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Long Haul Suckers

My brother snuck out, so I got up, and followed him. To see his girlfriend, at least I hoped he was hooking up with his girlfriend…

I say that, because he was dressed like a burglar, I guess. He turned around, to climb down the corner of the porch. The mask wasn’t that different, because we all got used to seeing people in masks, but the black pants, shoes, and hoody with the drawstrings pulled tight like Kenny. (“You killed Kenny, you Bastard!” From South Park?)

He never dressed like that, because even being white, if the cops see you sneaking around at night, dressed like that. They’re going to assume you’re breaking into bedroom windows, instead of sneaking out of one. So, I pulled on some pajama bottoms, and slippers. I took a mask, just in case I needed it, but by the time I got out on the porch roof, he stopped.

Well, he turned around, pacing back and forth with his phone out to text. I figured she was picking him up, but if I climb down, and sneak up close enough, maybe I’ll see her in her car? Or otherwise, I’ll see what boys he’s meeting to get arrested with. Either way, I was wide awake, and I had to see what he was up to, or it would keep me up all night wondering.

He stopped pacing, and turned around to tuck his phone back in 1 pocket, take off his glasses to put in the case, on the other side. Same pocket, it’s one of those sweatshirts with 1 big pocket, but 2 openings on the sides. I didn’t even wonder why he bought black shoes, and a black hooded sweatshirt in summer, but if I asked, he probably would have lied.

I didn’t find out until a little later, when I followed him around to the to the site. There was this building, they had to knock down a house, and cut the curb to put a road in, and add a new sub-division to the neighborhood. Apartment buildings, but they never finished one side, and barely got started on the other.

Then, they had to stop building them all together, and put a gate up, with [Private Property] hanging from it. [No Trespassing] signs all around the fence, and even caution tape up, but the gate was easy for him to step right over. I ducked under it, but they just put it there to keep people from driving their cars, and trucks in and out.

He cut across the parking lot to the first building. The one they mostly got finished, it had a roof on it, and walls. Bricks stacked up, and /Tyvek//Tyvek//Tyvek/ on the white plastic over the parts they haven’t finished yet. A door he knocked on, and somebody let him in.

So, I waited, and listened outside a wooden window. They had big holes for the windows, but they hadn’t put in glass yet, so instead they had plywood, and bars over it, to keep people from stealing the plywood?

Whatever they were saying in there, I couldn’t hear it, except to tell it was another boy. I guessed by the deep voice, but I also thought maybe they were stealing power tools to hawk at a pawn shop? I finally got the nerve to knock on the door.

“What do you want?”

“Oh, you know what’s going on, you want me to yell it through the door?” He pulled a bolt back, and opened it.

“No, you better come in.” I looked up, and the first thing I saw was his beard. It wasn’t like a Santa Claus beard, hanging out the bottom of his mask, but it had some grey in the cheeks, and looking closer. I saw lines around his eyes, too.

“Shut the door.”

“Oh,” I found the bolt thingy, and it looked just like the flat ones you sometimes see in a restroom stall. So, I pushed that back, and he pulled a black hoody out of a box on top of a stack of doors.

“You forget your hoody?”

“No, it’s in the wash. I didn’t get the text until I was already in bed.” I looked down, and realized that I didn’t even have a bra on. So, I took it, and zipped it up over my night shirt. For summer, it was just a tank-top, and a pair of panties, in case I had to get up to go to the bathroom. My pajama bottoms over a pair of moccasins, with fleece lining. Also a little warm for even the middle of the night, in August?

I just realized, it’s after midnight, so it just turned August. “Well, head on down, you might want to take those slippers off, are those suede?”

“Yeah, and wool fleece.” As opposed to microfiber fleece, which is actually polyester.

“Well, be careful on your way down to the hall.”

“Okay.” No doors on the stairs, but more stacked up, all around the room like a warehouse, though only the 2 by the stairs down had the plastic ripped off. I guess they started putting the doors in first, but then I got to the landing, and saw what he was talking about.

The basement was flooded, so I took my slippers off, and hoped there wasn’t anything like broken glass, or rusty nails to cut my feet, and get tetanus from. Then, I decided that it was probably better to ruin a pair of winter slippers than risk it, and put them back on. Mom’s probably just gonna give me another pair for Christmas this year, anyway.

“Uh, yeah.” I heard down the hall, even splashing through the water. It just came up to my ankles, so I could hold up my pant legs to keep them from getting wet. “Ah, fuck yeah.”

