Lost at Sea, Book 2: Drifters, Chapter 20, Part 2

“I really appreciate this, Mister Kaduska,” Janie said as she accepted his hand and sat up from the canvas sack she’d spent the last hour hiding in.

“Oh, my pleasure, my dear. Anything for you, you know that.” The big merchant grinned. “Besides, any opportunity to be a thorn in the side of the Teach gang is one I’ll take.”


Janie swung her legs off the table Kaduska had set her down on, and let the rest of the canvas bag fall away as she stood up. She looked around. It hadn’t been long since she’d been here, but it felt like ages.

The lighthouse smelled simultaneously musty and smokey. Everything was still a bit damp from the torrent of conjured rain her Wards had created, and the scorch marks were still on the floor where the burning goo had stuck to it.

How long had it been since those pirates had taken her hostage right in this room? She’d lost track. Two weeks? Two lifetimes? It was amazing how quickly things change.

“This is where Will lives?” Tonya said, pulling herself out of her own sack and looking around with a look of mild disgust on her face. “I mean, I guess I’ve lived in worse places, but I kinda expected more. Will seems so refined.”

Janie burst out laughing, then covered her mouth and coughed. “Excuse me.”

Tonya gave her a confused look. “What?”

Janie and Kaduska looked at each other, amused. Janie sighed. Kaduska grinned. “Miss Tonya, you are a gem.”

“What!?” Tonya demanded, pulling herself the rest of the way out of her bag and hopping off the table to look around. “He always dresses nice, and smells nice, but doesn’t wear gaudy stuff or talk down to folks. You work for him, and you’re the most refined person I know. He’s like one of those gentleman adventurers from the penny dreadfuls.”

“I am sure he would be happy to hear you say so,” Kaduska chuckled, heading back to the door to bring more things in. Caine, wearing a cowled cloak, came in carrying a box. He set it down on the table and walked back outside.

“When I first met Will, this place was in worse shape than it is now. He had a black eye and a hangover, and had clearly not bathed in at least a week. Honestly, I thought he was a squatter. He was exactly the kind of person I would have expected to find in a run-down lighthouse,” Janie said with a small, apologetic shrug.

“Only a week? That’s pretty refined by my standards,” Tonya snickered.

“Oh dear,” Janie said with a bat of cringe. “I forget about that sometimes.”

Tonya fluffed her expensive-looking saloon dress. “Sounds like the disguise is working.”

Caine came in again, dropping off a second box next to the third.

“We are still going to have to work on your definition of refinement,” Jaine teased.

Tonya started wandering around the room, looking closer at Will’s collection of books, charts, and knick-knacks. “Well, if it ain’t you or Will, I don’t know who’s left to be an example. Seems like slim pickings in Bastard’s Bay. I guess you’ll have to do if I’m going to learn, right?”

“Well that’s true,” Janie sighed. “I suppose here, the most refined person I can think of is Prelate Alexandra.”

Caine snorted as he dropped off a third box. “You can put a bear in silk and lace, but it’s still a bear.”

Janie gave Caine a flat, disapproving look. “Lesson one. Do not take his word on what refinement is. He has none.”

“What is all this stuff?” Tonya asked, picking up a small stone statuette that had been carved into the vague shape of a curvaceous woman holding an orb over her head.

“Keepsakes from Will’s adventures,” Janie said, opening up one of the boxes Caine had brought in.

“She’s got tits that would make Bella jealous,” Tonya said, turning the statuette sideways.

“Lesson two, refined people do not say ‘tits.’” Janie said, trying to sound admonishing but not really succeeding due to holding in her laughter.

Tonya put the statue back and picked up a strange-looking brass contraption. “What’s better? Jugs? Boobs?”

“I always liked bosoms,” Caine said as he brought in another box.

“Very helpful,” Janie said dryly. She was simultaneously uncomfortable with the direction the conversation had gone, and also a bit amused by it. Her amusement surprised her. A few weeks ago she would have been appalled. “A refined person does not speak on such topics at all, and if they must, the most polite term is breasts.”

