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Little sis needs to pee

Nothing is more boring than traveling long distances by car. Some of my friends told me they had fun doing it. Well, I guess I might say so if I was with my friends, not with mom, dad and Teresa, my eighteen years old sister.

I was reading one of my fantasy books. Teresa listened to some music all the way. Mom was asleep, and poor dad was driving. Suddenly, Teresa removed the headphone from her ears and leaned forwards towards mom:

“Mom… Mom …”

Mother opened one eye and looked over her shoulder:

“Yes, dear? ”

“I need to go”


“I need to pee. I can’t hold it anymore. ”

“Honey, just hold it a little longer, we can’t pull over right now”

“No, no… I really can’t hold it anymore”

“Jack, is there any gas station or restaurants ahead of us?” Mom asked dad.

“I don’t think so. Why? ”

“Teresa needs to pee.”

“Well, I can pull over at the side of the road, and she does it behind the car.”

“DAD!!! I’m not gonna pee on the road!”

“Then honey, I’m afraid you’ve got to hold it till our next stop”

“How far is it?”

“Something like two hours driving”

Teresa pressed her crotch and started squirming on her seat.

“Gush, no, I can’t hold it for two hours. Pull over, dad. ”

Dad stopped at the side of the road. Teresa pushed open the door and jumped out of the car. She looked cute in her short skirt and pigtails hair. I tuned my head, watching her squatting behind the car.

“Jaime, give your sister some privacy.” Mom scolded me.

I blushed, turning back to my book. I was curious and somewhat excited about my little sister squirting her warm piss along the road. I looked over, checking if mom was watching me, when I caught the perfect image of my sister on the side mirror.

Teresa was still squatting; her panties pulled half the way along her thighs. A car passed by, startling her, causing her to pull the short skirt over her ass. I chuckled silently at my stupid little sister. It was obvious she hadn’t peed before outside her bathroom. I wished I could see the huge lake she had made on the road, if she needed all this time to pee.

Suddenly she straitened up, pulled up her panties a little bit, looked down between her legs, and crouched down again!

“What the hell is she doing?” Father asked.

“I have no idea!” Mom answered staring at the side mirror.

I laughed loudly this time, not able to hold it. She looked completely stupid. She stood up again, pulled her panties all the way under her skirt and walked towards the car.

“Why did you take this long, Teresa?” Mom asked when she closed the car’s door.

“I told ya I can’t pee if there were no toilets. My panties are all wet now” She answered angrily.

“You pissed on them?”

“Yes, I did. It’s your fault. ”

“No honey, it’s your fault. You should pull your panties down all the way to your knees. ”

“How should I know that?”

“Don’t worry. If you’re bothered by your wet panties, take them off and toss them inside this bag.”

She handed Teresa a small plastic bag. My blood boiled inside my veins when my sister reached under her skirt, raised her butt from the seat and pulled her panties down along her shapely legs. I grinned when I saw the small red hearts on her panties all drenched with her pee. She freed her small feet carefully to toss the panties inside the plastic bag. The raunchy smell of her piss filled my nose. She pulled a Kleenex and reached down under her skirt to dry her wet crotch. She looked down towards me and gasped when she saw the huge boner I developed under pants..

“Jaime, what’s that?”

I shushed her with my finger, looking anxiously at my sleeping mom. Teresa giggled silently, staring at the huge erection I had. I cursed these stupid sport pants I was wearing. Thanks God, Teresa wasn’t offended by this. In the contrary, she was looking at me, kind of amused and excited.

She leaned back on the car’s door, facing me with her body. Then, she pulled her short skirt and spread her legs apart. My heart almost stopped. My little sister was teasing me and showing her self to me. To hell with fantasy books, if my sister were up to some playing right now. I dropped my book and leaned backward on the car’s door on my side, facing her with my whole body and attention.

It wasn’t the first time I see my sister’s little pussy. We were these weird intimate siblings, who liked to play with each other. One time, she was walking after a shower, with a towel wrapped around her, when I pulled the towel, exposing her naked beautiful body. She ran giggling to her room, trying to get out of my sight.

Nonetheless, her pussy looked holy and beautiful. Her shaved lips were spread apart a little bit, showing her inner pink wetness. My sister was opening her forbidden flower to me. Her clit was glistening with the remaining dampness of her piss.

Teresa pointed to my pants, wanting me to take them off. I shook my head, disapprovingly, reminding her of the presence of our parents. She seemed pissed off with my cowardice. She pushed back her skirt, covering her lovely pussy. The hell to my parents, I reached inside my pants, and pulled out my painful erection. Teresa smiled in satisfaction, pulling up her short skirt again. The view was heavenly..

Teresa reached to my feet, removing my shoes and socks. She pulled one of my legs under her skirt, pushing my smelly foot against her exposed pussy. She was really horny for some reason. I wondered what would happen if one of my parents looked back, catching me stroking my penis and pushing my leg under my sister’s skirt!

I pressed on her pussy with my heel, causing her face to turn red with excitement. Then, I wriggled my toes between her thighs, catching her hard knobby clit between my toes. She bit her lips when I pressed it between my toes. I started alternating between these two techniques that gave her pleasure the most, pushing my heel against her pussy, and then pulling her clit with my toes. My foot was drenched shortly with her creamy juice. Suddenly, she stuck her long nails into my leg and held tight to it. I prayed to God she would climax silently. Her thighs shook violently around my foot, hitting it in successive violet jerks. I was really worried I might injure her or bruise her smooth thighs with my large foot. When she finished, she leaned back dreamingly and breathed out in pleasure. She stroked my leg lovingly, and realized how wet and sticky my foot was. She did then something surprised me and made me horny as a dog; she pulled her messy panties from the bag, and wiped her creamy secretions off my foot with them.

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