Even before I heard that guy’s moans, echoing down the hall, I was beginning to suspect this must be some kinda sex thing. I mean, why else all the secrecy, sneaking around, and when i got to the open doors. Somebody propped them open, with [Caution Wet Floor] signs up, and i looked down at my wet slippers.

“Ah yh yh yh yh! Ngh! Fuck, huh!”

It sounds like someone finished, but I just looked back and forth. Men’s on the left, and Lady’s on the right. I heard someone coming, and hid behind one until she came out. I heard a door, and a belt clinking, but then she practically ran down the hall to splash through the water and up the stairs before he came out.

I just ducked down, under a water fountain base. Just the steel part, without the handles, or the squirty thing you drink from, so you don’t have to touch something someone else had her mouth on, but speaking of which. He finished tucking in his belt, and pulled the sweatshirt down on his way to splash through the water.

Rubber boots, smart. I guess this always slopes down, and it’s just the stairs end of it, but neither over them looked back on the way out. Which means anonymous sex, but unlike the men’s room behind the gas station. I heard about that, but I never went, because that’s a gay man thing.

Finally, I looked around the doors, both ways, and sure enough. Bathroom stalls, with the doors closed, and toes sticking out from under them. Slots cut down the middle of them, so the hole, in the top, and the hole in the bottom were joined, and a man or boy could stand up no matter what height he is.

Looking back, and forth, they’re all not even hard, but I had some idea what they’re waiting for. So, I took a deep breath, and tried not to make too many wet squishy noises, walking in my moccasins, and no socks.


“Huh, I.”

“What are you doing in here?”

“You know what I’m doing in here.”

“Well this is the men’s room, so get the fuck outta here.”

“Okay, sorry. Jeeze.” They all stepped back to withdraw there junk, but the guy upstairs didn’t say anything about a men’s room, or a lady’s room. Honestly, I forgot which was which, but duh.

“Hey, in here.” I squished across the floor, and slipped a little, but when I looked down, it was just water. I pulled my mask out, and sniffed. “You’re a girl right?”

“Mhm?” But I smelled jizz in the air, and I bet there was a lot of it. “Well good.” Fingers appeared under the chubby hanging out, and flopped it. “You ever seen one like this before?”

“Mhm!” I lowered my voice though, and touched it. whispered, ‘not one this big before. just in porn, but does it get bigger?’ OMG, it does! ‘huh!’ I looked down, at the white streaks on the floor, and stepped carefully over it.

“Yeah, you got titties?”

“Huh!” I unzipped my new hoody, and got down.

“Hey, what about me?” All the way on the end, I saw that the middle stall door was open, so that must have been where the stall door was, and looking over.

I noticed that he wasn’t circumcised, and my brother is. “In a minute,” I stopped whispering, realizing something, and shaking it out of my head, but I couldn’t forget it so easily.

That wasn’t my brother in the handicap stall, and he sure as hell wasn’t a black guy, so he wasn’t in here. Where did he go, across the hall? In the men’s room, and did he recognize my voice when I was in there?”

“Let me feel them titties.”

“Oh yeah.” I pressed the brown head into the ribs down the front of my night shirt, and rubbed them beck and forth.

“Cute little titties. Too little to fuck?”

“Huh, yeah. Um. I don’t know if I can fit all this in, but. Awm! SNH?” I just shook my head, with the warm knob in my mouth, and closed my eyes.

“Yeah, suck that dick, yeh. Suck it, you don’t have to take it all, babydoll. Just suck the nut right out, and pump it. Yeh pump it in you hands, pump it hard.” it’s already hard, so I beat my wrist against the tape around the slot. “Yeah, yeh uh. I’m gonna nut uhhh! Shit. Yeah, ah fuck yeah. Skinny little white girl.”

“Uhn!” I just sat down, right in the spooge all over the floor. “Ohn!” Feeling it bulge through the webs of my thumbs, and land on my neck. Closing my eyes, and resisting the urge to lick my lip, but I held it up too high anyways. So, some of it landed in my hair, a lot of it hit my mask over my nose, and I don’t even remember pulling it up to pop it in my mouth.

“Huh!” It went soft again, and flopped back through the slot. “Fuck.” He pulled up his shorts, then his pants, then I shook my head when I heard a knock on the door.

“Hey, you said I’m next. You promised!”

“All right, okay, Jesus!” I had to scoot over so the black guy could get out. His pants low enough to see his checked underwear, but he didn’t pull them all the way up. He didn’t look back, he just ran down the hall, and his shoes squeaked before he splashed through the water.

“Huh, I never had a dick like this before, I mean with a foreskin?”

