence barrier so I can enter Your body,” whispers the entity.

“Did you say something,” asks the Queen of the girl massaging Her?

“No Ma’am,” says the girl.

“Please lower Your barrier, I will not harm You, and then I can speak to You telepathically,” says the synth sweet voice.

The Queen lowers Her barrier, and the entity enters as the Queen breathes. The Queen cannot tell the lifeform has entered Her, but then She hears the voice internally, but with the same beautiful and enchanting female voice with a synthesizer electric quality.

“~I knew it, You are uninhibited. You already do what You want, so there is no conflict with my presence~,” says the entity in the Queen’s mind.

“~Well I didn’t want a multi-timbral voice in My head. So, who are you, what are you, and what do you want~,” asks the Queen?

“~I am Impulse. In Your understanding I would be an energy being. I do not have a physical body. I am a nexus precept put in place by the Perpetual to balance the universe. When You time travel, You disrupt the harmony of the universe when You make a change. I have to restore harmony as a rule because of Your changes~,” explains Impulse.

The others are trying to talk to the Queen, but She is distracted by Impulse. Sia gets Her attention by shaking Her. The Queen had Her eyes closed while getting massaged, and She opens them, and Sia asks:

“We are going to the cooling room Dianne, are You alright?”

“Yes. I am coming,” says the Queen.

Before She can get off the table, She is aboard the Eidolon in the master quarters. Sia is asleep next to Her, and Iota is above Her head asleep on a pillow. Impulse says:

“~This is yesterday, when You were at Your most private moment. Lay back down and I will explain then return You to the cooling room~.”

“~So, you can travel in time~,” says the Queen.

“~Yes. I transported Your probe to Minisculia to balance the universe You disrupted by taking Pearl Hart. Between the devils and You, but mostly devils, I created the ceremonials in the worlds You have been conquering. When the devils time travel in this world to sow deception within their conventions, I balance it by creating the false teachings they sow.

You are assisting them to create a false religion. I will counter it by influencing beings the Perpetual has created into practicing a form of that religion to balance the universe. That is how the other worlds developed their ceremonials~,” explains Impulse.

“~Are you trying to convince Me to stop what we are doing? What do you want with Me~,” asks the Queen?

“~No, I cannot stop what they do, only provide a balance. They are unaware of me and are wholly part of the world of Earth. You are the accumulation of their efforts in this world. A human who can deceive on a level they dream to control and rule the material kingdom from a single point. They are intently focused on You, all of them. I want Your permission to stay with You~,” says Impulse.

“~I want to say yes, because this is just so enlightening, but what do I get out of the deal~,” asks the Queen, and She is immediately in the cooling room of the Turkish bath.

“~What is the deal Queen? Are You blocking me again so I cannot read Your mind or talk to You using telepathy~,” asks Aries, telepathically?

“~No, not intentionally. Why, can you not read My mind again~,” asks the Queen?

“~Yes, I can, but it is like parts have been redacted and I cannot read that part~,” says Aries.

“~She cannot read what I mask Queen Dianne. I can do this for anything You desire to conceal from the devils. They cannot sense my presence, or effect my abilities~,” says Impulse.

“~Is that all you can do Impulse~?”

“~No, but I will share the rest as we go. I think I am in love with You. I have never felt uninhibited in a physical body like I do in Yours. It was like I was cutting against the grain in every other being I entered before entering You~.”

“~Alright Impulse, I will allow it. But if you get all jiminy cricket within My head, you will have to go~,” says the Queen.

“~I am amoral Queen Dianne. Your blood thirst and Your actions are of no concern to me if that is what You are worried about. My only purpose is to balance the nexus tears, but I do feel Your pleasures, like the way You keep looking at Aries’s thighs. They excite You don’t they~?”

“Are You sure You are alright Dianne? You have been in a daze since the massage room. Maybe You need to rest. You are welcome to come back to our flat,” says Vickie.

“Yeah, that sounds good. Our place is cramped, and I am enjoying this climate and the vibe of this place,” says the Queen.

“Vibe? I am not familiar with the term,” says Nance.

The Queen walks over and kisses Nance and says:

“It is like vibration. You know, if I vibrate My tongue on your luscious clit, it is a good vibe. Yes?”

“Oh yes! Please come back to our flat for some good vibes Dianne,” says Nance.

