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literotica story tags

Hi guys, I am Chetan from Bangalore. literotica story tags I am here with a son and mom story. This is the most awaited story many of you asked for. It is a prequel of ‘The Trio Of Mom, Daughter And Son.’ In this story, I will tell you how my mother and I got involved in an incest relationship.

So it happened when I was 19 years old. That time I come across sex stories, and many of them were incest stories between mom son. At first, I found it difficult to relate. But as I read more stories, I started enjoying them. And I felt like if I could also be in such relationships.

Before reading stories, I only looked towards my mom as a motherly figure. But after reading such stories, literotica story tags I started looking at her differently. For those of you who don’t know, my mom’s name is Anita.

At that time, she had a good figure of 34-32-36. With age, she has become a bit chubby now. She was 42 years old then. So I started checking my mom’s body. She normally used to wear a salwar suit at home. But she also wore jeans and western clothes.

When she used to sweep the house, she would bend down. I would check her cleavage that could be seen from her deep necked salwar. I used to enjoy the view. And when she turned back, I checked her thick ass. I wished if I could only grope her. But I was afraid as she was my mom after all.

It continued like this. I didn’t dare to make any move and felt that it might hurt my mom’s feelings. But one night, when I was going to the kitchen to fill my water bottle, I passed mom’s bedroom. literotica story tags I heard moaning sounds coming out of it. I placed my ears on the door and could hear most of what was going on.

My parents were having sex. It should normally feel awkward hearing your parents do it. But mom’s moans were making me hard, and I rubbed my cock over my pants. But it all ended very soon. When I thought that mom had just started enjoying the act, it was all finished.

My dad, I think, has premature ejaculations. But that night, literotica story tags I went to my room and masturbated thrice, thinking about my mom.

The next day there was a kitty party at our house. All my mom’s friends had come. They were enjoying snacks and drinks and gossiping about everyone. I used to feel shy around them, so I stayed in my room. I used to come out occasionally if I had to get something.

That day I heard that they suddenly started discussing their husbands and how good they were in bed. Obviously, they didn’t go into details. Everyone was speaking, literotica story tags except my mom. She didn’t say much.

At that time, I was sure that my mom was not satisfied with my dad. But all this talk had made me hard again. I went out to collect delivery. While returning, my mom called me and introduced me to everyone. I just smiled and stood beside my mom. My mom was sitting on the sofa beside me.

I don’t know why, but that time I kept my arm on mom’s shoulder on the other side and pulled her a bit towards me. literotica story tags I was kind of hugging my mom for others. But I pressed my hard dick on mom’s shoulder for me. I wanted her to know that her son had grown and how hard he can be for her.

But I soon realized that it was not right and I went to my room regretting what I had done. But I did this again and again. In the morning, when I used to wake up, I had morning wood. At that time, mom used to be in the kitchen preparing breakfast for everyone.

I used to go to the kitchen and hug my mom from behind. My hands were wrapped around her just below her boobs. literotica story tags My hard dick was pressed against her ass. I used to enjoy that hug a lot. But mom didn’t realize it initially. She used to think of it as a hug from a son.

But after a few days, she stopped smiling and would just not say a word whenever I hugged her. One fine day when I hugged her from behind, she said, “Chetan, I know what you are doing.” This gave me goosebumps, and I immediately left the kitchen. I was afraid.

That afternoon mom spoke to me about it while we were having lunch. During the conversation, I was not looking towards her. literotica story tags I was kind of ashamed of what I had done.

Anita: Chetan, I know from the last few days what you are trying to do. Can you tell me what is making you do it?

Chetan: (after a few seconds of silence) Sorry, mom.

Anita: I don’t want a sorry. literotica story tags I want the reason.

Chetan: It’s nothing, mom. I will not do it again.

Anita: Chetan, whatever is why I don’t want this to continue, aren’t you ashamed. The relationship between mom and son is so pure.

I didn’t say anything and kept quiet. Mom’s mood was like this throughout lunch. Even after that, she always ignored me and kept a distance from me. I was regretting what I had done, but still, literotica story tags there was a fire inside me. There was something that was attracting me towards mom.

