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Lush Stories Of Old Married Female

Dear Friends, This is ranju here again after a long time. lush stories This time I would like to introduce you with my friend Anu Goel who is also a colleague of mine and one of my very close friends. She is 35 years old married female with no kids. Her hubby is a doctor. Lush Stories She is a smart female with a height of 5’4”, wheatish in complexion, slightly on a heavier side. Her body is like 42DD/ 30/38. We had shared all our secrets and now on her wish she would like to share her experience with ISS readers and would like to know what you all feel about her. Now you can read from what she wants to write about her life of last 35 years.

Hi everyone, this is Anu here. I am thankful to ranju (very hot and sexy lady I had ever met) and ISS where in I can get a platform to write something about myself and get to know the feedback from the readers across the globe.

I was born in a normal middle class family. My father was a teacher and mother was a housewife. To cover up the expenses we had a shop at home, which my mother takes care. lush stories Just to brief about my mother she was typical Indian lady but horny (which I came to know when I was in class V). She always used to wear sarees as it was in our culture. I was on a heavier side from my childhood. My growth was also above normal in comparison to the kids of my age. I started wearing bra at the age of 10. It was all due to hereditary because my mother also had quite big ones. She was only 5 Feet.

During My Summer Vacation Of Class VI I used to Read These Hot Lush Stories

, I noticed that there were two helpers who use to help my mom in her shop. She was very careless as far as her dressing was concerned. She never mind coming in just blouse and petticoat and her blouses were quite revealing which used to show her ample cleavage. Lush Stories I noticed during that time that lot of men clients used to come to our shop to buy products and talk to my mom and spent extra time with her.

Those helpers also spend more time with mom and she also used to enjoy their company. I could feel that there was something fishy going on but not able to come to any conclusion since I haven’t seen anything. One day I noticed that one of the helper was talking to another and I overheard him saying, lush stories “Bhabhi had told not to disturb her when Anu is at home,” Other one said, “ Even she is growing like bhabhiji, look at her boobs they are surely growing to be more than bhabhiji and I really feel like sucking those virgin boobs.” At that time only I was quite sure that something wrong is going at our home and my father is only concerned about making money and running after private tuitions.

After a week I went to my friends house for day spent but I planed to come 3 hours earlier so that I could catch them today. Luck was in my favour and I got a chance to see them. We keep our shop closed between 2-4 PM. I reached home at 2:15 and directly enter my home without telling anybody. I could not found my mother anywhere. After 5 minutes I came out of my room and went to godown where my mom stocks the material. It was one of our bedrooms only.

I could not see everything clearly because door was locked from inside but I was able so see some glimpse from the keyhole that my mother was sitting on the ground without her blouse and bra and both the helpers were sucking her each breast. lush stories They wee also talking which I could hear clearly since my mother voice pitch is little higher.

Mom: Today I am bit relaxed that Anu is not at home. I could see your depressed faces for last one week.

Helper 1: Bhabhi you are so nice and think so much about us. Trust me I feel hungry without sucking these milk pots. They are so nice and big. (he started chewing her nipples and she started moaning and said, “ You don’t know even I love the way you love me like this. I also feel hungry without you and you know Anu dad is good for nothing. Ok you do fast because Anu can come by 4 PM and we have just 1:30 min. left for everything and I don’t know when we will get chance next time.”

Helper 2 started taking off her petticoat and she was totally nude in front of them. He bent down and I could assume that he started sucking her pussy. lush stories She was louder now and started speaking, “ I really love the way you do that. It feels so good, Pls do it more and more, Pls do it bit harder.”

Now the scene was that one guy was sucking her boobs and other was sucking her pussy and she shamelessly was enjoying. After sometime Helper 1 got up and took off his clothes and this was the first time I was seeing the cock. I was shocked to see that but mom took it in her palm and moved it for sometime in to and fro motion and then finally took into her mouth. She was sucking it like a candy. I had never seen all these things before.

I was totally wet by that time and my panty was drenched. I was not able to stand properly but don’t want to miss anything. After sometime it became unbearable for me and I went to my room and started fingering. After getting relaxed I refreshed myself. lush stories Around 4 PM I moved out and of home and came after half an hour. I could see only helpers were there at shop but mom was missing. To enter our house there was one way from shop also which goes from godown and finally to our rooms and prefer to take that one.

When I reached in I saw my mom was busy in a kitchen. She was quite normal talking to me about my day and my friends. I was feeling little horny on seeing her because I was not able to digest my mom doing all these stuff with shop helpers. Anyway things moved ahead I got number of chances to see them fondling with each other. Sometimes I saw helper kneading her boobs, sometimes kissing each other and once sucking each other. I was very alert that they should not notice me watching them.

