literotica tags I am Krish

Hello everyone, I am Krish back with some of the incidents that took place in my life over the past year when I moved to the US. First of all, literotica tags thanks to all those lovely guys and girls who have taken the time to message me on my previous sex stories.

For those who are reading my writings for the very first time, I am Krish, 24 years old guy from Hyderabad but currently staying in the US.


I would suggest you quit now itself or else hang around. I hope to not disappoint your reading time.

A brief summary of this story is about how I got hooked up with a girl whom I met in a pub. literotica tags Her name is Swetha, 24 years old who came for her master’s, 5’7 tall dusky with stats of around 34-28-34.

It all started one day when I was pretty bored, so my friends and I decided to hit the pub to kill some time. In the pub, we took a table and were having fun talking, drinking when all of a sudden my eyes got stuck on a girl far from my table.

She was wearing a greyish white one-piece dress with a single strap and wave-cut at the bottom. She was indulged in animated talk with her friends, but her cute expressions and hand gestures had my eyes glued to her.

After a long battle with myself, literotica tags I gathered a lot of courage and went near her to start a conversation, which went pretty bad. Maybe she understood that I was into her so she played along in a very defensive way.

After a good hour of flirting, funny, random kind of engaging talk along with a couple of beers made her comfortable with me. By the time we had to leave, I was able to get her number which I didn’t know was correct or not.

The next day, I messaged her a casual text expecting her not to remember anything about the previous night. I didn’t get a response until that evening by when I had already given up.

I was in the assumption that she might have forgotten me already, literotica tags but that was not the case. She was happy I messaged and we spoke casual stuff like how our day was and ended our conversation.

Days passed by and our texting became more often. Also, late-night calls and texting became the norm. This had its effect on us. We got pretty close to each other, strengthening our bond without clarity of where it was heading.

Finally, one day I mustered the courage and asked her to meet me at Starbucks which was near to both of us and which was luckily not so crowded at that point. literotica tags There I told her the feelings I had for her and all. She listened to everything patiently and then told her side of the story which was kind of similar to mine.

Since it was similar, I made the first move by just holding her hand in a way that our fingers locked each other while our eyes were in their own conversation.

Her baby pink glossed lips were shivering as I complimented how beautiful she looked in that floral printed red gown which she wore that day. A smile crawled on to her lips while her cheeks were getting red with the blush.

From that day, we got slightly more romantic in our conversations and calls which gradually lead to the other topics to peep in such as likes, dislikes, fantasies, literotica tags sexual urges and all.

Slowly, phone sex became a daily routine and occasional video chats became a ritual. PDA on dates became common stuff, our hangouts grew, gifts were exchanged.

Everything looked wonderful but the sexual intercourse was yet to be done. Well, none of us hurried as we knew it had to be done taking its own sweet time and we were waiting for the right moment.

One fine Saturday morning, she called me to come to her college library ASAP without any further information. I, assuming it to be serious, rushed to the place.

When I messaged her asking where she was, literotica tags she replied saying she was at number 435 which confused me. But I somehow found it and rushed towards it. I tried to open it but it was locked from inside.

So I tried calling her worriedly and suddenly, the door slightly opened and she pulled me inside and hugged me tightly as if to crush me with her might!

Many things were running in my mind as to what might have happened in the college that day and all but, the hug was so tight that even my thoughts were overshadowed by the pain. literotica tags But her intoxicating fragrance was overpowering all these.

After a couple of minutes, she finally freed me to have a look at her. She in her dark red lipstick and black full sleeves V-neck t-shirt and light blue jeans and white shoes and metallic banded apple watch was standing right in front of me displaying all her teeth. Distracting myself from such beauty was a hard task, but I had to.

Being strong, I enquired as to what had happened and then the story was revealed. Her roommates and she had seen a porn film last night and after that, she was not able to get it out of her head and was feeling a wet spot down under. Thus, she wanted to get rid of those sexual urges and experience them in real life.

As today was kind of a game-day in her college, literotica tags she thought it would be a good idea to get the hands-on then.

I was still in a confused state when she pushed me onto the desk there, grabbed me by my neck and gave a passionate kiss. It was a wonderful mix of love, lust, fire, and passion. Our lips were not fighting for domination rather were cooperating for excellence.

The kiss after a good couple of months was magical as her lower lip and my upper lip was getting sandwiched by my lips alternatively. literotica tags The passion was visible as I held her head in my arms while our lips took turns in sucking the other.

Maybe for the first time, we separated not because we were out of breath but just because the desire built inside us was raging us to proceed further.

The shiver on her lips made me pull her towards me to start the sensual kissing again but this time, my hands were busy exploring her body over her clothes. This made the kiss last just for an instant but, as we broke, we started removing our clothes.

In the beginning, only the top flew out which gave me my first view of the gorgeous beauty’s private skin for the first time in person.

It was a moment to cherish for life. The flawless skin she had which was later marked with my love hickeys. Those gorgeous assets covered in a blue push up bra, literotica tags which were making those already perfect, beautiful creations even more desirable. Those boobs in the bra increased my curiosity as to how they look and feel without it.

Thus, without any further delay, I swiftly move my hands over her back and snapped the bra open to reveal one of the most awaited things which lived up to the expectations – those lovely mangoes-sized dark nippled boobs! Oh, they were so firm.