Tonya looked from Janie’s chest to her own. “You might have breasts. Pretty sure mine are just tits.”

Janie’s mouth opened in a silent ‘O’ of sympathy and heartbreak. She had no idea what to say. “Oh, Tonya. Don’t talk like that. I- I think you have lovely breasts.”

“Me too,” Caine grunted, dropping off the last box.

“Likewise,” Kaduska added, shutting the door as he came back in.

Janie and Tonya both blushed for very different reasons.

“Gentlemen! I-” Janie started, but was cut off by Tonya.

“Aw, thanks guys. It’s hard working at Mary’s sometimes. The only ones with smaller tits than me are the boys,” She tapped her lips in thought for a moment. “Actually, pretty sure Chrissy’s are bigger’n mine.”

“Chrissy ain’t a boy,” Caine said.

“I mean, he’s awful pretty, but I’ve seen his dick,” Tonya said, giving Caine a doubtful look.

“You’ve seen her dick,” Caine corrected.

Tonya blinked. “Wait. But he-”

“She,” Caine said firmly.

“But-” Tonya looked to Janie for some sort of guidance or support.

Janie was wide-eyed, practically paralyzed in her mortification, shaking her head small and slow.

“Boys is boys, and girls is girls,” Tonya said firmly. She looked at Kaduska and Janie again, hoping for backup. Janie stayed silent and wide-eyed, too uncomfortable to speak.

“The world is rarely so simple,” Kaduska shrugged. “What you think is one thing is often another.”

“And that ain’t even the point,” Caine continued. “When someone tells you who they are, and what they want to be called, that’s what you call them.”

“Even if it doesn’t make any sense?” Tonya asked, doubtfully.

“Don’t matter if it makes sense to you or not. Only matters that it makes sense to them,” Caine shrugged. “When Janie’s being Evangelina, that’s what we call her.”

Tonya shook her head, still not backing down. “She’s still the same person though.”

Janie pursed her lips wishing she’d simply gone upstairs when they began discussing breasts.

“Exactly,” Caine nodded, starting to go through the boxes Janie had left half-sorted on the table.

“No, I mean Evangelina’s a disguise! That’s not really who she is,” Tonya looked to Janie for support again. Janie stayed silent.

“How do you know? Maybe Evangelina’s who Janie really is, and Janie’s the disguise,” Caine shrugged.

“Or perhaps both are true,” Kaduska added, pouring himself a drink from Will’s sideboard. “People often have many facets.”

“But when Janie’s being Evangelina, she doesn’t grow a dick!” Tonya said, exasperated.

“Oh, is that what being a man is? Having a dick?” Caine asked.

“Yeah!” Tonya looked at Caine like he was growing a second head.

“What about Tom?” Caine asked.

“Tom? The big guy with the soft face?” Tonya asked. “What about him?”

“He’s a eunuch?” Caine said.

“What’s that?” Tonya asked.

Janie rubbed her forehead with her hands, completely at a loss for words.

Caine looked a bit surprised. “It’s when someone’s had their dick…”

“Removed,” Kaduska finished, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Huh,” Tonya said. “So Tom doesn’t have a dick?”

“Nope,” Caine said with a shake of his head. “Think he’s not a man?”

“Well… no. I mean, yeah. I guess he is. Still seems weird though,” Tonya shrugged. “I always thought boys and girls, and what they each got between their legs was pretty well understood.”

Caine shook his head. “Still ain’t the point.”

Kaduska sat down in Will’s chair and took a drink. “Djinn can change their form to suit their masters’ preference, shaping their bodies, or growing manhood and womanhood as their master wishes.”

“Angels got nothing between their legs at all,” Caine added.

“How do you know what angels got between their legs?” Tonya asked skeptically.

“Church school,” Caine said with a big smile.

Tonya looked to Janie again. “Janie, is he fucking with me? Do angels have dicks?”

Janie looked down at the ground and fled up the stairs, her face scarlet.


