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Louis and I temporarily

Louis and I temporarily shared an apartment that was theoretically his but one he kindly allowed me to share when I found myself without a roof over my head mid-summer of one year a long time ago. We divided the chores and split the expenses so it was a win/win, and we enjoyed each other’s company making it easy for both of us. We both worked so we couldn’t hang out during the day, each having responsibilities and, more importantly, bills to pay but we did spend most evenings together.
One typical Friday evening we did the usual: clean up after work and then he and I went for dinner and a few beers at one of the local bars. Not very exciting but at the time it was fun since we always ran into other people we knew and it made for good times. Usually we laughed a lot and it was fun being silly with a good friend.
When we got home one hot summer night, we sat around the living room in our shorts due to the heat and lack of air conditioning in this room. We smoked a little Hawaiian grass that Louis was cultivating in a large pot on the bedroom windowsill, a weed that Louis swore had mystical properties, and drank another beer before bed. After a short time the heat, and the weed, got to us so we wrapped up the evening and called it a night.
The sleeping arrangement that we had was that Louis had the bedroom with its queen-size bed while I had the pull-out bed from the couch in the living room. His apartment, his bedroom so to speak, and there was no argument in that regard. However, the bedroom had the one window-mounted air conditioning unit which made it prime space in the summer heat. I envied his luxury. Louis insisted upon keeping the room like a meat locker where the temperature rarely made it above 60⁰ Fahrenheit and while he liked it that way, few other people could tolerate it for long. His girlfriend would spend the night once or twice a week and usually slept in a robe with socks on her feet. It was rough.
After getting myself comfortable, or as comfortable as was possible, I found myself lying naked in bed perspiring; I found it impossible to get to sleep, tossing and turning, suffering quietly. When Louis opened the bedroom door and kindly asked if I wanted to sleep in the bedroom and enjoy the benefit of the air conditioning, I found it difficult to say no. I knew that I might suffer frostbite by morning but it was a risk worth taking and it would be nice to feel cold sheets and cool air again.
The problem for a non-polar individual in a situation like this is one of warmth and trying to maintain a body temperature that does not border on hypothermia. Little by little, in the afterglow of the Hawaiian weed, I found myself inching backward towards the only source of warmth I could find; thankfully, Louis was already sleeping and didn’t care. Eventually, Louis even rolled onto his side, facing me, and we joined in a classic “spoon” position, with Louis’ arm over mine at the elbow.
After sleeping lightly for a while, I woke to find us still in the spoon. My arm was folded upon my chest with my fingers caressing my nipple. In the dark sleepy daze, it was extremely pleasurable to be spooning in bed with someone, skin touching skin, having a nipple caressed even though it was my own fingers doing the caressing. I remembered the times that I did this with a woman, my arm around her, my fingers lightly teasing her nipple, and how she enjoyed the pleasure that it brought her.
In a short time I felt Louis move slightly, adjusting his position but not pulling away. In my dreamy state I shifted my arm over his with my hand now covering his, and his fingers placed onto my firm nipple. It only took a few minutes in this position for me to begin to feel the gentle movement of his fingers, sending tingling sensations throughout my body. I signaled my acceptance of his actions by softly pushing backward and rotating my butt ever so slightly. I pictured myself from a woman’s perspective, trying to imagine the sensations that she felt and mimic the experience. Surprisingly, Louis seemed to be drawing me in towards him as well and he continued softly rubbing my nipple, clearly becoming aroused in the process. I could feel the beginning of his erection poking the crack of my bare butt, a sensation that was so extremely pleasurable that it sent me deeper into my personal dreams.
While holding me tightly in this position, Louis began to move his pelvis back and forth, gently pushing his penis deeper between my legs with each stroke. I knew that at one point he would adjust his position and I would experience his penetration and this prospect was as unsettling as it was desirable. We were close friends sharing an apartment and I did not want anything to disturb this relationship, but I also wanted to feel him inside me and the pleasure that came along with it. Somehow, I believe that Louis felt my trepidation since he slowly stopped his movements and simply lay quietly on his side, eventually drifting off to sleep and ending our encounter. I did the same.
The next day, Saturday, Louis worked a half day while I had no specific plans. He got up as usual, took a shower and had coffee for breakfast. I was awake and told him that I was staying in bed as he got ready to leave thereby eliciting an obscene reply.
I laid in bed for quite a while replaying the night in my mind but could not conjure a clear picture of the events. I believed that it was real but I could not figure it out even though I was a major participant. It was very strange and what made it more so was the fact that I felt uncomfortable about raising the question with Louis. He had gotten up as usual, seemingly unphased and made no comment before leaving. How do I bring it up? What do I say? It was like a drug induced hallucination.
Eventually I got up to take a shower and make coffee but afterwards I did return to bed and picked up yesterday’s paper in the process. As hard as I tried to concentrate on the newspaper, I found my mind drifting back to the prior night, reliving the events, hoping for clarity.
