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Hi all, myself is a regular reader of Indian sex stories for last 4 year s, I am from Bangalore and working in MNC . I am a simple guy and very loving and caring. mature sex stories I like the people with same attitude. Even though I got a lot of chance in my earlier days to have sex with so many girls, I was not ready to do that as for me love and caring was the first thing , I believe that without love and caring , sex wont be good and I wont be able to enjoy that .

This is my story with mature women who was my friends friend . Its happened 4 years before .I lives in north Bangalore and she was living in south Bangalore. One of my friend introduced her to me as she was looking to sell some of her land in the area where I stay. mature sex stories As she was away she couldn’t come to this place when ever the people comes to visit the site. My friend called me and asked whether I can help her and when she will sell that property she will give us handsome amount .I was always free in my home , so I said yes and asked him to give my number .


One fine day I got a call and she told me that she got my number from my friend and she wants my help. I said ok and the place she was mentioning was near to my place. mature sex stories So I used to call her regularly and we used to talk , she was 42 year old and having 2 kids . One kid is 18 years old and another was 16 . Her husband was a business man and he used to travel all the time .

After some days we become good friends and she started to share her problems. As she was very nice every one , and having lot of money so many people cheated her and took her money. mature sex stories Then she told that she had affair with one of the guy who was very much younger to her , she used to do all the things for him as he was staying in her out side . But he was addicted to alcohol so left her and went some where after taking 10 lakhs rs from her.

After few days , we decided to meet her in her house , she gave the address and I went there in Sunday morning . I thought she will be aged one but the moment I saw she was so good . As we used to talk a lot over the phone , there was no issue with mingling. She gave me food and introduced me to her kids. mature sex stories The kids having tuition , so left after breakfast . She asked me to be there for lunch . I decided to stay there and started helping her in kitchen as I love cooking . When she was cutting vegetables , her finger got cut and the blood started coming . I said if u want to stop bleeding , u should suck that finger , she said she dont like smell of blood, immediately I took that finger and sucked. For some time and bleeding stopped.

She was feeling so happy and she said nobody cared her in that way till now every one used her in for money and whom she got attracted that guy also left her . I said dont worry , I will be there for her as long as she is true to me . I hold her in my arms and kissed her in her forehead. mature sex stories She was keeping her head in my chest and I kissed her in her lips. She was also started to kiss me . I took her in my arms and took her to bed room without breaking the kiss. I slowly places in bed and started to kiss her in neck, forehead, eyes. She started to moaning slightly . I removed her churidar and started to suck her boobs and arms pits . Then slowly came down her navel . She started moaning loudly .

I removed her bra and panties , she asked me to remove my dress too . I removed my dress and my dick was in full standing mood. She started to caress my junior . I told her lie down and I came down. mature sex stories Started to lick her pussy . It was so wet and her moaning increased . She came top of me and we were in 69. She was very good in bj and she started to lick my balls and dick and I was licking her pussy. In 2 min she got her first orgasm and she moaned high. I didnt leave her and started to suck her pussy again ,in another 5 min she got her second one .

She asked me to stop oral and wanted to enter her . She came down and I started to push my dick inside . I entered her and she hold me with her legs . I started moving and kissed her ears while fucking slowly . She was moaning and calling my name . She said I love you and asked me to kill her on bed. mature sex stories I was fucking her for 15 min and then she got her 3 rd orgasm, I stoo was nearing to climax and I said I am going to come . She said its safe period for her and come inside .

I started fucking her fast and before I am finishing she got her 4 th orgasm and I reached climax. She was locking me with her leg and kept like that till last drop of mine is over. I was lying besides her and she was in my arms . We rested for few min . She told me it was her best fuck in her life and she was feeling that love and care when we are having sex. She asked me whether I will be for her like that for ever. I said I will be as long she wants . She was so happy and she climbed upon me and resting in my body. mature sex stories She slept for some time and then we went to bath room and she cleaned my dick .

We were so tired and her kids were about to come for tuition. She called near by hotel and gave order for food. After food I left from her home. mature sex stories I used to visit her every week and had wonderful love making for one year.

After an year her daughter got MBBS admission in UK and they migrated from India. The thing which I liked is we were not having sex, mature sex stories we were loving in bed .

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