Lockdown With Mother-In-Law And Wife During Summer

Hi all, we are a happy couple with a 5 year old child. Lockdown With Mother-In-Law And Wife During Summer We still have an extraordinary sex life. My age is 31 with light brown colour and with a decent body, at least no fat on my belly.

My wife is 26 and though she has started to gain weight but still she is very attractive. We are still horny all the time like a newly-wed couple. But the heroine of this story is not my wife, but her mother and my lovely mother-in-law.


My MIL is 41 years old. She had done child marriage as part of those old time traditions. She’s very fair and still has a sexy figure with a flat stomach. Because of her fair figure, even a small exposure to the sunlight by her used to be visible easily.

I and my wife used to live in one room, my MIL and FIL in another room. My FIL got stuck in his native home due to lockdown and we were stuck here at my MIL’s place.

My mother-in-law and I are close to each other and get along very well from the time of my marriage. But now due to lockdown, we got to know each other much better since we were staying together. We used to sit together for watching TV.

We used to play ludo game and she was very good at it and usually used to beat me at the game. I used to help her in household chores, so she didn’t mind roaming freely around me. I and my wife also didn’t hesitate to caress and pamper each other with cuddles and kissing when she’s around.

We used to have sex daily as there’s not much work to do and my mother-in-law would get to know about this next morning seeing my wife’s glow and condition.

One day I, my mother-in-law and my wife were playing UNO game and my wife was losing continuously, as she was new to the game and she’s the last one remaining in all 4 games. I had an idea and told them that lets play a game with some bets. I said whoever loses must give me a lip kiss.

I thought that my wife would lose and so would give me a kiss, but fortunately or unfortunately this time my MIL lost the game! I playfully said that now Lockdown With Mother-In-Law And Wife During Summer I will take the kiss from my mother-in-law.

I looked at my mother-in-law’s lips and then at her face and we both smiled at each other after a few shy moments. My MIL said to my wife, “You give my kiss,” and so my wife kissed me and we stopped the game.

During the end of May month, there was a heat-wave going on which made our lives vert sweaty and uncomfortable. So our coolers used to run all day. Unfortunately, the cooler in my MIL’s room stopped running and no mechanics were available due to demand. So we all 4 agreed to sleep in our room, which had the working cooler.

After dinner, we had our normal walk on the terrace for some time and then came down to sleep in our room. I used to sleep in my boxers daily, my wife in her lingerie, and my my mother-in-law used to sleep in saree itself as she’s not used to western wear.

We all slept on the floor as bed won’t be sufficient for all of us. I slept on the side of cooler and there’s my son in between me and my wife, and at the end, my MIL was sleeping. And due to heat and exhaustion, we all got into deep sleep soon.

In the night around 2 pm, I woke up due to the cold as I was sleeping close to the cooler and also as I had slept only in boxer without any inner wear and t-shirt. Lockdown With Mother-In-Law And Wife During Summer The bedsheet was completely used by my wife and child so I thought not to disturb them. At the end where my MIL was sleeping it was less cold so I thought to go there and sleep.

In between, I went to the washroom to pee. As I was still half asleep, I mistakenly peed a bit on my thighs. I had to clean my thighs with water which made my boxers slightly wet and wet my crotch and thigh area which made me feel uncomfortable.

Since I was sleepy and not in a situation of wiping with a towel and searching for new boxers, I decided to sleep as it will dry by itself.

I came and slept beside my wife’s mother. The cool air was reaching my upper body but not the lower body, and it was making me feel cold plus making me uncomfortable in my crotch area as it was not drying.

So I thought I would sleep in the opposite direction and placed my head near my MIL’s feet and my feet near MIL’s head. So she was facing in the opposite direction. As everyone was in sound sleep, I thought I will pull down my boxer up to the thigh area and let it dry.

I rested the leg adjacent to my mother-in-law by folding it and the other leg resting horizontal on the floor. (My wife’s mom doesn’t sleep straight, she sleeps in free style manner and in random positions.)

As I was dozing, I went into half sleep and suddenly,Lockdown With Mother-In-Law And Wife During Summer I felt my mother-in-law’s head on my thigh as she thought it must be a pillow. She was facing her head towards my dick. Soon I could experience the heat of her breath on my cock and could feel my cock getting erected.

I thought it was not good, so I moved lightly downwards so that her breath will not come directly on my cock. But she moved upward with still more grip and placed one hand on my chest. Her face was in such a position that her lips were resting on my balls.

I got highly aroused by this but controlled somehow, fearing that if my wife came to know about it, it will affect our married life. So I just pressed my balls more towards her mouth. She slightly opened her mouth and her saliva was now wetting the balls.

I kept still in this position, waiting for my mother-in-law to move and at the same time, enjoying the moment.

I was again half asleep and I sensed that she moved her head to my lower belly now and changed the face’s direction which resulted in my dick tip touching my mother-in-law’s face.

Her lips were lightly touching my pointed dick and I in half sleep had moved upwards and forced it into her mouth! But luckily, she didn’t wake up. And then from half sleep, I went into full sleep. We were in that same position, with my cock in her mouth.

After sometime, there were some sounds. In my deep sleep, I thought it was my wife doing something. I also felt my dick is in her mouth and I thought it was my wife as she had such a habit of waking me up like this as we were a horny couple.

I reciprocated in my half sleep. I could sense the tongue caressing my erected morning wood. This went on for 3 minutes. Suddenly, I heard my wife shouting, “Mom,” in a bit loud voice. I woke up with the sound and saw my mother-in-law with her mouth on my dick!

She had also woken up. I could see her opening her sleepy eyes and when she became aware of the surrounding, she came to know that it was her son-in-law’s dick in her mouth. But one thing I noticed was that even after my mother-in-law came to know that, she tried to squeeze my dick very hard and pressed it tightly in her mouth and left!!

My wife was very angry at first but later on she calmed down as it was her own mother and she believed that it was an accident. She also agreed that she was aware how carelessly her mother sleeps. So my wife took it playfully.

In the afternoon when MIL asked my wife Lockdown With Mother-In-Law And Wife During Summer to prepare mango juice, my wife jokingly said, “Didn’t my husband’s mangoes gave enough juice in the night?” and we all laughed.

The next story will be the about the incidents that happened in the swimming pool.

Thanks for reading.


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