King Size Bed

King Size Bed


Chapter 1

My wife’s best friend, Lisa, was very close to the two of us. She spent so much time with us because her boyfriend, Tim, worked out of town a lot. His job often sent him away with short notice and an uncertain return date. Frankly, I don’t know how Lisa coped with it. Their relationship had to be difficult, with many lonely nights for both of them.

When Tim was away, Lisa was often over at our place. Lisa and my wife, Megan, had known each other since they started college. I had gotten comfortable enough with Lisa that our conversations covered everything – even sex. Many times when the three of us were together, the topic of conversation strayed to how often we did it, favorite positions, what we really liked from oral sex, and masturbation. For our part, Megan and I learned from these conversations. Lisa said she was learning from us as well. A few times, we even rented porno movies to watch together. Usually on these nights, after Lisa went home, the sex with Megan was at its best. I got so horny talking about the intimate details of our sex lives with Lisa. I would sit there trying to conceal a raging hard-on, anxious for Lisa to leave so I could take Megan to bed. When I did and we got undressed, I would find her pussy to be about as wet as it got. She apparently also enjoyed the discussions. The next time we saw Lisa, she would ask if we had fun after she had left. We would answer truthfully. For her part, Lisa would tell how she had used her dildo to satisfy her urges.

When Tim was in town, Lisa was busy in bed with him. We didn’t see the two of them nearly as often as we saw just Lisa when Tim was gone. More than once, I fantasized about having sex with Lisa. I had seen her in a bikini so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to imagine what her tits looked like. I had a pretty good idea of what Lisa’s pussy must look like, from the shape of her bikini stretched across her labia. I had masturbated while thinking about this, and even played the fantasy out in my mind a few times as I had sex with Megan, though I had never shared this fact with either woman.

We were friends with Tim; we just didn’t have as much opportunity to spend time with him. I guess that is why we weren’t as close to him as we were to Lisa.

One time when Tim was away, we made plans to get together for a week in Florida. Tim would be getting some vacation time starting that Friday. Since he was working on the east coast, the plan was for Lisa to ride with us to the hotel and Tim would meet us there. We reserved two rooms on the beach. We were lucky to get them because it was a holiday weekend.

The three of us took the afternoon off that Friday. Megan and I packed the car and picked up Lisa at her apartment. She was ready, anxious to see Tim. He had been gone for two weeks and she was horny. We got in the car and headed east on the interstate.

To pass the time, Lisa brought along a book to read. She had Dr. Ruth’s Guide to Good Sex. From the back seat, she intended to read to us from the book to pass the time.

She opened the book and began reading. Amid giggles and comments, we slowly got through the book. We were all thinking about how, in a few hours, we would be getting the chance to try out these things. Sex was on all our minds. I was hard and there was no denying it. My dick was getting uncomfortably large in the confines of my shorts. I caught my wife looking over at my lap. She smiled and raised her eyebrows. She leaned over and whispered, “Enjoying the book?” I nodded. “Me, too. I can’t wait until later.” She straightened up and we listened attentively to our friend in the back seat.

Lisa read, skimming forwards and backwards through the book, selecting passages that looked interesting or funny. Comments of “That sounds interesting” and “I never thought of doing it that way” and even “Ooh, that sounds good” were frequent. Once, while checking the rear view mirror, I noticed that Lisa’s nipples were visible through her thin top. Apparently Megan and I weren’t the only ones affected by the book.

The girls were dressed lightly for the hot summer day. Expecting sex, Lisa probably wasn’t wearing a bra. I wondered if she was even wearing panties and my dick got even harder. I tried to imagine what she looked like naked. Megan and I had discussed fantasies that included Lisa. It was once while talking about this that Megan told me Lisa was a natural blonde. Her pubic hair was as light as the wheat colored hair on her head. This fascinated me, a fact that had not been missed by my wife.

Megan undid her seat belt and slid closer to me. She put her left hand on my bare thigh, and then slid it up over my shorts. Glancing sideways at me, she gave me a little smile and licked her lips as her hand slipped under the leg of my shorts. A groan slipped uncontrolled past my lips.

“Hey, what are you two doing up there, anyway? You’re supposed to be driving,” Lisa said with a grin.

“I’m trying to drive, but it’s hard –” I started to answer but Megan cut me off.

“Yeah, it’s hard alright,” she reported as her hand went under the leg band of my underwear and squeezed the end of my dick.

