Katie's Tryst

My attempt at amateur erotica. Your feedback is appreciated.

“Oh my God!. He is such a dog.”

Katie Millard overheard her daughter, Lydia, exclaim to her friend over the phone. It caught her attention. Her young lady, now nineteen, was talking about a male.

“We were, like, making out in the car. He reached for my hand and placed it on his crotch.”

Intrigued, Katie moved closer.

“Yeah! Yeah! I was like, OMG, it is finally happening.”


Katie peeped into her daughter’s room. Through the mirror opposite her bed, she saw her daughter’s back on the bed, feet pressed on the mattress, her knees bent, white panties exposed. Headset on, her right hand was softly pressing into her V over her white panties.

Katie sighed thinking, “My girl is active.”

“Oh no! I was like, should I press it. His tongue was in my mouth.”

Katie moved back to avoid being caught snooping on her daughter. She stayed against the door.

“Oh my God! Julie! I’m not kidding, Ben felt big. I mean, animal big. Like a horse. He scares me.”

Katie smiled. Lydia starting to giggle and progressing to laugh aloud.


“Let me go close the door. More to tell.”

Katie quickly moved out of sight. She was disappointed as she heard the door close. She felt her own panties moisten as she stood against the wall in her bedroom.

It’s been about ten years since her husband Dave was confined to a wheelchair after a terrible motorcycle accident. It was not his fault. They were more than compensated through insurance and awarded punitive damages. The Millards didn’t have to work for a living.

She was twenty-two when Lydia was born. Being the only daughter, Lydia stayed home to help her parents. She was assured of independence and total privacy. Now at forty-one, Katie needed some loving too. Dave accepted his wife’s needs. He mastered the cunnilingus technique on her. She appreciated it. She wanted more.

Katie was now curious about Lydia and Ben. She had to know more. Her imagination began to run wild. Closing her eyes, she visualized her daughter being ravaged by a man with a ‘horse’s dong’. It made her breasts warm, nipples erect, pussy lips wet, and her panties soaking.

Her hands slipped into her panties and she rubbed herself to a quick release.


“Fuck! I need a man in me.”

That evening, Lydia took her dad out in his wheelchair for his daily stroll in the park. Almost immediately, the doorbell rang. Katie, in her casual leggings and a loose top, opened the door.

She found a handsome young man, in his mid-twenties, smiling at her. He was no more than five feet seven inches, well-built, and seemed very muscular.

“Is Lydie home?”

“No. She is out with her dad and should be back soon.”

She caught his eyes moving up and down her body as he spoke, “I’m Ben.”


Katie felt a rush in between her legs, she went weak in her knees and almost lost her balance. Involuntarily, she extended her hand. His tough, strong hand shook hers with confidence. Her eyes dropped to his crotch, “Is he really that big?”

Ben did not wait to be invited in. He stepped into the house with confidence. As he passed Katie, his arms brushed against hers, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I want him. I am going to have him.” 

She followed him to the living room. Her eyes were fixated on his crotch. He was conscious of her stare and moved his hands to cover his bulging pants.

Unable to control herself, she softly exclaimed, “Please don’t.”

He dropped his hands to his sides on the couch. Katie went down on her knees on the floor. Her fingers unzipped his pants and placed her hands on his stretched blue underwear. She looked up and found him staring into her eyes.

There was silence in the room. Her hands pulled his cock out. She let out a slow, long, high-pitched whine. His monstrous cock was erect, thick, and pounding hard in her hands.


In his deep voice, he grunted, “Grugh!” She put her lips around it and sucked him deep down her throat. He moved his hands onto her head and held her in place as he pushed into her mouth. He was rock hard.

Katie knew time was limited. Dave and Lydia would be back soon.

No words were spoken. She released his erection from her mouth. She rose to her feet and went to the kitchen table. Turning around to see him follow her, she pulled her leggings down. Her pubic hair was unkempt. She bent down on the table with her feet on the floor. Through the kitchen window, she could see her daughter slowly pushing her husband up the road.

Her hands gripped the table

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