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loving wife story

I am an IT engineer, and my wife Mita is housewife. loving wife story She is fair and sexy. She has 36 boobs and round ash and curvy figure. Our sex life was health, we enjoyed sex and she is too hot in bad. Everything was going on perfect and we are very close and frankly discuss about our old life and our friend. I have so many friends very few with whom I was close. Shrey was my best friend; he is very handsome guy and well-built. His height is 6.1 where I am 5.8 and he presents very well.
He lives in a different city, we always discuss about him and his wife and their married life. As nothing is secret between both our friends and I share the details with Mita. loving wife story Shrey’s married life is also cool and he is very romantic kind of person which my wife likes most. He presents very well any girl/lady can attract towards him. His wife not sexy as compared to mine and has smaller assets which I came to know during discussion as nothing is hidden between us.
Once my friend has an official trip in my city, so he planned to stay with us and we haven’t met for years so decided to come in adv. He reaches my home on Sat two days in advance and we have full weekend to gossip. We reached home and Mita greeted him and she is bit shy. There were casual talks enquiring about Trisha (his wife) and all that stuff. We had lunch all together. Mita was serving all delicious food prepared by her, she cooks well. Mita wearing tight Tshirt and leggings, loving wife story tight fit. She likes to wear them at home. Her figure; especially boob size easily noticeable in these kind of outfits. While she was serving, I noticed Shrey is gazing at her breasts. And also while having lunch all together he was sometimes looking them. A wonderful thought came to my mind, what if they will have sex, as I know my wife likes him as a person and it will be spicy too. It is always enjoyable having sex with different people. And nothing harm on this as it will be loving wife story between us and I can also get an opportunity to fuck Trisha.
All these were going on my mind but how, my wife is shy and nothing will happen in my presence. And need to confirm what Shrey feels. We had our Lunch and both of us just taking about our profession career etc. Then I asked about their sex life and all. Then I told him I have observed what he was doing in the dining table. He was surprised to hear my words.

Me: Relax nothing wrong on this. How do you find she is?
Shrey: She is sexy, loving wife story I admire her boob, hope Trisha who’d have similar size. I have a fantasy of big boobs.
Me: Do you want to have fun with them.
Shrey: (Surprised) what you are saying. Have you gone mad? She won’t agree.
Me: Green from my side, you can enjoy. But he has to move forward. I know she will agree as she likes you. And you are handsome any woman will want to spend time in bed with you.
Shrey: But how,
Me: I have a plan, I’ll ask of going to office for an urgent problem, you both will be at home and you have to seduce her. And try your luck. I’ll watch everything from balcony, and don’t lock main door when I’ll leave. I’ll lock the door from outside, but you act as you have locked.
Shrey: Seems perfect.
Then after sometime I acted as if I got a call from office and have to leave now for 3-4 hrs. I told Mita to take care of my friend like tea, coffee snacks etc. in the evening. loving wife story And gossip with him as if he doesn’t get bored. By the time she was bit comfortable and opened up.
I Left home and went to nearby market and parked car there. And come back to home and entered the balcony. From balcony our drawing room is visible.
I saw they were in sofa sitting opposite and watching M TV. They are discussing about the songs. Now “Sunny Sunny” song from Yaariya came.
Shrey: Nice song, and hit these days.
Mita :: Yes, Aksh (Me) also like this. You all man are same.
Shrey :: Have you ever in such outfit,
Mita :: No, (little bit blushed)
Shrey:: You must go to Goa, loving wife story very open there and can enjoy in beach.
Mita:: Yeah I like to go there but Aksh never made any plan.
Shrey:: He must be very possessive.
Mita :: What for.
Shrey:: do not want to show his wife’s asset to others.
Mita:: Dhet, I know you were there last year. Trisha was looking hot. And you are also a very romantic guy. Aksh is not romantic which I tell him always.
Shrey:: Hmm, what you find in me.
Mita:: Nothing else. And she tried to change the topic, asked for if he wants Tea or Coffee.
Shrey:: Coffee.
Mita left to kitchen and after sometime came loving wife story with two coffee mugs. Shrey took a ship and admire the taste.
Shrey:: You prepare nice food, Trisha doses cook so.
Mita :: Thanks.. Do you want anything else with Coffee?
Shrey:: Omelet will work, I want to learn how you make Omelet at least.
I know he is trying, learning Omelet is only a bahana. They went to kitchen, but I know he must have stood very near to her and focusing on her round ass.
They came back soon to drawing room, and Mita was going to sit in her earlier place which was opposite. But he insisted her to sit in same sofa s it is 3 seater and can place her mug and omelet plate on center table. loving wife story Initially she hesitates but agreed.
Shrey :: Omelet is nice, what else you can serve for me.
Mita:: Innocently ask what you want .
She couldn’t understand the double meaning.
Shrey :: No for now, let’s enjoy Coffee with Omelet. I wish I can kiss and lick your pam.
Mita:: (Shyly) don’t embrace me.
Shrey ::Really, I am not lying, just once
Mita:: Just once.
She stretched her hand and closed her eyes in her. loving wife story Shrey hold her hand and kissed the fingers and came little bit close and licked her middle finger. She then pulled her hand.
Mita : Baas, that’s it.
Shrey :: No I am not done , only one finger. There are five. It is not done.
Mita :: Okie, you both friends are same.
Then she aging stretched her hand and closed her eyes. He came closed bit more and holds her hend gently and licked fingers slowly and gently. She was getting aroused by this act.
Suddenly when 3 fingers are done he stopped and kissed her cheek and held her hand tight and proceeds to lick remaining fingers. She was angry with this act but seems enjoying not objected strongly. loving wife story Somewhat from her inner heart she had a crush for him.
She opened her eyes and slipped her hand and little bit trembling.
Shrey:: You didn’t serve me one delicious dish, it is to fair. You should treat your guest.
Mita :: what is that.
Shrey direct towards her lips and tried to touch. She objected the move, during this tussle Shrey touched her boobs, and she also felt that. And then she gave up and Shrey is strong enough to dominate her very easily. The he felt her lips and progresses to kiss. By now they are sitting very close. He reached towards her wet lips and gave a tight one. Initially she didn’t open, but he was sucking her upper lips, slowly she started to co-operate. He pushed his tongue and teased his saliva. loving wife story By now she was also enjoying it.

