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Kasthuri : A New Beginning

It was supposed to be Saurabh and Kasthuri’s sixth wedding anniversary if they had not had the divorce just a few months ago. More than five years of marital vows undid just within fifteen minutes at a session court. But it was thankfully, a mutual affair. No ugly business. No regrets. No pains. No, not exactly.

It was hard to forget so many years of togetherness so quickly. It would have been difficult to carry on like that. So the divorce was the best choice, and both Saurabh and Kasthuri agreed to it. But it was still very hard on Kasthuri to move on, forgetting such alluring memories.

Especially on special days like their wedding anniversary, the memories kept haunting Kasthuri like a tormenter. So naturally, the jolly and bubbly girl was unusually quiet the entire day. It was a Saturday, so usually, the entire office was in a jovial and spirited mood, but not Kasthuri.

It didn’t take long for Ayan, her boss, to notice the mood of his most motivated employee. But he knew the reason very well. Ayan and Kasthuri were good friends outside of work. And he knew exactly why Kasthuri was sad on that particular day.

But at the same time, it was not within Ayan’s nature to see and leave his friend in the same state of feeling. He had to do something. Ayan picked up his phone and dialed Kasthuri’s number on the intercom.

“Hello,” Kasthuri answered from the other side – her voice sounding deep and disturbed. “Yes Kasthuri, can you please come to my cabin,” Ayan kept it brief and disconnected. And then he watched through the blinds as Kasthuri put the phone down and then got up and started heading towards his cabin.

The door opened, and the Kasthuri entered – her face resembling a cold feeling which was so unlike her. “You wanted to see me, sir,” she enquired politely before shutting the door behind her.

“Yes please,” Ayan responded and then carried on. “And please drop the sir. I wanted to see my friend, not my employee. Have a seat, I have something to show you.” Kasthuri responded with a fake smile as she sat down on one of the chairs opposite to Ayan’s large oak desk.

She looked on while Ayan fiddled with a folder before bringing out a large paper. “Do you know what this is?” and before Kasthuri could respond, he carried on. “This is a couple’s invitation to a party at the Hard Rock Cafe tonight, which I intend to go to. And I was hoping if you could have come along.”

He finished and then gave a pleading look at her. “Oh! Tonight?” Kasthuri stopped abruptly, still thinking in her mind what to say next. She was not in the mood. Not tonight. She wanted to be left alone with her misery. And that was exactly what Ayan didn’t want to do.

“You know, it’s not a good day today, maybe some other day. But you please carry on. I am not feeling well today.” She made up something to try and avoid it.

“I know what is wrong today Kasthuri,” Ayan added with a reassuring touch on her hands which were resting on the table. “And it is exactly why I wanted you to come with me so that you can come out of your self-imposed misery.”

Kasthuri looked up at Ayan’s eyes and found genuine concerns in them for her. Ayan continued, “What is done is done. It’s over. There is no point going back to those memories. Move on. Forget these feelings and move on.” And he pressed her hands even harder to get a reaction out of her.

Kasthuri looked up blankly, not knowing what to say. But Ayan quickly pressed her further. “Nothing doing. You are coming with me. I will pick you sharp at eight. And you better dress like the gorgeous diva you are.” He added the last expression to make her feel slightly better for herself.

Kasthuri looked at his eyes again, they were shining with hope. And Kasthuri couldn’t have turned them down. She smiled again this time too it was a weak smile but no more a fake one. She wanted to smile genuinely. She wanted to shake off the feeling which was bogging her down since morning.

She wanted to get over those. She wanted to live her life without worrying. She shook her head and then got up and left his cabin. It was 5 pm. Ayan was done for the day. He wrapped his work quickly and then hurriedly left his office.

Kasthuri was still at her desk, going through some last bits before she could call a day. Around her, others too were either busy wrapping up or had already left. She didn’t notice when Ayan came and stood by her desk.

“Eight pm, don’t forget. Don’t keep me waiting,” Ayan said quietly. Kasthuri looked up and smiled. It was a radiant smile this time. “Good. That’s like the Kasthuri I know.” And then Ayan went on his way. Kasthuri too wrapped the final bits quickly and left for the day.

