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Kamya : A Teacher and her pussy

Kamya ; the desire was named perfectly. She was flawless in everything, her every move, her actions, her walk her talking style was perfection. She was the living embodiment of an ideal gorgeous Indian womanhood.

Kamya who stood 5’7″ tall, with 34C-27-34 figure in age of 19 years wasn’t unknown to her features and the spell she caused on men and women alike. Although she brushed aside most of the things happened to her in daily life yet she couldn’t control herself sometimes from touching herself in the night. However it wasn’t afterall her fault completely it was the age when her youth was on its peak.

Kamya came from a humble background in a tire 2/3 city. Her parents met most of her demands with the limited wealth they had…however they were agaist keeping their daughter home for any long before anything disrespectful happened.

She had to accept her fate and tied to a government staff working in a tire 1 city. He was no match to her beauty even one or two inches shorter… however because of the family she had to. She came along with her husband and started living with him.

Her husband Sumit was a open minded and free spirited guy. He as well couldn’t believe he had got married to such a lovely woman. Everyday he was much eager to come back from office and have all his fantasy fulfilled… however he never lasted more than 10 minutes. Leaving her panting and thirsty for sexual needs.

Kamya who had nothing to do in the city… half-heartedly started back her studies and joined the B.Ed programme.
She went college everyday and did well in her studies. Despite being married much of the college was interested in her. She liked all these attention and craved for more as her classmates enjoyed their lives and she had to come back home.

Her husband’s excitement fetched results sooner…she became pregnant and soon from being a hot bhabhi in college she became an aunt and finally took maternity leave. At the tender age of 20 she gave birth to a baby boy…Aayush. She was very happy to see him her family was happy too.
But by the age of 22 she bacame obsolete for her husband…he had completely lost interest in her. Leaving her lonely and deprived with an infant to take care. She accepted her fate and started living.

Two years later when Aayush came of the age…he started going school and Kamya now had time for herself as well. She resumed back her studies and started keeping track of her diet and everything. Slowly and steadily she returned back to her shape and sharpness.
And she started preparing and applying for exams…and two years later She got an appointment letter as well.

Kamya : “Sumitji I have been applying for the government jobs…and I got one today… Joining is in a month or so ?”

Sumit : “You didn’t took my permissions…why you need it now…and besides why do you need to work…my income ain’t enough for you.”

Kamya : “Sumitji the salary is around 45K you earn 50K this could have huge benefit for our future…we could save more.”

Sumit : “You aren’t as dumb as I thought you were. Okay. But your posting is far away…how you are supposed to be with your husband.”

Kamya : “Sumitji you know you can keep maids and use tiffin, it wouldn’t affect much…and I will try to take transfer as soon as possible.”

Sumit : “Have you prepared food ?

Kamya : “No.”

Sumit : “Lets go out for dinner today.”

It was scheduled to leave after 10 days… however Sumit got really sick and Kamya had to leave alone. Aayush remained with his father as his grandmother came to take care for them.

The School was about 400 KMs away and Kamya started her journey in a pink chiffon saree. She took train and then a bus. And for a final part an auto.
A colleague had arranged a good 2 bedroom house for her…it was according to her requirement of a separate house with no attachments whatsoever with the owner.
The rooms were big and spacious. It had a decent front parking and a large backyard protected with boundaries with trees and vegetation. It was perfect.
The initial few days weren’t good for Kamya. Her body didn’t responded well with the kind of food she was consuming. Yet she continued with her schooling. She wasn’t that welcomed in the school as well by the teachers. Most of them didn’t liked the idea of teaching by a lady…they openly said, “Madam frankly speaking a woman’s first job is to serve her husband…the concept of working wife is western.”

She didn’t liked these kind of behaviour however it didn’t bothered her much. There was one teacher Mr. Gopal who took her side…not because he really believed in equality…rather he wanted her attention because one day he wanted to screw her. Kamya was not new to these evil intentions, however the way he looked at her got her sometimes turned on.

Kamya didn’t knew why she responded that way…but it wasn’t like before she was married now and had a kid as well…it was unholy of her to think that way but every morning she found herself touching her womanhood…she craved love and she had god damn right to have so.