“Just suck it like a dick. You suck it like any other dick,” but it was hard enough to slip the skin back. I sniffed it, but it was clean enough, and the fresh load just made me want it more. “Mh hn!” it didn’t taste bad at all, and a little drop came out right away. it didn’t taste like anything at all, but it was warm, wet, a little slippery, and it coated my tongue. “Don’t just suck the whole thing, I bet you can take it all.”

“Uh gug guk khah!” I held it up, and spat. “Huh, yeah. Not too big to suck.”


“Uh!” Of course my brother heard me, and come across the hall to cock block me. “None of your business, you gay fag. Why don’t you go back to the gay mens room to get your dick sucked like a man, you gay fag, or did you get your fill of dick all ready, cocksucker?”

“Hey, wait your turn!” The guy in the handicap stall whined, but then my brother grabbed me, and yanked me off the floor.

“Sorry,” I let go, and looked back. “My boyfriend’s just jealous, because he’s got a little dick, and he can’t get it up without.”

“All right,” he dragged me down the hall, “That’s enough, you having fun?”

“No, I was having fun sucking strangers off in the girl’s room, did you?”

“Huh, yeah. All right, you caught me, but how did you even find out about this?”

“We better wait until we get outside.” I pulled my mask down, and wiped my fingers off on the hoody. Zipped it up, but a nice thing about black terry cloth is you can see the white cum stains all over it.

“Hey, no hooking up.” the beardy man upstairs put his hands up. “Let her go.”

“It’s okay, we know each other.”

“Yeah, my girlfriend followed me, so can you just let us out? We’re leaving anyway.”

“Yeah sure.” he latched it back, as soon as he slammed the door behind us, and somebody dove behind a pile of bricks, but it was too dark to see them, or much of anything else.

I giggled, “So, you guessed how I found this place, I followed you. Now, how did you find out about it?”

“I’m not gay.”

“Okay bi then.”

“No, I don’t even know about that. Look, I got this number off a bathroom wall.”

“Let me guess, behind the gas station?”

“How did you know?”

“Duh, everyone knows about that, boys talk, and somebody told his girlfriend, or big sister.” I elbowed him. “So what, it made you bi curious?”

“Well, you ever heard that a girl licks pussy better than any boy ever could?”

“Yeah, but that’s bullshit. For one thing, girls grow up to be women, and for another thing, men marry women.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“So, if a man stays married long enough, and keeps practicing. It helps if he’ll listen to her, and takes directions.”

“Where did you hear about all this from? Have you been fooling around with your girlfriends, and their boyfriends?”

“No, dumbass. Mom, I’m talking about mom. She says that nobody can lick her off like dad can, because nobody’s tried as long.”

“Ew, sick.”

“Well, you asked, but in answer to your question, yeah. I heard that, and instead of getting.” Quote “Bi curious” /quote “With my lesbian friends, I asked mom.”

“Oh yeah? So, which ones are lesbians?”

“None of your business!”

“Well, I’m just asking so I don’t offend either of them, we’re talking about 2 of them right?” I just bit my lip, and shook my head, but I already said too much.

“So, is what they say true about boys giving better head than girls?”

“I don’t know. Honestly, that was my first blowjob.”

“Giving or receiving?”

“I just let him suck me off, but it doesn’t really matter, one way or another.”

“Well, I guess not, but that just answers my question.”

“How so?”

“Well, if it doesn’t matter one way or the other, then no. Guys don’t give better head, maybe they’ve got a head start.” He scoffed even before I elbowed him. “But with a little practice, anyone can get good at it.”

“Huh, yeah. I guess you’re right.”

“So let me guess, you went in the wrong room, too?”

“Yeah, it said Men right on the door, so I just guessed.”

“Haha, yeah.” We both had a good laugh. “So, you ever eat a girl out?”

“No, why? You know somebody who likes me?”

“Yeah,” I hugged his arm. “I’m horny as fuck now, so I tell you what. If you lick me off, then you can tell me whether that tea room cock sucker gives better head than me.” Okay, after a blowjob, and a half, a money shot, and all this talk about oral sex. What I really wanted was to suck him off so I could taste it, and swallow his load whole.

“Deal, race you home?”

“Uh!” He just took off. “No fair, cheater!”

I always knew I’d love it. Sucking cock, I bet I’ll love fucking even better when I’m ready, but until then?

I don’t care if he’s my little brother, and he doesn’t complain about me being his big sister.

A dick is a dick, a tongue is a tongue, and a hole is a hole. It’s not like we’re fucking!

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