That black areola around the erected nipple was popping out so hard. It was a sight that is etched in my memory forever.

I slowly started fondling with them circling the nipples, literotica tags feeling them and then slowly bringing my mouth near to it. I started by licking the nipples slightly and then circling the areola along with the nipple.

Finally, I sucked them. I was pounding on one with all my might by sucking, biting and pulling the nipple and fondling the other and taking my turns to enjoy those beautifully maintained boobs.

As I dived into the valley and started kissing it, licking it and leaving my hickeys here and there, she was slowly letting out her moans which she had been trying to control for a long time.

Since we had discussed our likes before, she knew that I have a fetish for armpits thus she had clean armpits which made me go crazy with happiness that I looked at her while she gave me a naughty smile. literotica tags I kissed her on her lips and then headed towards the armpits and started kissing them and sniffing them.

Also, I would lick and bite them occasionally. And after fully enjoying one side of her body, I would start my travel to the other side via those lovely mountains which made her lose control of her moan which had started getting louder.

After fully satisfying myself with her upper body, I was moving down. She let a moan and her body shivered when I moved past her navel after digging it with my tongue. I realized that she had a small orgasm.

I hugged her with my head buried in her belly. literotica tags As I moved a bit back to her, I saw that her upper body was red because of my sucking, biting, and wet due to my licking. The orgasm had increased her breathing which made her boobs move in a lovely fashion, which was a sight to watch.

Then I took her by her waist and made her sit on the edge of the desk. I started to pull her jeans revealing her blue panties which were wet by her orgasm juices.

As I went near to the pussy region, I wanted to try pulling the pantie with my teeth which were quite hard. After a lot of embarrassing struggle which gave her ample time to regain her strength, I succeeded.

Then I started showering a lot of kisses in the pubic region. literotica tags I also started licking the inner thigh region where all her juices had flown previously. It was making her moan again.

Once I was done with the licking, I proceeded towards her pussy lips where I started kissing and licking the remains of the orgasm. Slowly, I inserted my finger one at a time and moved them. After a couple of finger pushes, I replaced it with my tongue and tried pushing as deep as I could.

Once I was deep enough, I started twisting and turning it while I was rubbing the top of the pussy and occasionally inserting my fingers to increase the intensity. All this rubbing the clitoris and finger fucking and use of tongue made her moan and twist a bit, which eventually made me hit her g-spot.

After a very long and intense tongue and fingerfuck, literotica tags I finally made her have her second orgasm for the day. The second orgasm was better than the first as I was a live witness for it.

Now she wanted to pleasure me as a return gift. She pulled my pants and underwear and revealed my penis which was dying to come out for a very long time. Now we both were fully naked. Before heading down, she gave me a deep kiss and pushed me onto the chair there which didn’t have any handles.

As I was expecting her to go on her knees to blow me, she started to climb on be to have my penis inserted into her. But, I pushed her to reach my pants for my wallet in which I always have a condom in case of emergencies like these!

She took it from my hand and put it on my tool even though she was not impressed that I had one. literotica tags But protection is always important.

As she dressed it, she gradually pushed herself down onto my penis and sat with her pussy getting tight with every attempt. Finally, with a hard push, my whole penis was inside her.

It was painful but after a few thrusts, it became smooth. We started getting the rhythm where mostly she was in control than what I could do and I was happy to play second fiddle as I was enjoying the view in front of me.

Meanwhile, I again started my work of kissing sucking and licking her armpits boobs nipples and neck. Unfortunately, I cummed sooner as I had been holding it for a long time. literotica tags So she removed the condom and started sucking my limp dick which was filled with my cum.

I was ashamed as I was not able to satisfy her. But, she started by licking out the precum and then slowly she pulled the foreskin and gave my penis head a kiss. Then she started taking the whole thing into her mouth once and was sucking it and pulling it to make it hard again.

Gradually, with a few longer pulls and bites, it started to grow to its full size. Then she blew me for some time by licking, sucking and circling my stiff dick. She then reached out to her jeans back pocket and removed another condom packet and handed it over to me with a blush. literotica tags I took and wore it.

As I wore it, I pushed her on to the desk and planned to enter her in the doggy style. This time, it was a smoother entry.

Once I pushed my dick, I started thrusting her hard and kind of ramping her pussy while pressing her boobs in the name of support, which she loved as it was kind of rough. After fucking her in that position for a good time, I removed my dick, pulled her up and inserted my dick back again in a sort of missionary position.

Continuing my thrusts while hugging her and feeling her ass, I was enjoying. With every thrust, I increased my force which was making her moans get louder.

To subdue them, I started kissing her.

I was about to cum, literotica tags I told her

Then I took her in my arms and tried to fuck her against the wall which was the best as I had to fuck her and carry her at the same time. It was new and exciting for both of us and finally, we came.

Being tired, we hugged and I slowly sat down on the chair. After a brief knockout kind of stage, we looked at each other with smiles and then slowly got separated after a good kiss. literotica tags We wore our clothes and moved out of the room after we cleaning ourselves.

We went for lunch and then I dropped her off at her home and went back to my room. I slept immediately as I was tired. When I woke up, literotica tags I saw a message from her saying it was the best experience ever.

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