Loving cum came early to me…

Ever since I first started giving blowjobs (during my years 7 and 8 at highschool) I found that so much of the turn on for me was the rebellious, illicit thrill, and then I had the added excitement of my boyfriend as I sucked on his rigid cock, then having him the whole time watching me as his cock was going in and out of my mouth.

During those years 7 and 8 at highschool, I frequently hooked up with one particular guy, I found him quite irresistible. Heaps of times at school or after school and also at various parties we would hook up.


He would during or after school, lead me into a quiet seating alcove, I would willingly spread my legs for him and he would feel me up, his big hand lifting up my school uniform and fondling me at our school or down into my jeans at a party and then so strongly, drive one finger, then two, up and under my panty gusset, working his fingers to penetrate me so deliciously deeply, then vigorously thrust the fingers in and out of me. He drove me wild, it was so naughty, so exquisite and he was so sexy, I just loved, loved, loved him doing me.

It felt wonderful at such a young age to have that heavy petting attention from a boy I adored. I still have no idea how the “suck cock” idea came to me, so quickly and at my young age, the idea to grab and suck on his cock just popped into my head, I urgently felt such a need to return the favour to him somehow, and into his grey school shorts my hand went, I found (regularly found after that!) his erection, pulled it out and just went down on him. He had a really attractive cock, quite long, not very thick, very smooth, with a tidy circumcised head.

His erection felt great, so smooth and head was luscious and soft in my mouth. He really liked me going down on him and I liked returning the wonderful fingering favour. We hooked up over a two year period and by the time we went our separate ways, I had spread my legs for him and sucked his tidy cock so, so many times, I was in hindsight, a quite slutty schoolgirl and I was certainly a willing and eager cocksucking veteran by the time I moved onto my second boyfriend in year 9, haha!

Although my first boyfriend and I were very amorous for ages, and I know he really wanted to fuck me, (I often let him run his erection back and forth along my sticky slot, with my knickers around my ankles) But because of our young age I never did actually manage to bring myself to have or let him fuck me and I did not know even know how to bring him off. I know now, he must have jacked off some serious big loads after our school and party sessions.

With my second boyfriend, during my highschool years 9 and 10, his cock was a little shorter and he had quite a hairy bush at the base, but still his cock was really nice. However, my oral skills must have been improving as I quickly discovered oral orgasms with my new boyfriend, him cumming as I sucked and even me swallowing a little cum.

I was quickly no stranger to cum with this new guy and I had previously found cum from him very erotic, taking it from a boyfriend always made me feel so horny as I played with his erection. I love his groaning and moaning as he cums and for myself, the sexy sensation as the excited warm liquid oozes out of the cock, the fat pulsing ribbons, spurting all over my hand, initially really turned me on.

The first time I discovered that I loved sucking the cum straight from his cock, was a complete surprise to me. I happened when I was giving my second boyfriend one of my many usual blowjobs. I mean, I was seriously infatuated with this second guy and really wanted to please him.

I was again on my knees in front of him, going to town on his cock. I had sucked him many times before, but never to orgasm, but obviously I was getting better and better at giving him head and suddenly his entire cockhead swelled really hard and he blurted out to me “I’m gonna cum” He nicely tried pulling up my head, but I held him off, it was fine by me, I was fully ready and I really wanted to blow him, to have me enjoy sharing his creamy orgasm.

At this stage he had not fucked me yet, but I wanted his cock to feel like he was up in my vagina. I told you all I was not new to his spunk, I had seen and felt, playing in his warm spunk many times before. I told you I was a veteran at sucking cock and with this new boyfriend we were again both very amorous. In fact he was the first guy I ever got fully naked with, and that was a seriously fun afternoon.

He and I had heaps of opportunities in our relationship to get really heated as both of his parents worked. I regularly had had his spunk all over my hand as I tossed him off in various places after he had fingered me. He fingered me way differently to my first boyfriend, this second guy really played within my folds, really exploring, it was certainly fun but I missed the hard penetration of my first boyfriend. I think that lack of fingering penetration is what led me so early to need his cock inside me, I was always needing to be stretched out a little after his fingering.
I had never had any of his spunk in my mouth and I really wanted to go for it.