Shrey then progressed further, he moved his hand from her back to breasts, pressed them a while and cupping them on the t shirt. He was mad of her size, and kiss became intense. He was not letting her out. I can say a strong intense kiss. He knows if he breaks the kiss the she may change her mind. He tried to move up her t shirt and feel her breasts. But not success very much, then he tries to put his weight on her and tries to kiss her chin and then towards the neck. Smelt her necks and kisses there passionately and moved towards the breasts. Till now she was enjoying everything closing her eyes. Then he tries to remove her t shirt , loving wife story to which she didn’t objected and raised her both hands upward .No She was on her pink bra, Shrey could not control. She jumped on the boobs and kissed them passionately, not a single inch of her breast was left .While kissing one breasts he was pressing others and pinching the nipples. The nipples are hard by then. I was enjoying the show from balcony. And was also aroused how he was making love to my lovely sexy wife.

She was moving here hands in her hair and equally enjoying the love making. She was also feeling horny, the she tried to pull his t shirt to remove. To which my friend cm close to her so that she can remove. She was astonished to see his chest and muscular body, loving wife story very well built. She couldn’t control her desire and kissed his check and gave small bits on his nipples and chest. Both hug for a moment and during this time Shrey unhooked her bra and removed it. Her bare breast was crushed and she was moving u down a little so that his chest hair will have friction. This goes on for 5mins then they did a French kiss again. This time it was more passionate and Mita was also enjoying like a lover and responding well to all his moves. Then he half laid her in the sofa and gazed the beauty. Then he kissed her complete bare breast, all curves and fondled the nipple in other side. Sucked them and her nipples are hard by the time. He teeth them too and pressed them hard in between. She likes it too. I always give hard push to her breasts and suck them. loving wife story Shrey then moved towards her belly and stopped at her belly button.
Shrey:: What a sexy belly you have..
And sucked and he was moving his hands on her round ash putting had in her trouser. He then removed her trouser, she was now only in per pick panty. She was already wet. Then he kissed her thigh to toe and brushing his fingers on cunt area.
Mita:: Lets go to bed room. No comfortable here. And remove your trouser here. We should go to room in same state.