Around noon I heard Louis’ key turn in the lock and knew that he was home. As was customary the first thing that he did was undress, throw his clothes into the washing machine and head into the shower, a simple but well-practiced routine. He was in good spirits and didn’t seem surprised that I was still lounging in bed. After his shower he got a beer from the fridge, sat on the bed and asked if I felt like doing anything. Lacking ambition I told him that I really didn’t feel like going out and would be perfectly content hanging out, watching TV. It seemed that he felt the same way and suggested a beer and a joint for lunch before checking out the TV options. It was a reasonable plan for a cloudy summer Saturday and the air conditioning would certainly feel good.
He went to the fridge for two beers and I proceeded to roll a joint so our lunch would be complete. As we smoked, the Hawaiian weed seemed stronger than what we had the night before but that could relate to the time of day as much as anything else and it did not take long before its effects were taking hold. In the smoky haze I found myself wondering if I should ask him about last night to see what, if anything, he remembered and what he thought about it if he did. I never managed to formulate my thoughts into words before I leaned back, pulled the sheet to my neck, put my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. It was a nice high but debilitating. Louis seemed to suffer the same effects and it only took a little while longer for him to lie down under the sheet and close his eyes.
As I lay there with my head on the pillow, I felt a warm comfortable feeling take hold of me and I drifted into a dreamy state between the conscious world and that of being asleep. It was like those times right before you doze off at night when you are aware of your surroundings but are powerless to move. A nap in the afternoon is perfect particularly when you have a nice buzz but this was special; everything faded away. I looked over at Louis and he seemed to have fallen asleep, lying on his back, breathing heavily, perfectly at peace. I could not resist the urge to slide closer to him to feel his warmth and cautiously did so, stopping only when the skin of our arms touched.
In my afternoon dream world, I fantasized about touching him while he slept; his arms, his chest, his nipples, his penis, gently stroking his body to see the reaction. I remembered women doing this to me and how wonderful a soft touch felt, eventually being replaced by moist lips, and then a warm body on top of mine. It was such erotic pleasure that the thought of it made me moan, the sound of which stirred me from my dreams. Opening my eyes I realized that I was now lying on my side gently touching the tip of Louis’ nipple. I could see that he was aroused and enjoying the attention just like I used to, so I did not stop; I slowly moved my hand lightly down over his stomach to his firm, erect penis. Stroking it gently I used my fingers to lightly rub the head, now glistening with seminal fluid. I wondered how far I should go with this but I seemed out of control, incapable of stopping myself, so I just followed my instincts.
I rolled over and placed my arms and legs on either side of his body, straddling him. Keeping my weight on my arms and legs I lowered my head to lick his firm nipples and kiss his chest and then his stomach, his abdomen, eventually taking his hard penis deep into my warm mouth for several long strokes. Now I moved up his body again, this time allowing my chest to touch all along his body as I worked my way back to his nipples and neck. I rested myself on him, arms on either side and legs spread wide over his hard penis, the tip poking the area between my legs, and I wondered if I had really gone too far and should stop.
Louis opened his eyes and looked directly into mine. Softly but firmly he told me that I had been acting like a perfect little bitch recently and now he was going to fuck me like the bitch I was. He quickly rolled us over in one motion and was on top of me, pinning me to the bed. I could not struggle because of his weight and power, and I let him put his arms under my legs so that he could raise them up towards my chest while putting my knees over his shoulders. He then took my arms by the forearms and held them near my head, hard against the bed. He moved his pelvis around until he positioned his erect penis at the entrance to my anus and kept pressure there with his weight, eventually forcing its head into me as I relaxed and accepted the inevitable. Slowly, gently he pushed the full length of his penis into my ass and the mixture of pleasure and pain took over my body.
I was helpless, powerless, incapable of moving, like a butterfly pinned to a board. I had the weight of a man holding me to the bed, legs over his shoulders and forced apart, a hard penis pushing deep into my ass, and my arms being firmly held. Louis now moved my arms so that the wrists came together directly above my head and used one hand to hold them together at the juncture. He then took his other hand and covered my mouth; I was immobile, forced hard against the bed, penetrated and unable to scream. He began to rhythmically move his body up and down, his erect penis going in and out of me. I could do nothing but lay on my back as he proceeded to fuck me…like his bitch.
Over time his movements quickened and I could see the pleasure in his eyes; no doubt he could see the pleasure in mine. When he finally reached his orgasm I reached mine as well and felt a release like I had never thought possible. It drained me of all strength and tension and left my muscles completely limp and relaxed. Louis released me from his grip and rolled off to one side, totally spent; I straightened my legs and brought my arms down but I could not move from that spot. We both drifted into our own worlds. I wondered what he felt and thought at this moment; I wondered what possessed me and made me act as I did. I certainly felt good, comfortable and unashamed.
When we finally got up, we took turns going into the shower to wake up and then shared a cold beer. We lounged on the bed in the air-conditioned bedroom for a little while without speaking. Louis got up from the bed first and gently rubbed my shoulder before asking what we should do for dinner. In this situation I think that some things are better left unsaid but a gentle touch does indeed speak volumes

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