The days passed and things normalised. She now had setuped herself in a routine. She did not only did the schooling she also had asked a few board students to come home in the evening so that she could pay special attention to them. And among them there was one trouble maker named Dharam. He came from a family of Blacksmiths and three of his elder brothers were involved in the same business. It didn’t fetched well for the family but Dharam had accepted his fate that nothing was going to change in his life. People called him untouchables so he had a group of friends of his own. Although it wasn’t that he had no other friends from other castes but their parents forced them not to be with.

So Dharam started coming to her house for extra tutions along with a few others. She herself persuaded his family, this moved Dharam as no other teacher had ever done so. And soon he was in love with her madam.
He only looked at her…he forgot everything and blankly looked at her. Even though when she scoulded him he had a smile on his face. Along time Kamya gave up as well…but when other guys teased him for her…she smiled thinking of her school days.

One day Kamya didn’t went school. She conveyed she was ill and thus wouldn’t be able to attend. She cancelled the tutions as well. Everyone was happy except Dharam.
After school and lunch he went on to check up on her.
He knocked her door for sometime and finally she came up and opend up.

“Tution is closed today Boy..I am not feeling well.”
“Are you alright Madam…Is there anything I can help you with ?” Dharam said with an innocent face.
“Yeah everything is fine…I just have…Oh God… Please come in Dharam.” She let him in the house, and closed the door behind.

Thats when he noticed her…She had been wearing a satin nightie which although covered her properly but left nothing for imagination. It was kissing every curve of her and had only two thin threads on her shoulders. It showed an ample amount of her well toned backline as well. It was for the first time he was seeing her apart from regular saree and she looked like goddess of sex. He was transfixed.

“Dharam ! Place you bag there and come inside.” Kamya shouted to get his attention. She wasn’t much pleased but she couldn’t help smiling.
“Can you fetch me some water from the kitchen.” She asked him and he was obedient.

She stacked pillows and rested her back upon. He came and sat on the chair in front.
“I have seen you don’t pay much attention in my class.”
“How are you feeling Madam are you alright ?”
“Don’t deviated me… answer what I asked ?”
“I do pay attention Madam…but I do get distracted as well.”
“You see na…other teachers and how they teach…they don’t even attend classes…I am the only hope for you guys…see I also give free tutions…has anyone ever done this before.” She asked.
“You are right Madam…I will study harder.”
“Thats it… always an excuse. What do you actually think while I teach you all…you all are trouble makers and special you…you are the creative head aren’t you ?”
Dharam didn’t responded…he kept his head down and smiled mischeviously at her with a spark in his eyes…really proud of what he had been hearing.

“I do read Madam..specially what you teach at home…but while you are in front of me…I couldn’t take my eyes off you…You are really really beautiful Madam….you have come in my dreams as well Madam.” Dharam had spilled something what he didn’t had to say.
Kamya blushed as well.

“You shift your dreams to someone else…see I am married…and I have a son too 6 years old.” Kamya replied picking up her Mangalsutra from her nighties.
“Your husband is the luckiest man in the world, wish I were older and met you before him.” Dharam murmured softly but Kamya picked up what he had saying.

“Can I ask you for a favour ?” Kamya asked.
“You know how to do some oil massage…my back really hurts. Savita (maid) had done it but I don’t think it worked.
Dharam was very excited…he went on and picked up the oil.

“Easy boy…easy. Go warm it a little and let me arrange some clothes for you.” Kamya said getting off of the bed.
And Dharam went back to the kitchen.

Kamya took one of her t-shirt and shorts out for him.
“Madam these are girlish how could I wear them…besides these shorts are really short…I don’t know how it will cover me.”
“I don’t want you to ruin your school dress besides its up to you.”

He had no other choice. He went inside and closed the door behind. He took her shorts to his nose and sniffed deep. The smell was really divine. Like Silk. He was undressing himself and at the same time didn’t let go off the cloth off his nostrils. At the end he appeared.