They dress and eat, then go to Vickie and Nance’s flat for some fucking vibrations. Vickie and Nance like to enhance their pleasures with opium. They spend the next two days with Vickie and Nance exploring the sites in and around Cairo. Each day the Queen would remote teleport Arthur to deliver the book of the law and return him to the Eidolon when he was through.

Aries explained to a sad Vickie and Nance that they had to leave. When the Queen and Hers returned to the Eidolon, and Æons agreed that the task was complete, they prepared to fold space for Mopac-4. In an instant, they were back at the point in the Arcbaran star system when they were going to fold space for Mopac-4 to make a wormhole time jump to begin with. Impulse says to the Queen:

“~I can do this too. We are back to Your time, even before You left~.”

“Candy, contact the Ceruleans and cancel their raid on the Mopac system,” orders the Queen.

“Baby, we are going to need that diversion, or our wormhole time jump will be detected and possibly interrupted by the Mercurians,” says Mira.

“Our task is complete,” says the Queen.

“What are You talking…Wait, it is complete. Even Æons is puzzled but acknowledges it is complete. How is this possible,” asks Aries?

No one but the Queen even has knowledge of the events. In the second heaven, Dominions notifies Æons that the task was completed, but neither Dominions nor Æons knows how this was done. The Queen answers Aries:

“It is My mystery Aries. Now, the next time you devils want to use Me in your plot, remember this moment. When Goddess Queen Dianne fooled the devils with a deception they could not explain.”

And with that the Queen teleported back to Her suite on the GQD-1 alone. The rest had to dock the Eidolon and walk to the Queen’s suite, perplexed. Mira forms in the bedroom ahead of the others and asks:

“Baby, what did You do?”

“We completed the task, and I used a time portal to return us back to a point before we even left. That is all baby, do not be concerned,” says the Queen when the others enter.

Shortly after, Mr. Torres arrives having been telepathically summoned by the Queen. The Queen says:

“Arthur, you are going with Mr. Torres for now. He will be your new mentor instead of Uncle Max. You will help him, and he will enlighten you,” and they depart.

Zazuleah enters having been summoned, and the Queen says:

“Zazuleah, this is Sia Duncan. I want you to take her to The Avalon Paradise Casino. She is to only deal for high rollers in the suites. Sia, this is not just a card dealing job. You will be encountering the powerful and rich, and your confidence is just as much required in their case as mine. If you ever fail Me in this respect, death will merely be the cure for the seemingly endless torment and pain I will bring down on your head.”

“Yes, My Queen. Thank You, and I will work hard in Your behalf. Will I see You again,” asks Sia?

“Yes Sia. You are too sweet to avoid. You will also enjoy the crowd of people you will be dealing for. Some of them will be Royalty as well,” says the Queen and they leave.

Aries removes her attire, and she takes the Queen by the hand and leads Her to the bed. The Queen removes Hers too, and She lays down on Her back. Aries straddles the Queen’s head and rocks back and forth rubbing her thighs on the Queen’s lips. The Queen kisses them, and smiles at Aries and asks:

“What do you want devil thighs? Do you think I will be more agreeable if you tempt Me with your flesh?”

Aries slides her body down the Queen’s body, and she locks her thighs around one of the Queen’s thighs, and she rubs her hairy pussy on the Queen’s trim. Aries rubs her 36DD’s on the Queen’s 34DD’s, and she kisses the Queen. She pulls the Queen’s arms up over Her head, and she sensually kisses the Queen’s armpits.

The Queen closes Her eyes and lifts the knee in between Arie’s thighs and wets Hers with Aries’s wetness. The Queen lift Her other leg and rubs down Aries’s thigh and leg with Her toes. Aries kisses the Queen and sits up and they scissor fuck each other until they orgasm.

“~I like this body. I may never leave~,” says Impulse.

“What was that, just now? It is like I see only a blank spot in Your mind Queen. How are You making some of Your thoughts obscured,” asks Aries?

The Queen pulls Aries down and kisses her and says:

“I don’t know sweet thighs. Maybe the dwarf bracelet has found a new ability to enhance.”

“No, there is too many blank spots I cannot view, and this time it is not just me, but the other devils say they can no longer see certain things in Your mind too,” says Aries.

“Well then, you are not alone this time Aries. If they figure it out, let me know. Perhaps it is even beyond Thrones’ ability to comprehend,” says the Queen.