Jack bit her lip. Her eyes fluttered and rolled back in her head as Quinn’s talented tongue swirled and flicked around her clit. The pulses and shocks of pleasure made her feel like her entire womanhood was practically convulsing. Quinn had been working on her for at least twenty minutes while the witch and the doctor waited for Will to arrive. She was ready to scream in frustration, but Bella had been insistent. It was her ritual, and she wanted Will to be part of it.

Jack knew they didn’t actually need will there. Jack didn’t know a lot about magic, but she had spent enough time with Bella to know that by drawing sexual energy from Jack, and from the Doctor, there would be plenty of power to refill Bella’s reserves. Which meant Bella simply wanted Will there.

Jack’s feelings about that were complicated. Her former girlfriend and her former best friend were about to have sex a few feet away from her, separated only by two thin sheets of canvas. Why had she agreed to this?

She sighed. She never could say no to Bella.

Quinn slipped the tip of his finger into her, jolting her out of her reverie. She looked down at him, stroking the side of his smooth scalp and winding his topknot around her fingers. She squeezed her breast with her other hand and squeezed her hard nipple.

She was excited. Not just because of Quinn’s talented ministrations, but also because of what was about to happen in the next tent. She wanted it to happen, and she wanted to be part of it. Will and Bella both deserved to be happy, and she was glad they’d found it in each other. She was also glad Bella wanted to include her, even if it wasn’t directly. It was a start. She could listen to Bella’s small gasps and squeaks of pleasure, and remember every detail of the dark-haired Witch’s luscious body. She had no doubt she’d do the same with her memories of Will when he arrived. The sadness she felt at being so close, yet so far, from the people she loved most felt like a strange sort of penance.

“We’re ready,” Bella said breathlessly from next door.

“Really need to wait, we?” Doctor Kalfou asked.

“Can’t add more to the ritual once it’s started,” Bella said.

“Of course you can,” the Doctor said, sounding a bit confused.

Jack could practically hear Bella shrugging. “Well I don’t know how.”

“Don’t, you?” Doctor Kalfou sighed. “Fine. Wait, we.”

“Oh, don’t pout,” Bella purred. There was a rustle of blankets and the whisper of skin on skin. Doctor Kalfou moaned.

As the two women seduced each other, Jack was hit by a surge of separation. The distance seemed further than the walls of the tents. Quinn gave her a gentle bite on the thigh and slipped his finger into her again, a little deeper than the last time. The wonderful feeling knocked her out of her melancholy again. She looked down. Their eyes met in the near dark and she couldn’t help but smile at him. Somehow, she had no doubt that he knew what she was feeling. She also knew that he would never feel slighted or uncomfortable that her focus was drifting. He knew this situation was difficult for her, and would never do anything that might make it harder.

He was selfless in a way that she’d taken a very long time to understand. He was never insecure or jealous. Those were human things, and he was not. He served her out of duty, and out of the most selfless love she had ever experienced. His devotion was another thing that made her feel guilty. She knew she didn’t deserve it.

She rubbed her face in her hands, silently admonishing herself for being such a basket case. All three of her loves were close to her, expressing love together for the first time ever, and she couldn’t relax and enjoy it. She bit her lip again, this time in determination. It might not be an ideal circumstance, but it was happening.

She heard footsteps outside and the rustle of a tent flap. Her heart felt like it was standing still.

“It’s about time,” Bella purred.

“Hello, Doctor.” Will’s baritone felt like it was in Jack’s tent with her, full of amusement and subtle demands for answers. Her heart clenched when he spoke.

“Hello Mister Sterling,” Doctor Kalfou answered, her voice full of promise and play.

“What about me?” Bella asked. Jack knew that tone. She was doing something lewd, putting her body on display shamelessly. “Don’t I get a hello?”

Will chuckled. “Hello, Bella.”

“Jack’s with us too,” Bella’s fingertips scratched down the thin wall of the tent.

Jack could see where her own tent walls were pushed in. She hadn’t realized they were close enough to touch. Her heart was hammering in her chest.

“Say hi,” Bella purred.

