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literotica audio

I received an email from a girl after the story was published. literotica audio The email read – “Amazing story, superbly narrated”. She went on about how the story got her horny.

We were talking on email which was not very convenient for chatting. She seemed interested in discussing more about erotica. So I asked her to a ping me on Kik (my id is sumadhur) or Hangouts at vickygroover32. To my astonishment, she replied in an hour directly on hangouts.

“I am here at your service master” literotica audio – this was her first message on hangouts.

I was very happy to see her submissive behavior. We shared more details about ourselves over there. She was a working professional living in Mumbai.

She worked in an MNC and earned very good. literotica audio She was also interested in BDSM a lot. She liked the “Fifty Shades” series and had also read the books. She was even a big fan of BDSM literature and had read many stories on Literotica.

We started chatting about what all I had done in BDSM. She used to love my narrations and would ask me to keep on telling all the details.

One fine day, she asked me to imagine her and narrate an incident. I asked her whether she would be interested in a roleplay. literotica audio She was more than happy about it. We were by now pretty comfortable with each other and had shared all the details.

We had a beautiful long roleplay that night. We played the roles of a teacher and student. She played the role of the naughty student. At the end of the roleplay, I asked her, “Could master get you wet?”

“Dripping wet, daddy!!” literotica audio , she replied.

The next moment, I receive a picture of her panty kept on her bed. Her pink panty had a big wet patch on it!

“Daddy’s naughty girl is now touching herself, the wet panty is just taken off. Want to see what the panty was covering?” literotica audio , my horny reader asked.

I was very happy and asked her to show me. She said, “You’ll have to meet me for that”.

This line was the turning point in our story. literotica audio She was pretty serious about meeting me and actually doing a BDSM session beyond these chat sessions.

We started planning our meetup. I was in Pune and she was in Mumbai. We decided to meet midway in Lonawala.

She booked a premium hotel room in Lonawala for the weekend. (We even discussed various other things, but this being a sex story, literotica audio I won’t bore the readers with those details. So, please don’t think about discussions which might have followed in between).

I packed my bag and carried a variety of basic household items to be used in the BDSM session like ropes, table tennis paddle, cloth pins, candles, and a bottle of chocolate syrup.

I reached the hotel and as per our plan and proceeded to the room. literotica audio She had already checked in. I knocked on the door four times as per our plan. The door opened.

I entered the room and bolted the door behind me. She was sitting on her knees like instructed. Her fair skin glistened in the room light.

She was tall and her hair was black. Her perfectly round boobs cupped in the black bra were highly tempting. Her meaty thighs were partially covered by the fishnet stockings. literotica audio I could see her panty sticking to her tight cunt, maybe all this atmosphere had made her pussy moist.

I sat on the sofa chair in the room. I took off my jacket and settled in. I signalled her to crawl till my feet. She crawled all the way across the room. Her curvy ass swayed as she crawled and her round boobs were hanging held by the bra. She came to me and kissed my feet.

“Master, please accept me as your slave” literotica audio , she said after kissing my feet.

I pulled her hair. She had tied them in a bun as instructed. I pulled her closer and spat on her lips.

“Take this as your approval, sweetheart” literotica audio . My submissive reader gulped my saliva and looked in my eyes.

I stood up and pulled her to the bed. I first wanted to get her dripping wet and then tease her till the last moment.

I spanked her ass and threw her to the bed. Then I climbed on the bed in my underwear. I pulled her closer and started kissing her neck. literotica audio I could smell her intoxicating erotic perfume. I started kissing her soft delicate neck and my hands were caressing her entire body.

My lips touched her neck and I sucked that soft skin. My hands were feeling the warm curvy ass over the thin panty. I squeezed her ass and back as I sucked on her neck.

Slowly, I moved my lips close to her lips and started kissing her passionately. { literotica audio }

She reciprocated by gulping my saliva. Our bodies were so tightly hugging and we could feel each other’s body heat. We could feel each other’s warm breaths.

We kissed for a good 10-15 minutes. All the while, my hands were exploring all her curves over her panty and bra.

I finally broke the kiss and started sucking on her collar. I unhooked her bra and threw it away. literotica audio I just looked at those incredible boobs with lust. I grabbed them with both my palms and kneaded them like dough used to make rotis. They turned pink after squeezing for a while.

I was sucking on those nipples and kissing in between. She was moaning the entire time.

Finally. I pushed her and made her lie down. I placed my mouth on her belly and kissed. I kissed her navel, literotica audio licked it and finally slid down till her panty. I could smell her dripping wet panty, soaked in her pussy juices. I pulled down her panty with my mouth.