I was growing with time and maturity level was increasing Even at my mom end things were moving very fast. Now these guys even come to our kitchen and play with her body. Once our school was closed earlier due to some death of a teacher and I reached home 3 hours before the schedule time. lush stories As I entered my home I was cautious that no one should know that I had came in. I saw my mom and one helper having a sex in a kitchen. Both were totally naked and she was standing like a dog holding the stand and he was pumping her. Hips of both them were moving in the same rhythm.

He was also kneading her boobs. She was speaking, “ Very good, Its really nice, Pls do fast and fuck me to the core today and I will give you what ever you want but fuck me hard.” He said, “ Bhabhiji Promise me that once you get satisfied then you will give me what so ever I want.” She in the wave of heat agreed to what he said. After that he increased his speed and within few minutes both collapsed and mother was smiling and started kissing him and said, “ Darling, I promise you that I will give you what ever you want but you also promise me that you will satisfy me everyday like this.”

They both hugged each other for sometime and after that he kissed her nipples for 10 minutes and moved out. While wearing there clothes he said, lush stories “Bhabhi, I just want one thing but you wont get annoyed with me for that.”

Mom: You are free to ask anything. From now onwards I am your slave and can do anything for you. (They both hugged each other again and mom started sucking his lips). You tell me what you want.

Helper: Bhabhiji I will ask some day not now.

I knew that what was in his mind. I had seen them staring my growing boobs number of times.

After seeing all this I was wet again and I rushed to my room and again fingered my pussy to satisfy. lush stories I didn’t lock the door and my eyes opened when I head my mother’s voice that was just standing in my room.

Mom: Anu, What are you doing this? Why have you taken off you skirt and panty like this.

I was under heavy tension as what shall I tell my mother. lush stories Then suddenly idea stroked my mind and I said, “Mom, These pubic hairs are really irritating me from the morning. In school also it was so awkward when I was rubbing. Everyone was laughing on me.”

Mom replied, “ Anu I think you should clean them up because this area should be neat and clean otherwise there are chances of getting some disease. I will give you hair removing lotion and you can clean it up.”

I asked, “Mom, you also clean it.”

She reverted, “ Yes I do regularly.”

I said, “Can you pls teach me how to do the same because I don’t know how to do it”

She agreed and said that she will do it at night so that I can take bath after that and can go for a sleep.

She went to her room and changed to nighty and said me that she is sitting in godown to refill some material and If I need anything then I can call her. lush stories I said OK.

She went and I stayed in my room for some time and thanked God for giving me this idea.

Now I thought that I should go and see what mom is doing in godown. When I reached there I saw that it was bolted from inside again. I saw from keyhole that both the helpers were again helping mom but this time clothes were on but everything was happening over the clothes.

Now it was a regular feature at home and I also started getting

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Now when ever I used to be at shop I prefer to wear loose clothes so that I can show my boobs to these helpers who were enjoying with my mom. lush stories I used to wear mini skirts at home and I used to tug it more up when I am at shop so that I could show my upper thighs to them and can seduce them.

Things were working according to me and one day while I was showcasing my cleavage, one guy was staring at my boobs and when I saw him he started smiling and winked me for a kiss. I smiled back and turn my face. He got bold and came near me and put his hand on my waist and said, “Anu lets go to godown, I will show you something. “ I waited for 5 minutes and then moved toward godown. He followed me. Once we came in he kissed me on my cheeks. I didn’t reacted. His hands came over my boobs and started moving in a very slow motion. I closed my eyes and I don’t know when he pushed my top and bra up and started sucking my nipples.

I was mad like anything. I was holding his head. This was my first experience. He was showering kisses on me and then he took my palm and put it on his bulge over his trousers. lush stories I started pressing his bulge and he was sucking my virgin nipples. Suddenly I heard my mom’s voice and we separated. I rushed to my room and he went inside the shop. I was totally wet with my juices and my boobs were wet with his saliva. I was burning like fireball. I immediately entered the bathroom and masturbated. I spent more than half an hour inside. I came out after taking bath and satisfying myself.

After this incidence whenever we get opportunity, we used to fondle with each other but to the limit of kissing or he sucking my boobs and I holding his cock over the clothes. We never crossed that limit. But every time he sucks my boobs I used to get flood of juices in my pussy. Lush Stories Time was passing like this and we both mom and daughter were enjoying life without letting known to each other. But once I asked him that who has a better boobs me or my mom at that time he was shocked and then I told him about what all I saw in past. He didn’t utter a word for sometime but after that we became cool and myself removed my top and offered my boobs to him.

