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Lies, can easily become reality. You lying little bitch

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She accused my sister of sexual abuse and got her thrown in prison. I wanted revenge on the little bitch, and I gave her what she deserved.

My sister worked as a nanny for a wealthy family, she worked for them for more than 5 years, until their lying little bitch of a daughter accused her of sexual abuse, all because my sister wouldn’t let her watch a movie, Kate was 10 when she accused my sister.

My sister was arrested and interviewed, Kate was taken to the hospital for examination to find evidence of abuse, she must have used something to penetrate herself, so it looked like she had been abused, and my sister was sentenced to 8 years in prison, she couldn’t handle it, and she committed suicide.

But I knew my sister, she was a saint, she would never have done anything like that, however, I have no problem at all in doing it, and I wanted revenge.

A year later when the family advertised for a new nanny, I applied for the job, using a fake ID and references, I got the job and I put things in to motion, when I met Kate for the first time, I wanted to strangle the life out of her, but I held back, not to give myself away, and I was polite and caring toward her, I treated her as if she was a proper princess.

Once I’d settled in and the family began to trust me, I gave the little bitch exactly what she deserved.

“What would you like to do today?” I asked Kate, once her parents had left for work in the morning.

“Shopping. I want to go shopping.” She replied, in a very stuck up voice, like she was better than me.

“You’re mother said you weren’t to go in to town.” I said.

She folded her arms and looked snobbish at me, “I don’t care. Take me to town. Unless you want to get fired.” She replied.

I could have throttled her right then and there and I almost did, thankfully I controlled my rage, and just smiled, “Very well, shopping it is.” I replied and we got our coats and headed out to the car.

While Kate was in the backseat tapping on her phone, I opened the glove box and took out a rag which I’d pre-soaked in Chloroform, I turned around in my seat and asked her to lean forward because she had something in her hair, she didn’t really, I just needed her to move closer, then I quickly grabbed the back of her head and pressed the rag to her face until she passed out, then I calmly started the car and headed off.

For months I’d been communicating with a group of perverts and paedophiles online, I gained their trust and I arranged for them to meet me at my sister’s old house on this very day, I’d met up with a couple of them before hand and given them the keys to the house so they could let themselves in.

I pulled up to the house, a lot of the surrounding houses were empty because people had moved out of the area when my sister was arrested, they didn’t want to live near her, they believed Kate’s lies and branded my sister a paedophiles, it was perfect for what I had in mind, and no one would be around to see it.

I carried Kate over my shoulder in to the house, I stood at the doorway to the living room where 8 men were sitting and standing around waiting, “The birthday girl is here, boys. Let’s get this party started.” I said, then I carried her up the stairs, in to my sister’s old bedroom and threw her down on to the bed.

I turned around and all the men had followed me up the stairs but were just standing on the landing looking in to the bedroom at Kate on the bed, “Well, what are you waiting for?” I asked.

They all looked unsure and uneasy, “Uhm – Listen, this all just seems a bit – weird.” Said one of the men.

“Weird how?” I asked, slowly getting angry that they weren’t doing anything.

“Something just feels off. Who is she?” another man asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Who cares. I thought you were in to little girls. There’s one right there, have at it.” I replied.

But they still looked unsure and didn’t go in to the bedroom, “Fuck sake…” I snapped, then I stormed back in to the bedroom, I removed all of Kates clothes until she was completely naked positioned with her legs spread apart, ready for them, “…There! This isn’t a joke. This is real. I want you to go in there and do what you do.” I said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because she deserves it.” I replied, she accused my sister of sexual abuse that never happened, so now I’m making sure it does happen.

One by one the men entered the bedroom taking off their clothes, and I stood in the doorway and watched them take turns raping and abusing her unconscious body, once the men got comfortable they really went to town on her.

They bent her legs around in ways that looked very painful and watching all their cocks of different lengths and girths punishing her small pussy was a delight to watch, you could hear the mattress springs popping under the pressure and strain, and the headboard banging against the wall as they pounded her extremely hard, pussy and ass, I’d never seen so many men enjoying themselves so much as they did that day.

Some of the men were even recording it on their phones, no doubt to share their fun day out with their other perverted friends, I even took a few pictures myself.

Three hours later they were finished, they slowly exited the bedroom looking exhausted and drained of all their semen, one of them stopped beside me, “You are one crazy lady. But you throw great parties. Get in touch if you have any more, okay.” He said, then he walked off down the stairs and left with the others.

I went in to the bedroom and looked at Kate laying on the bed, her arms and legs all twisted around, she was covered in semen with some still slowly leaking from her pussy, I cleaned all the semen off of her, washed her down and put her clothes back on her, then put her in the back of the car and drove her home, then I forced some pain killers down her throat and placed her on her bed.

She was in a lot of pain when she woke up, I had already made something up and told her parents that I took her horse riding and she fell off the horse, and that I took her to the hospital and they said she may have mild concussion, a possibly some short term memory loss, they stupidly trusted me and believed me, they were just happy Kate was okay.

I quit being her nanny a couple of weeks later, and I was overjoyed a few months later when I heard gossip that little bitch Kate was 5 months pregnant and she wouldn’t tell anyone who the father was, that’s because she didn’t know she’d even had sex, she was too far gone to have an abortion so she had to keep the baby.

I had left the country by then and was living happily in a villa in Spain.

The men from the party did take a lot of pictures and videos and posted them on their private network, I edited a few, blurring out their faces, and I sent them to Kate’s phone along with a message.

“This is what you get when you make up lies about people. You fucking little bitch.”

Revenge is a dish best served with plenty of cock.

I’m evil, I know it, and I love it.

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