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Last Train

Last Train

It was 3:00 AM.

I sat alone on the last train to the suburbs. Graffiti seemed to be everywhere then. They couldn’t clean it fast enough before more surfaced in its place. 

My thick cock was rigid and straining to break free from its restraints.
After quickly scanning my surroundings to ensure there was nobody else on board, I obliged my cock by lowering my Levi’s to my knees and setting it free. A sigh escaped my lips as I gripped my prick and stroked it with a slow, methodical pace.

Growing bolder with each empty platform, I completely removed my jeans and boxer briefs and got comfortable. Closing my eyes, I began yanking my swollen meat at a thoroughbred’s pace and fell into a deeply lustful state.

Within seconds, I was shocked into coherency by the sound of a soft, sweet voice. I was utterly horrified by the thought of being caught in such a compromising position. 

“Oh God, please don’t stop!” She moaned. Her voice ripe with sexual tension.

Nervously, I opened my eyes and discovered a woman sitting across from me. Her eyes wide and fixated on my every move.

“Please continue,” she purred.

I obliged, stroking my fuckstick slowly at first, then ferociously for her entertainment as well as mine. 

“Your cock is so thick,” she cooed.

Her smile was intoxicating as she began grinding her clit through her clothing.  She quickly realized that wasn’t enough to feed her insatiable appetite.

She removed her panties and opened her legs to reveal a deliciously shaved masterpiece. Her pussy was sopping wet and her clit engorged. It was truly breathtaking.

She propped a foot up on the seat in front of her and smiled with a devilish grin.  Her right hand worked her throbbing clit into a frenzy, while her left hand stuffed fingers into her starving cunt. Her lust-filled eyes shared equal time fixated on both my eyes and my swollen fuckstick.

“You like my hot little cunt?” She moaned. 

I quickly nodded, unable to speak.

Drawing the fingers from her cunt, she plunged them into her mouth and eagerly feasted on her juices.

“Oh fuck!” I thought to myself as my cock throbbed and precum dribbled from the slit in its defined head and oozed down the sides.

It instantly transformed into ultra-slick lubrication, as I voraciously grip-fucked my fat spike.

Within minutes, my balls began to tighten. I knew it wouldn’t be long until I erupted. 

“Oh God,” I groaned with a low growling tone escaping my lips.

She smiled wantonly.

“Please don’t cum yet. I am almost there.” she whimpered. 

I slowed my stroke to stop the wave from washing over me. Luckily, it worked for the time being.

“That was a close call,” I thought to myself while straining to hold back my load.

Without warning, she crossed the train and grabbed the backrest of my seat. She sat firmly on my lap, plunging my fat cock deep within her magnificent folds. She groaned loudly as she slammed me deeper into her tight wet box. The noise of the train was silenced by the sound of slapping flesh at that moment in time.

She began crying out, “Fuckkkkk yes, fuckkkk me.” 

I  grabbed her hips and drilled deep into her knowing I would soon pass the point of no return. We grunted loudly from the thunderous collision of our bodies.

“She screamed triumphantly, ” Oh God, I’m cummmming!”

Her fingertips dug into my neck as she held on for dear life. Her body began convulsing like she was participating in an exorcism.

Her violent orgasm sent me over the edge. This time, the wave had crashed down upon me and the eruption was imminent. I held her hips to my lap and with a loud groan jetted stream after stream of hot cum deep inside her famished cunt. Like a good girl, she instinctively squeezed her cunt to milk every last drop I could muster.

Moments later, the train began to grind to a halt. She lifted herself off of my cock and kissed my cheek and smiled. Without a word, she picked up her panties, exited the train, and my life forever.  


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