That day he chewed my tits very badly and left many marks on my boobs. After that he told that my mom boobs are better because they are much bigger in size than me and he said that mine would grow even more than her. I was getting hot on listening all these and we locked on lips and started kissing. lush stories I requested him to keep our relation a secret and do tell me whenever he is going have his session with mom so that I can watch without her knowledge. He agreed on the same. After that I got many opportunities to see my mom having fun with these guys.

After that in school also I had one boy friend with him things started in a very normal note but during our farewell in Class X we all girls were in sarees and I was looking very sexy since my body as like that. My BF was surprised to see me and in one pretext or another he used to come and hug which lead to crushing of my boobs. I was also enjoying his attention. After the farewell he told me to come for a movie and I agreed. He managed to get corner seat in some cinema and in darkness he fondled my boobs. I also provoked him by touching his cock and after some time he opened my blouse clips and opened my front open bra. He started sucking and kneading my boobs and I was enjoying.

I also opened his pant zipper and took out his cock. lush stories This was the first time I was touching a cock. Within few minutes he ejaculated in my hands. During the interval we both went to urinal to clean ourselves. After the interval we again played with each other. When the movie ended he dropped at my place but we promised that after the exams we would again meet up some day. We both were very happy.

After my exams I was totally free. Seeing my body growth my mom always used to tell me that I shall wear Salwar Suits but I was not interested in the same and I used to be in all western revealing outfits. I was now not much interested in those helpers since my BF was a nice company to me. But still sometime helpers also get a chance when my mom was away for some work.

Once I met by BF for a date and he told me that his house is empty for 2 days since his parents have gone to some relative. We decided to meet at his home. I was wearing a long skirt with a tank top and went to his home which was nearly 10 KM away from my house. He came to pick me up on his bike. lush stories We reached his home in 10 minutes and we entered his room. He made me sit in a lobby. He bought orange juice for both of us and we started chatting over number of things. After half an hour he showed me his house and finally we reached his bedroom.

I sat on his bed and he also came and sat with me. Fire was igniting in both of us. We both hugged each other and started smooching. Our tongues were playing in each other mouth and it lasted for a long time. After that his hands started moving over my breast over the top. Due to tightness my boobs of 38 sizes were really fighting to come out. After that he with my consent removed by top and I was sitting in my purple bra and he put his face inside my cleavage and started showering kisses. I was getting hot. Finally he removed by bra and made me lay on bed and came over me.

He was started kissing first on my forehead like in Lush Stories

, then eyes, lips, neck, my under arms where he spent some extra time and finally moved to my nipples. He was sucking like a hungry baby and I had my first orgasm at that time. After spending more than half an hour he moved down to my naval. I was full of lust by that time and pussy was oozing like anything. I was moaning but thanks God that no one was there. lush stories His hands started moving inside my skirt and he lifted it to the top and started kissing my thighs. I again had a orgasm. I don’t know when he removed my skirt also I was lying only in my drenched panty.

I had widened my legs so that he can comfortably kiss my upper thighs. On my consent he also removed my panty. He was very happy to see my clean pussy. He praised my virgin pussy and I was also enjoying his comments because he was the first guy who was actually seeing my virgin pussy. I was really enjoying his attention.

Then he came and kissed my pussy lips and I moaned very loudly. He started sucking my pussy and I was moaning and my whole body was shaking. I had more orgasms at that time while he was sucking my cunt. lush stories Now he also removed his clothes and was just in his underwear. In the wave of heat I removed his underwear also. Both were naked now. We again hugged each other. He did not disclosed at that time but later told me that he had also cummed while he was sucking my pussy.

After fondling in each other arms he asked me for a xxx movie. I agreed for the same. He took out the movie and plaved on his VCR. We both were watching in a naked state. While watching the movies he was sometimes kneading my boobs and sometimes fingering my pussy and I too was moving his cock in to and fro motion. Then the scene came of a blowjob and tit fucking and he told me that he wants to try that. I initially did not agreed for blowjob but later on. I agree for the same. We paused the movie and he first tit fucked me and then finally I gave him a blowjob. It was my first experience so he felt pain on his dick because my teeth touched his cock and he felt pain.