No more feeling miserable with memories, but focused on thinking about tonight. What dress she should wear, what jewelries will match with it? She absolutely loved the Hard Rock Cafe – Its ambiance, its parties. She just loved it so much. She reached home, quickly took a bath.

Did her hairs, put up some light make up. Choosing the dress was always such a difficult thing. It took almost 30-40 minutes to decide the right one for the occasion. And once it was done, it needed another 30-40 minutes to decide on the right jewelry and accessories to go with it.

And finally, after 2 intense hours, she was looking ravishing. She looked at herself on the mirror and as if immediately thoughts from the past came haunting back. Thankfully, before they could have devoured her, her phone started ringing. It was Ayan, he was waiting for her on the road.

Kasthuri spotted Ayan’s black BMW very easily. She proudly walked up and climbed into the car whilst envious eyes looked at the posh car waiting for the gorgeous lady. As soon as Kasthuri was on-board Ayan started driving towards their destination.

“Someone is looking very nice today” Ayan gave her a compliment. “Thank you, and I must say, someone is looking very handsome too,” Ayan himself was wearing a nice semi-formal jacket paired with a white shirt and blue denim.

It worked as a nice ice-breaker as the two continued chatting all the way until they reached their destination. They stopped at the gate and then leaving the car with the valet. They upstairs for the cool retro pub which Kasthuri liked so much. The place was already buzzing with lots of people and noise.

The two found an empty table for two and settled down quietly. Ayan ordered vodka with coconut water and some whiskey for himself. He already knew some of Kasthuri’s favorites. He topped it up with some dry chili chicken and flavored hookah.

Kasthuri was overwhelmed by looking at the spread of her choice. And before she could know the evening started rocking. In between the bouts of hookah and the repetition of vodka, they also had a few quick visits to the dance floor. Every time the DJ conjured up a favorite number of Ayan, he would drag her to the dance floor.

It was turning out to be one crazy evening. So much so that it almost drove Kasthuri to tears. “Hey what happened?” Ayan asked looking at her glistening eyes. “Nothing, it’s just…,” but before Kasthuri could complete, Ayan pulled her closer and held her in a tight hug.

“It’s alright. What is over is over. Just let it go,” he said while holding her in his tight embrace. Kasthuri nodded her head silently, and the two remained like that for some time. Then he let her go, only for some more vodka, some more dancing trips, and some more fun.

And by the time Kasthuri finished her sixth drink, it was already past midnight. But the place was still buzzing with more crowds. “I think we should leave now, it’s too late,” Kasthuri said in Ayan’s ears. Clearly, her words were now starting to jumble up.

But Ayan nodded and then he signaled towards the captain for the bill. He finished the remaining of his drink by the time the captain brought the bill. He paid in cash, sufficiently enough to leave a fat tip behind. And then he helped Kasthuri up to head towards the door.

“Wow, how would I go home in this condition?” Kasthuri was feeling quite wobbly as she could not stand on her feet. Ayan didn’t know what to say whilst they waited for the valet to bring his BMW back. There was an awkward silence for some moment and then the BMW roared in.

Ayan handed a fat tip to the valet before helping Kasthuri to get in. “Listen, you could come to my place if you don’t mind,” he said, trying not to sound too creepy about it. But there was still a moment of awkward silence. “You can use the spare bedroom, it will be alright” he added trying to make the moment lighter.

He looked towards Kasthuri but she was staring blankly ahead with teary eyes. He had to take a left from the Ring Road to drive her back home. But instead, he took right towards his own place on the Fern Road. Shortly he arrived at the gates of his posh building society.

The guards recognized the BMW and hurried to open the front doors. Ayan drove in and then stopped at his designated parking under his apartment building. Kasthuri looked around startled as the car came to a halt. “Where are we?” she looked around and asked.

“We are at my apartments. How could have I left you alone in this state?” Ayan answered hoping Kasthuri will not mind. Kasthuri took a deep breath and then opened the door to get off. Ayan too felt slightly relieved as he got off too.

“You can rest for the night here until you feel alright, or I can drive you back home anytime you want,” he added trying to reassure her even further. “Thanks. That is very kind of you” Kasthuri responded as the two headed inside the building and towards the lift.

