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A few years ago, when I was in my mid-thirties, I worked for a time with a girl called Megan, who was about seventeen years my junior. The following story is a work of fiction based around her. The bit up to the drinks bar is true (including the flirting), but the rest following that is not. I like to think this would have happened though.

Megan was eighteen when we first met, with long dark hair, brown eyes, a beautiful smile, and a perfect figure. All in all, she was hot as hell. Unbelievably, she never had a fixed boyfriend (or girlfriend), which always baffled me as I would have expected to see people queuing up for her, but she was quite a shy girl really – especially with me.

She was a hard-working, studious type of girl who was also at university during the time I knew her, and has since gone on to do well in her chosen career, so I believe. I put the fact that she was never in a relationship simply down to her not wanting things to get in the way of her studying. And if that was the case, in many ways it was a sensible choice as I don’t believe any partner would have left her alone to get on with her work.

We knew each other for about two and a half years, and near the end of our time together, when she was twenty, we both attended a birthday get-together for one of our colleagues. It wasn’t a full-blown party, just an evening out with dinner and drinks afterwards in a bar. It was the type of do that partners were invited to, but most chose not to anyway, for fear that talk would end up very work-based – which it inevitably did.

I arrived before Megan, and ended up sat down near the end of the long table that had been set up for us in the restaurant. In fact, most other people had also turned up before she did, and the table was gradually filling up from my end, meaning that she was going to get pushed further and further away from me – much to my annoyance. And to make matters worse, I was already stuck next to one of the most boring people I’d ever worked with, ‘Nerdy Nigel’ as we used to call him. He sat there talking to me (talking at me to be more accurate) about various things that were probably fascinating to him, but bored the shit out of anyone else.

Then she arrived. My jaw almost dropped to the floor as I saw her, and Nigel was still running on, even though I zoned out completely and couldn’t have related a word of what he said. Megan was wearing a very figure-hugging red dress cut just below the knee, with thin shoulder straps and a bodice that barely covered her breasts. It was also obvious she was not wearing a bra, and the deep red colour of the dress helped to accentuate her beautiful tanned skin. I’d always fancied her – but never quite like this!

My cock started hardening the minute I set eyes on her, and straight away, all sorts of dirty thoughts came flooding into my mind. She was wearing much more makeup than usual, and her long dark hair was loose down to her shoulders (more often than not it would just be in a ponytail at work). I had never seen her done up in that way before, and even though she was always a blatantly attractive girl, her level of beauty and sexiness went off the scale that night!

She sat down at the far opposite end of the long table, with a couple of other female colleagues and one of our newest recruits, Tom. He was about the same age as her, so I guessed he was probably going to try it on with her later, and sat there laughing and joking with her and the other ladies most of the evening, causing my blood levels to rise with jealousy. It wasn’t all bad for me though. Despite being bored by Nigel, I was also sat opposite one of my good mates and his rather yummy wife, who had decided to come along for the evening, so at least my outlook straight ahead was very pleasant. I kept glancing up the table towards Megan at every opportunity though, trying to imagine what it would be like to rip that dress off her and sample the delights underneath.

Following the dinner, we headed off to a nearby bar for extra drinks. I had a much better chance there of getting close to her, and moved in as soon as I could, buying her another drink and chatting about things, trying to get off the subject of work for a change. I asked her how uni was going, now that she was heading towards the end of her course, and joked about why she was never in a relationship, to which she coyly replied, “I don’t have time for that!”

“But a gorgeous girl like you shouldn’t be wasting your talents,” I said.

She blushed when I said that (maybe it came across a bit creepy, I wasn’t sure), but she soon loosened up and we started flirting a bit more openly, complimenting each other on the way we looked, or as she said, ‘brushed up’. Annoyingly, we were interrupted by a couple of other colleagues – not Nerdy Nigel thank god, I actually think I would have punched him if that had been the case! But Megan and I ended up being split apart for a while, and time went by. I couldn’t drink very much anyway because I was driving. It was a bit short-sighted of me, but in the end it turned out to be a good thing, as we started to make a move and Megan said she was going to call a taxi.

