Making The Mile High Club

On a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles, Ryan happened to catch a near-empty 747.  He was flying first class and with only four passengers in their section, there were four crew members to spoil them. Ryan was tired and still a little hung over from the night before, having smoked a few joints and consumed a good quantity of fabulous German wine.
Ryan had deliberately chosen the window seat in the first row so he could put his feet on his briefcase, against the bulkhead, once they were underway. He tilted his seat-back a little, with his feet up, and buried himself in a local newspaper. After about ten minutes he stopped reading and his mind wandered to the hot young lady he was with the night before.  
He had met her in the hotel bar.  He had bought her dinner and they came back to his room to smoke a joint and that’s when the fun started.  She was a delight in bed. They fucked like rabbits, in every position imaginable, and hardly slept.  Ryan was lost in his daydream, wondering if he would be so lucky as to meet up with her again on his next trip.
Suddenly, a voice from behind the newspaper brought him out of his reverie and back to the present: “Hi, my name is Sue, I am your stew, but I don’t serve stew!”
Lowering the newspaper, Ryan looked into the smiling face of a curly-haired redhead, almost kneeling in the space in front of the seat to his left.  Sue was grinning from ear to ear, displaying a beautiful set of pearly white teeth.  He instantly fell in love with this creature. As she stood up, he quickly took in her form. She was drop-dead gorgeous.
Sue was well endowed and beautifully proportioned.  Even though Lisa had blown him twice the night before and he had once climaxed in her, his cock was instantly stirring and he was sure that Sue had noticed the twitch in his jeans and the increasing bulge.
“May I call you Ryan?” she asked, playing coy.  He was still in the process of taking in her presence and was somewhat lost for words and just nodded his head.
“So, Ryan, what might be your pleasure?” Sue asked playfully.
“I don’t think I should tell you that. You might take advantage of me,” he quipped back, having regained his composure.  He smiled at her.
“I’m going to pass on the alcohol, so perhaps I could trouble you for a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice.”
“No trouble at all. That’s what I’m here for.”  He had put the newspaper down on the seat beside him and she was taking in what he was wearing; tight-fit blue jeans with a medium-brown imitation suede sport jacket. He noticed that her eyes briefly came to rest on his crotch. She made no pretence of hiding her gaze.
“Coffee and orange juice it shall be. I’ll be right back.” Smiling, she turned and headed for the galley. Her legs were magnificent and he immediately wondered what it would be like to have them wrapped around the back of his head while he was exploring her pussy.
A minute later Sue appeared carrying a tray with his coffee and a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. She had also put down a small bowl of nuts and said, “I thought you might like something to nibble on.”
That was too much of an opening for him.  Looking her straight in her eyes, Ryan smiled and retorted, “I can think of a few other things I’d rather nibble on right now.”  

Sue held his gaze, smiled wickedly and replied, “Sounds like we have a lot in common. It’s a long flight, we can explore that option a little later when I’m on break.”  With that she disappeared towards the galley, leaving him with a huge erection, very uncomfortably confined in his blue jeans.
Ryan decided to slip into one of the heads and shed his underwear, as it was just too restrictive for his restless cock. Upon returning to his seat, the captain dimmed the lights.  He settled into a comfortable position, taking care to leave his cock plenty of room to expand down his left trouser leg.
Sue reappeared and sat down on the seat to his left. She rested her right hand on his upper thigh, dangerously close to the tip of his cock and began to slowly run her nails lightly up and down his thigh. Smiling wickedly, she said, “So tell me Ryan, what is it you enjoy nibbling on?”  


He almost creamed his jeans.  Sue was serious and looked at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes.  Her hand slowly slid higher, until her fingertips were tracing the head of his cock through the denim of his jeans.  His cock twitched and became rock hard almost in an instant. It literally grew three inches down his left pant leg and expanded right under her hand.  Her eyes widened as she felt the length and girth of his cock.
“Wow,” she said, “you are well endowed.”  When Ryan gets aroused, his cock grows to a little over seven inches; and he was very aroused!
He took a quick look over his shoulder to see if anyone was close by.  It looked like the other passengers had settled in for a nap.  The other stewardesses were nowhere to be seen.  He turned back to look Sue in the eyes.  They were a wonderful blue-grey, much like his.  He raised his hand to her face and traced her lips with his index and pointer fingers.  
He said, “One of my closest friends is a breast-man. He dreams about breasts and it’s all he ever talks about.  The first things I notice, are a woman’s eyes and mouth. I love slightly fuller lips and fantasize about them matching her pussy.  A well-shaped ass also turns me on and then of course there are great camel-toes.”  Sue was running the tip of her tongue along her upper lip as he was telling her this.  
“I would consider myself to be an ass-man.  Not that I ignore breasts, but gently nibbling on your pussy lips and clit, and flicking my tongue over and around your pucker, to me is far more erotic than playing windshield wipers.”  