There was a pause. Will said nothing. Jack couldn’t breathe. She was horrified at herself. She couldn’t remember ever feeling anxious like this before. She was angry at her reaction, but couldn’t do anything about it.

“Hi, Jack,” Will’s voice finally said.

What was in that tone? Was that amusement? Resignation? Judgement? Was she reading into it too much? Quinn bit her thigh again, and gave her an expectant look.

“Hi, Will,” she said, trying her best to sound unbothered and amused. Why was this so tense? She felt like she was trying to contain something, but didn’t really understand what it was.

“Quinn too,” Bella added, sounding amused.

Jack ran her hands through her hair and gave Quinn a silent look of confusion and apology. Quinn was not much for displays of emotion, but she knew him well enough to see the amusement in his black eyes.

“Hello, Quinn,” Will’s voice said, definitely sounding resigned and amused this time.

“Hello, Mister Sterling,” Quinn said, his voice a bit muffled by Jack’s thighs.

“Now that we’re all introduced, I have a proposal for you Will,’ Bella smirked.

“You certainly have my attention,” Will said, still sounding amused as his voice suddenly shifted to the tone he usually employed for business negotiations.

“My oomph is all run out. I need a refill. They’ve all nicely agreed to help. I was hoping you would too,” Bella’s sultry voice dripped with promise.

Jack stifled a laugh. She knew Bella was playing to her audience, and loving it, and honestly, Jack was having a hard time not being amused. Her tension made her feel like she needed to laugh, or do anything, to relieve it, but she didn’t want to draw attention back to herself.

“What do I get out of it?” Will asked blithely.

Bella huffed in surprise and Doctor Kalfou burst out in stifled laughter. Once the doctor started, Jack couldn’t contain hers any longer.

“Oh, Bella your face…” Doctor Kalfou laughed.

“Rude,” Bella huffed.

“You should have said you wanted a favor. You said proposal. Now we’re negotiating” Will teased.

“You can fuck me,” Bella said enticingly.

“Wasn’t that inherent in your proposal?” Will asked.

“Isn’t that enough?” Bella asked.

Will chuckled. “Remember a few days ago when you said I could have you anytime, anywhere?”

Jack’s eyes went wide at Will’s words. Bella was the most uninhibited person she’d ever met, but still, that was a bold offer even for her.

“Fuck,” Bella tisked.

“Yes, that is the topic of conversation,” Will smirked.

“Call it a favor then,” Bella glared.

“Too late,” Will said. “Now we’re negotiating.”

“Well then maybe you should just walk away if you’re not interested,” Bella said, her voice full of pretend outrage.

“My tent,” Will said.

Doctor Kalfou was practically crying with bursts of stifled laughter. “Caught in your own trap!”

“I thought you were here to help?” Bella said to the Doctor.

“Should make him an offer, you,” Doctor Kalfou teased.

“Mutiny!” Bella gasped.

“Jack,” Bella said, tapping frantically the wall of the tent. “Help!”

“Don’t drag me into this,” Jack laughed.

“I thought all of us having some fun together wouldn’t be something I’d have to negotiate for,” Bella huffed. “Will’s just being contrary!”

“How surprising,” Jack snarked.

Doctor Kalfou bit her bottom lip and managed to quiet her laughter. “Of all the ways I imagined this going, this was not one of them.”

“Get used to that feeling. It happens a lot with him,” Jack said dryly.

“I still haven’t heard an offer,” Will shrugged.

Jack found herself enjoying the banter. The emotional chaos inside her was diminishing as her entertainment rose. She wished she could see the three in the other tent, but there was something novel about being separated by the cloth. It made the whole thing feel a bit like she was doing something she shouldn’t. She found that her imagination was filling in the blanks nicely.

“I’m not sure what I have left to offer,” Bella said, considering.

“What did you offer Jack and Friday?” Will asked.

“Wanted to see how she performs rituals, I,” the Doctor answered.

Jack shrugged, even though none of them could see her. “I was feeling helpful.”