“Oh don’t worry, I can drop you home,” I said – having no idea where she even lived.

She said she was house-sharing with some uni friends, and gave me the address.

“Oh that’s fine, it’s virtually on route home for me anyway,” I said. It wasn’t really at all, but I needed to spend a bit more time with her. We walked back to my car, and continued chatting as I drove her home.

“That was a good evening,” she said, trying to small-talk her way through the journey.

“Yeah, good fun – once I’d shaken off Nerdy Nigel!” I laughed. “And you, my dear, are looking very ravishing tonight.”

She gave a slightly embarrassed smile and turned away, then looked back at me and simply said, “Well, thanks,” then after a little pause she asked if her place was really on route home for me.

“No, not really at all,” I confessed.

“Why did you offer me a lift home then?” she asked, playfully.

“Honestly? So I could spend a bit more time with you, I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy,” I replied.

“No… I like it,” she said.

We drew up near to her student accommodation, and she thanked me for the lift, leaning over to kiss me on the cheek. I put my hand on her arm, and we held the look between us for a few seconds, before slowly moving in towards each other for another kiss. It soon became very passionate, as our mouths opened fully to embrace the other’s tongue, locked in a wrestling match – our hands becoming much more free and easy.

“You’re so gorgeous,” I said, stroking her face.

“Can you come in for a while? I want to show you something,” she said, and before I’d had a chance to say anything, she opened the door and got out of the car. I quickly followed, moving round to her and taking her hand, pushing her back against the car and kissing her again.

“Come on,” she said, leading me a short way along the road to her house. We walked up the front steps, it was one of those old Victorian properties that had been divided into student halls. I pressed myself up against her from behind, caressing her slim body as she fumbled through her bag to dig out her keys.

My dick had constantly been stirring ever since I first saw her arrive at the restaurant earlier, and was now hard as a rock after snogging her face off in the car. “I really want you, Megan,” I said in her ear, kissing around her neck as I pressed my erection against her pert little arse. She deliberately leaned forward to put the key in the lock as I did that, keeping her arse tight to my crotch and even wiggling about slightly to enjoy the feeling of my bulge kneading into her.

I followed her upstairs to her room. There didn’t seem to be anyone else about, but she assured me some of her housemates were probably asleep already, and others were probably still out enjoying the weekend. Once in her room, I asked her why she hadn’t asked young Tom to go back home with her, being of a similar age.

“Oh, I don’t fancy him!” she said, “Truth is, I like older men really, with experience.”

We kissed again, even more passionately than before, and she pulled me tight to her, as my hands combed through her long dark hair.

“You’re so fucking hot,” I said, kissing round her neck, “what was it you wanted to show me?”

“Everything,” she panted, her breathing becoming heavier and heavier. All of a sudden, with surprise dominance and control, she pushed me back down onto the bed, as she stood in front of me. I sat there and watched her pull the straps down off her shoulders, before slipping the dress down, uncovering her beautiful breasts and finally exposing the rest of her fabulous body. She kicked the dress away, now standing in just her tan coloured heels and a sexy lace thong.

“Oh, fuck…” was all I could say as I took in every inch of her hot young body.

She moved towards me and sat on my lap, straddling me and thrusting her chest into my face. I kissed and licked her firm nipples as she tilted back her head, before moving up her neck and pulling her face back to mine to kiss her again, more roughly this time. She unbuttoned my shirt, helping me to pull it off as my hands ran over her gorgeous body, then she slid back down to the floor, kneeling in front of me while she fiddled with the zip of my trousers.

I was gagging to let it out, it was almost uncomfortable now keeping my throbbing erection undercover, so I helped her out and pushed down my boxers. My cock sprung back at her, smacking her in the face, which made her giggle like a mischievous schoolgirl.