“I started to say that it’s hard to drive when someone is distracting me,” I tried again.

Lisa was now looking over the front seat and saw where Megan’s hand was.

“Hey, no fair. I don’t have one of those to play with,” Lisa whined.

“You’ll get yours soon enough,” Megan countered, as she continued to squeeze.

Realizing that Lisa didn’t mind what Megan was doing to me right in front of her, just that she couldn’t do the same thing in the back seat, almost pushed me over the edge. Breathing deeply, I warned Megan, “If you don’t stop, there’s going to be a mess to clean up, unless you’re planning on swallowing all of it.”

Megan laughed as she answered, “In the car? Only after dark.” She looked right at Lisa and winked. I almost came right there. Megan withdrew her hand, but Lisa noticed her fingers had some of my precum smeared on it. Megan saw Lisa’s reaction and licked her fingers clean to tease her friend. Lisa moaned in frustration.

“Want a taste? ” Megan teased, holding up her hand in front of Lisa’s face.

Lisa laughed and said, “Nah, I think I’ll wait for mine.” She moved against the back seat again, then added, “But if you don’t behave yourselves, you’ll drive me to masturbate back here.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” I suggested. That brought a fresh round of giggles.

“Geesh, get a room, you two,” Lisa lamented with frustration tingeing her voice.

“We’re going to, as soon as we get there,” Megan answered. “How much further?”

“Another two hours,” I replied. “Getting anxious?”

“We all are,” came the response from the back seat.

“Maybe we should change the subject to ease the frustration,” Megan offered. “Read some more to us.”

“Yeah, that’s what we need. More Dr. Ruth,” Lisa said as we all laughed. In spite of that, she continued reading.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, the car contained three very horny people who couldn’t wait to get started fucking. That was, after all, what this trip was all about. Sure, there was the beach and all that, but we were really all looking forward to spending a few days (and nights) in our hotel rooms just being couples. I felt a little sorry for Lisa. Megan and I were going to hop into bed as soon as we checked in. Lisa would have to wait a few hours for Tim to arrive. I suspected that if he didn’t arrive soon, Lisa was going to take matters into her own hands until he got there.

Parking in front of the lobby, I got out of the car and stretched. The girls followed suit and we walked through the glass doors of the lobby. We were greeted by a crowd. It was a holiday weekend, after all. By the looks of things, the hotel was going to be sold out. I was glad we had made our reservations well in advance. We joined the mob and waited our turns checking in. As we moved closer to the desk, I ended up in one line while Lisa ended up in another line a little further over. The desk clerks appeared overworked and frustrated. It had to be difficult to remain pleasant when confronted with a mob that only grew no matter how fast you worked to reduce it.

My clerk was a pleasantly attractive young lady with Amy on her nametag. She was trying hard to smile; it was obvious. I stepped up when it was my turn, smiled, and said, “Hi, Amy. I have a reservation.” Then I paused and thought about what I said. “I guess you’ve heard that before.” She smiled, too tired to laugh, but she was sweet.

“Yes, we’re busy today.”

“It will end, and we will all be in our rooms, leaving you alone.”

“The worst part is check-in for holiday weekends, like this. What is your name?”

I told her and she consulted her computer. “Yes, I have it. You had requested a connecting room with another guest, I see. I’m not sure if we can manage that. We’re all full.”

About that time, I sensed Megan tensing up at my side. I looked up and saw her looking at Lisa – who was looking very upset.

“I’m going to go see what’s wrong,” Megan told me without looking back and started pushing through the crowd to her friend’s side.

I looked back to Amy and took care of checking in. She was having trouble with the connecting room. About the time she sighed and looked up, I noticed Lisa making a scene in front of her clerk. Lisa was crying and Megan was trying to comfort her. I couldn’t make out what was wrong with all the background noise.

Amy looked at me apologetically and said, “I’m sorry. Your friend’s reservation seems to have been removed. I can give you a room on the beach, but the other rooms around it are all assigned.”

“That’s OK. That room sounds fine. We’ll work it out. Do you know why the other reservation is gone?”

“No, it looks like it was cancelled.”

I looked over, but Megan and Lisa were nowhere to be seen. Something was really wrong. At least we had one room. We’d work out the rest later. I thanked Amy, let her run my credit card and took my key cards, along with the other paperwork. Amy smiled at me as I moved aside to let the next person move up to the counter.