“You look beautiful…” Kamya said with a smirk.
“Thankyou Madam.” He didn’t got the sarcasm right.
Kamya blushed and turned the other was round. She already had undid her nightie which now was gathered on her waist. She had a pillow under her head and her arms were blocking the view of her side boob.

Dharam came on top of her and stood on his knees behind her ass. He could see the thin cloth had went inside her ass crack…which gave him an instant hardon.
It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen naked girl or woman…it was for the first time…he was in such close proximity to one….and one that came straight from heaven.

“Madam Can you place your hands up ?” He asked.
Kamya looked at him and then did as he wanted it.
He spilled the lukewarm oil on her body…she responded like a fish out of water as the oil was little warm for her gentle skin. But soon she was alright.

Then he put his hands on her back and started massaging her.
“Dharam I was thinking… Savita was doing much better…go harder boy.” She asked.
Dharam apllied some pressure and soon she was moaning.
“Ohhh Good…yeah thats right…there only.” He was massaging her shoulders with deep thumbs. He ran his palms across her silky back seamlessly and Kamya was feeling better already.

He took her arms and first did her finger and then pulled her body up arched. He placed himself on her ass and continued doing so. He looked in the side mirror….he could see her juicy melons hanging of her. Kamya’s eyes were closed…but she knew he must be seeing her.
He pulled her harder…hearing a few bones already….her body wiggled…her tiny areola less nipples stood red and proud. She was so fucking gorgeous.

He rested her down and did the normal massage.
“You are good at this… Where did you learn all theeese ? Aaaahhh ”
Kamya was saying when he pulled her back in the arched position.
“I have three brothers madam…what do you think I do going home.” Dharam responded.

He then returned to the lower back of her and massaged her waist. His thumbs dig deeper in her love handled. And Kamya already started making sounds.

“Okay Madam I think we are done.”
“Can you do my legs also….Please.” Kamya replied.
Dharam looked on her ass and said “Yes Madam Sure.”
He placed a pillow under her waist…that lifted the view and any possibility of her nightie covering her.
Kamya had been weaing pink panties that was clearly visible.

Slowly he lifted her dress up in the process without her bothering much. He even parted her legs apart and grew bolder with each move. His hands moved the uncharted territories of her inner thighes which were smoother than her under arms. He grabbed her flesh tighter and massaged well. The broad daylight did all the trick. He was doing her toes and the view to her womanhood was straight and clear.

For Kamya too…it was for the first time some other man has touched her. Her body responded despite her attempts to prevent it. And her panties couldn’t keep her secrets anymore. She was wet and it was visible. The fabric took the shape of her womanhood and Dharam couldn’t control himself.

“Madam can I use your bathroom.” He asked.
“Yeah sure.” Kamya looked at him…he was doing miserable attempt to control himself.
Dharam went inside and burst out with a loud growl. He cummed like a horse. It was felt everlasting. And He came back relaxed.

“You took a lot of time…how long had you been controlling it.” Kamya teased him.
Dharam’s face had fallen. As she had now covered herself completely. I feel really sleepy now. She said.
“Thank you Boy.”

They came in the hall. And Dharam picked up his bag.
“Come here Dharam.” She said.
“You really helped me alot. You are a good boy.”
And then she bent down and kissed him on the cheek.
“Ohh ! When do you need next massage Madam ?”
“You naughty boy.” She shouted as he exited her house.

She returned back in her bedroom and arranged the pillows back. And there on the same chair she found her Dildo lying. It wasn’t anything different clearly in shape of a man’s genetals.
“Has he seen it ?” She wondered.
“Oh Shit…he must have. There were no pillows when he came inside he picked up and placed it on the chair.” She remembered.
Kamya blushed red. But she picked it up…as there was only Dildo that could help her that that time.

The days went on like that. There were little tersers only for Dharam…afterall he was her student and it would have been a far big of a sin to get anyway physical with him.
On the other hand with each passing day Dharam was getting bolder and bolder…he was in massage mode all the time and helped his Madam in most of her household works. He made her house backyard more tidy and worth time spending.
He also setuped a swing for his Madam and pushed harder and harder making her heart beat faster and faster. She passed stern looks to him but it wasn’t much of a difference.