After a few days, I again came across porn related to mom son. Since I still had feelings for mom, I thought watching it will calm me down. But after watching the porn, it made me want my mom more.

The next day morning, I again repeated the same thing. I hugged my mom from behind. She didn’t say anything this time. literotica story tags I did it for two more days.

On the third day, she said in a little loud voice, “Stop it, Chetan. Go to your room.” I was scared and ran to my room. I was cursing myself for what I had done. I couldn’t control my lust and was hurting mom.

When I was thinking about all this, literotica story tags Mom came to my room and sat on my bed. She looked towards me for a few seconds and then said.

Anita: Chetan, I know you are at an age where this kind of thing happens. The hormones are taking control over you. I can understand. But it’s not to go after your mom like this.

I kept quiet and listened to what mom had to say. literotica story tags But I was also amazed as she was not angry. But trying to make me understand.

Anita: Why do you look towards me like that. Don’t you have a crush on any of your classmates? Or you into mature women. Tell me, Chetan. I want to know the reason what made you do this.

Since mom was talking so politely and in an understanding way, I thought I could tell her why I started having such feelings for her.

Chetan: Mom, I read a few stories about mom and son, literotica story tags and after that…

Anita: What stories? Just by reading mom son stories, you can’t get such feelings. Don’t lie. Tell me the truth.

Chetan: Mom, I am telling the truth. They were not normal stories, they were…(after a pause).. sex stories.

Mom was perplexed about hearing it. She didn’t know how to react. She was shocked that his son was reading this kind of story that, too based on mom and son.

Anita: What are you saying? Is it true? literotica story tags Do they write these kinds of stories?

It was like she was talking to herself.

Anita: So these stories made you think all those. Are they real stories? This kind of thing really exists?

Chetan: Mom, most of them are just fantasy stories. literotica story tags But few of them are true. Mom and son have such a kind of relationship.

Anita: But why, Chetan? Why? Why ruin such a pure relationship?

Chetan: Mom, it’s not ruining the relationship. They are just taking it to another level. The love between mom and son is just expressed in another way.

Anita: I do not understand what you mean to say. literotica story tags Why would a mom agree to do such things?

Chetan: Mom, there are various factors. Suppose she is lonely or not satisfied. Or if she cannot see her son suffering like that as his son has no one else, she helps him and things like this.

I said the satisfied thing intentionally as I knew that she was not satisfied by my father. literotica story tags I threw bait and now was waiting for her to get caught in it.

Anita: But still. (pause) Chetan, what made you think I will be okay with all this.

Chetan: Mom, frankly speaking, I don’t have anyone else. Girls in my class don’t talk to me. They ignore me. literotica story tags I feel like I am not fit for this world. The only girl that has showered love on me is you. So things happened.

I said this with teary eyes. Of course, I was acting. Mom hugged me and tried to calm me down.

Anita: Oh, Chetan, calm down. Please don’t cry. literotica story tags I am there for you. I love you a lot and don’t ever say all this again.

Chetan: Mom, do you really love me? Then will you help me?

Anita: Help you with what?

I looked towards her, and then I looked down towards my already hard dick, making a tent in my pants. She didn’t notice it until now, literotica story tags but she was shocked when she looked at it. She moved a bit away from me. And then looked at me.

Anita: Chetan, what is this? What do you want me to do?

Chetan: Mom, I want you to calm it down.

Anita: Are you mad?

Chetan: No, literotica story tags mom, if you do it once, maybe I will feel satisfied, and it will never happen again.

Anita: No, I can’t do it. It’s not possible.

Chetan: (in sobbing voice) Mom, you are also ignoring me and my feelings like others.

Anita: Hey, why are you crying again? literotica story tags Stop crying. I am not ignoring you, but as a mom, I can’t do it.

Chetan: Mom, please. I want it. I will never ask you again. Please. You can close your eyes while doing it. Please, mom.

Anita: Don’t put thoughts inside my head. I am not going to do it.