In the morning was the final day of filming at Succubus Beach for Starcrash Ravenstar, and then the next day was set up at another location. The Queen teleported to Las Vegas, to the home of Kingsley and Vanessa Westcott, Arthur’s parents. It is 10am their time, and Kingsley is at work. The Queen is inconspicuously attired, and She rings the doorbell.

“Hi! I would like to talk to you Vanessa, My name is Dianne, as in Queen Dianne of the United Global Kingdom.”

“Is this a joke? Why would the Queen be visiting me,” asks Vanessa?

“To be honest, I want to fuck you. It is a fault in Me I know, but when I see something that I have not had, I cannot get it out of My mind until I sample it. Since I know you have cheated on your husband, I figure I can just blackmail you into giving in to My desire,” says the Queen.

“Look crazy lady, I have never cheated on my husband. So, why don’t You move down to the next house and try again,” says Vanessa and she attempts to shut the door.

The Queen forces it open with telekinesis and walks in. She walks into the living room and apports a data module and plays it on Vanessa’s TV. It is the explicit version of Vanessa’s son Arthur and Uncle Max (Vanessa’s brother in law) fucking Vanessa on the roof top. The Queen fast forwards it and says:

“I like this part,” and Uncle Max eats his and Arthur’s cum out of Vanessa pussy and asshole.

“That never happened, I never did that, and where is Arthur? He has been missing for days. He even missed a performance at the Plaza. If this is some kind of extortion scheme, I am calling the authorities,” says Vanessa and she picks up a comms device.

The Queen sits on the couch and watches Vanessa, and She does not try and stop her from calling. The Queen plays the video from the point where Uncle Max arrives, and it shows Vanessa answering the door naked and inviting Uncle Max in. Vanessa then hears Max ask:

“Is she under the spell?”

Vanessa then hears her son Arthur answer:

“Yes, and the roof is ready.”

“Spell? Like they hypnotized me and did this to me,” asks Vanessa?

“Yes mommy, but you loved it. Now, put the comms unit down, and come over here and sit on the couch with Me. I want to talk and touch,” says the Queen.

Vanessa lays the comms device down, and she sits on the couch next to the Queen. The Queen runs her fingers through the ends of Vanessa’s dark black brunette hair just below her shoulders and rubs Her thumb across her beautiful full lips and says:

“Damn you are more gorgeous in person than on video. I have a certain weak spot for fine milfs, and you are in My top five for sensualness.”

“What are You talking about? I have never done anything with another woman, and unless You are going to cast a spell on me, I am not doing anything now. Where is Arthur,” asks Vanessa?

“He is safe. He works for Me now. I am going to cast a spell on you Vanessa, but it is going to be a love spell,’ says the Queen and She kisses Vanessa.

Vanessa resists, until the determination of the Queen wins out, and Vanessa kisses back, and relaxes, and enjoys the sensation of kissing another girl. The Queen teleports them to the bedroom, and they are naked:

“How did You do that,” exclaims Vanessa!

“Sorry, I was impatient. God damn, you have nice bit tits! So soft and supple, mm, mm, I could lick, suck, and squeeze these all day,” says the Queen burying Her face in Vanessa’s big G breasts.

“Oh my god this feels so good. Am I horrible,” asks Vanessa?

“You are superb Vanessa. Trust Me, mm, mm, and now I have to taste the hot spot,” says the Queen as She goes down on Vanessa’ wet pussy with the landing strip black trim.

Vanessa moans and sighs and places her hand on the Queen’s head and rubs Her hair. Vanessa is so aroused she cums. The Queen kisses down Vanessa’s thighs and legs, and She kisses her feet and sucks her lovely toes with red polish on them. The Queen turns and backs Her ass back up Vanessa’s body kissing her sexy legs until Her pussy juice is dripping on Vanessa’s lips.

Vanessa opens her mouth and drinks in the Queen’s cunt cream, and sucks and licks the Queen’s clit. They 69 until they both orgasm. The Queen turns and kisses Vanessa and lays on top of her and says:

“I guess you can be My mommy too Vanessa. Are you happy just being a housewife?”

“Are you really the Queen,” asks Vanessa?

“Yes, and I like you a lot. You have such a soft sensual body, and I just love the tan lines. I think you would be at home in the Arcbaran sun with Me rubbing sun cream on you,” says the Queen.

