Just the Right Height

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I finished the dishes, and took off my apron. “Hon,” went back in the living room, “It looks like the bisexuals are at it again.”

“That really turns you on, so much?” I pulled the curtains from the window beside his chair, and the cheering from the game went silent.

“A threesome with 2 men?” Careful to stand in the way, so I could see them, but Harald couldn’t. They were just getting started, but the men had their shirts off. Kissing, and feeling each other’s muscular arms. Thick flat chests nipple to nipple, and their heads tilted slightly to lock lips.


I looked back, when I heard his belt buckle clink. “What’s she wearing?”

“I don’t know, a floral blouse.” I sat back on the arm, but he’d declined the back, and put down the footrest. The TV was off, so he must have some interest, if he’s willing to forgo watching his alma mater, probably lose. They’re not doing so well this year, from what I hear, but he’s loyal to a fault.

“Uh!” He looked away, “It’s just the gay stuff.”

“Not gay,” I rubbed down the open zipper to spread it wide open, and roll his balls up in his underpants. Heavy, and full of juice, just waiting to burst out, and fill me with another baby. “Bisexual.”

“Well, as long as there’s not too much buttfucking.” He pulled out the back of my top, and felt up my back to unhook the brastrap.

“Huh, just look away, when it comes to that, but look at her.”


“She’s young.”

“They all are.” Newlyweds, no children, and both of them still in college, but they have a lover to share. A young muscular lover, with a great tan, and a hard cock to suck.

“Huh!” I just got up, and dropped my underwear with my pants. Unceremoniously, Harry spread his legs for me to back up between them, and sit down.

“No ass to speak of.”

I turned back, pulling my top up with my bra. “I thought you didn’t like buttfucking.” I wiggled around on his crotch, so it rolled, and flopped, cheek to cheek.

“That’s different, but you want it in back?” He patted my cheeks together, and stiffened again.


“No, but turn around.” I had to get up, and help him rotate. Towards the window, so I could bend over in front of him, and watch the action. He could watch my ass shake, and clap.

“God you’re wet.” He slipped it down, and forward. “And loose.”

“Oh, god!” I sank down. “Oh, honey. You know Lawrence.”

“Larry, computer store Larry?”

“Hm, yeah.” I just enjoyed ever inch, slipping in dry, then back out wet. “You know that ever since he found those nude photos on the hard drive.”

“I’ll give you a Hard.” He yanked my hips. “Drive!”


“Uh, huh! You know he’d do it, if you just asked him.”

“Fuck you, slut?”

“YEAH! Or maybe let me suck him off, even with you in the other end. He’d to anything just to be with me, and see me naked right in front of him.”

“Yeah, suck him. Suck him hard.”

“You’d like that?”

“It’s what you want?”


“Oh yeah. OH YEAH!” Finally, they stopped, and the husband got off his young wife’s face, so she could wipe her mouth, and look over from the coffee table. “Yeah, honey, I’m gonna cum, I’mgonnacum fuck me, FUCK MEEEEE!”

“Uh, fuck huh. Hun. Honey! Ohhhhh. Hun!”

“Oh Harald!” I lay back, so he could feel up under my arms, lift my breasts, and hold them together. Touch my nipples, and pinch them lightly. Not to hard, and let them slowly slip out. “Huh!”

Just the way I like it, and timed with his softened pecker slipping out, to let the wad dribble, and stick my lips together. “Huh!” I turned over, and he scooted aside enough for me to get my hip between him and the armrest. “Huh!” I put my head on his shoulder, and felt up his belly, to swirl my fingertip around the navel, teasing him. “Huh, you think you could do that for me?”

“Shit yeah, as long as you just suck him, while I fuck you. Look.” He brushed my hair with his chin, and kissed the back of my head.

“Oh,” I had forgotten the other couple, and their bisexual lover, but they turned away from the window, and the woman waved. Winked with a big grin on her face, backing up to sit on the coffee table again. While the men felt each other’s asses, and stroked themselves to erections for her to suck into her cheeks. Both of them at once.


“You think he’d do that?”

“Cross swords?” Dear lord, she must have a snake jaw to fit them both in, one on top of the other, without scraping them with her teeth. Unless they like that, I’m going to have to ask her tomorrow, or the next time I see her. “Now she’s just showing off.”

“You think you could suck us both off at once, likeat?” He took my hand, and ran it down his tummy, to his still wet chubby.

“Oh, hun!” He sure recovered quickly! I hadn’t seen him get it up again this soon, in years! “I’m willing to try.”

“Sick cock suckers, look at those faggots, sucking dick.”

“Mhm?” I just closed my eyes, and tuned them out.


“Shit packing faggots.”

“Mhm!” Now he’s getting into it.

I wonder if Lawrence would let him buttfuck him, if I asked nice enough. “UH!” He just patted my head, and gave me a nice mouthful for desert. “HUN!”

“NGM!” I swallowed ever drop, and wiped my mouth. “Hm, call him.”

“Tonight?” I nodded excitedly. “All right. Get my phone, and put on something sexy.”

“Why don’t you come back to the Closet with me, and help me pick it out?”


“All right, but hold your cunt, you’re dripping all over the carpet. Huh, just can’t wait to get another man’s dick in there, your dripping hot twat!” He slapped my ass loudly.

“Ew dad!” Our eldest yelled trough the door. “Keep it down out there, sex perverts! We’re trying to sleep in here?”

I just giggled, and ran back to the bedroom. To get ready for company, my first threesome with my husband, and another man. Who knows where that will lead us?

I sure am glad those liberal kids moved in next door, I’ll tell you that!

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