Long Hair Aunt and Mom Part 1

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Adventure of a guy having an incestuous relationship with his Hot Erotic & Sexy Long Hair Aunt and Mom.

This is a story that I’ve experienced myself with my aunt and mom. The story will be divided into two parts. This story contains incest and every erotic stuff that you wish for. So let’s dive into it.

I’m now a 24-year-old engineer. I stay in Bangalore for my higher studies. I have a big extended family. And among all the twenty aunts and uncles I have, one of them caught my attention, heart and dick as well. She is my aunt. A cousin to my dad. I’ve never had any sexual feelings toward any family member ever. But one day everything changed.


The aunt I’m talking about is married. Not just married but she has a daughter elder than me and a son younger than me. Being a mother of two, she still has a great healthy figure. Her name is Urvashi, but everyone calls her Urvi. She is now 49 years old. But instead of being a typical middle-aged Indian woman, she’s quite modern in other terms. She wears sarees and salwar most of the time but she maintains her body, nails, hair and other stuff pretty well.

Aunt Urvi has a very healthy body and is not too plump or too skinny. She has big beautiful eyes and fair skin. Her hands and legs look like that of teenagers. But the most attractive part of her is her long hair.
Those are thick, black long hairs that reach up to her waist. She changes her hairstyles like curly or straight. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I always long for a family vacation gathering at our townhome just to get a glimpse of her.

My fascination and obsession with her grew a few years back. We haven’t met for years and she sent me a friend request. When I checked her profile I was blown away. She was the goddess of beauty and sex. Most of her pictures were with her long open hairs pushed back or pushed front. Even her braided hair pictures were sexy as hot. She wore a saree in most pictures showing most of her navel or cleavage. Sometimes there was salwar with no veil. That is her boobs were visible. The best thing about her profile was it was only family members and locked. So no outsider can enjoy her beauty.

One night she texted me and asked for a video call. I immediately called her and after she received it, I was amazed by what I saw. My heart skipped a beat and my dick got an instant erection. Urvi was wearing a sleeves salwar without any veil. Her cleavage was visible. Her boobs were large and exposed under the tight salwar. As she took a bath, her hairs were wet and dripping water. I couldn’t hold it anymore and started fapping instantly. We talked normally and her sexy voice was running chills in my body. She was playing with her hairs, adjusting them and moving them as if she was trying to be sexy. Then I intentionally removed my t-shirt and was sitting bare-bodied. I had a good physique as I workout. I noticed her looking at my body time and again and suddenly, her nipples were exposed under the salwar. She wasn’t wearing any bra.

So I took the chance. I complimented her beauty and started to flirt with her. She blushed and played along. I was trying to get close and finally, after an hour of chat she opened up about her personal life. She complained about her husband who doesn’t care about her and stays away from home most of the time. She has to take care of the kids herself. Though they’re rich enough yet there is no happiness. After listening to her I started plotting my plans. The plan was to make her mine forever.

We used to facetime once every month and chat almost regularly. She opened up a lot to me. We used to chat with hearts and kiss emojis constantly on every message. She took it very innocently but I planned to make her mine. As she was deprived of her husband, she enjoyed my flirty conversation and kept going.


It was vacation and I decided to come home almost after 2 years. In the meantime, I haven’t seen my mother for a long time and as she doesn’t use any social media or smartphone, it was a long time I got a glimpse of her. The last time I saw my mom, Parvati, she was 48 and a mother of two kids including me. I was the eldest. Now she’s 50. She was always a conservative woman who was always covering most parts of her body including her hair. I never saw her in open hairs. My other two siblings included my fifteen-year-old sister. My dad was living in Dubai for important business and comes home twice a year. My dad was quite older than my mom and retired from having sex sixteen years ago. They don’t have any romantic or sexual relationship anymore. And my mom is starving for sex as far as I can tell.

I came home one weekend to our house in Bangalore, India. I rang the doorbell for like ten minutes and no one answered. I wanted to surprise my mom. Suddenly the door opened and I was completely speechless by what I saw. It was my mom who looked sexier than ever. She was wearing a white and pink saree with no blouse. She was dripping wet as she took a bath. Her butt length long silky hairs were dripping wet tied in a loose bun with hairs covering her hair. She stepped back as she was shocked to see me. And as soon as I closed the door she ran and hugged me tightly. Her wet body was pasted to my body. She became a bit skinny but was looking quite healthy average woman.

