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Me and my sister as kids

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This is a story of what me and my sister got up to when we were kids having to share a shower together. It was fun and no harm was done.

I was aged 11 when puberty kicked in and it kicked in hard, no pun intended.

Me and my 6 year old sister Sophie have always showered together, our house was small and it didn’t have a bath, and mom and dad always insisted we shower together to save hot water.

For a couple of years it wasn’t a problem, I never looked at my sister in a sexual way, sure we’d seen each other naked and seen each other’s private parts and touched them curiously when we were in the shower, but it was never sexual, we were just two kids messing about, being curious and exploring.

One morning I woke up and my cock was bigger, very hard and sticking right up, it made a tent in my pyjama bottoms, I pushed them down and saw my erection for the first time, my first thought was that there was something wrong with me and for a moment I felt myself about to cry in panic, but then I touched it and something about it felt good.

I touched it repeatedly, the most sensitive part was the top, it made my cock twitch when I touched it and it gave me a nice fuzzy feeling inside, so I touched it for longer and soon I was rubbing my cock in my hand, the more I rubbed it the better it felt, I kept going, and then I ejaculated for the first time ever, I’m not ashamed to say that my first ejaculation actually hurt a little bit as my thick spunk stretch out my pee tube as it squeezed its way to the top and then shot out.

I woke up with an erection every single day, and even got random erections during the day, it was cool and I jerked myself off whenever I got the chance.

I was in the shower with Sophie one night, I was standing behind her as we showered, again it wasn’t sexual and even at that moment, as we were standing in the shower naked together, the thought of her in a sexual way never entered my mind, until I realised my cock had become erect.

I dropped the soap as I tried to cover my cock up, the soap hit Sophie on the heel of her foot and she turned around, as she turned, her shoulder hit my hard cock and she saw me with an erection for the first time.

She stood in shock with a look of amazement on her tiny face, my cock was long, hard and pointing towards the ceiling, she was short and the tip of my cock was at the same level as her chin, so my cock was practically right in her face just inches away.

Because we’d both played with each other’s privates before, she assumed it was okay to touch it, which she did very quickly, she just grabbed hold of it and started to squeeze and pull it, she must have instinctively known what to do because she started stroking it up and down, and it felt fucking amazing.

Then without me saying or doing anything, she quickly licked the tip, looked like she was analysing the taste of it, then she just put her mouth around it and with an inch of my cock in her mouth she began to suck on it.

I backed up against the tile wall because I had no idea what she was doing, I didn’t know what a blowjob was at the time, she followed me and wouldn’t let go of my cock, every time it popped out of her mouth she quickly put it back in and continued sucking.

I could feel myself about to come, I panicked and I didn’t know what to do, but before I could do anything, it happened, I exploded in to her mouth, she coughed and gagged, then bent forward and spat it out, but most of it had already gone down her throat, she didn’t like the taste of my spunk at all.

The strange thing was that every time after that when we showered together, she always wanted to suck on my cock, even though she clearly didn’t like the taste of my spunk, she always let me come in her mouth.

I never had sex with Sophie though, now that I’m a lot older and wiser, sexually, I do regret never fucking her in the shower because I reckon that would have been amazing, but it wasn’t like that, she just sucked me off and that was all we ever did.

Fond memories of happy days.

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