“She seduced you both, didn’t she?” Will deadpanned.

“Yes,” Jack admitted with an exasperated sigh.

“Knows you well, he,” Doctor Kalfou teased Bella.

“Well, it worked twice!” Bella protested. “Can’t blame me for thinking it might work again.”

“Oh, it is definitely working,” Will admitted. “It’s just fun to make you work for it sometimes.”

“Most people know better than to irritate a witch,” Bella glared.

“I’m sure I’ll make an adorable newt,” Will sounded like he was trying not to laugh.

Quinn hadn’t stopped teasing Jack during the banter. He was quietly and expertly using his fingers and tongue to keep her passion at a simmer. She was more than ready to cum, and running out of patience. She bit her lip as another tingle of pleasure spread through her and pushed her head back harder into the pillow. “Dammit, Bella, just give him what he wants,” she groaned.

“I don’t know what he wants! He’s just being impossible!” Bella whined.

“A favor?” the doctor suggested.

Bella let out a long mewl of frustration. “I already said that!”

“I think you asked me to do you a favor,” Will corrected.

“Fine! A favor!” Bella huffed. “That’s my offer, take it or leave it!”

“I accept,” Will said.

There was a muffled thump and a surprised squeak from Bella, followed by a groan of pleasure.

In spite of the slight pang of sadness that crept up into Jack’s mind, she found herself smiling.


Bella ran her fingers through Will’s damp hair as he feasted between her legs. She wasn’t sure who had really seduced who but she had enjoyed how he’d teased her.

She grinned mischievously at Friday, who was watching the top of Will’s head with amusement. Their eyes met in the dim light and the doctor gave her an approving nod.

“There’s a few rules tonight,” Bella breathed, petting Will’s head as she pressed her heels into the sleeping mats and lifted her hips.

“Mmm?” Will said wordlessly into her smooth womanhood.

“First, you all have to tell me before you climax, and wait until I’m ready for it,” Bella said, her voice unwavering even though her hips were writhing happily. “Second, be careful of the sigil on your chest. The paint is pretty durable, but if you touch your sigil to anyone else’s, it might disrupt the whole thing and cause an uncontrolled release of power?”

“Like when you lit me on fire?” Will asked conversationally.

“Oh no,” Jack laughed.

“What?” Doctor Kalfou gasped.

Bella sighed in exasperation. “Yes. Let’s not do that again.”

“I am going to hear this story,” Jack said firmly.

Bella ignored her and continued. “The last one’s for you specifically, Will. Friday doesn’t want any kind of penetration.”

Will’s eyes lifted over Bella’s thigh and met the Doctor’s. His expression was surprised and curious, but he nodded. “Alright. I’m sure we will find other ways to have fun with each other.”

She gave him a small, predatory smile. “Am sure we will, I.”

“Can you paint him up?” she asked Friday.

The doctor nodded. “Now that I’ve seen it, should be no trouble.”

“Great. I’ll go take care of Quinn. Have fun,” she winked at them and then scrambled to her feet and ducked out the tent.

Will and Friday looked at each other in surprise. Neither had expected to be suddenly alone together. Will shifted into a sitting position, cross-legged in the tangle of bedding. “I feel a bit like the person driving just jumped off the wagon.”

The doctor smiled. “Think she did that on purpose, I.”

Friday had been laying on her stomach, her smooth back and rounded butt creating an enticing silhouette in the dim lantern light. For the first time, Will was able to get a decent look at the pair of white snakes tattooed down the length of the doctor’s body. Their tails started on the tops of her feet, curled around her ankles, then up her calves, and thighs before winding over her hips, briefly curving along her hip bones and her waist before changing direction and wrapping along her ribs and around to nearly touch along her spine. They flared away from each other again just above her shoulder blades, then wrapped over her shoulders to brush against her collarbones and curve away to coil down her arms, finally ending with their heads resting on the backs of her hands.

“You know how to paint magic symbols?” Will asked.

She languidly rolled over to her back, exposing the white paint Bella had traced on her chest, and a great deal more. “Just have to make you match, yes?”