“Mmmmm, this is what I’ve really been after,” she said, kissing my shaft and licking it, before closing her lips around my helmet and sinking her head down – impaling her throat on my cock. She sucked me hard. Even though she never had a regular boyfriend, I could tell she’d obviously done that before a few times at least, and I ran my fingers through her hair as I looked down at her devouring me hungrily.

After a few minutes, she lifted up her head and jerked me off, giving my cock a final kiss before edging her way back up my chest and placing her legs on either side of me again, kicking off her heels in the process. Our mouths were wide open, tongues lashing away uncontrollably, our hands all over each other – me stroking her soft, toned thighs as she nibbled my ear and whispered, “I’m so wet now.”

“You naughty girl,” I said, “I never expected this from you in a million years.”

“What do you want to do to this ‘naughty girl’ then?” she asked.

“As you would say – everything!” I said, lifting her up and throwing her back onto the bed, running my hands up her legs and over the rest of her smooth young body.

“Oh fuck, I need this,” she gasped.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked, the thought suddenly coming into my head.

“No, of course not,” she replied, almost angrily, “but I’ve only slept with boys before – I need a man to fuck me, a real man!”

I leant over her and worked my hand down her body, brushing over her panties and then stroking up and down the lips of her pussy, gently probing into her through her rapidly dampening underwear. She spread her legs wider for me, allowing me to slowly work my fingers in and out of her juicy snatch, using her thong like a condom, causing her to groan as she was gradually overwhelmed by lust.

I kissed my way down her body, licking and sucking her tits, and moving down her stomach, brushing my tongue over her panties, before tearing them off. She spread her legs apart even further for me, allowing me to savour her beautiful sweet pussy. It was as smooth as the rest of her body, and she began to groan and gasp as I licked her juicy clit, teasing it with the tip of my tongue before sliding it inside her.

“Oooh yeah, that’s good,” she moaned, placing her legs over my shoulders and forcing me even deeper inside, her hands pushing down on my head. I plunged my tongue into her, lapping up her juices, and continued lashing away at her till she reached an orgasm, cumming hard as I continued to eat her out.

“Fuck, ohhhh fuck!” she cried as she climaxed, soaking my tongue in her juice.

“I’ll send you over the edge again yet,” I said, kissing my way back up her body.

“I hope so – fuck me,” she suddenly said like an order, “oh god fuck me please…”

That would have been my next move anyway, but hearing her demanding it like that just made it all the easier to move to the next level. I eased my throbbing shaft slowly into her pussy, sliding in quite easily with one long thrust as she was already dripping wet. She groaned as I began to penetrate her, wrapping her legs around me to lock me in (like I was going to try and get away!) We kissed hard as I fucked her, our heated passions going into overdrive.

“You feel so good inside me,” she panted.

“Was this what you wanted, yeah?” I said, kissing her neck and groping her tits.

“Oh yeah – I needed a real man to fuck me like this, fucking my pussy hard,” she gasped.

“Bend over,” I said, sliding out and kneeling back, pulling her up and flipping her over onto all fours. She arched her back, offering herself to me, but instead of slamming my dick back into her, I started thrusting my fingers into her wet cunt, fucking her faster and faster with them until she was brewing towards another climax. She let out a massive groan as the orgasm swept over her, spraying her cum all over my hand and onto the bed.

“Oh fuck, yesssss!” she cried, “fuck me again, ram your cock into me please!”

I gripped her firmly by the hips and sank my shaft deep inside her, thrusting even harder than before and filling her pussy with my meat. She lifted herself up and leant back against me, allowing me to reach round and squeeze her tits while I fucked her, kissing her shoulders and then smacking her arse.

“You gorgeous little bitch, letting me fuck you like this,” I said, “you’ve teased me for far too long.”

“I was just waiting for the right time,” she replied, tauntingly.