With in short time he took out his dick from my mouth and cummed on my tits. There was whole load of liquid lying on my tits, which he spread all over my tits and thru his cock. lush stories He was replicating all that he saw in a movie. We went and clean ourselves and now I want him to satisfy me again. He requested for a intercourse which I refused but we agreed for 69 position. Now he was sucking my pussy and I was sucking his dick.

After half an hour he cummed in my mouth and I had also cummed twice in his mouth. I didn’t like the taste. So I had to rush to bathroom to clean again. We had a bath there together. He was rubbing his dick in my ass cracks and I was moving to re ignite him. We didn’t know that 5 hours have been spent in all these.

I thought of moving back to home in next one hour but he was requesting me to stay over night since he was alone at home. I knew it was very difficult for me to convince my parents but he was pleading and I too want to stay with him because I also was enjoying his company. lush stories Then he gave me an idea that I can tell my parents I am staying at my friend’s house. I was thinking what to do. We were still naked. He head was lying on my lap and was sucking my nipples. I was also getting horny.

I thought of calling my close friend swati and ask her if she could help me out. After lot of thinking lust overpowered my mind and I called swati. Actually swati is a big fan of mine because of sexy looks. Once she requested to show my boobs to her. When I showed her she got so crazy that she started sucking them. So we have a very intimate relationship.

Me: Hi Swati, How are you?

Swati: I am fine Anu. How are you?

Me: Swati, I have one important work with you and need your help.

Swati: Anything for your Anu. You are my best friend.

Me: Don’t ask me any question now, I will tell you when we meet but I want to stay outside tonight so my request is that if I can say at my place that I am at your home and if they lush stories cross check then you shall say the same.

Swati: No problems Anu. I will do that and you can also say that tomorrow I will come along with you and will stay at your place so that will look more authentic and we can also enjoy tomorrow at your home as I am getting bored sitting at home.

I was very happy on listening her idea and thanked her and told her that will call her tomorrow and so that she can come along with me.

My BF was very happy that I was staying with him.

I called up mom and told her that I will be staying with swati today and we both will back tomorrow. My mom agreed on my request and I could understand that she will also get free time to enjoy with her helpers.

We again started watching movie and on seeing number of actions we were quite surprised. I had never seen anal sex before. I had never seen anybody sucking and kissing ass hole. lush stories Suddenly I felt that I should ask my BF to suck my ass hole that was fingering my pussy.

I told him to do that action with me, which he immediately agreed and started sucking my asshole. I was having a strange feeling while his tongue was touching my hole. He was also using his finger, which was making me hot and tried to stop but he didn’t stop. He started rubbing his erect dick on my hole and I was getting mad and I had a orgasm at that time due to which my ass hole also got lubricated and it was easier for him to penetrate his cock over it.

I told him no to insert it rest he can do what he likes. He listened to me and after rubbing for some time he ejaculated on hole only. We again laid down on bed in each other arms. lush stories It was now 7 PM in the evening. We got up and cleaned ourselves. We planned to have a nice dinner so ordered some stuff and arrange for beers. I had never tasted beer before so I was very excited for the same. I wore my bra but my panty was in a very bad shape so I asked his help.

He found out her mother’s panty and he gave to me. It was of my size only but very sexy one. He told that his father gets all these stuff when he goes out of India. He also gave me one very sexy bra also in which it was open from nipple portion and nipples were clearly seen. I wore than one on his perusal. He sucked my nipples for some time and then we sat on a table. He got glasses and chilled beer along with snacks. After the first sip I disliked it but he forced me to have and I did. Later we started enjoying. I had 2 mugs and he had four by that time. He told me to sit on his lap.

I sat there holding his dick and he was sucking my nipples. lush stories He also poured beer on my nipples and drank. He also poured beer on his cock and told me to drink. I bent down and started drinking from there. Then I moved to his balls and he was poring on the tip of his erected cock and beer was flowing down to his balls. He was getting mad with the touch of my tongue on his balls. Soon he cummed and his juices flowed along with beer in my mouth.

I felt the difference of the taste and he confirmed his ejaculation. I went and cleaned my mouth and retuned back and sat on his lap. He kissed and thanked me for what all I am doing. I also thanked for giving me so much pleasure.

But at the back of my mind I was not fully satisfied. We again started having beer and I was out of senses. I shouted on him saying to come and suck my pussy and satisfy me. He again came and started sucking my pussy and fingering my ass hole. I was enjoying double penetration. I don’t know when I said, lush stories “ Pls fuck me and Pls fuck me and satisfy me.”

