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Lesbian Roommate


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i’m the lucky guy that gets to fuck his lesbian roommate

i feel like i’m a lucky dude.

so last year when the pandemic was at it’s height, my friend and i decided to move in together to save money. we’ve known each other since high school and we’ve always had a strong friendship (lowkey i’ve always thought she was super hott but she was never into dudes lol).

anyway, a few months after moving in together, she walked in on me jerking off. i was doing it in the living room (rookie mistake i know), but she had gotten off work early and there i was in our living room, rubbing one out. i felt SUPER bad and i didn’t want to make our friendship awkward, especially since we were now living together. but she kind of just laughed it off and said she was going to shower. 20 minutes later or so when she’s in the shower, i hear her moaning. like SUPER loud. not even trying to be discrete about it. i thought it was just a coincidence at first until she started doing this regularly when i was home and loud enough for me to hear.

eventually everything kind of died down when she started seeing this girl. but after a few months of dating they broke it off. around that same time we ended up having a small get together for her birthday (this was in March of this year – so almost a year after moving in together) and after knocking back a few drinks she ended up kissing me in our kitchen. it was just a small kiss on the lips and i didn’t think much about it. a few hours later after everyone left, while we were cleaning stuff up, she admitted that she was still thinking about when she walked in on me jerking it. i thought she was just drunk, talking out of her ass, but she kissed me again and told me she wanted to have sex with a guy. i thought maybe she just wanted to get over the girl she had been seeing, or maybe just had too much to drink, or maybe a mix of both. but long story short, our makeout session in the kitchen ended up with us in her room, and me fucking her brains out. i had obviously thought about fucking her many times during our friendship, but it was UNREAL. it was honestly some of the best sex i’ve ever had, and she even admitted that my dick felt 10x better than the plastic toys her and her girlfriends had used in the past.

since march, we’ve been fucking all the time and both have stopped seeing other people. we’re not dating or anything officially (i wouldn’t be opposed to it at all) but she still tells people she’s gay, even though she’s stopped seeing women entirely. i’m not sure if i should bring this up in conversation or not, but when we are having sex she says that she doesn’t want to go back to women and she loves cock now. not sure if i’m just helping her play out a fetish, or if she’s really into me? i’m sure i’m over thinking it, but at the end of the day, i feel like the lucky guy that gets to fuck his lesbian roommate on the regular, so i can’t complain.


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