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Katie’s Punishment

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I’m getting my pussy eaten by my girl enemy while I am sucking her boyfriend’s cock.

I looked down at Katie, at the way Michael was holding her trembling, naked, body between his legs, with her facing my crotch full on. She was glaring daggers at me. She was obviously finding it difficult to go through with her boyfriend’s command and was conjuring every bit of willpower to stay in place and eventually do as told. I reached down with a hand and spread apart my pussy lips, tapping my clit with my middle finger, the most direct insult yet.

“So, is she going to lick me now or what?” I asked in the coldest tone I could command.

The truth was that this was unknown territory for me. I had never been the bold type. I was never in charge of anything, not even group projects at school. I had never made someone eat me out, hell I had not had my pussy licked, ever, by anyone.

Katie had been right, I was a total nobody, a social nothing.

It pissed me off, that she had read me so well, that she had said all that in front of Michael, of all people.

It was why she was going to pay now.

“Go on, then,” Michael said, and jerked his girlfriend forward before letting go of her hair.

Katie’s forehead bumped against my hairless mound.

I let out a mocking laugh.

“I know you said she might be bad at this, but she owns a cunt too, surely she knows her way around one. Headbutting my pussy won’t get me off,” I addressed Michael, then decided it was more fun to taunt her directly. “Or maybe you want your boyfriend to fuck me? Should I suck his cock and get him hard again?”

“Bitch,” Katie whispered under her breath before settling between my legs all on her own.

She got to work, alright, but it was such a half-assed thing, even Michael could tell she wasn’t really trying.

“God damn it,” he muttered, clearly pissed off.

He bent down, then grabbed Katie’s hair again and pulled her head up. Her face scrunched up in pain.

“If I don’t hear her moans coming out of her mouth,” he began in a menacing tone, “I swear you’re going to regret embarrassing me yet again. It’s enough that you fucking ran from the party, making me look like an idiot. You will go down on her, or so help me God, you and I are done and you can whore yourself out to whoever you want, I won’t care anymore whose cock is in your cunt.”

I had no measuring stick, but it felt like Katie was suddenly doing a good job of licking my pussy. She ran her tongue from the start of my patch of hair and down, all the way to my asshole, before coming back up to suckle on my clit. I didn’t even try to hide my gasps and moans. I was actually enjoying getting eaten out by a girl.

And so was Michael, who was watching the show with a smile on his face.

“Isn’t her mouth a thing of wonder?” He asked me, rhetorically. “She is so talented with it, I make sure to feed her my cock at least once a day. We should never let good things go to waste, especially oral talents like hers.”

I felt Katie’s lips widen into a smile, pleased with herself, happy that her boyfriend was making it known to me that she satisfied him sexually. I reached down to press her firmly against my pussy, wiping that grin off her face.

“I think she can do better,” I bit. “It feels good, sure, but I am not going to cum like this. It’s like… a dog is licking me.”

“Then use her the way you like it, Mia,” Michael laughed, giving me explicit permission to make Katie do whatever I wanted.

“On your back, I want to ride your face,” I instructed. “Fuck me with your tongue, I want to feel it in my cunt, lick me there, inside my hole.”

Katie had no choice but to obey, and she even positioned herself better than I would have imagined it — her head was at Michael’s feet. Once I straddled it, I was in the perfect spot to give him a blowjob, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the guy.

Michael smirked at me, thinking what I was thinking too.

“Make me feel as if you love the way I taste, Katie. Pretend my cunt is all you’ve ever wanted to eat.”

With me hovering above her head, careful not to suffocate her with my pussy and her trying to lick my insides, Katie was blind to how her boyfriend brought a finger to his lips and told me to be quiet.
While his girlfriend was licking my vagina walls, Michael was touching his cock, palming it, stroking himself, as if asking me if I wanted to play with it.

Of course I did.

I nodded at him and his lips formed an O.

I opened my mouth and let him slide himself in, then wrapped my lips around the bulbous head and gave his cock a series of long, slurpy sucks, feeling it harden little by little as I worked my female magic on him.

Lost in the way tasting the best cock in the world was making me feel, I began to moan even more and I slowly started to grind against Katie’s face, using it to try and kill the fire burning in my belly.

Between her tongue and nose and ah, the expert fingers she had been adding to the mix, she stood a great chance of making me cum. With two slender digits pumping in and out of my cunt, and her mouth suckling at my clit as if her life depended on my pleasure, I felt like I was on cloud nine.

Excited and turned on beyond my wildest dreams, I took more of Michael’s cock into my mouth with every forward thrust of his hips.

It felt easy and natural to blow him.

I loved how hot and silky smooth his cock was, how it curved slightly and how its presence forced my mouth open wider than it was comfortable to keep it naturally, the more it hardened.

I wasn’t going to complain about anything, though. No, in fact, I took one of his hands and placed it on top of my head, letting him know he could face-fuck me if he wanted.

And he did want to.

Of course he did, he was a man of control and I was naturally submissive and whorish.

Michael interlocked his hands on the back of my head and pushed himself down my throat, where he remained buried, enjoying the way his member had disappeared into my mouth, the way my nose was pressed against his pelvis, how his pubes mixed with my nostril hair.

He stayed like that until I almost passed out from a lack of oxygen.

He repeated the motion, over and over again, grunting, the sounds of his pleasure low and deep. He loved it best when my muscles began squeezing him, trying to push him out of where they thought a cock didn’t belong.

My tongue caressed his wonderful dick and before long, I could feel something trickling down into my stomach. Pre-cum, I assumed, marveling at the odd aftertaste. With the way he was using me, swallowing was less of a choice and more of a natural consequence, but I didn’t mind. I wouldn’t have spat out his man juice anyway.

Michael began to pump into my skull faster and deeper, overcome with the need to cum. He held my head in place and used my mouth to get himself off.

It was more than uncomfortable, it was downright painful, and I gagged and choked and my eyes filled with tears at the brutality of it all, but despite all that, I liked that I was able to do this for him. I was hoping he was going to cum in my mouth too, so I could make him proud by swallowing his cum, showing him how much I valued it. How much better of a fuck I was, compared to his bitchy, nagging, prudish girlfriend.

I could vaguely hear Katie mumbling something, but I didn’t want to let her ruin this moment for me, so I pushed my pelvis down onto her face. I rubbed my pussy against her, using her nose as my toy dick, humping it, silencing her the same way her boyfriend had silenced me. I was cutting off her air supply, allowing her just enough of an intake, so she wouldn’t pass out underneath me.

It wasn’t long before Michael’s thrusts became jerky and then something hot and thick coated my throat.

I felt so happy, I could cry.

Michael was cumming into my mouth and his cock was lodged so far down my throat, his seed was flowing directly into my stomach.

When he pulled out, he wiped my tear-streaked face.

“Thank you for that, Mia.”

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