He immediately reacted and put his cock at the entrance of my pussy and slowly drifting inside me. It started with pain but then I started enjoying. He also gained motion and in no time we both started and my first intercourse was happening.

I was so much horny that I was using the words like bastard tear my pussy, Fuck me fast, Satisfy me. He started pumping my hole and within no time I cummed. And his dick was still in me. Now I was satisfied but he doesn’t seems to be. He tried to enter my ass hole but because of pain and tightness he could not. He again entered my pussy and pumped me till he ejaculated. We both were satisfied now. lush stories We slept in each other arms like that only.

I woke up in the morning at 7 and saw his one hand was lying on my breast and other was on my pussy. I kissed him and got up. I was very upset of having sex and that too without condom. I went to bathroom and cleaned myself. I came back and he was still sleeping. I woke him up. He opened his eyes and pulled me toward him and hugged me. I told him that a big blunder has happen and he got up. We discussed about what all happened last night and I started crying.

He consoled me and said that he loves me very much and will find out some remedy for the same.

I moved to bedroom and sat on bed and he went to bathroom to fresh up. He came after 15 min. and sat with me. We both hugged each other and he said not to worry at all. We were still naked. After some time I got normal and called up swati to ask about her plan. She confirmed that no one called her from my home. I asked her about her plan and she said 11 AM is fine but my BF saw saying to wait for some more time so Fixed for 1:30 PM. She agreed. While I was talking to swati he was busy sucking my nipples making me hot again. lush stories I was enjoying his bites on my nipples.

I was pulling his head closer to my breast so that he can take maximum of it in his mouth. He also started fingering my pussy and I was all wet down so it was easier for him to put in. He finger fucked me. Then he told me to lay down on bed started from my lips and was spending maximum time in fulfilling his desires. After sucking my lips he moved down from neck to my under arms and spent licking them and then to my breast where he spent extra time and then my pussy and finally my ass hole. He also cummed while sucking me.

Now it was my turn. I started with face and lips the his nipples and his cock and balls and finally just to make him more horny I fingered his ass hole and did some sucking. His dick was erect again. He now tit fucked me and all this process took 3 hours in all. We went to bathroom and took bath. We both cleaned each other and now after nearly 24 hours I was wearing my clothes back. It was such a great fun that I cant explain in words. I am totally shameless now in front of my BF and he too was enjoying the same.

I wore my bra and top but on seeing my panty I decided to move without it because it was in a very bad shape. He offered me his mom’s panty but I refused because I won’t be able to answer for the same at my home. I wore my skirt without a panty. He also wore his clothes. We had a light breakfast. lush stories We did some quick smooches and he kneaded my boob. We planned to meet in next 15 minutes. Before leaving he asked me about our next meeting and I said that my mom goes to her mother’s house on Monday and if possible then we can meet that day otherwise whenever his house is free than we can plan accordingly.

My BF left me near her house. We bid good-bye and went to swati home. She was very happy to see me and greeted me very well with a warm hug. I also hugged her tightly and our boobs got crushed.

We went to her room and she asked about the night episode, which I told her that will let her know at night. I called up my home and the same helper picked the phone.

I asked my mom and he said that she is busy at shop with other helper.lush stories I asked about what was going on and he just briefed that they had great fun yesterday. We chatted for a while and then I kept the phone down.

Swati bag was ready and we planned to move. We said bye to her mother and took auto and reached home. It was around 2:15 PM. Shop was closed as usual. We went from another door but mom was not there. I could make out that she must be in godown with helpers.

We moved to our bedroom and I asked swati to wait for some time. I went down and cautiously went to the same place to watch what is going on in the godown. Through the keyhole I could see that that mom was standing with just her blouse and nothing underneath and one guy was sucking her pussy.

I was thrilled to see that. Mom was moaning loudly. I was not able to see the second helper. I ignored and was busy watching the live show. After some time I could feel the touch on my boobs and pressure on my body from behind. I turned back and saw the second helper was behind me.

He was tightly holding my breast. He signaled me to keep quite and keep watching. lush stories I knew he also wants to enjoy so let him. I again started watching. His hands were moving over my butts and I was enjoying his movements. After sometime I was shocked to notice that he moved my skirt upward and was kissing over my naked butts. His finger were roaming over my naked ass cracks. I stopped him and moved back to my room. By that I was completely wet.

In my room swati was reading some magazine. I locked the door and came in and dropped on my bed. Swati also got up and came and lay beside me. Well just to brief you about Swati.