I moved a bit closer to her.

Chetan: Mom, you know how much I love you, literotica story tags don’t you.

Then I hugged her in such a way that my dick brushed against her hand. And I slowly started humping. I rubbed my dick against her arm.

Chetan: I love you, mom. literotica story tags I love you so much.

I kept rubbing my dick against her arm, and she didn’t move. But neither did she resist. I thought this was the moment and took her hand and placed it on my dick. And I moved my dick in her hand. She didn’t look towards me. She looked away. But I didn’t stop.

I made her grasp my dick and moved her hands over my cock. After a while, I realized that she was doing it voluntarily. literotica story tags So I removed my hands slowly and kept jerking me. But she still didn’t look towards me. I, too, moved my dick with her rhythm.

What a feeling it was. A guy who used to get hard just by seeing her mom’s body was now getting a handjob from her own mother. It doesn’t sound real at all, getting an erotic handjob from a mature woman. I enjoyed being masturbated by mom. When I was about to cum, I hugged her very hard in excitement.

My cum oozed out of my dick, wetting my pants. My mom, too, felt the warm liquid, literotica story tags and she removed her hand immediately.

Chetan: Thanks, mom, you are the best.

Anita: This won’t happen again.

Saying this, mom got up and went out of my room. Mom nor I had thought that this would happen. But I was so happy and felt so satisfied. It was a million times better than jerking myself. literotica story tags I thought if mom’s hands felt so good, how would it feel to fuck her.

But I restricted my thoughts as I had given much trouble to her and didn’t want to worry her anymore. Things were getting normal between mom and me. We both felt like it was a closed episode.

Until one day when mom took me for help for shopping, on our return we took the metro. But that day it was too crowded. I suggested mom stand beside doors as it will be easy to get down. We were like 4-5 stations away when the metro was almost full.

I had shopping bags in both my hands. I was standing at the mercy of others. It was so crowded that one couldn’t move an inch. I was constantly getting pushed from behind. I tried to stand it but I couldn’t. literotica story tags I eventually leaned against mom. Mom was now squished between me and the metro door.

I tried to push back, but no use. That’s when I realized that my cock was pressed against mom’s ass. And due to the moment of the metro, it was getting brushed against it. All those horny thoughts rushed back into my head. I couldn’t control them. I started moving with the metro’s rhythm and rubbed my cock against her.

It had gotten hard. I continued rubbing even when the metro was at a station and not moving. literotica story tags I was enjoying the opportunity. But since it had been a few days and we were about to reach our station. I felt like I wanted to cum, and I kept rubbing against her ass and came in my pants.

Mom didn’t speak a word throughout the metro journey and even on the way to going home. She just kept walking. I was not sure whether she felt it or not, but how couldn’t she? literotica story tags My dick was rock hard. She must have felt it. But we both never discussed it again.

That same weekend we planned a family trip to an amusement park. We were having great fun on those rides in the dry park. After that, we went to the water park. There also we enjoyed a lot of rides. Then we went to the waves section. We had to jump every time a wave came our way.

Father and Srishti went back after some time as they wanted to rest. Mom and I stayed back. Initially, we were holding hands. literotica story tags But as the wave had a great force, we couldn’t hold each other’s hand, and we would get separated. So we then held each other by waist.

We were standing close to each other and would jump as each wave came near us. I was so close to mom, and that day she was all wet. Her clothes were sticking to her body and revealing her curves. Even her nipples were highlighted. She was wearing a black top and black pants.

Being so close and watching my mom like this was making me hard again. I took advantage of the situation again. literotica story tags This time I was grinding my hard dick against her pussy.

Each time we jumped, I would press my dick on my mom’s pussy. This time also she didn’t react. So I gathered a bit of courage and slid my hands from her waist towards her ass. Now with each jump along with pressing my dick, I would also squeeze her ass.

After I did this 2-3 times, her facial expression changed. She looked at me. I stood still. I didn’t know how to react. A wave passed, literotica story tags and we didn’t jump this time. We kept looking towards each other. Then suddenly, my mom placed her hand on my cock over my pants.