The lantern light reflected just enough off her dark skin to trace her body in warm lines. He could see the indentation that ran up her flat stomach, and the dimples on her hips. Her large breasts rolled a bit to the outside as she arched her back, stretched,  and interlaced her fingers behind her head. Her full lips smirked in amusement as she watched him looking at her for the first time.

Between her legs, it looked like a triangular notch had been shaved into her neatly trimmed, black curls. In the bare spot a small symbol had been painted. She caught him looking and glanced down at herself. “Bella said placement was important.”

He chuckled. “I think she just likes shaving people.”

“It can be both!” Bella’s voice came from the other tent.

“She shaved you too?” One of Friday’s eyebrows rose.

“Well, not until after she lit me on fire,” Will said.

Will heard Jack erupt into laughter.

“That’s why you should just shave it all off!” Bella protested from the other tent. “Then the paint never gets stuck in your hair!”

The doctor shook her head in amusement. “Are all going to end up bald, we.”

“Quinn already shaves,’ Bella continued. “So easy to work without hair in the way.”

“You are mistaken, Miss Bella,” Quinn rumbled.

“You don’t? You’re smooth as an egg,” Bella said, surprised.

“I do not grow hair… there,” he explained.

“Lucky you,” Bella said, clearly envious.

Will and Friday shared an amused look and laughed silently.

“Is this normal for you?” Friday whispered.

“Lately, yes,” Will admitted.

Friday grinned. Her teeth gleamed in the dim light. “Finding myself very glad you came to my door, I.”

“Seems like it’s been nothing but trouble ever since,” Will said with an apologetic grimace.

“Not your fault,” Friday said, rolling to her knees. She moved gracefully and slowly, taking her time with every motion. “Never did thank you, I. Not how you deserve.”

“Thank me?” Will asked. “For what?”

“First, got me off Barcola, you,” Friday counted off. “Second, saved us from the grindylow, you.”

“Well, Quinn and Lace were a big part of that,” Will shrugged.

“Your plan, yeah?” Friday insisted. She crawled the short distance to him and sat up on her knees. She had a confidence in her unhurried movements that sent small tingles of anticipation up his spine and caused the hair on the back of his neck to prickle. Her fingertips ran slowly down his chest. “Will thank them later, I. First, you.”

Will stared deep into her dark eyes as she traced a sigil onto his chest with one of Bella’s paint sticks. She was as efficient as if she’d done it a hundred times. As she reached the bottom of the pattern he raised up on his knees to make it easier for her. With a sultry smirk she reached for the button of his trousers. He slid his hands behind her neck and lifted. She raised herself up to meet him as he pulled her lips together. Her kiss was soft, like her lips were pillows. Their tongues flicked and found each other, then rolled across each other as their lips sealed completely. She moaned softly into his mouth and worked his buttons open one by one. With a firm, steady pull he opened his pants as wide as they would go and slid her hand inside. He felt her fingers close around his engorged shaft and took a deep breath against her lips.

“Thank you,” she said against his mouth.

“You’re very welcome,” he grinned.

She lowered herself back down until her rounded butt met her heels. With one hand she gently, slowly stroked and squeezed him. With the other hand she drew the final, small pattern just above his erection.

“Stand up,” she said with a kiss.

“Wow, he is thick,” Bella’s voice interrupted from the other tent. ‘Can I?”

Will heard Jack’s sigh of exasperation as he stood and moved more to the center of the tent, where he wouldn’t be pressed into the sloped walls. She repositioned as well and tugged his pants. They pooled around his ankles and he stepped out of them. His erection stood proud in front of Friday’s face. She looked at it with approving appraisal and reached for it again, slowly closing her fingers around his shaft.

“If my mistress says you may,” Quinn answered.

“Jaaaaack?” Bella begged excitedly.

“If you and I aren’t ready for that particular reacquaintance, it certainly doesn’t seem right for you to be fondling my partner,” Jack said, sounding like she was surprised at the words coming out of her own mouth.

