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Hi friends I am Mr.x from deep down in south Tamilnadu… literotica incest .I am back with another new story…Enjoyit was on my 19th birthday I first saw Mrs. Hazina. She came to me to party in a red sari and handed over a small present to me and said “You are a big boy now.” I just felt something strange in her eyes – an attraction. If though it took a month for our next meeting, her picture was clear and bright in my mind. Here starts a new chapter; and it starts from Hazina.My name is Rishi living in the beautiful Chennai. I was 5 feet 9 with a thin body. During my college days there was not a single girl I got in touch with. I was disappointed and frustrated. My mother Padmini was a housewife. My dad Prakash was a business man and he got many opportunities to travel different places.It was a summer. My dad was out on a week’s tour. It was then I discovered the site “literotica” literotica incest . I got into many of those incest stories. At first I was curious, but later I was addicted. On the third day after reading a few of the stories I thought of my mom in a sexy way. Even though she was not beautiful enough the desire was strong. I pictured her in my mind. The 5 feet 5 inch lady was brown skinned. She was 38 years old and fat reflected in her whole body. Her chubby cheeks, fallen hair, big big tits and large beautiful ass. Thinking like that I took my penis in my hand and start stroking it. My mind filled with naked pictures of her. Never took long until I shot my milk out. “Aaah” I sighed in relief.

Months passed. My mind starts to fantasize every woman around me. Mom’s friends were a constant feast to my eyes because many of them were beautiful than her. And then came Hazina. She was mom’s class mate and long term friend. She was the same age as mother but was strong built. A fair skinned Muslim lady with all beauties in her sexual organs. Not too large not small. But her arrival didn’t literotica incest decrease my lust towards my mother.It was so rainy that day when she came to our house. She was well wet. So my mother told her to change her clothes. She opened Hazina my room to change. It was evening and there was heavy thunder and lightening going on. She came out after changing her clothes to one of my mom’s housecoat and they both sat in the kitchen talking. Meanwhile I saw her wet bra and underwear hanged in my bathroom. My penis became erect. I went straight and took her underwear in my hand and smelled it. It really made me mad because it was the first time I am touching a women’s underwear.Slowly I removed my pants and shirt and put the panties over my erect prick. I really loved the wet panties on my prick. literotica incest I start to stroke that way. My mouth kissed her bra and took a part inside my mouth. I was gone mad and I am playing eccentric.


Suddenly I stop when a hand felt on my moving hands. I shocked to see Hazina standing in front of me. Behind her my mother Padmini. I began to sweat and my erect cock shrink so quickly. literotica incest My head fell down in shame. Hazina took her bra and panties and placed it in her handbag. She then turn to mother and said “Its okay Padmini, he is young.”Mother nodded her head and said “he will take the punishment when his dad comes.””Don’t do that Padmini, leave the kid alone, he is very young” Hazina said again.”Young or big, that we will decide later.” My mother said in an angry tone.Hazina took her dress and left for her home.

Dad was on tour. So I relieved. I am free from any instant punishment. I thought that I will beg mom not to say this to dad. During the dinner time also she didn’t say a word to me. She was red with anger and disgrace. Her son did such a thing to her friend. She must be very sad. literotica incest It was 10 o’ clock. She was watching TV and I after thinking a lot went to her and said “I am sorry for the mistake mom, please don’t tell it to papa.”She didn’t say a word and I said all possible things to change her mind. But she was not moving. So I fell to her feet and begged.She suddenly stood up and said “Okay I won’t tell it to papa, but u will get the punishment.”Saying this to my surprise she lifted her sari and removed her panties and throws it me.”Do what you were doing to Hazina’s”It was unexpected. But her panties were wet. There was a big wet patch. I suddenly understood the situation. She has been turned on by the earlier scene. I licked the patch and looked lustfully towards her. It was salty and jelly. literotica incest It was still anger what I saw in her face.I pulled my boxers down and my 10 inch cock stood like a high tempered piston. I put her panties over my cock and start to stroke. Her eyes were on my prick. My eyes were on her body. She removed her sari. There was a petticoat she wore. But I saw her big tits suffocating inside her blouse. I expect her to remove those. But she stood their watching. So I moved closer.

Padmini wrapped her hand around my, her son’s penis and began to violently jerk me off. I was in paradise. All I could do was close my eyes and lick my lips. It felt so good.”OH MOMMY! Stop, stop” literotica incest I cried. “I don’t want to cum on your hand sweet mom” her hand instantly stopped. I grabbed her by the ass with both hands and pulled her against me. With that, she slipped her petticoat off. I pulled her blouse out. Padmini’s fat tits, fell down to her naval and she exposed her extremely hairy pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I brought my head to her massive areolas.”Lick my tits baby, suck on Mommy’s boobs aaaghhh eat those nipples my lovely son ooooh.”Without any hesitation I wrapped my mouth around mom’s massive nipples and sucked like a baby. Sheclosed her eyes and moaned. She pressed my head closer to her bust and felt the pleasure over her body.