Once again there was an awkward moment as the two reached Ayan’s apartment. He unlocked the door and both entered into the dark before Ayan turned the lights on. Kasthuri had been to his apartment so many times before, but never alone. They had so many parties at his place and she knew his place quite well.

“Do you want some coffee? Lime juice? Will make you feel better” Ayan asked out of courtesy. “No, but some more vodka will be really good” Kasthuri responded back. Ayan felt joy sensing the opportunity to spend more time with her. He quickly ran up to his personal bar and grabbed two glasses, a bottle of fine Russian vodka, and ice.

He quickly stirred up a nice drink for his guest. Kasthuri was in the balcony, looking up at the night sky when Ayan appeared with the drinks. He gave one glass to her. The two struck the glass while Kasthuri offered a toast – “To my eleventh wedding anniversary,” she almost said in a mocking tone before taking a large sip.

Ayan too took a sip but put his glass down on the edge of the balcony. “Come on, there is no point thinking about it now. Let it go” he said standing closely next to Kasthuri, who was once again staring at the night sky with teary eyes.

“I know. But it is not easy. What is left with me now?” she asked, still looking at the sky.

“Well, it’s a new beginning. There is so much of life still in front of you. Why waste it thinking of a past you should forget” Ayan added. Once again there was an awkward pause. A long silence as Kasthuri started at the night sky, occasionally sipping from her large drink.

Ayan too took less frequent sips, eagerly waiting for something from her to carry on with the conversation. But as the silence got drawn even further, he started feeling impatient. Ayan held Kasthuri firmly and turned her around towards him.

“Listen, I cannot see you like this, you are such a jolly creature,” he looked at her face – her moist eyes, her watery cheeks. He took his face in his arms, lifting it up slightly, “Look what you have done to yourself” he said waiting for her to react.

Kasthuri didn’t move, her heart beating fast, her face still in his hand, she looked at his eyes and found genuine concern and warmth for her. She froze in fear. She was not ready for this moment. Her heart started beating faster, her head was wobbly, and the whole world suddenly started spinning.

Her vision became blurring and suddenly it started getting dark. And hot. She felt a steady stream of hot air suddenly blowing on his face, colliding with her own breathing. And then suddenly something soft touched her lips and kept pressing further.

She was unable to move as her lips kept pressing against something soft. It stayed like that for some moment and then suddenly something moist and sleek parted her lips and pushed inside her mouth. Ayan removed his hands from her face and held her once again in a tight hug.

She stood motionless as he pressed his lips against her, and then finally pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Suddenly the world stopped spinning for Kasthuri, and the air in her head got cleared as she slowly started making sense of what was going on.

She felt Ayan’s arms tightly wrapped around her body and his tongue making polite inquiries inside her mouth. At first, she continued staying motionless, torn between her choices of action. But the cool night breeze and the multiple vodka shots soon showed its effect. She raised her arms but to pull him closer.

She opened her mouth but to kiss him back with passion. And the two bodies soon engulfed in each other’s arms, kissing and smooching passionately under the night sky. Ayan lifted her up in his arms and carried her inside. They left their two unfinished drinks on the ledge itself.

He carried her inside and put her down gently on the couch. Kasthuri winced as he sat up to remove his jacket. She closed her eyes, slightly embarrassed from the moment. But Ayan couldn’t remove his eyes from her. The gorgeous and ravishing Kasthuri lying on the couch, in front of him, and waiting for him to take her.

He started unbuttoning his shirt. He so dearly wanted this moment and quickly passed his thanks to the almighty. He removed all the buttons but left his shirt on while still looking at the stunning beauty waiting for him. He touched her, rubbing his hand gently on her dress, through her midriff, up towards her shoulders.

He could sense her heartbeat beating so hard. And once again he bent forward and planted a kiss on her cherry lips. This time Kasthuri wanted more, but he stopped. His hand reached behind her head, fingers tangled in her neatly done hairs, sending a tingling sensation down her spine. Kasthuri was feeling desperate for more.