She was on my same age i.e. 15 years with very fair complexion, Very nice figure of 32/26/30. She was wearing Jeans and top that day. She had a very seductive face and her lips were very beautiful. They were thick and perfect for blowjob. She was a dream fuck for all the boys of our class. She was also very horny girl.

She again asked me about yesterday episode. I started telling her from beginning and she was listening with curiosity. I could make out that she was getting wet. Her hands came over my boobs. lush stories I removed my top and bra so that she can easily fondle my breast. I was still telling her my experience. While listening only she came over me and we locked in a very passionate kiss.

Swati was expert in lovemaking. She kissed me all over my boobs, my neckline and my lips, sucking my tongue into her lovely mouth. She kept repeating, ” Anu, you are soo sexy! Swati kissed my tits, wetting them with her saliva. Ohhh my God, she was sucking me like a baby!

My hands ran into her hair as I pressed her face into my boobs.” Ohhhh darling what are you doing? Ohhhhh suck my boobs darling!” My hand went between my thighs and found my cunt leaking juices.

Swati spread my legs, my cunt open to her eyes, hands and mouth. I wanted to see her naked too. “Why don’t you undress too? I want to see you, Swati?” I said but she came over my naked body and silenced me with her lips which locked over mine.” Let Swati do her job today. You will pleasure me some other time. lush stories Let me show you what a woman can do to another woman She kissed every inch of my bare flesh, starting from my toes, moving up towards my thighs, my pussy, which had been throbbing in anticipations. She slapped my pussy lovingly but not lightly. It sent tingling sensation in my whole body. I felt my pussy lips swell under her touch. The girl was making me wet.

She looked so innocent and so sexy at the same time. Her lips were thick and she knew how to kiss. I moaned loudly when her lips closed round my nipples,” Ohhh swati….do it…kiss my tits…suck my nipples darling, make me cum!” Now she concentrated on my pussy. She closed her mouth into my love triangle and kissed my pussy lips. I arched my hips upwards and tried to get the whole of her tongue into my burning cunt.

She knew how I was feeling and she lapped my juices from my cunt. Her face was pressed between my thighs and she placed her hands under my buttocks to position me for better cunt sucking. She went on sucking and kissing my pussy and suddenly I felt my cunt juices rise from my depths. lush stories A deep cry of passion rose from within me,” ahhhhh……aaaaaaa….Yessssssss…..suck my cunt….lick my cunt, make me cum swatiiiiiiiii……”

Wave after wave of passion rose within my cunt and stream of cum flowed on her sucking mouth. Swati became my lesbian partner from that moment. We sucked each other till we both were exhausted. After resting for some time in each other arms I also want to give her some pleasure. So I went behind her start sucking her ass hole and she was trembling like a fish and within no time she cummed in loads. She also liked the same. We went to bathroom and took a quick bath. I offered her my clothes since we have to see mom and after that we decided that we will be without clothes till the time she would be with me.

We both wore nighty and went down. Mom as usual was at shop. Now she was wearing saree because my dad was expected to come home but still her saree pallu was away from her big breast and she was exhibiting her huge milk pots to customers as well as helpers. Mom was very happy to see swati and they wished each other. I told mom that we are at my room and will come down at dinner. She said OK and we came back to my room. After entering my room I bolted the door and we removed our nighty and we are 100% naked in front of each other.

I pulled her and kissed her sweet lips, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. lush stories I pulled her back to me and fondled her tits and kissed her again. She kissed back.

I said, “Let me make love to you, darling, I can’t wait, I could smell her delicious cunt and I said, “Open your legs wide, Swati and let me do some job on your lush pussy,” as I went down on her.

Her pussy was freshly shaven and I wasted no time in putting my lips onto her cunt. “Yessssss, Anu!” she whispered. I sucked her clit into my mouth. I sucked and licked the smooth and sweet pussy and she began to hump herself into my face. I pulled her panties down and her swollen cunt lips were revealed to my eye. I patted her pussy making her moan. Then I rubbed my hands on her sexy ass. She spread her thighs and parted her cunt lips. I kissed her inner thighs and then ram my tongue all over her white flesh.

Then I darted my stiff tongue into her honey hole,” ohhhhhhhhhhh…….please….suck me……lick my cunt….Anu, you suck pussy so well that I don’t think we need to have any cock to satisfy our lust. lush stories On that I said, “ Swati, cock has its own benefits which tongue can’t. once you taste cock than you will get addicted and you will ask for more and more. suck on my clit……don’t fiddle my ass……you bitch…..eat my cunt….fuck me with your mouth” Swati cried out, sending juices into my mouth. A flood of juices flowed into my mouth as I gripped her ass. I wanted to drink from this beauty some more, so I continued to eat her until she came again.