“Fine,” Bella sighed, momentarily disappointed. Her enthusiasm almost immediately. “Just another thing to look forward to.”

“You are incorrigible,” Jack deadpanned.

“If I can’t fondle him, then it’s your job,” Bella said, suddenly changing to a more instructional tone. “Hold his cock that way so I can paint him.”

Friday and Will shared another look of quiet amusement at the antics next door as Friday stroked his shaft. Friday’s hands had the same soft, pillow-like quality that her lips did. Her skin was smooth as satin, and she stroked him with the same confident slowness that she did everything else. She knee-walked even closer, looking up at him and leaning in, telegraphing her intent and sending a tingle of anticipation up his spine. Her lips parted and he felt her warm breath on the head of his cock just before her hot lips closed around him and inch by inch of his shaft disappeared into her mouth.

She slid down his length, rolling her tongue along the bottom of his cock until he reached the back of her mouth. Instead of stopping, she opened her mouth again and pushed a little further, working him deeper, pushing the sensitive head of his cock into the tightness of the entrance to her throat. He gasped. She didn’t have the same effortlessness Bella did when she took him so deeply, but the way she was struggling a bit with it caused contractions and movements that were impressively pleasurable.

She held him there, only two inches shy of as far as was possible to go, working the entrance to her throat back and forth over his cock head, sounding like she was noisily drinking. Her eyes never left his. She bobbed there, trying over and over to work him further into her mouth and then backing off again, bobbing the furthest half-inch of him to her limit. He’d never felt anything like it.

After nearly a minute she finally released him with a gasp and a satisfied grin.

“Holy fuck,” Will said, realizing he’d forgotten to breathe for a bit too.

“Well that sounded entertaining,” Bella said from the other tent.

“Bella!” came Jack’s shocked admonition.

“What?” Bella protested. “I saw your face. You were listening just as hard as I was.”

“I was worried she was choking!” Jack protested again.

Will and Friday couldn’t hold their laughter in any longer. It burst forth and echoed through both tents. They faintly heard Jack’s indignant exhale of protest. Friday slid Will’s shaft back into her mouth again, slowly taking him as far as she could, and then sliding back again.

“I’m done here,” Bella said. “Hope this works. I’ve never done a siphon spell off of an Asura before.”

“It pulls from the energies of arousal, yes?” Quinn asked.

“Yup,” Bella said.

“My arousal mirrors that of my mistress,” Quinn explained. “If your ritual works on her, it should work on me as well.”

“So I’m going to get a double dose of Jack juice,” Bella said, impressed and interested at what she was learning. “I’ll go so we can get started.”

“Finall-mmmmph!” Jack’s voice became abruptly muffled. Will felt a strange mess of jealousy, erotic thrill, and amusement as he pictured the two women kissing.

“I’m really looking forward to listening to him fuck you,” Bella purred when their long kiss finally broke.

“Out, you impossible minx!” Jack laughed breathlessly.

“Impossible minx,” Bella repeated. “I like that one.”

The pause hung heavy in the air while he and Friday waited for the witch to return. She didn’t.

“Bella?” Jack asked after a moment, sounding a bit confused.

“What?” Bella asked.

“Are you out there?” Jack asked. “Are you… spying?”

“I just noticed how the lantern puts you in silhouette. It’s sexy,” Bella explained. “Can you come a little more this way so the light is more behind you?”

“Bella!” Jack protested.

“Fine!” Bella huffed. A moment later she slipped back into Will’s tent. She was grinning in amusement, but her face slipped into wonderment as she stared at the two of them for a moment. Friday’s hands were still resting on Will’s thighs. His erection was inches from her face. His hand cradled the back of her head, right at the top of her neck. He stood tall in the center of the tent, his head nearly touching the lantern. The light played off their bodies, highlighting the lines of his muscles and her curves. The white sigils and the Doctor’s snake tattoos gave them both a mystical contrast that took Bella’s breath away.

“Wow,” she breathed. They gave her a curious look. She laughed at herself. “Mind if I join you?”

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