Once I could work my way out of the crowd, I found Megan and Lisa on a sofa near the window. Lisa was sobbing heavily and looked very angry. Megan looked concerned. I walked over and sat down next to Megan. She in turn looked over to me as I sat. She leaned over and filled me in on what had happened. Tim had left a message at the desk for Lisa. He got called back to work so he wouldn’t be meeting her at the hotel. After Lisa read the note, the clerk asked if she was still checking in and she replied, “Hell, no!” before storming away. I looked at Megan. She read the expression on my face correctly.

“I don’t know what to do, either.”

“Let’s go to our room. It’s more private and more comfortable.”

Lisa wasn’t in a mood to do anything, but she let Megan lead her back to the car. They rode together in the back seat as I drove around to our room. I parked and got out to open the room. Megan came up to me as I was unlocking the door.

“Lisa is really pissed with Tim right now. She is saying she wants to go home.” I looked directly at Megan. “I know, I don’t want to drive back right now, either. She cancelled her reservation. All she can do now is stay with us.”

“Megan, -“

“I don’t like it either, but what can I do? We can’t have her sleeping in the car.”

“Well, I doubt she’ll find another room anywhere near here, what with the holiday and all. I guess she can stay with us.” I opened the door. The cool interior was dark because the curtains were closed. It took a few moments for our eyes to adjust. “Oops.”

Megan looked past me to see what I meant. The room had a table, chair, dresser, and a king size bed. One king size bed. Our eyes met.

“One bed,” I said, stating the obvious.

“Yeah. That might be a problem.” Megan thought for a moment. “Do you think they could move us to another room with two beds?”

“Honey, you saw the mob in the lobby. The lady said they are booked solid through the holiday. There are no more rooms in the inn.”

“Maybe Lisa can still get her room.” Megan shook her head. “No, she’s in no state to stay by herself tonight. We’ll just have to share the bed.”

“That could get interesting,” I replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, what kind of pajamas did you bring?” I asked my wife.

She opened her mouth to answer, then broke into a shy grin. “Just lingerie. And not much of it.”

“Uh-huh. That’s more than I brought. We came here to have sex. I’ll bet Lisa packed the same way.”

It didn’t take long for the implication to sink in. Megan caught my eye and asked, “How do you feel about that?”

“I guess we don’t have much choice. We’re going to get to know each other a lot better over the next few days.” Now I was grinning. “It could be fun,” I added as I raised my eyebrows.

“We’ll manage,” Megan said. I could see uncertainty clouding her face. “We can sleep in t-shirts if we have to. Let’s move in the luggage. Then we’ll talk it over with Lisa.”

Megan’s suggestion disappointed me. We were in the habit of sleeping nude together. I wasn’t pleased with how this romantic getaway was turning out.

We went back to the car. I opened the trunk and started carrying in bags while Megan and Lisa walked into the room. They were talking. I could just imagine what they were talking about. I knew what was going through my mind. Two women, one bed, no pajamas. The concern over Lisa had short-circuited my erection earlier, but these thoughts now had it back in business.

Megan and Lisa were sitting on the bed, still talking. I had all the bags inside in a few trips and closed the door. I sat in the chair facing them and drew a deep breath.

“Sorry we didn’t help with the bags,” Megan offered.

“That’s alright. How’re you doing, Lisa?” At least she had stopped crying.

“I’m sorry about all the problems I’m causing. This is not how it was supposed to turn out.” I held up a hand to stop her apologies. Before I could say anything, though, she continued. “This situation is OK with me, if it’s alright with you guys. I mean, we’re all friends. I’ll give you all the privacy I can.” She smiled at that, and we joined in.

Megan spoke next. “We can wait for that.”

“No, you came here for a romantic getaway. I won’t take that away from you just because mine was ruined. I’ll try to not act like a chaperone. Pretend I’m not here.”

“That will be hard to do,” I suggested.

“I bet it’s hard after all the teasing in the car. Do you want me to leave you two alone for a while? I could go walk on the beach or something.” Lisa was trying really hard now.

I was going to agree when Megan spoke up. “That’s not necessary.” She shot me a look to kill the disappointed expression I was showing. “Later” she mouthed to me, purposely facing away from Lisa. “Let’s take a walk and check out the hotel.” Megan gave me a hard look that told me I really wanted to take a walk with them.

The three of us went back outside, into the warm sunny afternoon. The parking lot was filled of guests arriving and unpacking. We avoided the mob in the lobby and walked a little way down the street, taking note of the shops, restaurants and bars in walking distance. Lisa seemed to calm down a lot on the walk. It did her some good, which did all of us some good. We returned to the hotel where we could see the beach through a breezeway.

