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Looked innocent and ready to corrupt

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700 Words | 2

Me (20M) and my friends (22M – 21M) Were hanging out at the park, smoking and listening to music, basically chilling, then something catches my eye.
I get the view of a 1,45 tall real life doll, she probably was 11 or so. Beautifully shaped, chubby but still slim legs and nothing else I could see because she was covered in childish-like clothes, but I just knew she was beautiful.

I tell the boys to check her out and they also think she’s a walking beauty, then we decided to go and talk to her, since she was alone playing with ants (A little weird if u ask me)
We ask her “What’s up?” And she looks at us, and just walks towards us, and grabs my leg, we assumed she was lost. She looked so terrified and I think that is what caught my attention. I wanted to give her a reason.

We carried her to some bushes behind the bench she was playing in and we violently raped her, we brutalized her body completely, I mean we were high, maybe that’s got something to do with it.

My friends tore off her clothes as I got my belt undone, got on top of her and started kissing her, she would move away her head, and cry and scream but it was almost as if nobody was listening, or so we thought.

I french kissed her, opened up her mouth and spat in it, and on her face too, while my friends were jerking off using her feet and hands, I guided my dick into her ass because I’m an anal man, what can I say. Then I slid it in, it was painful, I could tell from her screaming and also because she was so tight it almost hurts me too.
I fucked her, I grabbed her by the throat as my friend ravaged her mouth with his 20cm long meat.
Then a random dude came in and jerked off on her face, slapped her across the tits, left his jizz all over the place, and left. And my other friend which was a little more abusive, waited ’til the end to have his way with her.

Me and my friend who raped her before, got tired but our other friend decided to take her to his home, he carried her while rubbing her pussy, completely naked, it was crazy because people were walking by but none of them said a single thing. We grabbed a beer or two on the way home and I finally raped her once again against the wall of my friend’s house, she was in the air and I was completely destroying her insides with my cock, and it felt amazing, doing it like that, then we got inside. My friend took her by her hair and dragged her across the living room towards his room.

He beat her so hard, I couldn’t even tell you, her nose started bleeding, gave her a black eye, and it was fucking exciting, the three of us got hard watching him beat her and rape her again, and again, and again. He even grabbed a knife and wrote his name on her ass cheeks, which was a lot, but anyways.

He raped her pussy and came inside, multiple times, then violated her throat ’til she was pretty much unconscious, after his cum, came his piss, which got all her clothes stinky and drenched but I guess that’s what he liked. Personally, I liked raping her, I would do it again, I liked breaking her tight little minor ass, and cuming inside, it felt like paradise! Every older guy should have a tiny slut like this one, just to utilize and throw around, you know!

After we all jerked off again, we left, and there we were, two weeks later at his house again! And we saw her one more time, completely naked, on all fours, with a collar and full of bruises, liking our boots immediately when we walked in. She was fully trained as a pet slut! And the only thing she was starting to know is how to be a good woman, to please your master.

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