I was shocked at what she was doing. She didn’t say anything. She started rubbing my dick. I was surprised my mom was doing it voluntarily. I didn’t even ask her to do it. Wow, it felt so great. Now I continued doing what I was doing with each jump I would squeeze her ass.

I thought to give back some pleasure to mom also. So I slid my hand down from her ass towards her pussy. And I started rubbing it. I couldn’t believe it. literotica story tags I thought it was over cloth, but I was touching her there for the first time. This made my cock throb. Mom also gave me a bit of a moan as I touched her there.

We continued pleasing each other for the next few minutes. We were hornier than any couple present there. I was almost poking my dick on her pussy, and she was enjoying it too. But after a while, father called us back as we had to leave. Both of us didn’t want to go.

But the waves had also stopped, and it was getting late. So we came out of the pool. I was moving slowly and was trying to think about something else. I had a hard-on and wet shorts. literotica story tags It could clearly be seen if I came out of the water then. But luckily, it turned flaccid again, and I was saved.

On our way home and after reaching home, mom and I didn’t speak much to each other. But obviously, there was a spark between us. Both of us could feel it. That night I couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking about what had happened that day.

I wanted my mom more than ever. So the next day, I decided to skip college and confront mom about what had happened. literotica story tags The next morning when I woke up, Srishti and father had already left. It was only mom and me. I decided that I will talk to her today.

So I went to the kitchen and saw her standing by the kitchen platform. But today she didn’t wear her usual salwar suit. She was wearing yoga pants and a top. Oh, fuck, she was looking so good in them. Her curves were calling me towards them. I forgot about talking, and I was aroused seeing my mom like that.

I straight away went to her and hugged her from behind. But this time, it was not a normal hug. It was a lustful hug from a son to her mother. I also placed my hands on her boobs and began to fondle them. literotica story tags This was the first time I was touching them. They were so soft. I felt like squeezing them all day.

Mom didn’t stop me and was moaning, “Oh, Chetan.” She said my name so erotically made me more aroused. I pulled down her yoga pants along with her panty at once. I was looking at my mom’s naked ass for the first time. My cock couldn’t control itself. It wanted to fuck it straight away.

But I had to please mom also first. So I knelt under her pussy and started licking it. literotica story tags I spread her pussy lips apart and inserted my tongue inside it. My mom was moaning loud, and she couldn’t stand properly. She took the support of the kitchen platform.

I continued eating her pussy and also sucking her clit. She was enjoying it more than ever. I felt it. Her pussy had become so wet. Now my cock was rigid like a rod. I got up and stood behind her. I held her by the waist and placed my cock on her pussy. Mom didn’t say anything.

So without any delay, I inserted my cock in her wet pussy. She moaned loudly, and I started fucking her. literotica story tags I held her by the waist and fucked her with my full force. My cock was exploring her pussy walls for the first time. And her pussy also welcomed my cock by grasping it tightly.

I didn’t expect mom’s pussy to be as tight as it was. Mom cover d her mouth with her hand so that she doesn’t scream too loudly. But one thing was definitely true that her moans were much louder than I heard from her bedroom. As this was the first time I was fucking my mom, I didn’t last long.

But it was much longer than my father. As I could see, literotica story tags mom was out of breath. As I didn’t use any protection, I pulled out my cock and released all my cum on her ass. I fucked her two more times after that. After three sessions, my mom finally spoke.

Anita: Oh, Chetan, what have you done to your mom?

Chetan: That I should have done much before. So how was it?

Anita: I can’t say. I feel shy. You are my son.

Chetan: Oh, mom, literotica story tags you didn’t feel shy when I was fucking you, but now you are saying such things. Come on, be frank.

Anita: Chetan, to be frank, this was the best sex I ever did in my life.

Chetan: So would you want more soon?

Anita: How soon?

As my mom said this, I started kissing her. literotica story tags We fell on the kitchen floor. I took the rest of our clothes off. I fucked my hot mom like a lover, and she enjoyed the quickie too.

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