Without missing the opportunity I quickly grabbed her in my arms. My dick was erected and created a boner. I could feel my dick touching her thighs. She felt it but ignored it as she missed me much. I caressed and ran my hand on her naked back. I buried my face in her wet streaks of hair and inhaled the strong wet aroma of the shampoo. My dick was now rock hard poking her thighs. I quickly took hold of her wet loose hair bun and started to open her hair. While doing this I licked her wet strands of hair above her ears and drank the water dripping. I then moved and kissed her neck. She let out a soft moan and was weeping and saying how much she missed me. She was pressing my head against her neck and pulling me towards her in a deep hug. I opened her long hair and enjoyed every strand of her long thick silky black hair with my hands. I also pressed her buts in between but didn’t go too far.

After five minutes we broke the hug and she started kissing me all over my face. I intentionally moved my face and most kisses landed on my lips. She blushed as our lips touched and hugged burying her face in my chest. I took the chance and enjoyed her wet long hair a bit more and then went to my room. I took a bath and masturbated thinking of my mom. Then I slept almost for five hours.

It was afternoon and as I woke up I saw a beautiful teenager standing in my room. It was my sister Runa. She in her maturing state was oozing sex from her appearance. I wanted to cross lines with her but decided to conquer my aunt and mom first.

My mother’s attitude changed with me. She was being more friendly, close and was treating me like the man of the house. I felt good taking control over. My mom also invited me to sleep with her and most of the time she took bath before sleep and applied light makeup and perfume before coming to bed. At night she used to crawl up to me and rest her head over my shoulder. Sometimes I intentionally rubbed my hard dick against her body. But still, we never confronted each other with our sexual needs.


After a few days, we decided to visit my aunt Urvi house to attend a pilgrimage to a temple in her city. The plan was to spend a month long. As my sister had exams she stayed behind in my grandparent’s house.
I and my mom decided to visit. So we booked a flight to Mumbai. It was first-class so we had privacy. My mom tied her hair in plaits. Her hairs were wet and she covered her ears with her hair. It was a loose plait. She wore saree decently but exposed her rich navel. As we boarded the flight we took our sits. It was my moms first time on the plane. So during takeoff, she holds my hands strongly. Later when it was stable she removed the seat belts and hugged me in fear. My dick started to get erected and the bulge was visible. I put my hands around her and took hold of her hair. I started to untie them of their plait. But as she was moving away her few hairs got stuck in my buttons. As she was untying the knot our face came closer. We could feel each other’s hot breath. We started to grow closer and she put her hands on my face pulling it closer to hers. I hold her waist and started to pull her close to me. We became so close that we opened our mouths to meet our tounges and kiss each other. As soon as our lips touch each other mouths the air hostess knocked and we broke our position.

We adjusted ourselves and pretended as nothing happened. It was a two-hour flight. So I decided to push more with my mom. As soon as we got privacy again I quickly exposed the bulge of my erected dick underpants. My mom noticed my erected dick. She made an excuse to use the washroom and while getting up she intentionally put her hands over my bulgy pants erected dick. I was excited to get signs from her indicating her sexual needs. When she came back I wanted to enjoy it more and decided to do the rest of the stuff later as we landed in Mumbai. All this time getting sexual experience from my erotic mom, I forgot about the woman I love and want more than anything. My aunt Urvi. We were about to visit her house and I couldn’t hold my excitement to see her. We reached my aunt’s house in an hour. As soon the door opened I saw my aunt and I was so amazed by how she looked.

She applied a little makeup and red lipstick. Her hairs were open and semi-wet due to her fragrant hair serum and were pushed front over her breast. She wore a red salwar with her cleavage visible. She wore a red bindi. She was looking sexy as fuck giving my dick a rock hard erection. We smiled at each other when my mom was greeting her and I was greeting my cousins. Finally, we came close and she smiled with her content and invited me to a hug. I went and grabbed her into my arms. As her hairs were pushed front on her right side, I moved my head on her right and buried my face in her aromatic fragrant semi wet open black streaks of hairs. I inhaled deeply as I hugged her. She whispered in my ears and asked, are we friends? I said yes. I asked can I call you Urvi? She said only when we’re alone. We broke the hug as my mom and Urvi’s kids were there. We spent the rest of the time as family time. It was decided that my cousins, that is Urvi’s kids will visit their grandparents at Pune and will be away for a month. After they leave we’ll visit the temple pilgrimage.