I was really enjoying her now, her sweet juices tasted so delicious. She was humping her ass upwards to get the whole of my tongue into her cunt.

Swati lifted her head and came towards me and kissed me on the lips, tasting her own cunt juices from my mouth. She was a good kisser. “It is my turn to pleasure you Anu!

Swati kissed my boobs as I pressed her face between my tits and her tongue made circles on my tit flesh. My cunt began leaking and I was moaning and moaning. ”

Swati, now my cunt…touch it, lick it….I am getting so horny for you to lick my cunt.” Swati grabbed my waist and made me lie down on my back and spread my cuntlips. She spat on my cunt and slapped it hard,” Anu, your whore cunt deserves to be spanked, so does your bitch ass and Swati, lush stories the whore is going to give you enough spanking. With that she began to shower slaps on my poor cunt. She was gentle at first but soon her slaps became hard and violent. My cunt was red and swollen from her slaps” Ohhhh…stop it Swati, pleaseeee…it hurts….don’t slap my cunt…..love me please….kiss me eat my pussy, please”

I implored her: After some time she relented and bent down to kiss my burning cunt “I haven’t licked a cunt for such a long time. But now I have to return the favor. The smell of your hot pussy is so beautiful. She sucked my pussy for half an hour and I had multiple orgasms. After that she moved to my ass hole. She licked my hole with her tongue and I was mad with the vibrations coming from her tongue and entering my body through my ass hole.

After 15 minutes we both were totally tired. She came and laid over me and started sucking my tits. I liked her tongue over my nipples. I was really feeling great. We continued it till we got the message for dinner. We went down wearing nighty.

When my mom saw us she could feel something fishy and called and said, lush stories “Go and wear undergarments. Look at your nipples.” I could sense that she saw our erected nipples and sensed that we would have been naughty in my room. We went and wore our bra and panty and finally nighty and came back for dinner.

We had a quick dinner and bid good night and returned back to my room. We removed our nighty and saw movie for some time. Whole night we played with each other body i.e. fingering, sucking, liking etc. When I woke up in the morning it was 10 AM. We both were totally naked. Swati hands were on my pussy. We both got up and took a bath together.

During bathing I told swati that if she want to see a real male dick and her face was enlightened. She also wants to feel the happiness, which I had with my boy friend. By 11:30 we came down for breakfast. I made her wear my loose top so that her massive cleavage could be seen as I was trying to seduce the helper so that he can join us for some time. We had a quick breakfast and I signaled the helper to come to my room soon. He was pleased to see me and swati with our exhibitionist behavior. We went back to room. He came after 20 minutes.

He was wearing a lungi and T shirt. I bolted the door as soon as he entered. lush stories We both hugged each other in front of swati and he cupped my boobs and squeezed the same. I took him near swati and placed his hand over her cleavage. Swati was in a state of shock. He played with her boobs.

I took swati hand and placed it on his cock. He was also not prepared for the same. Swati immediately removed her hand and ran towards bathroom. I told him to wait for some time. I went near swati and explained her that if she wants to enjoy than come out. She didn’t came out. He played with me for some time and then went down because mom was looking for him.

I was in my bedroom wearing a small skirt and a light blue cotton top. My erect boobs lifted my top high. Swati was wearing her brother shirt, which was quite long for her and covered most part of her thighs. Top three buttons were open and as she came in I smelt an erotic perfume. When she walked I could see a glimpse of her upper thighs and even her bottom. The bitch was not wearing anything underneath. Not only were her breasts clearly visible, but I could see the edge of both her nipples too. The bitch wore no bra.

Then she pulled me closer into a hug and ran her hand up my top, feeling my boobs from over the cotton of its fabric. It electrified my body. It felt so nice to be held and wanted, lush stories that I just let her hands move where they wanted, and soon she’d slipped a hand behind me under my skirt and was playing with my buttocks.

I slipped my hand inside her shirt and felt her breasts and lifted them outside out of her shirt opening. She fondled my tits and let me touch and feel hers for maybe two or three minutes, then she gave me a big kiss on my lips.

So we walked to my bed in the middle of the room. She’d turned round before pulled up her shirt over her head and her full breasts were exposed for me, waiting to be touched and kissed.

I fumbled a little with my skirt in my excitement. I felt her fingers at my naked flesh as I threw down my skirts. She wore nothing under her shirt. She bent down to kiss my thighs as her fingertips brushed the puffy lips of my cunt. Swati bent at a level with my crotch and her warm breath was being felt on my wet pussy.