One day after the school around 3:00 PM he came Kamya’s house. Like always she did opened the date and let him in. She was a bit off.
“What happened Madam ?” He asked.
“Nothing I don’t know…but I think I have some pain in my shoulders.” Kamya replied…placing her palm over her shoulder blades.
“There is nothing to worry Madam I am here.” Dharam replied.
He got up on the bed and started pressing her shoulders. Soon her pallu slipped off Dharm came closer and closer.
Soon Kamya could feel his warm breaths falling on her shoulders. She looked at him quizzy but let it go.

He grew bolder and parted her hair away exposing her right shoulders completely. He slipped his hands and pulled the knot of her blouse which loosened her breasts a little.
“Careful Mister.” Kamya replied smiling.
Dharam kept on going.
“You feeling good Madam” he asked.
“Mmmhhmm” Kamya replied in a silky voice.
“Is it here…It feels good right ?” He enquired again but this time with a kiss on her shoulder above her blouse.

It was after such a long time someone had kissed her like that. Kamya was so sexually deprived that it was just a kiss and her nipples were ready to pierce the fabric of her blouse.
Soon the kisses grew bolder and closer to her exposed skin…with little sweat on her body. And five minutes later he kissed her there right on her neck…like an expert…with all his tongue tasting her silky taste for the first time.
He looked at the mirror in front…Kamya was already in heaven. Her lips were running on her glosssy pink lips…her breath heavy…Her breasts heaving as if they were going to come out her blouse.

Dharm had a wicked smile on his face. He closed his eyes as well and started having her. Sooner the second knot of her blouse came off as well.
The cold breeze started to flow in…the curtains started flowing airing the room laden with mistness of her love and enchanting scent. Soon clouds started to growl and it was getting dark. It was really a relief after such a hot day.
Kamya too wanted to burst out…she wanted a man to feed her the water her dried soil had been craving for.

Dharam grew bolder….he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down on the bed… Kamya turned her face around as she wasn’t yet ready to face him. But he wasn’t bothered. He had more things to focus on and her bare back was surely very appealing. He put his weight on her… Although he wasn’t as heavy as a real man but it was symbolic.

Dharm who acted like a pro until now had too much on his plate and he distressed his hands went on to grab her breasts and he sqeezed her hard. He almost forced a kiss on her right cheek. It was enough to bring Kamya back to reality and she separate herself from him. She took herself off the bed and stood agaist the wall. Dharam was still lying on the bed quizzed.

“Leave” Kamya commanded covering her heaving breasts with her pallu.
“I am so sorry Madam…I couldn’t control myself. Please I love you Madam…Please come back.” He was almost pleading. He got off the bed and came closer to her and hugged her tighter.

“Leave I said.” Kamya applied all her strength to get out of his clutches but he grabbed her even tighter with her falling attempt. Soon he started pulling her back to the bed and even became successful. A 16-17 year old boy was getting over her. He got hold of her wrists and pressed them against the bed. Kamya wiggled harder to get out of his clutches but he was very determined he had applied all his strength on her. With his teeth he pulled off her pallu again and placed his lips back on her neck and chin…he was very happy to brush his skin against her velvety one. Kamya finally got hold of him and almost threw him off herself.

“Thaddd.” She came off and slapped him harder.
Dharam pick his bag and fled off immediately. Kamya held her head and sat down. A little delay and she didn’t knew what could have gone wrong. She felt bad for slapping him as well.
“I should have acted like an adult…I shouldn’t have let him come this closer to me. Oh God I am such a sinner.”
Kamya thought in her head and thunder storms grew bolder outside…filling up the thirst of dried up land and leaving her craving for one at the end.

To get her mind off things that happened lately she visted her husband for 10 days. She expected that whatever might have happened so far for atleast 10 days she wouldn’t need to use the dildo anymore. But Sumit always came tired and pissed off. He wasn’t interested in her pleasure or satisfaction anymore. Kamya was made to give him blowjobs only.
It fueled her anger and made her more depressed.


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