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Justin Hartley Says Marriage Is “Incredible When You’re Not Forcing Things”

Justin Hartley just opened up about his relationship with Sofia Pernas, saying that their marriage isn’t “hard” or forced. (Note: Justin was previously married to Chrishell Stause, and before that to his Passions co-star Lindsay Korman).

Speaking to Haute Living, Justin said that he and Sofia are “so happy” and then added “It’s incredible when you’re not forcing things. It doesn’t have to be that hard. You just meet the right person and you just go, ‘Oh, this is amazing. It’s just so wonderful!’ You’re so attracted and so attached to this person. You just love this person so much.”

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He added, “Even though we’ve only been married a few months, it’s hard to remember what it was like without her. When I re-met her, I just knew. It’s so interesting about the human heart and human mind. It’s not a codependency; I’m just at peace with myself. I feel loved and I feel appreciated. I know she feels the same way. We just have a really great relationship and a really terrific family. It’s healthy and it’s wonderful.”

Justin’s quotes come following his highly publicized divorce from Chrishell Stause, which was covered on Selling Sunset. Chrishell actually opened up on the show about how she feels about Justin marrying his former Young and Restless co-star.

“I feel like the world heard that,” she told Mary Fitzgerald and Heather Rae Young when asked if she’d “heard” the news of Justin and Sofia’s marriage, later adding “My ex-husband Justin is remarried to someone I know from back in the day, pretty well, and a lot of things made sense after finding that out. I wish them the best. You know, I think that actually, if anything, it felt good to know that. It felt like a little bit of closure.”

As a reminder, Chrishell and Justin got married in 2017, and Justin filed for divorce in 2019— telling Chrishell the news via text. The split was a big topic of discussion last year, when Chrishell called out Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn for talking about it in the press, saying “It’s so frustrating and unfortunate that someone would use someone’s personal painful situation to get press for themselves. I can’t say I am surprised, but please check the source. She has absolutely zero knowledge of the marriage we had.”

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Following her divorce, Chrishell went on to date Jason Oppenheim. They recently ended their relationship, but remain close friends and co-workers.

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