“AHHHHH, You make Mommy feel so good, oh yeah, make me feel good!” Padmini’s body began to shake as she took my hand and fingered her hairy cunt as I sucked her harder and faster. literotica incest “OH SON! DON’T STOP! MY BABY!!!!!!!!” her body shook and she moaned as she reached an orgasm.Pulled her to the floor I spread her legs apart and brought my head in between her hairy bush and buried my head into my mom’s crotch and wildly thrashed my tongue in and out of her.She may never had never felt such an intense pleasure. She instantly began to thrust her hips up and down, she was literally fucking her own son’s face. Her droopy breasts began to bounce up and down. Her belly slammed into my face and she lifted her fat, cellulite filled ass completely off the bed.”Ohhh myyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaah “She was panting as she lay on the floor, lost in passion and ecstasy. But she needed more. I brought my massive, literotica incest 10 inch cock in between her legs and pressed it up against her immense pubic hair. My mother Padmini was desperate.”Fuck me son, fill me with your penis. Pleaseee fuck meee!”

I opened her legs wide apart; her pussy was still tight after I ate. I grabbed my dick and rubbed it on her clit, she began to moan and play with her breasts, she couldn’t take it any more, and she grabbed hold of my cock and tried to guide it into her pussy. I assisted her by using my hips to satisfy her pussy’s craving for my dick. I got it in and I stared down at her, she looked back at me, there was an awkward moment of silence, in which both of us thought about what we were doing. Then I realized I’m fucking the woman that I have being tossing off over for years, this was a dream come true for me, so I began thrusting my hips causing my balls to smack up against my mother’s exposed ass. I grabbed her shoulders and I fucked her even harder, she was moaning and groaning, literotica incest as if she had never had sex before”Ooh No aaaaaaaaaaaaaah fasterrrrrrr”My hips went up and down faster in rhythm to totally fuck the shit out of my mother. God, I couldn’t stop. I just kept fondling her breasts now and then, but mostly paid my full attention on her facial expressions. The way her mouth went awry, and her eyes would blink closed tightly.

With both hands she grasp my buttocks to pull me tighter inside of her, I began to lose control as I rapidly thrust in and out of her. I could feel the familiar stirrings of my orgasm beginning to build in the tense, large muscles of my legs and buttocks. I suddenly had only one thought and that was to fuck this woman, hard, who lay helplessly beneath me. Even though I wanted this feeling to go on forever, I could tell I was losing control. She was grunting and panting beneath me as I pounded my hips against her own.”Ooooooh…. Oooooooh…. Oooooooh! OH! OH! literotica incest ”The louder she got, the rougher I got. My dick was practically glowing at its tip at this moment, and I was beginning to reach my pinnacle; my peak; my combustion.You’re going to make momma cum” she moaned as I thrust hard and deep inside of her. Suddenly she stiffened again and groaned, “I’m cummmmiiinnngggg . . . Uh . . Uh . . . Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Her moans of pleasure sent me beyond the point of no return as I thrust one final time, burying my erection as deeply inside her belly as possible before succumbing to my own orgasm.

My head drop down on her with my mouth grabbing her lips and sucking them. My hot stream of semen sprung inside her vagina and I felt a huge wave of pleasure all through the body. literotica incest I totally fell on her body. We laid there embracing each other for minute.I was not done by that. My cock was rock hard after the ejection. I am making a dream come true and I don’t want to stop it right now. I grabbed her hips and turned her over, leaving her plentiful ass on view. I put my tongue between her warm ass cheeks and I started to lick out the crack gently. I did this for a while, then I gradually got rougher, I took occasional nibbles with my teeth, then I moved my head out of her crack and took a deep breath. I enjoyed the sight of her ass as I gazed at it one more time, then I just slapped her right cheek, I watched her body quiver after the slap.

I clutched my cock and moved in; literotica incest I rested my cock on her vaginal crack before I jammed it in her hole. I took another deep breath and started to push my cock into her cunt, her pussy this was extremely wet, Hot and greasy. She pulled her ass cheeks apart with her hands, which helped my pole go in smoothly. I grasped her hips firmly and slowly started to pump her, and then I gradually started to make the movements forceful. Then I lifted her up slightly, while my cock was lodged in firmly, and I moved back, so that both of our feet were on the floor, now with my right hand I grabbed a handful of her hair and I continued to ride her. She was groaning like mad, I wanted to hear groan even more, so I started to squeeze her dangling breasts with my left hand. Her groaning didn’t get any louder, so I let go of her breast and started to slap her ass, she responded by getting louder and moving her body to make my penetration even more powerful.”Oooh honey aaaaaaaaah fuck me harder and faster” she start to cry out pausing in-between, catching her breath. Her body was shivering and her head shaking. Her arms caught tight on the floor.”Aaaaaggh aaghh I am coming don’t stop ooooooooo” literotica incest I hit again and again with force and the sounds of my thighs hitting her ass cheeks were heard. Her butt walls become reddened due to the constant hiting. I pressed her tits tight as she wet my cock tip again with her cum.

I stopped the action. I was panting heavily and I pulled my cock out. My cock was greasy and I want to shower my cum over her body. I rolled her around and holding her breasts together I pressed my cock in between the big saggy breasts and start to work again. It didn’t took any long and I shot again my cum fell on her neck region and tits. literotica incest I then fell over her embracing her and we laid there as such till next morning breaks.


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