I was excited to hear that. Now I will be all alone with Aunt Urvi and my mother Parvati. I started planning out to seduce each of them and eventually have sex with them.
That night my mom and I shared a room. Urvi was staying in her room. We had dinner and my mom went to take bath. In the meantime, I came out of the room and went to my aunt’s room. She was on the balcony watching the moon. She took a bath recently and her hairs were tied in a towel pushed front over her breast. She was wearing a sleeveless nighty with a negligee on top. I went behind her and grabbed her from behind. She was oozing a strong erotic smell from her skin and the aroma of her wet hairs. She took this friendly and laughed. But I started to tease her. I wrapped my arms around her and placed my mouth on her exposed neck. She was asking me about my journey and everything. My dick was now getting erected and started poking her from behind in her butts. Feeling my dick she let out a moan and rested her head on my shoulder. She held my hands. We were talking about each other and flirting physically. Things were getting hot so I pushed further. I grabbed the towel from her hair and removed it. Then I dug my face in her wet hair and kissed her neck. She moaned out of pleasure and pushed but against my rock hard erection.

She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said no and told her I couldn’t find a beautiful woman like her. She laughed and turned to face me. She smiled and looked into my eyes and said she’s too old to be my girlfriend. Then I hold her waist and pulled her against my body. Her hands were on my chest and our face was closer. We were smiling at each other as we felt each other breath, and I said, there is no age to make love and fall in love. She got a bit serious and asked, do you love me?  I hold her head by her wet hair and pulled her more closer to my face. Our lips were almost touching. My dick was erected against her pussy. She let out soft moans as I felt her hot breath. I said I love…. and was about to kiss each other, then suddenly her younger son called out mom, and she came to her senses and pushed me away. Her son wanted her to attend to his sleep. So aunt Urvi said to me that we can continue our conversation tomorrow and gave a sweet smile. I smiled back and returned to my room.

After returning to my room I saw my mom. She just took a bath and was sitting in front of the mirror. Her wet streaks of long hairs were combed straight and perfectly behind. The room was smelling of the fragrance of her rich wet hairs. I instantly got an erection and felt like fucking her then and there. But I waited. My mom was wearing a nighty that exposed her rich mounts of breast cleavage and most of her naked shoulder and back. I took a bath and came and saw mom on the bed. I removed my shirt and then I went and slept beside her. After some time, I couldn’t control myself, so I grabbed mom from behind in bed and dug my face deep in her wet hairs. My mom moved a little and took the blanket and put it over us. Taking this chance I pulled out my dick and took some of her wet hairs and wrapped it around. Then I stroked my dick with her wet hairs. Suddenly she turned towards me and our face was closer to each other. She moved her lower body closer and her naked thigh touched my naked dick. I could feel her cold thighs on my warm dick. She pulled up her nighty and moved more closer and took my rock hard dick in between her thighs. My dick started rubbing her vagina.


I was sexually aroused by her action so I pulled her into my body and started to kiss and suck her naked shoulder. I licked her neck. Her strands of wet hair were all over my body and face. As I licked her neck she moaned and pressed my head against her body. I then took one of her boobs in my hand and pressed it. She then moved my head on her boobs and opened her nighty knot. I took the fresh mound of boobs in my mouth and started sucking and biting her nipples. My naked body was now touching her naked navel and boobs. I ran my hands down her butt and pressed it hard. She was moaning loudly with pleasure. Then I took charge and kissed her on her lips. Our lips and mouth explored each other as we licked each other tongues. We exchanged saliva and kissed passionately. A hot stream of sex, incest and eroticism was oozing from our wild lovemaking. I started to remove her panties but she stopped me and said, let’s save it for later. That night we kissed and hug and licked each other bodies and slept together in each other’s arms semi-nude.

The next morning, I woke up and saw mom and aunt preparing breakfast. So I did some workouts and had breakfast together. My aunt was wearing the same usual cloth and her hair were tied with a claw clip. She was looking sexy as usual. My mom, smiled at me as our eyes met, and kissed me on my cheeks saying good morning. I was loving these romantic interactions with my mom as she treating me like her man. Today my cousins left for Pune so I dropped them off at to train station. They have a car and a driver. I also met some of my friends and came home late at night and slept.

The next day, it was planned to visit the temple. So both my aunt and mom was getting prepared for the occasion. I wore a Kurta and dressed traditionally. When my mom and aunt came out of their rooms all prepared, I was left awed and speechless looking at them. They…
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