“All I have ever known is being a housewife. I have a bachelor’s degree in history from night school. I thought about becoming a teacher one time, but I have never taught,” says Vanessa.

“Well mommy, I know a school that will hire you right now called Stuart Hall Academy, and My reference is all you need. You will have to move to My starship the Goddess Queen Dianne-One.”

“I can’t do that. My husband has a good job as the Director of Operations at the Plaza. He could never find a better job than that,” says Vanessa.

The Queen uses the comms on Her mantas bracelet:

“TG3, hire Kingsley Lloyd Westcott from the Plaza in Vegas as the new Director of Operations for The Avalon Paradise Casino. Pay him triple what he makes now and provide him a living suite there. Also, have a teleportation chamber installed in the suite,” orders the Queen.

“Right away My Queen,” says TG3.

“Come on mommy. I will have someone pack up your house and settle your affairs. I want to show you a new universe. You taste that good,” says the Queen.


Queen Dianne (AKA) Kyria Ravenstar, (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 34-26-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Long, (CUP) 34DD Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Light Brown Full Triangular Trimmed, (BODY) Light Complexion Fit Soft & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Joey Lynn, (COMMENTS) Small Facial Features, Very Pretty Face, Sexy Legs, Dainty Feet and Toes, No Tattoos or Piercings

Sia Duncan (INTRO) 30 yrs. old, 34-24-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 5 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 34DD Natural, Pink Nipples and Large Areola, (PUBIC) Black Full Triangular Trimmed Shaved Below, (BODY) Hot Fit Light Tan Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Valentina Nappi, (COMMENTS) Sia is D…Dang, and all natural. Her double D’s tear drop like choice melons that are oh so ripe. Her body is amazing, and she has a hot ass.

Aries I’tuhot (AKA Authorities), (INTRO) 24 yrs. old, 36-24-36, Devil in Caucasian Human Flesh, 5 ft 4 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 36DD Natural – Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Full Hairy Trimmed, (BODY) Light Tan Hourglass Perfect, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Lena Paul, (COMMENTS) A True Babe, Aries’ Thighs Curve into Her Sexy Hips Nicely and They are Ample and Soft, Plush Calves, Lovely Legs, Feet and Toes, Busty Breasts, Beautiful Nipples and Areola, Built to Fuck, Nice Creases, Defining Attraction is Her Hairy Pussy (a Work of Art) She Trims but Does Not Shave It, She has that Gap between Her Ample Thighs which Makes Her Pussy Totally Visible and Gives Her a Perky Ass

Minisculians (General) (AKA) Teenies, Fairies, (General) All of the teeny females have slim waists and exaggerated hourglass figures, with ample thighs for their size, and the cutest legs, feet, and toes. They are all 4 inches or less tall. Whatever length their head hair is on their 16.5 birthday cycle (33rd year) remains their length, and the females do not grow hair anywhere else except their pubic area, and it also stops at that age. If they cut it, it will not grow back, which is why their pubic hair is so neatly trimmed and stays that way. They have ornate bows, barrettes, clasps, ties, and pins to hold their hair.

Iota (Schmidt) (TYPE) See Minisculians (General), (INTRO) 33 yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, White Fairy, 4 in, (HAIR) Blonde Long, (CUP) D Natural – Pale Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Brown Triangular Hair Trimmed, (BODY) Exaggerated Hourglass Figure, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) N/A, (COMMENTS) Iota has Golden Blonde Long Hair in a High Ponytail, and She is Very Cute

Lindsay Keele (AKA) Pearl Hart / Mrs. L.P. Keele, (INTRO) 33 yrs. old, 36-26-37, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 8 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) 36DD Natural Soft Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Hair Triangular, (BODY) Light Complexion Hourglass Fit Soft & Sexy, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Natasha Nice, (COMMENTS) Shapely Pretty Brunette with Sexy Legs, Feet, and Toes, Nice Figure, Well Defined Creases between Thighs and Pussy

Candy (AKA) Venus Candy (INTRO) Mid-20’s yrs. old, 38-27-40, Android Caucasian, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Blonde Long, (CUP) 38DD Perfect Pink Areola and Nipples, (PUBIC) Brown Trimmed Full Triangular Hairy Shaved Below, (BODY) Curvy Perfect, Light Tan Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Mia Melano but Candy’s Measurements are Fictitious, (COMMENTS) Candy’s default form is a 6’ gorgeous blonde. To describe the rest of Candy is to say she is perfect.

