Like Mother, Like Son

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A friend of mine texted me, so I invited him over. [Nah man, I have to watch my sister.]
[Okay, she can cum too…]

“Hey mom? I told her, “Charley’s coming over.”

“Oh!” She went to change into something cooler. More revealing, and let her hair down to brush it out. So, it looked like she just got up from bed, and forgot to put a bra on.


Okay, he told me she was hot, and I knew it. Not that she ever even touched me with a boner, she’s my mom, but she gets plenty of looks from men to make dad jealous.

I told him she was way out of his league, and he believed me, but then when I told my mom, she asked me “He’s 16, now. Right?” I just nodded, since that’s the legal age to consent to sex (If you’re more than 5 years apart.) “Well, then why don’t you invite him over to see me some time?”


When my father wasn’t around, of course. The last thing we need is him going to jail on assault charges, again. When I said he got jealous, I mean he can get violently jealous, even when he’s sober.

When she answered the door, he said “Oh, Mrs. Petersen.”

“Oh, you can call me Sylvia, come on.” She took his hand, but I intercepted Margot before she followed them down the hall. “Let me show you something, I could use your help with back here…”


“Woah, hold on, you don’t want to go back there.” Margot is 12, but really mature for her age.

“Why not?”

“It might be dangerous.” I just pulled her back by the shoulders, “Here, why don’t you sit down, and get comfortable, make yourself at home.” I sat down next to her, and put my feet up on the coffee table. So, she kicked her shoes up, and crossed her ankles, up on the coffee table.

“Um,” she blushed and looked over at my arm. On her shoulder, I wasn’t moving down to her chest, but if I’m anyone to judge, my guess would be a B cup under that baggy blouse. “Why don’t you help your mom with whatever it is she’s doing back there, if it’s so dangerous?”

“Well,” I hadn’t thought of that, but she’s my mom. Even if she does like young guys, my age, because we have more endurance. If we don’t blow it before she even gets the rubber on, that doesn’t mean incest. “Um, I guess your brother knows more about it, than me.” The problem is that guys are in our sexual prime, right about now, or when we turn 18. Give or take a couple of years, while middle aged women are horniest, when their biological clocks start ringing for 1 last child, before they dry up inside.

“Oh,” she nodded, and looked over at the remote. “So, what do you like to watch on TV?”


“Good idea, maybe there’s a ch.” ick flick? “Romantic comedy on one of the movie channels, why don’t you tell me if you see anything you want to watch?”

“You don’t have netflix?”

“Just basic cable.”

“Well, what about Tivo.”

“Yeah, let me see what we have recorded. You don’t like commercials?” Honestly, I’d rather play with my PS5, so I barely ever even put it on the Cable TV any more.

“I don’t know how long we’re going to be here, so we might not have time to wait for a movie to start, and watch the whole thing to the end. You like romantic comedies?” She shook her head, “What’s Eyes of Desire?”


“Well, that’s uhm.” NC-17 “Are you thirteen?”

“Mhm!” She rubbed her legs together.

“Well, okay but it may be a little too mature for you.”

“Like Emmanuelle? I saw you like to watch a whole bunch of Emmanuelles on there.”

“Well, yeah.” My mom recorded most of the series, I think. I’m not really sure how many there are of it, but it’s really a little too soft-core for me.

“Ah ah ah Ah AH!”


Her jaw dropped, and she looked up at me. I don’t know whether she just started blushing when she heard my mom getting pounded by her brother, or she was starting to get hot in my arm, just talking about erotic softcore like mom’s movies. They’re not really all that hot, but what do I know? I’m a teenage boy, so I want to get right to the action, and see all of it. Not fast forward through 20 minutes of people talking, walking at night, and finally get a closeup of some guy’s sweaty face, with a flash of tits when they pan out.

“Oh,” she looked down, and bit her lip. Shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lie to you, but you have to understand, my dad doesn’t know about them having an affair.”

“OHHHHH! Fuck. OHHHH, god. Mrs. Petersen!”

“Sylvia, Please!”

“Huh!” She fanned her face, and hair with both hands, so I pulled my arm out.


“I’m sorry, if it’s a little too hot in here.”

“Oh, n.”

I kissed her, before she finished that word.

“Mh!” She reached up, and held my cheeks, then she turned my head, and tilted her’s to kiss me the other way. Her mouth wide open, so I suck my tongue in, and licked the inside of her mouth.

Yup, she got all her teeth back. Even if she stuffs her bra, I bet she’s got some grass on the field, so I can play ball.

“Dude, what the fuck!”



“You can’t kiss my sister like that!”

“Oh, that’s rich after you came over, and plowed my mom!”


Mom (FGm Exhibitionist/Voyeur)

“Huh!” I just stepped into the shower to rinse the cumload off my tits. By the time I got dried off, he’d left, and my son was watching a video with his sister.


Well, not his sister, as in my daughter. The boy brought his sister with him.

“Oh,” they stopped necking, and my son pulled his arm out of her top. “Mom, I.”

“Where’s your brother?” I went over to the shutters, and opened to check in the kitchen.

“He got pissed and left.”

“But it’s okay if I stay, Mrs.” She stopped herself, “Can I call you Sylvia, too?”

“Yes, of course.” It’s not my married name that I have a problem with, it’s the Missus part. It makes me sound so old.


“Um, Sylvia? Do you know who India Summer is?”

“Yes, of course, why?”

“Charley always said you reminded him of her.”

“Oh!” That’s definitely a big compliment.

“Huh, yeah. She’s only the most.” My son looked up at me, and shook his head.

“Well, she’s only the most Prolific adult film star of all time.”


“Oh, what’s Prolific mean?”

“It means she holds the record for the most films made.”

“Oh, so do you have any of her movies?”

“Well, she is, very adult, but. I suppose she has made some mainstream movies, if I remember.”

“It’s okay, she’s a big fan of Emmanuelle.”

“Oh, really?”


“Oh yeah, how many of them are there?”

“I’m not sure, honestly, but let me see what I can find you.”

“Already on it.” My son had his phone out, and searched India Summer. He switched to Longest, and showed her the thumbnails.

“Um, how about gang banging the teacher?” She pointed, then tapped the tumbnail, so he turned it sideways, and put it on Full Screen.

“Oh?” I looked back over the bar, at the kitchen table, remembering my first gangbang.

“Yeah, mom. Why don’t you take this over, and plug it into the TV for me?”


“Huh!” I took it, even though I don’t like him speaking to me that way, he is almost a man, and I don’t want to ruin his chances by getting upset.

“Well, I should probably go get started on dinner, anyway. You’re father’s going to be home soon, so don’t take too long.”


“Of course, Sylvia. I promise not to tell on you for having an affair with my brother.”

“Oh,” no. I don’t have affairs, but I just said: “Thanks.”

I closed the shutters to give them a little privacy, even though there’s more than enough gaps between them, and the slats to see down over the back of the sofa.


So, I could watch my son, getting his first blowjob from a girl, anyway. I suppose it’s good to know that he isn’t completely gay.

Oh yeah, and make a mental note to watch that hot interracial/teacher gangbang. She doesn’t really look that much like me, but still. I am flattered.

Maybe I should start getting into amateur porn? Better late than never, right? Who knows, I might even get another gangbang out of it, before I’m too old to enjoy it.



If you haven’t read it already, this story alludes to events from Part I: “A Woman’s Place.”


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