She kissed my upper thighs as I trembled with excitement. lush stories Oh Swati, what are you doing to me? I am on fire. She looked at my naked figure, touching and feeling here and there.

I said, “Do you like what you saw Swati? My BF is mad for my ass. His mouth drools when he looks at my ass. He even has licked my anus” I was surprised by my own openness. I put my hands on my hips and let her gaze at my breasts.

She moved towards me, smiling and holding out her hands. Suddenly there was a magical feeling as she scooped my breasts in her palms, letting her fingers just touch my tits gently before squeezing them gently. Then I let out as gasp as she brushed her fingers over my nipples, both at once.

Swati looked straight into my eyes and continued stroking my nipples. Swati, my darling, my nipples are very sensitive.” She smiled naughtily and moved her finger and thumb around my nipples. lush stories Excitement went straight to my pussy and made me melt. I think she knew too. After a few minutes I was breathing more heavily and feeling so aroused “Shall suck these beauties Anu?” she smiled. “It seems silly to be standing when you could lie on the bed. And I can suck your boobs so nice and wet.”

She said, “What a nice firm bottom you have Anu! I’ve often thought that I would one day lick your ass.”

It felt wonderful to have my friend fingers explore over my tit, her tongue kissing my nipples. She was giving me wonderful feelings of pleasure as she fondled and kissed my breasts and they seemed to have grown bigger under her kissing mouth. ooooh Swati…Yes…Kiss me…don’t tease my nipples….Haaaaiiiii….Hmmmm….I am so hot”

Her sucking was faster, hotter. She was making me wet between my cunt-lips. Oh God I was coming from mere her sucking. My breathing was getting harder now, as all that nipple sucking was making me get quite damp between my legs. You seem to be enjoying this, Anu!” she smiled “You can touch my tits. Here, lush stories let me move closer to you Anu.”

She moved closer, bringing her marvelous boobs close to my mouth. I closed my mouth on the nipples closest to my mouth. Then she ran her hand over my leg rubbing my warm flesh and exploring between open legs. I kissed her excited nipples and loved it. I liked to give her the same treatment that she had given me. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks to pull her closer. Her pubis stubble felt exciting against my skin.

Her hands on my naked body felt so exciting that I wanted to feel her pussy. lush stories My breathing was now coming in short pants as we continued our arousal, and she kept on smiling at me as her fingers encircled my cunt and she squeezed it tightly.

Suddenly she reached right up to the dampness of my cunt and her fingers flicked softly over my clit. I moaned loudly ”Yesss Swati, I need to cum…..Ohhhh make me cum. I want to be fucked….I need a cock…I need cock now! Fuck me Swati!” She sank her mouth into my cunt, spreading my legs apart.

Swati entered me with her cock. Her tongue was her cock.

lush stories She licked my pussy

with her flat tongue, making it wet with her saliva. I writhed under her mouth assault. She devoured my juices, which had been flowing for some time now. Her tongue was in my cunt, whole of it. It snaked in and out of my cunt like a fucking cock.” Aaahhh…..mmm….haaa…..I love you…fuck me”

I felt my whole body rock and writhe. Swati had her tongue buried in my cunt and was now moving her fingers purposefully on my clit and rubbed it with her fingers and thumb as I cried in pleasure. I felt my hips pushing up on her tongue as my body developed a rhythm in my arousal. I knew she would be able to make me cum like I have never been able to do. I moaned even more as she sucked my cunt and rubbed my naked clit, and then slipped her fingers into my pussy along with her tongue.

I was in heaven as she tongue-fucked me, finger-fucked me, played with my clit all at the same time. I knew I wouldn’t take long, and as the pleasure built up I just put my hands over her head to pull her into my cunt and take her tongue in all the way. I didn’t feel I could stop her even if I wanted to. Oh yes, lush stories Swati yes fuck me, you are the best. Fuck me, please!” I was begging. “I’m coming darling…..fuck me…..I am coming!”

After a while I began to slow down, as my orgasm died away. She stopped her sucking my cunt but kept her finger inside my wet cunt, as she looked up and smiled. I was completely satisfied by now. We rested for some time and finally she planned to move back home.

After that I had many encounters with my BF, swati and my helper. After that I was I college so I lost interest in my helper. I had a big gang of boys and girls. My body had also grown with time. During the college life of three years I had many chances of having sex with different guys and it was only for fun. lush stories After that life was just passing in its own pace with loads of fun.

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