Mialyn Mira Echo W.I.E.I. Ten (INTRO) Mid-20’s yrs. old Biologic Immortal, 36-24-36, Cyborg Alien, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Black Short, (CUP) 36D Natural – Soft Pink Nipples Supple, (PUBIC) Beautiful Black Full Hairy Pussy Pristinely Manicured, (BODY) Athletic Fit, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual Optional Hermaphrodite, (PERSONA) Can Mimic Anyone, (COMMENTS) Perfect Features, Dynamic, Mira’s jet-black head hair never extends below where it would naturally grow on a head; therefore, it is always short on the sides so that her forehead, neck, and ears are always exposed, because she is flawless

Aiwass (Arthur Hudson Westcott) (AKA) Aiwass the Sex Magical, (INTRO) 20 yrs. old, Caucasian Human, 6 ft 0 in, (HAIR) Thick Black Short with a Black Beard Well Groomed, (PUBIC) Trimmed Shaved Balls and Below, (PENIS) Thick 9 in Length Circumcised, (BODY) Good Muscular Build Fit, (ORIENTATION) Straight, (COMMENTS) Good-Looking and he looks magical, almost kingly. He is dresses in a nice suits and he is very handsome.

Abrant Torres (AKA) Thaumaturgist Abrant Torres, (INTRO) Middle Aged, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 11 in, (HAIR) Black Short, (PUBIC) Trimmed, (PENIS) Avg. Thickness 7 in Length Circumcised, (BODY) Average, (ORIENTATION) Pansexual, (COMMENTS) Mr. Torres looks like a creepy Warlock in his den wearing a black robe and walking around barefoot. He is not ugly, just creepy. He is an occultist who works for the Vatican. The Queen actually likes Mr. Torres, and She has taken him into Her confidence as an adviser. He would be at home in a dungeon filled with frogs and newts, as he boiled something in a cast iron pot.

Zazuleah (AKA) Sharon Peters, (TYPE) Reveeka or Succubus, (INTRO) Mid-20’s Biologic Immortal, White Humanoid, 32-23-34, 5 ft 5 in, (HAIR) Platinum Blonde Straight Layered Shoulder Length, (CUP) 32B Natural – Pale Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Light Brown Landing Strip, (BODY) Slim Fit, Small Dainty Features, Red Horns, Tail, and Wings, Soft White Complexion, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Zazie Skymm, (COMMENTS) Zazuleah is a fucking baby doll. All the Reveeki prefer to be nude. They can form armor clothing if needed. They have bat wings on their backs, a long tail with a rounded arrow point with no edges, and two vector “S” shaped horns coming out of the sides of their head that extend 6-8” curving in over the top of their heads. The wings, tail, and horns vary in color among the Reveeki, but usually match their hair. They have ears that are not much bigger than human, and they are sexy but sweep back into a point, and kind of look like bat ears. They live off sexual and lifeforce energy they drain from other species. Their age appearance varies even though they are biologic immortals. It is more like they reach a prime seductive state for their individual being, so it is a perfect state. No two are alike, and some could even be called milfs in their 40’s-60’s, down to tweens that look 10-12 (and younger). All manner of ages and body types to fit every seduction or fantasy need.

Vanessa Jenkins Westcott (INTRO) 38 yrs. old, 44-28-36, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 7 in, (HAIR) Brunette Long, (CUP) G Natural, Pink Nipples and Large Areola, (PUBIC) Black Landing Strip Trimmed Shaved Below, (BODY) Average Fit Tan Complexion Bikini Lines, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Sensual Jane, (COMMENTS) Vanessa is a hot milf.

TG3 (Jingleheimer) (TYPE) See Minisculians (General), (INTRO) 33 yrs. old, Biologic Immortal, White Fairy, 4 in, (HAIR) Sandy Blonde Shoulder Length, (CUP) DD Natural – Pale Pink Areola and Small Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Full Triangular Hair Trimmed, (BODY) Exaggerated Hourglass Figure, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) N/A, (COMMENTS) TG3 is so cute with her exaggerated hourglass figure and double D boobs, ample luscious thighs, and she is so seductive too. TG3 likes to use the catchphrases, Anyway, Whatever, and bazillion gazillion.

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