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Kamya : A Teacher and her pussy 1

Kamya was so lost in her thought that she had no idea what she had been wearing and she went ahead to open the door.
and there appeared a man with an axe on his shoulders. He looked really strong. The sweat had caused his vest to stick to his body which gave Kamya the idea of his strong muscular body. The scent evaporating out of him was pure masculine which she haven’t sniffed off for a long time.
However he was still an stranger.

The stranger looked at her top to bottom…even though he was standing a stair lower than her he still had an edge of a few inches over her. There weren’t many men in the village who stood taller than her…Pathan including.
As his gave swift down her body he continued to marvel at the creation of such a beauty. Her curvaceous waist of 27” that expanded into 35” was an instant turn on for him. His eyes became more lustful when he came to see her thick hairless thighs as the dress ended midway. Kamya had been wearing the most seductive nightwear she had. It was pink…silky and kissed every curve of her beautifully. Seeing the man attracted to her…involuntarily her nipples started raise up…almost impossible for her dress to cover them. As his gaze shifted up he could notice the difference.

Kamya raised her eyebrows. “What is it Mister what are you looking for?”
“Well I am looking for a wife.” He replied.
“Too Bad…I am already married.” She replied.
“Ohh…that hurts…Well I was looking for Savita.” He replied “She is my wife.” He added.
“What are you doing here…I said naa I will come soon.” Savita came running.
“Madam He is Balwant my husband.” Savita added.
“Namaste Madam” Balwant said with folded hands.
“Namaste Balwantji” Kamya greeted with folded hands between her tits.

Savita had gone inside to collect a few things while they both stood there in awkward silence.
“So why do you need her now…She has some unfinished business here” Kamya asked.
“The problem is you Madam…She is so engaged by you that she doesn’t have time for her husband and his needs.” Balwant was talking all openly to her.
Kamya lowered her face…in shyness.
“Savita come quickly…” Kamya could manage to say.
Savita came back running.
“You go…I am coming quick” Savita replied.
“I am not leaving without you by Sweetheart.” Balwant said and grabbed Savita by her hand and pulled her in his broad arms…leaving the axe to fall on the ground.
“What are you doing…Ohhh No…Not here…Please.” Despite her attempts…Balwant had picked her up on his shoulders.
Kamya was seeing this all in awe. Savita must have been atleast 10KGs heavier than her but he had picked her up like a doll.
Balwant had a wicked smile on his face. “Thankyou Madam…She will come back after a few hours.”
Savita had constantly been wiggling to get out of his clutches.
“Drop me Balwantji Please…People will see.” Savita pleaded.
Balwant had her legs well in control and he turned around and picked up his axe.
“Stop wiggling…Nobody gonna say anything…I can take my woman the way I want understand.” Balwant roared slapping the axe gently on her ass.
Kamya watched the brute man go…Kamya was jealous of Savita now.

She closed the gates and came back in her bedroom. She pulled out the dildo and in seconds she was in moans…and this time it wasn’t Pathan.
A few days later on her way to school in the SUV.
“Kamyaji You are invited to a little party I am having.” Pathan said.
“Pathanji You know I don’t go in parties. Please understand. By the way what is it about.” Kamya replied.
“Madam farmhouse is ready.” Ramu said with a broad smile on his face.
“Easy boy…You are more excited than I am.” Pathan said…patting on Ramu’s shoulder.
Kamya didn’t knew how to respond…but she knew these men don’t had good intentions for her. Her face became red and she looked other way round.
“See now you made her shy.” Pathan said…showing fake anger to Ramu.
“Sorry Saheb” Ramu replied with a broad smile.
Kamya had been noticing all these. She looked at both of them and shook her head in disbelief.
“Shameless” She said.

“Here Madamji…wear this at the party” Pathan gave a box to her.
“Pathanji thanks for the invitation but I can’t except this.” Kamya replied gracefully.
“Kamyaji we have been friends for a long time…now its time we can go further.” Pathan played his card.
“What do you wanna be…My Brother.” Kamya replied wickedly…and Ramu burst out laughing…Kamya too broke into laughter.
“Well Madam…you don’t know us…we can have relationships…as long as you aren’t of close family.” Pathan replied back.
“And I won’t mind that.” He added…clearing his intentions.