Lisa turned to face us. “Guys, I’m really sorry about the way I acted earlier. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’m going to enjoy myself. I’ll make the best of it. I’d really like for Tim to be here, but that’s just not going to happen. He’s been away before, and he’ll be away again. We can have fun without him.” She lowered her eyes, and then looked at us again. “I’ll do my best to not get in the way of your fun,” she added with a shy grin, looking directly at me.

“Let’s all get freshened up. We can go down to the beach together,” Megan suggested. That made Lisa smile. I took a deep breath in relief. I could feel how the tension had eased. Nodding agreement, we headed back to the room to change.

Lisa took her bikini out of her suitcase and went into the bathroom to change. Megan removed all her clothes, and then began rummaging through our bags for bathing suits. I undressed as I watched my wife, naked, looking for something to wear. The view, coupled with the thought that Lisa was on the other side of the wall, naked as well (and maybe masturbating at that very moment to relieve the tension) had me about as hard as I could get. My dick wasn’t sticking out; it was sticking up. Megan found the suits and backed up – right into my erection. She felt it slide up her back, leaving a wet trail of precum. When she turned around, she was looking very happy.

“It seems like someone may have a problem fitting into his bathing suit,” she said, slowly looking up from my hard-on to my face. Her hand reached out to grip my shaft and I breathed deeply. If Lisa had chosen that moment to come out of the bathroom, she would have gotten quite an eyeful. Megan must have had the same thought, because she looked in the direction of the bathroom door before continuing. “I have a feeling Lisa will be in there a few minutes, now that she has calmed down. We should have just enough time to do take care of your problem.” I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn’t think of anything appropriate to add. Megan sank to her knees in front of me and kissed the tip of my dick. As her lips pulled back, the ample supply of precum at the tip formed a strand connecting her lips to my dick. She stuck out her tongue and licked. I groaned and staggered backwards. She smiled, then opened her mouth and sucked my dick inside.

I couldn’t believe I was getting a blowjob from my wife while her friend was getting dressed only a few feet away! Any minute, the door was going to open and Lisa was going to walk into the room. Lisa was going to see us both naked and my dick in Megan’s mouth. The thought only drove me closer to an orgasm that was already not far away. After all the teasing in the car, I had been ready to shoot before Megan even touched me.

I was so focused on Megan sucking my dick that I never noticed the doorknob turn, or the door start to open. The door didn’t open far, just enough so Lisa was able to see us in the space between the door hinges. I didn’t realize until later that we were being watched.

I tensed up, my dick preparing to shoot off in my wife’s mouth. I was past the point of no return. Megan looked up at me with my dick still in her mouth. No matter what happened, I was going to cum. If Lisa chose this moment to interrupt us and I tried to pull out of Megan’s mouth, there was going to be sperm all over my wife and the bedspread. I’m sure Megan felt my dick throbbing and realized that.

Thoughts of Lisa nearby put images in my head of Lisa changing. I imagined what it must look like in the bathroom, with her naked in front of the big mirror. That did it. My cock throbbed and squirted. Megan was on her knees and swallowing. That was when I saw Megan’s expression change. Her eyes were now trying to look at the door. I turned to see what had alarmed her. I saw the door was ajar. There was light coming through the crack between the door and the frame. When my eyes focused, I could partially see Lisa standing behind the door. She was watching us. She was watching me get a blowjob.

Lisa apparently didn’t realize we could see her. She just stood there and watched, silent. I had fantasized about her sometimes when I masturbated, but I had never cum while looking at her. Certainly never while she was watching me cum. The novelty of the situation intensified my orgasm. My knees buckled. I finished shooting off and pulled out of Megan’s mouth. Megan swallowed one last time and looked up at me. Lisa saw we were finished and moved away from the crack in the door. Megan stood and thanked me, kissing me after she finished swallowing. She smelled of sperm but I didn’t care. I kissed her back, thanking her for what she had just done for me. We didn’t have a chance to even start getting dressed when Lisa opened the door the rest of the way and stepped out. I was oblivious to the fact that Lisa was now looking at my dick. I was trying to figure out an excuse why I was standing there naked. The only coherent thought I could gather was that looking at Lisa was making me hard again. “Lisa, I’m so sorry. We thought you, I mean, uh, … Megan?”

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