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Julie gets payback

Julie smiled as she entered Ginnis house,hello she giggles,knowing the house is empty,Ginni and Karen had taken both lots of kids away and Julie had a spare key.
Stripping as she walked through the house naked as she entered the cellar,in the middle of the cellar sat the fucking machine.
It had been moved as Ginni and Karens sexual adventures with it had become a group Julie was looking fwd to a good alone session.
She nervously placed the ball gag in her mouth,and set herself in,her nipples tingled as she felt the suction cups seal around her breasts,and gasped as the leg and wrist restraints clicked.
breathing slowly as she let her well toned body rest into the support.the sensor pad starting the computer.
It was as she waited she heard a strange sound whirring sound as a screen blinked on before her.
Suddenly Ginni and Karens beami g faces were sming at her,laughing,a pre recorded message.
Hi hun they giggled,we knew you would come,so a few surprises.
Julie started to struggle oh fuck she thought.
Ginni laughed as her description of the machines new settings were revealed,a dounle cock emerged from its cover,two thick black rubber cocks now lined up,the suckers were more powerful,and the clit vibe to,also the program allowed a time over so as one stopped the other started,with a every 30’minute 20 minute all at once session,Julie was in for a hell of a 24 hrs,,oops hehe,,,over ride is optional,,but must be selected,Julie was sweating as the two cocks lined up,a squirt of lube applied by the machine made Julie realise,she was fucked.
As the cocks pushed into both holes her muffled cries were not heard,the continual fucking,milking,vibing,cumming,not heard by anyone,her muffled squeals ,,,her puddle of wee,,her cumming,,being anally and vaginally bamged for 24 hrs,,,when it stopped she half conscious noticed a blinking light,,a camera,,on the screen,,10,000 likes,,,then a strange click,,,the screen lit up,,the nexus progasmic will now repeat pattern as exit button not pushed.
Julie could only moan as the machine kicked back into its program.

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