This one time I really wetly was sucking his cock and “girl handling” massaging his balls, I had no idea I was bringing him to an impressive orgasm. He literally exploded as he shot his load into my mouth. I felt his thick long pulses of spunk thickly coat my tongue, filling my mouth with a really heavy load of thick cum, but rather than being grossed out I found I really enjoyed the thick creamy orgasmic sensations. I did not spill a drop and I kept on sucking his cute dick, accepting everything, right down to his very last spunky dribble.

After he finished we left his bedroom and shortly after I went home, very, very proud of myself. A little later during a quiet moment in my own bedroom, I could sense an unusual sensation in my vagina, a real ache between my legs, a strange ache like I had never experienced before. I slipped a finger between my legs, delving the tip of a finger into my pussy folds, just fiddling my button a little.

I was surprised to find I was soaking wet, I mean, I had been moist before, particularly as my first boyfriend had had his cock running backwards and forwards between my legs with my knickers around my ankles, devilishly poking the cockhead at and just into my vaginal entry, that boyfriend had made me moist, but this time it was beyond anything I had ever felt, there was an incredibly sticky, absolute lake of juices in my knickers.

My panty gusset was absolutely soaked with string clear ribbons appearing as I pulled my gusset away from my excited slot. I instantly knew I was really hot for more as I touched myself and I loved massaging out the sensational ache, but I did not know I could bring myself off at this early stage of my life.

I found I couldn’t wait till I had the chance to suck him off again, I wanted to feel like that again. He, of course, was really keen too and we found an opportunity only two days later. We threw ourselves onto his bed, I ripped his shorts down and I was quickly all over him, eager and willing, bursting to suck his sexy cock again and really that’s where our sex life began, with his cock regularly unloading in my mouth.
I knew as I sucked him off again, proudly relishing his load of spunk in my mouth, it would not be long before I would let, no, actually need him fuck me after I had found this new and exciting activity, that ache and pool of wetness only drove my desire for some real penetration, haha!

And he certainly did end up fucking me, many, many times, particularly after had secretly fondled each othe on the bus on the way home from school. We buried ourselves in his bedroom, long before his parents got home. In his bedroom I discovered I loved opening my legs to him, having him screw me on my back and then me riding and grinding him to orgasm as I rode his cock. I wasn’t on the pill at 15 yo so I would leap off his cock when he came and suck those delicious juices straight out of his cock as he orgasmed.

My pussy copped a few spunk loads now and then when I got carried away, but I mopped up his spunk and luckily didn’t get pregnant, haha! I was so fucked, I was a well “worn in” veteran of fucking and sucking now at the tender age of 15 and 16, during my years 9 and 10. That sexy,horny second boyfriend set me up for my third boyfriend when my second and I split, I was then nearly 17.

To this day, I reckon my third boyfriend did not know what hit him when he brought me to his bed. I looked and acted so innocent, I am sure he thought I was a virgin and to this day I have never told him the complete truth of just how sexually active, what an absolute slut I had been, before he and I met, I think he would just die.

In his bedroom he stripped me, then himself, I was seriously impressed by his fabulous erection and I didn’t waste a second, I grabbed it. He was enormous and I certainly knew plenty about different cocks by now. When I first wrapped my hand around my third boyfriend’s big fat cock, I didn’t think anything like his would even fit inside me, but I opened my legs and invited him in anyway. I was just so horny, excited and wet.

I laid myself back on his bed and spread my legs, he asked me if he could fuck me without a condon for a bit, I just had to say yes after all the bareback fucking I had previously done. He climbed between and entered me bareback, in one single penetration, and then when he fucked me with his beautiful big bare cock, it was my turn then, I didn’t know what hit me, and he fucked me on my back for quite a bit before he pulled out and fitted a condom over his cock. Then he fucked me until he came, filling the condom, endeavouring to seed my pussy and I loved it.

For the first time ever, I felt the heat, the freedom of the condom and I came, I gloriously came, orgasming all over his beautiful big fat erection as he fucked his spunk into me, I was seriously hooked on this guy and his mammoth cock. When I eventually climbed on his cock and rode him, I pushed him on his back, threw my leg over his groin, sat down on his lap and pushed his enormous cock up inside myself, I sat on him and buried his cock deep up in my slot, fuck he felt so good, even compared to all my previous fucking sessions.

My poor cervix didn’t know what hit it when I rocked back and forth on his cock. He was so thick and so long, I am sure he was able to move my internals, his big cock fucking smashed my cervix and I’ve been cumming on his huge fat cock ever since.
Fuck I am one lucky, well fucked girl, haha…!

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