“But Pathnji how am I supposed to carry this in school.” Kamya replied.
“You don’t need to attend today…you can take a day off.” Pathan said and gave a nod to Ramu…who turned it around instantly.
They dropped her at her residence.
Back in the car.
“Bitch she doesn’t knew I have already had her if she were my sister.” Pathan said.

“It was around 8:00 PM in the night, but there were no vehicles for Kamya to be at the party.
She had been ready for almost an hour now. She wanted to call but she also didn’t wanted to send any wrong signals…However she already had asked Savita to not to prepare food. She was alone in the house and she looked out of the window…the people outside were getting thinner.
She rocked back and forth in the hall itself…cursing herself for the decision. But that was also making her worry that…the later it would get, the larger there will be the consequences.

She returned back to her room and stood in front of the mirror. Kamya looked really sexy in Pathan’s shopping.
She had been wearing the red shimmering saree with black blouse that covered her breasts leaving a little of her cleavage out on display…the blouse was all backless with a strip at the lower end and a thread at the top. And there was red sating petticoat that was a little tight for her figure but made her curves pop out. It left only a little to imagine for a man…her thick curves did all the trick.
He had also sent in a pearl white necklace for her along with a golden waist chain…which seemed pretty heavier but was capable of driving anyone crazy.
He had also sent in the high pencil heels for her which made her even taller and her ass pop out.

It was around 9:00 PM she heard a horn sound. She came out still in her blouse and petticoat and stilettos however she had no saree on her.
Two guys came out and knocked on the door. One was Ramu.
Kamya didn’t knew what to do. She stood there as the knocks grew bolder.
“Madam are you inside…Please open the door.” Ramu said.
Finally she had to open it. She had a shawl on her.
“What you aren’t ready yet ?” Ramu said in disbelief looking at his watch.
“Is it the time…really this late.” Kamya hit back.
“Understand Madam…the later the quieter it becomes. Its better..now please don’t let us waiting get dressed.” He replied.
The stranger who had came along him had his eyes fixed on her lower waist as the shawl ended there and there was that sexy petticoat.

Kamya turned around and her perfect ass swayed away.
“Yeh Sali toh bohot Karari hai yaar. Kya mast gaand hai.” (This bitch is really crispy Bro. Such a tight ass she has.) The companion said.
“You wait inside the car.” Ramu brushed him aside and moved inside the house.
He looked around a little and went inside her bedroom.
Kamya was standing in front of the mirror bent forward applying the makeup and lipstick. She had the shawl on the ground.
Ramu stood there with his right shoulder resting and marveled at her beauty…totally undressing her with his eyes.
He was so turned on that his manhood started to ache.

Kamya had no idea he was there looking at her like that. No other man except her husband had seen her that way and Dharam who had seen more than he deserved.
Ramu moved inside the room and appeared in the mirror behind her.
Kamya was really terrified at first.
“Ohhh…Its you…You really scared me.” Kamya took a sigh of relief that it wasn’t actually ghost.
“You are scared so much…how do you sleep alone Madam?” Ramu asked looking down at her waist while She resumed what she was doing.
He had his imaginations running all wild.

“Well I must say…I measured you perfectly Madam.” Ramu said.
Kamya was almost done by now. However she stopped immediately and looked at him.
“What do you mean ?” She asked.
“Well I did all these shopping.” He said.
Now Kamya realized the state of dressing she was in. She had become such careless with Savita around that it never bothered her anymore. She didn’t realised Ramu was a complete stranger.

Ramu inched closer and put his hand on her waist. Kamya’s body was shivering she melted like butter on the hot plate. His hands were tighter and harder than that of Pathans. It was a proper masculine touch on her soft angelic body.
He came in closer and now she could feel his breath on her shoulder. He parted out her and exposed her right ear. He inched his face closer almost digging his nostrils on the sweet spot of her neck.
“In case you have any doubt its 34C isn’t it ?” He whispered in her ear.
He was right to the cup size.
Kamya was almost red. She turned around and tried to get away from him.

Ramu grabbed her wrist and pulled her hard. Her gentle body in full motion collided with his strong one.
Her love bulbs were pressed against his chest. He was tough. Kamya had her face down in shame. Her palm moved on his chest above his white shirt…almost resting on his man breasts preventing her from toughing him. However his hands were on her waist…his rough palm was feeling her gently honey dewed skin. To her surprise he went down and grabbed her ass.
“Aaahhhh” Kamya moaned as it was a proper manly grab which she hasn’t experienced yet in her life.
Ramu remembered all the words his companion had said before. Indeed her Gaand was Mast.