Sue giggled, “Windshield wipers? I’ve never heard of that.”  Her hand never stopped caressing the length of his erection.  He had difficulty concentrating and Sue knew it and was enjoying seeing him squirm.
“Playing windshield wiper is when I sit in front of you, wagging my head from right to left, back and forth, alternately kissing first one nipple and then the other—as in the pfft, pfft sound made by windshield wipers.”
Sue laughed and he leaned in to kiss her. She obliged by leaning towards him. He felt a bolt of lightning shoot through his cock when their lips met.  He was sure she felt it too as she tightened her grip on his erection. Their tongues gently explored each other and he suckled on her lower lip.
She moaned softly, moved closer and spread her legs a little. Her skirt had risen well up her thigh and he guessed that she was not wearing panties.  He ran his right hand slowly up the inside of her thigh until he reached her wet, extremely hot and very hairy pussy.  He thought he was in heaven. He loves really hairy beavers. He let his fingers slide up between her legs, making sure to trace the crack between her wet pussy lips until he reached her clit.  She moaned again and spread her legs a little more, giving him even better access.
They kissed again, deeply, and passionately while he played with her pussy and slipped two fingers into her.  She was so wet and slippery; he just had to taste her.  He withdrew his hand and brought it up between their faces.  He licked one side of his fingers while she licked the other.  

He whispered, “You taste absolutely yummy.” She sucked his fingers deep into her mouth.  He dropped his hand back between her legs to her pussy.  Taking her clit between his thumb and forefinger he gently massaged her until she had a powerful convulsive orgasm.  She kissed him passionately and mouthed that she wanted him to eat her and then fuck her.  Her right hand had never left his rock-hard erection and she kept rubbing it through his jeans.  

Sue kissed him and whispered, “God—you are so well hung, I want to feel that cock deep inside me. Slip into the washroom closest to the outside and leave the door unlocked. I’ll be right behind you. I want your cock in me so badly.”  With that, Sue pulled her skirt back down and stood up to make way for him to slip out to the aisle.
Ryan was so hot he had trouble thinking clearly as he made his way to the head. All his blood had gone down to his erection and it felt massive.  Not even five seconds later Sue squeezed in behind him.  She wasted no time undoing her skirt and hung it up behind the door, and begun to unbutton her blouse.  
She was not wearing panties or bra and her magnificent firm tits with wonderfully erect nipples were staring him in the face.  Her breasts were gorgeous; her large dark-brown areolas were all puckered up.  
Her pussy sported a very dark-red curly bush.  He covered her pussy with his hand and slowly spread her wetness through her bush.  He helped her hop up onto the edge of the washbasin and wasted no time diving between her legs.
She tasted sweet, musky with a slight hint of orange blossoms.  It did not take more than thirty seconds before she exploded in another convulsive orgasm.  She held his face in her crotch and he continued to fuck her with his tongue, penetrating as deep as he could.  Every four or five licks he would slip down to her pucker and just lightly rim her.  Her body jerked each time he did that and she hissed:
“Oh yes, that is soooo hot.  You are so fucking good!”  Her juices flowed copiously down his chin and he tried lapping up as much as he could.  He backed off for a minute to stand up to undo his belt and quickly stepped out of his jeans and hung them up over Sue’s skirt.
His cock stood straight out, all seven inches, waiting and twitching to plunge into her steaming pussy.  They kissed passionately as she used her left hand to guide his erection to her pussy lips.  She rubbed his cock-head up and down a few times between her lips to get it well lubricated and then pulled him closer. As his cock started to slide into her she wrapped her legs around his back and pulled him in deeper.
“Please fuck me nice and slow – and make me cum again,” she moaned into his ear.  

He murmured in her ear, “Your pussy is so tight, I thought it might not go all the way in.  It feels like heaven. It feels sooo good.  Where have you been all my life?” While he was slowly thrusting in and out of her, he nibbled on her firm breasts.
Ryan knew he could not hold out much longer as all the playing around at his seat had made him super horny.  He whispered to her that he was about to cum and she moaned, “Fuck, yes, let it go.  Let me feel your hot cum shoot deep in me. Fill my pussy!”
With that, he let go one long hot spurt, followed by four more good shots every time he pushed into her. Her pussy was so flooded that his cum was squirting out every time he plunged in. His balls were coated with a mix of his cum and Sue’s juices and it was running down his legs as he kept pumping away.  But he needed to stop for a few minutes, as his cock gets very sensitive immediately after an orgasm.
As he slid his engorged erection out of her, she slipped off the washbasin and squatted down to take his cock in her mouth.  She licked him clean and sucked it completely dry.  Then she licked up all the juices off his balls and legs.  They spent a few more minutes making themselves presentable again and kissed passionately once more
As he returned to his seat, another stewardess welcomed him.
“Welcome to the mile-high club.”   Here was a gorgeous blond smiling wickedly at him and it went through his mind that he may be so lucky to fuck two stews on the same flight.  But that was not to be.  Just before landing he asked Sue for her phone number; he wanted to see her again, but she said that was not possible.  She had promised her boyfriend to stop fucking around outside their relationship.
Before their descent into LA, Sue brought him another orange juice, sat down beside him and kissed him once more, really deeply and passionately.  Then she said this has been one of the most exciting flights she has been on.  She softly ran her hand down his cheek, looked him in the eyes and said, “If only we had met in another time and place.”  She smiled sadly and left to go back to her post.
Ryan took that same flight on several more occasions during the next five years but never ran into Sue or any of the other crew again.
Two nights later, as Ryan was making love to his girlfriend in LA, he had an extra extreme orgasm thinking about fucking Sue.  She preyed on his mind for a long time.

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