He rubbed his tongue on her lips but didn’t give her the pleasure of the kiss she was urging for. He turned her head slightly and then kissed on her neck, her ears, her shoulder, leaving her urging for even more. Ayan then carefully removed her earrings, and the neck piece she was wearing.

He lifted her chin slightly upwards for a better view of her slender neck and then started kissing on her neck in a sudden burst of mad rage. Kasthuri too bit her lips trying to control her feelings but all the time wanting him to carry on like that. And he could only oblige by kissing, licking, and even gently biting on her soft skin.

It felt so nice, she started whimpering gently. Once again Ayan sat up – looking at his prized procession from top to bottom. He hurriedly removed his shirt and threw it at one side. Kasthuri was still fully dressed but was not going to be for long. As soon as Ayan removed his shirt, he reached for Kasthuri’s dress and started pulling it down.

Kasthuri too helped so that it smoothly went down her shoulder and arms. Then he pulled it further to get it off completely, leaving her in her modest bra and panties. Kasthuri blushed as she tried hard to cover herself off with her hands which made Ayan smiled at such a lousy attempt.

She just let him undress her, and now she was trying to cover herself with her hands. He removed her hands slightly and bent forward to kiss on her tummy. He was so close to her crotch that he could almost smell her arousal. But he concentrated on her tummy for the moment, sticking his tongue out to lick and tease her navel.

Her belly started throbbing in pleasure and he started enjoying the way she was reacting to his tongue movement. He put his tongue in good use to lick almost every single inch of her belly, making her even more desperate and horny in the process. He even bit her a few times, making her jump up in excitement.

He kept kissing and licking all over her midriff – from her waist to her bra lines. Kasthuri no more attempted to cover herself. Instead, she wanted more of him. The foreplay was driving her crazy and making her wet. She was also moaning louder by then. Breathing much faster, and taking his name under the breath.

Ayan once again looked at the stunning beauty lying and waiting for him. Just till the afternoon, Kasthuri was a good friend and a gorgeous colleague who he desired secretly. And now within just a few hours, she was lying half-naked in his arms, wet and waiting for him to take her.

He once again ran his eyes on his slender and stunning body, filling his mind with more lust and hunger. His eyes stopped at his rapidly rising and falling chest as he looked lustfully at her deep cleavage and then down towards her crotch. Her bra and panties were still protecting her modesty.

She was completely exposed, wet, and horny, but her most intimate and private parts were still hidden under covers. Ayan looked up at her face – she still had her eyes shut, but her face betrayed her emotions and her aroused condition was clearly visible on it.

He is used to seeing a different face on her at work, a friendly and social face. But he had always desired her like this. And there she was, her face was no more friendly, no more social. It was a lust filled, aroused, and it was craving for his touch. He once again looked at her stunning body.

Her panties and bra still covering the most desirable part of her. He looked back at her closed eyes, imagining looking into them, he whispered under his breath, “Nothing will come between us today. All the covers will be removed, you will be wholly mine.”

His eyes were filled with lust. His hands were trembling in excitement as he slowly held her bra and then pulled it up gradually, unwrapping his best present. Ayan had imagined Kasthuri like this in his mind a thousand times. But in reality, she looked so much more desirable.

Her perfect milky white globes, with their pink nipples already hard with arousal. Ayan lifted her bra higher so that both her breasts were now free and for him to enjoy. He immediately grabbed one of them and pressed them to feel the firm softness of those honey jars.

Kasthuri made a sizzling sound as Ayan pressed both her breasts. He then touched her nipples, first with his fingers, and then with his tongue. Kasthuri sizzled again as Ayan covered one of her nipples with his saliva. And then with a bright smile on his face, he took it in his mouth and started suckling at it hard.

He started pressing and sucking both her breasts in turn. And it made Kasthuri moan louder than before. At first, Ayan kept sucking her breasts alternatively, but soon he focused on just one of them. He started sucking it hard while fondling the other one.

Initially, it sent a lot of tingling sensation down her body. But then slowly it started growing in intensity. Then suddenly she felt an orgasmic urge inside her. She started moaning – urging him to continue. Taking his name while moaning, grabbing his other hand and digging her nails deep into his skin.

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