To which Shrey removed his shorts and he was in his underware. He wears very sexy cut Jockey and his penis was hard on.loving wife story Bulges are clearly visible. Mita touched the penis from his underwear and told him to go. Shrey lifted her and sucked her one breast. They entered the bed room; quickly I came from balcony and ran towards main door. I must say Mita must be very happy as Shrey lifted her. It was her desire I should lift her. Carefully opened the door and peeped in the bed room behind the curtain.
Shrey lay down her on the bed and again kissed her. It is like they are lover and not in a hurry to end the session. During kiss he was pressing her boobs and enjoying them.
Mita :: It is all your, take it. Seems you like my boob the most.
Shrey :: Yes, I am mad of these. Do you know Trisha has smaller? I was always looking for the day to fill these melons.
Mita:: Smilingly, yeah they are ripe for you. loving wife story Suck as much you want.
Then he removed her panty while sucking and she pulled them through her legs. Not to waste mood and time. Then he searched for her pussy. It was clean shave and quickly reacted to the hole. And found it wet and started to finger fuck.
Mita:: aah. Slow.
Shrey:: You are too wet, and horny too.
Mita:: Yeah, even I don’t know why. I guess we both are waiting for the day. I love you very much. I never thought this day will come.
Shrey:: I love you lot. I was dying to fuck you as soon as I saw you. I only came 2 days earlier to spend time with you and try my luck. loving wife story At last God permitted.
Mita:: aah, please show me your…
Shrey:: Why, you do it yourself?
Mita pulled his underwear. His penis was same length as mine but thick and has big forehead.
She immediately grabbed it and fondled for some time. Then Shrey moved towards her pussy and kissed the triage shape and started liking her. She widen her legs to give him good access, he worked there for 5mins.
Shrey :: Yo test so good. I don’t want to leave.
Mita:: Aksh also likes, don’t Trisha taste good.
Shrey:: She is good, loving wife story but not like yours.
Mita:: liar, every man is dog.
Shrey:: I am not lying.
Then he started again.. After sometime Mia was moaning and she pressed his head tight. She must have heavy orgasm, she shivered. I must say she never had such orgasm ever. Shrey sucked each bit of her love juice. Then he removed his face and came to French kiss again, to give Mita her vagina test. They again had a deep kiss session. Now Mita was fondling my friend’s penis. She may like her penis thickness as well. Then they broke kiss and signaled Shrey to lie down.
Shry lay down by her side; she got up kissed his chest and moved towards penis. She never does oral sex at her will. loving wife story I have to always force. She is doing it for my friend. Then she holds his penis, pre cum as already oozed. She kissed the forehead of his penis then slowly opened her mouth. She did up and down here mouth and gave a blowjob. My friend was enjoying it and moveing his hand on her back and pressing hanging breasts. Pinching her nipples and moaning too. “Yeah Mita, that’s it.. Your mouth is doing great.. Aksh is very lucky to have you in his life and enjoying the sex goddess like you”.

This goes on for some time then, she from side position to come on top and went to kiss him. And bite his neck and ear. Then my friend pushed her down and kissed her ear and neck and did tit for tat. loving wife story This goes on by turn and turn.
Mita:: Now you rap me, I want to be fucked hard.
Shrey ::No, not so soon. Let me enjoy you. May be we won’t get more chance.
Mita:: No I will send Aksat for shopping tomorrow , so that we can have .
Shrey:: I Love you very much.
Then Shrey came on missionary position and my wife guided his penis towards per cunt. He entered; he slowly did up and down motion. She was equally responding the move and enjoying he fuck. Then wife signaled him to come below so that she can ride him. It is her best position. To this my front took it surprisingly. His wife never did this for him. He was very excited.
She rode on him, started jumping. loving wife story Her breasts are also jumping he was pressing them and enjoying the new sex position. This goes on for 5mins, suddenly she increased her speed, seems she was reaching another orgasm. Both of them are moaning loud, which is increasing the passion. Shrey also signaled he was cumming. My wife bend down so that he can chew and such her breast. Both of them jerked and a long sound “aaahhhhh, oouuh, ooucch” What a fuck.
They both hugged and stayed in same position for some time. It was almost 40mins they was making love. I never last for long. There were some fantasy came true today. Then she rushed to attach bath room and my friend followed her. Though we have another bath room he must have some other thought so went to same bath room.

He entered; she was surprised to see him. She was on commode; he came closer and told her to such his penis. She denied but didn’t want to disappoint her lover. She sucked and cleaned his penis. She comes out of commode and go to tap. He then holds her breast from back side and kissed her neck.