The sight was amazing! My slut lying absolutely naked. Her boobs all wet by my saliva, pink due to squeezing, and her nipples erect. Her navel was having a trail of saliva. Her juicy brownish pussy…

The sight was amazing, my slut lying absolutely naked. Boobs all wet by my saliva, pink due to squeezing, literotica audio nipples erect. Navel having a trail of saliva. Her juicy brownish pussy was calling me. I grabbed a pair of ropes from my bag and tied her hands to the bed poles. She was now lying with her hands spread.

I started again with her armpits. My hands glided from her soft chest to her armpits and they squeezed those armpits and rubbed those nicely. My fingers glided across the armpits and onto her shoulders. I held them tight and my lips started sucking in on her armpits.

Her perfume was intoxicating me. I held her shoulders very tight and started sucking her soft shaved armpits. literotica audio I licked around them and kissed in them as she moaned wildly with pleasure. I then moved my lips towards her superb boobs. I held them real tight and started groping them with my fingers.

My fingers gripped the boob flesh and palms supporting the squeezing. I placed my lips on the nipple. I sucked on the nipple real hard for a few seconds and then started licking around the nipple. My tongue encircled the nipples a couple of times. I could feel the erect nipples.

I then placed my lips against the wet nipples and started biting them lightly. I started to increase the intensity of squeezing her boobs and also harder on the nipples. At one point, I squeezed one boob very hard, literotica audio pinched one nipple with fingers and bit the other nipple and sucked on it.

I repeated this on both the nipples a couple of times. She was panting with pleasure but had tears in eyes due to some amount of pain. I had turned her boobs all pink and they must have been hurting really bad due to all the torture and pleasure. I massaged them for a while.

I also suckled on them for some time to get them cooled down with my licking and massaging. literotica audio I then started gliding my hands over her belly. I put my tongue over her navel and licked it nicely. I started kissing from the belly till her wet dripping pussy.

I smelled her cunt as I started licking it from her waist. I put my lips on her waist. I sucked out all the juices which were flowing around. I sucked on the wet areas and proceeded towards the hole. I licked clean her love hole and stood up. I squeezed her thighs and spanked hard on her pussy.

“All wet due to this teasing, bitch?” I asked as I took off my clothes. I put my dick on her dripping wet pussy. literotica audio I patted my dick on the love hole and slapped her hard. “Get ready for the first fuck whore.”

I pushed my entire dick inside her pussy. I felt her wet pussy walls gulping my dick. She screamed really loud when the dick stretched her pussy walls and my balls hit her. I spanked her already sore boobs as she screamed. I started pounding her wet pussy as she was screaming out loud.

I started fucking slow with an entire dick coming out and going in with every stroke. Her entire body was shaking due to the fucking. literotica audio She was clenching on the rope as my dick filled her pussy and juices kept flowing. Her boobs were swaying with every stroke.

I increased the pace of fucking and she moaned with her eyes closed. “Daddy, your slut is cumming,” she moaned as she sprayed her juices on my dick. I fucked till her orgasm ended. I took out my dick and stroked it as she panted due to the orgasm.

I sprayed my huge load of cum on her entire body. Her body glistened due to sweat and white cum drops all over her boobs and belly. She kept on panting for a while and clenching on the ropes. literotica audio I removed the ropes and pulled her by her hair. I asked her to stand up with her hands up in the air.

She followed my order and stood on the floor. What a treat to the eyes. A dirty cum sprayed slut with hands in the air boobs, armpits and belly sticky and marked with cum. Pussy wet due to orgasm. Boobs all red due to the playing. I saw her ass, which was sweaty but spotless.

“Sluts like you don’t deserve a spotless ass babydoll, literotica audio ” I grabbed a ping pong paddle from my kit while saying this. I pulled her hair and kissed her neck as I glided the paddle on her ass. She could feel the cold paddle gliding on her sweaty ass. I whispered in her ear, “Feel the cold paddle, baby.”

I kissed her earlobes and my other hand rubbed her waist. I then spat on the floor. “Bend down and lick it, whore,” I ordered. As soon as she bent, I hit her ass with the ping pong paddle. I started spanking her with the ping pong paddle while my other hand pinned her head down to the floor.

I kept on spanking both the buttocks really hard till she screamed out in pain. “It hurts daddy, it hurts,” she moaned. literotica audio I spanked even harder as she moaned. “I deserve this spanking daddy, I am a nasty whore,” she muttered while being pinned down.

I made sure her ass got all pink due to the spanking and then pulled her head up. Good that this body is now all turned on for further fucking. Let us get it marked for some more fun. I pulled her hair and threw her on the bed again. Hands and legs spread, she laid down in pain.

I grabbed a marker from my bag and also grabbed a collar. I placed the collar around her neck. Before marking my slut with this marker. Let’s tease those boobs a bit more. literotica audio I got out a play candle out of my bag and showed it to her. I could see the fear in her eyes.

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