“I would have taken you away hadn’t that asshole had come around.” Ramu said in disgust.
“Please Kamyaji it would hurt me if Pathan does anything to you.” Ramu said and let her go.
Kamya’s heart was racing fast. She looked at him…but he had already exited the room.
She grabbed her saree and wrapped it around her body. However his words were still in her ears…reverberating.

“You took so much time to get ready…Boss will be so mad at you.” The stranger said in the SUV.
“You keep your mouth shut and do your job.” Kamya shouted back.
“You Stupid Ran…” He was saying something when Ramu slapped him tight. It was so tight that…it shook Kamya to the core.
“Don’t” Ramu growled and he fell dead.
It was around 10 when the car reached home.
Ramu had his jacket on while Kamya was in that little clothing.
The farmhouse was indeed beautiful. It wasn’t that big but it was very modern.

“There she is…Kamyaji what took you so long?” Pathan came in rushing.
He took her away from Ramu…which Kamya now didn’t wanted to happen…She looked at him…he was clearly not happy.
Pathan all excited showed her around…with his hand now on her waist as if he had already claimed that she was his property.
He took her on the first floor which had two bedrooms. It was ribboned.
“Here Kamyaji cut it open.” Pathan said.
Kamya knew his intentions already but now he was making it miserable for her.
Reluctantly she took the scissors and entered the room.

“Look at the mattress…I have purchased it personally.” He said jumping up down on it.
“Come try this” He added.
Kamya stood there not moving.
Pathan stood up the bed and came closer to her.
“Don’t throw tantrums now, I don’t want that.” He said in a stern voice.
He inched closer and she took steps back. It continued for a while when her waist touched a table.
Kamya turned around and ran a little but she were in stilettos. He caught her in the midway and pulled her back in the room.
She could feel his manhood in his Pajamas because he wasn’t wearing anything inside.
As she had already realised he wasn’t that strong…he wasn’t able to pick her up but definitely he had greater strength than her.
He pushed her down on the bed and took hold of her wrist after some struggle.

“Ohhh Kamyaji you always drive me crazy.” He moaned and had his face all over her neck.
She struggled for a little but his beard did the trick…it fueled her body up and she melted again.
“Lets go down stairs…I don’t want people talking around.” He said in her ears and got off her.
He was shivering and breathing really fast. Kamya looked around at his crotch…he was done.
“Fuck I couldn’t control myself. You go down I will come after change.” He ordered.
While descending…Kamya thought…”Was Pathan really the man he appeared to be?”

For the next hour Kamya had been there Pathan never let her waist go. She sat besides her like an obedient wife while everyone came and had a chat with him. She even poured a few drinks for him showcasing her ripe mangoes to total strangers who were really fond of her.

Somehow Kamya managed to get Pathan passed out due to excessive drinking and got Ramu to drop her off. Although Ramu insisted that it won’t go well with Pathan but she was adamant and very angry with Ramu’s behavior.
She thought in her head…”what was anger all about ?” Earlier that night. She even cursed Ramu.
However finally she were home.

It went a few days like that. The winter was all on its peak. The cold breeze almost gave shivers down the spine.
Balwant who always stole glances with her now was finding all execuses to get to her home. Kamya who had been careful after that day…she didn’t wore anything sexy or revealing from that day…but occasionally she couldn’t help herself gave Balwant the view he craved for….her well toned legs.

One day he came inside the house directly because Savita was about to leave and all of a sudden she remembered something leaving it open. Kamya used to take a bath after Savita left.
Balwant was more than happy. He toptoed inside the house.
And it didn’t took much time to locate that angel.
She had taken a bath recently. The warm water still looked evaporating off her. She had been drying her hair and humming a song playing on the radio. Kamya had a towel wrapped around her tied on her breasts and barely covering her wide ass.

“Fuck.” Balwant gasped for air.
He wanted to get closer. However he had kept himself hidden till now. Swiftly Kamya moved swaying her ass like a sex goddess on her toes. And finally she was in her room.
Careless. She undid her towel and let it fall on the ground…while Balwant stood there in complete awe.
Her fair toned back…her waist…and those amazing pair of legs were visible now. Recently Kamya had gathered some weight around her ass which made her figure sexier. It was an instant turnon for Balwant.

