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Men are such pigs

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I was put in to care in the 1970’s but my care home was a secret brothel, who pimped out all the girls in the house to sick perverted men who raped us

In the 1970’s I was sent to live in a care home because my when my dad dies of a drug overdose, my mom, who was also a drug addict, started taking some seriously strong stuff and getting in with the wrong type of people.

Even thought my parents were drug addicts, they gave me lots of love and took good care of me, but when dad died when I was 10 my mom changed, she got really depressed, and she neglected the house and me, she’d was always out with her drug friends getting high, leaving me to fend for myself, and was I was 11 my mom was deemed unfit to be my guardian so the authorities put me in a care home.

I was taken to an old house by Miss Harding, my new guardian, it was very old and looked like it was falling apart from the outside, it was surrounded by overgrown trees and bushes, with broken up cars scattered around the garden, it was a real shithole.

Miss Harding was really nice to me when she picked me up, but as soon as we got in to the house and the door closed, her personality changed completely, she hung up her coat and bag, kicked my suitcase against the wall, then she grabbed my arm really hard and marched me through the house, as I was being dragged passed rooms downstairs, I caught glimpses of louds of other young girls inside the rooms.

Miss Harding opened a door in the kitchen and dragged me down in to a dark room, it was the basement of the house, it had been converted in to a big shower room, but it was very dirty and smelly with mould all over the walls and broken sharp tiles on the floor, and there was a single chair by the wall at the back of the room, she pushed me in front of her and then let go of my arm.

“Take off your dress.” She said, firmly.

It was cold and dirty down there, and I was in a strange place, I didn’t want to take off my dress, I hunched up my shoulders cowering, then she stepped forward and started to pull at my dress, “I said take it off.” She snapped, and she continued until she’d pulled my dress completely off, she threw it in to a bin in the corner while I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered from the cold, standing there only in my panties.

She turned me around and pulled off my panties, then she dragged me over to the showers and turned it on, the water was freezing cold like ice, I wanted to move away from the freezing water but she held me on the spot, she handed me some soap, “Wash!” she demanded, “You must be clean when the Master of the house comes to inspect you.” She said.

Her tone of voice really scared me and I wanted to get out of this cold shower as quickly as possible so I obeyed and washed myself quickly.

I heard someone walking down the creaky steps so I glanced over my shoulder, it was a man, he was wearing a suit and he was in his late 40’s with a moustache, I was uncomfortable with a man seeing me showering so I hurried up even more.

A few minutes later she turned off the water, but didn’t hand me a towel, I thought she’d forgot so I walked over to her, “Can I have a towel?” I asked, with my teeth clattering together because I was so cold.

“No!” she snapped, and she pushed me in to the middle of the room and turned me to face the man who was now sitting in the chair smoking a cigar, I had my hands covering my chest and crotch, I felt so embarrassed.

The man dropped his cigar on the floor and stamped it out, “Come close child.” He said.

“Well go on.” Snapped Miss Harding as she pushed me forward towards him.

As I slowly walked towards him I stepped underneath the only light in the room, that’s when he told me to stop, so he could get a good look at me, he rubbed his chin and then got to his feet and walked over to me, he paced around me a couple of times and then stopped in front of me, “Look at me girl.” He demanded.

I had my head down so he put his hand under my chin and lifted up my head, he made me open my mouth so he could see my teeth, then he pulled my arms to my sides and looked at my naked body, I was completely exposed to him, “That’ll be all, Miss Harding.” He said, and she went upstairs leaving me alone with him.

He took my hand and walked me to the chair, he sat down with his knees apart and then he pulled me between his legs until my thighs hit the front of the wooden seat, he started to rub his hands up and down my arms and then around my back before eventually grabbing and squeezing my butt, it made me very uncomfortable and I started to whimper.

“Now, Now. No need for all that. Don’t be scared child.” He said, which wasn’t very comforting.

He then rubbed his hand around to the front of my legs and he rubbed my pussy, I struggled with him and tried to get away but he grabbed my arms so tight he could have broken my bones, “Ouch! – Please, Sir, please don’t touch me there.” I begged.

My words seemed to make him angry, “I will touch you wherever I like. You belong to me now.” He snapped, he touched me again and I struggled again, “Behave yourself child.” She yelled, then he hit me across the face, he hit me so hard it spun me round and I fell on the floor on my hands and knees.

He came up behind me and grabbed my wet hair and pulled on it, I could hear him undoing his belt and zipper, “You’ll show me some god damn respect, you little bitch.” He growled, then I felt it, he pushed his cock in and I screamed like a banshee as he fucked me up the ass really hard.

When he was finished with me, he called Miss Harding back down, she gave me a dress that looked like it had been made from an old coal sack or potato sack and told me to put it on, then she took me upstairs and up to the stairs to the next floor where I was pushed in to a room full of other girls around my age, she closed the door behind her and locked it.

The girls stared at me for a minute and then came over to comfort me, they took over to one of the beds and I just curled up in to a ball on top of it and cried all night.

Talking to the other girls, they explained that this care home was really a brothel, and that we were the workers, the man who raped me downstairs was the owner of the house, his name was Mr Fingal, all us girls were expected to work for him, do as we were told at all times, or be severely punished.

The following night I was taken in to one of the other bedrooms and told to put on a white cotton nighty and put a pink ribbon in my hair, so I did, then two old looking men came in to the room and Miss Harding locked the door as she closed it, locking me in with the two men.
I won’t go in to too much detail, but just say that they raped me, repeatedly, they hurt me so much I wanted to die, my pussy bled for two days afterwards, they didn’t care that we were all little girls, they treated us like pieces of meat.

I was raped and abused every single day until I was 15, that’s when I took my chance and ran away, but the house is still there, my town is full of child brothels that are still operating today, and the law doesn’t seem to care, in fact, I lost count of how many police men visited the house when I was there and raped me and other girls.

Men are such pigs.

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