Mita:: It seems you are not done.
Shrey:: No , do not want to leave.
Mita :: Oh really.
Then she turned her face, loving wife story to which he kissed and then again started fresh. And he pushed her to bath room wall and started love making, her chin, the again sucked her boobs. She was also enjoying. After 5mins he was done, and then he romantically told her that he will wash her. To which she agree. He then took mug water and washes her pussy and she also washed her penis. Both hugged again and came out of bathroom and wiped with towel. I get out of the house.
Shrey:: Mita please stay necked till we are alone. I want to enjoy every moment
Mita:: ok, but not much fuck.
Shrey: But I will make love and fondle.
Mita:: ok.
They came to sofa.
Shreay:: I want to sleep on our lap.
Mita sat on one corner of sofa with no cloth and my friend lay on her lap. Her breasts were hanging. He told her to bend a little so that he can suck them. He was sucking them like baby one by one.
They are coming to mood again. loving wife story My friend was pumping him round ash and fingering her pussy. Sometime she was jiggling and giving him kiss and also moving her hand son his chest and fondling limp penis.
Then then did a one round of session in doggy style and decided to have another round. They were making love like lovers.
After the fucking session, my friend wants to gift my wife.
Shrey:: I want to give you something special.
Mita:: What
Shrey:: Which you remember.
Then he opened his laptop and browsed shopping site. Both looked for perfect match. Then he ordered two sexy lingerie one of her chose and another.
In between I call Mita, and asked what they are doing. She told that just watching TV and all. I informed her that I will be leaving soon as my work is over. My intention was to inform them so that she will be clean all the mess so that I won’t doubt.
Then I called my friend and asked whether he enjoyed or not.
Shrey:: Yeah a lot, but want more. I want her all the time. loving wife story Please don’t take me wrong. I just pray.
Me:: Ok, let’s make a plan. I’ll come with bear and have fun. And will create situation so that you can seduce her in front of me then you can have whole night and rest of days and night. What do you think?
Shrey:: sounds gr8, thanks for understanding.
Me:: Nope issues, I will take similar treat from you.
Shrey:: Mean, are you talking about Trisha.
Me:: Yeah, you are enjoying my wife I should get same from her.
Shrey:: Ok, done. But you have to do as I did today.
Me:: Ok bye see you soon.

As soon as I informed my wife she had set all room, so that nobody can doubt and was in bathroom to fresh. After disconnecting my call Shrey was looking for my wife.
He found bath room is locked, loving wife story he knocked the door. From inside bath room she replied
Mita:: I am getting fresh, anything you need.
Shrey:: I want to get fresh also. Pls open it.
Mita::You uses other one. I know, you naughty guy..
Shrey:: Please open I just want to give you last kiss.
Mita:: Ok only that ..
She opened the door, she was little wet. Shrey pushed the door and go inside it. She was looking sexier. He couldn’t control pushed her to the wall and smooched and then moved towards her voluptuous breasts. They were red as he has sucked them hard in last 2-3 hrs. He sucked every drop of water from her breast, Mita was moaning. But came to sense and pushed him.
Mita:: No, you had a lot.
Shreay:: Please one quick round, don’t know when we can get another chance.
Mita :: You hungry man,
Then Shrey pull her up on his waist and kissed loving wife story his neck. In this position he sat on comodo and she ride on him. He was pressing her boobs and sucking them. She was also enjoying. She is fondling his penis which again gained strength.
Then he pensioned his penis and adjusted my wife and penetrated on her cunt. Her cunt lips stretched and then she was moving up and down. My friend was enjoying every move of her breasts and sucking, kissing.

This goes on for 1 mins, and Mita raised the speed. She was reaching climax. Then she hugged Shrey tightly and moaned loudly. Ooh, loving wife story yeeah.. Tear it… fuck me my darling… pour your juice and want to be pregnant from you only. And remain as you’re as kept for whole life. Will be whore for you… Oooh, fuck.. She was telling such filthy language. To which my friend was also arosed a lot. Both of them ejaculated. They hugged for some time, and when they came to normal, kissed each other and came near shower. They soaped each other and Mita was clinging on his penis and my friend was cleaning her boobs and ash cracks and cunt. After that they dried each other, during that kissed passionately.
Then Shrey told my wife that h want to wear her all her under garments. To which my wife was shy and touched also. Then they went near our cupboard, loving wife story but Shrey selected the sexy pair of bra and panty.


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