I took hold of her hair as she leant forward again, letting me pull on it as I continued to plough her from behind, smacking her arse with my free hand while her long dark hair remained firmly in the grip of my other.

“Ohhhh yes, fuck my cunt you horny bastard, this is just what I needed,” she moaned, rocking back and forth against me, her senses starting to go overboard as she built towards another climax.

“That’s it, cum for me you sexy little slut!” I said, now holding her hips strongly with both hands, plunging my dick in and out of her drenched pussy. A few minutes later, she screamed through her third orgasm of the night. It being a warm night in June, added to the steamy action going on in Megan’s bedroom, the sweat was now pouring down our bodies, but I didn’t want to waste this one possible chance with her.

I lay down on my back, prompting her to mount me. I wanted to look up at her riding me, and she needed no further persuasion to do just that, sinking herself down onto me and placing her hands on my chest as she straddled me. My hands ran up and down her sexy thighs as she rode me hard, her fabulous body laid bare in front of me (or on top of me rather) as she looked down at me, softly biting her bottom lip as a sign of enjoyment. She leant down and kissed me, slightly lifting herself off my lap so my cock had to work harder to penetrate her soaked pussy.

I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last. The idea of fucking Megan had been on my mind for hours by that point, and now that we were finally doing it, she was rapidly driving me towards breaking point – her gorgeous body and beautiful face were giving me little choice, in addition to her juicy cunt grinding up and down on my shaft. She straightened herself up, and tilted back her head, pushing out her chest. My hands ran up her body and cupped her breasts, tweaking her hard nipples with my fingers.

I sat up and kissed all over her chest, licking and sucking her pert nipples before pulling her face towards me again to kiss her, as she continued to ride me. I pushed her backwards, flipping her onto her back, bringing me down on top of her to plunge my dick back inside her. She spread her legs nice and wide, holding back her knees to expose her pussy as openly as possible for me. I fucked her hard, building up to a strong, fast rhythm that began to make her bed creak. Any of her housemates that were at home, would surely have heard us by now, if they hadn’t already by the volume of Megan’s groaning.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck my cunt harder, harder!” she gasped, wrapping her legs around me as I thrust deep into her, my balls slapping against her arse every time my cock rammed back inside her drenched pussy.

“Yes, keep doing that, you’ve got a really good spot there,” she moaned, urging me to send her over the edge once more. I was also dangerously close to the edge too, and really couldn’t hold out much longer. Her body was writhing and contorting beneath me, as we kissed passionately again, my hands all over her beautiful naked body.

“Cum for me, you gorgeous girl, I need you to do it one more time before I let go,” I panted, desperately holding back my own climax.

“Let’s do it together,” she said breathlessly, “cum with me.”

I asked her how close she was, and she simply replied, “Very.”

Her breathing got heavier, and her moaning got louder, as she prepared to orgasm one last time. I could tell it was going to be a big one, as she was losing control, gripping me tightly and scratching her nails down my back.

“Ohhhh fuck, here it comes,” she gasped, “cum with me, oh fuck, I want you to cum inside me!”

I felt it building within me, just as her pussy throbbed and contracted around my dick, making her scream through her fourth and final climax, which caused me to lose control of myself, ejaculating my huge load deep inside her in almost perfect unison with her own orgasm. I let out a huge groan as I felt my balls being drained of cum and filling up her insides. I kissed her roughly, as we gradually got our breath back. We were perspiring heavily from our extreme workout, and her long hair was now spread over the pillow in a tangled mess.

“Fuck, I wasn’t expecting this tonight,” I said.

“To be honest, neither was I,” she panted, “but I’m glad you gave me that lift home.”

“Would you have done this if Nerdy Nigel had given you a lift?” I joked.

She laughed. “No… I only ever wanted you.”

If you liked this story, please let me know in the comments – there is potential to take things further with Megan’s exploits, should enough people seem interested.

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