He stood there while she kept on drying herself. Careless. Still. But now she sensed something. She noticed there was someone standing. It really spooked her. She had a hand on her breasts and a plam covering her womanhood and she turned around smoothly. Noticing Balwant was on the door.
Kamya had no idea what to do. Her heart ached fast. She tiptoed to the back. Her eyes lowered. When she looked back at him…he had only one thing in his eyes…the lust.

Kamya’s back of her knees stuck on the sofa and she couldn’t control her fall. Removing her hands off her treasure and giving him one final view of her front. Balwant smiled at her.
Kamya grabbed a pillow instantly and tried to cover herself…but it was too small for her long structure. Leaving a large part of her shining.

He stood there for a while with a wicked smile on his face. Kamya tried to speak…but she had no words to say. And just then She heart someone else moving. Balwant grabbed the door’s knob and closef her behind.
“Where were you…the kids are crying.” He said in a authorative tone.
“Kids were crying or you were…I know they will be at school by now.” She replied.
“Now will you please come quick or I will have to pick you up again on my shoulders.” He said it a little louder.
“You ain’t getting anything for how you behaved last night.” Savita said in a stern voice.
“HaHaHa…..no Please…Okay…No….Not on the shoulders again. Rupa (neighbour) still teases me for that day.” It was Savita…. Kamya knew what was happening behind the door.
“No matter….One day I will pick her up on the other shoulder. Don’t worry.” Balwant said.
And She finally heard the door locking.

Kamya sat there. Her heart beating like never. What if Savita hadn’t come around. Balwant definitely had taken the opportunity and by now She had his big manhood inside her which she was craving for. She was thrilled however angry on Savita.

From that day on Kamya started living carefully. She always double checked the door before entering into her bathroom. Although she always got moist thinking of that very moment and how Balwant could have crushed her underneath. On the other hand Balwant was really into her…he never missed a chance to be in the house and steal glances off her. His glances were so penetrating and demanding that it was impossible for her silk wears to keep her bullets concealed. Balwant wanted to mover further and closer to her he wanted to feel her softness in his hands however she was like a really quick deer escaping every time leaving behind her intoxicating smell.
All this madness Balwant emptied in Savita. While orgasm he only had her face in his mind. Savita had no idea about it but she was really happy.

One day…Savita’s children had gone on a tour with their uncle and she asked if Balwant could have lunch at her place.
Kamya had no issues with it.
Savita set out a plate for three and the couple sat down on the floor together while Kamya was on the dining table.
The table cloth wasn’t big enough and so was Kamya’s dress. Like her other wear it ended on her mid-thighs.
Balwant was sitting on the floor and he had his eyes fixed. After 2-3 minutes Kamya realized and gave him a deadly stare. Balwant replied with a wicked smile. Kamya bent her eyes in shame. She was feeling slutty today…she pushed it further. She parted her hair from her right shoulder and looked back at him with same naughty smile.

With his one eye on Savita who was busy in her food…Balwant wanted more. He signalled Kamya to open her legs.
Kamya shook her head in “No” with a mischievous smile.
It went on for a minute and then Kamya said, “She doesn’t listens me…I won’t mind if you join me on the table Balwantji.”
Thats it. It was enough for Balwant. He picked up his plate and pulled a chair besides her.
His legs were obstructing the view if anything between these two happened.
Balwant had his eyes fixed on those two sexiest pair of legs he had seen in his life.

“Aaarrhmmm…How is the food Balwantji…You didn’t like it ?” Kamya asked…as Balwant was totally fixed on her legs.
Savita had also shifted her attention by now. Balwant looked at Savita flustered “Its delicious.” and placed his left hand on Kamya’s thighs.
Kamya had been sitting her legs crossed. She had no idea that he could actually do something like that. She almost spooked however it did’t gathered Savita’s attention. With each passing second Balwant was getting bolder and bolder…his rough manly hands were running on the silkiest of her skin and he wanted to explore more. He pressed his palm between her legs but Kamya made it stiff. Balwant let it go. But now he had moved his hands up…he shifted a little closer to block the view of their torso. His hands ran against her silk wear and his index finger brushed against her cherries…her breasts were heaving by now. It was enough.
Kamya moved out from the chair she was done eating. While walking back she looked at Balwant who had a cunning smile on his face.


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