Judy’s Night In (Part Two; A Tireless Lover)

Judy and the stranger experience a night of mutually exhausting passion.

Greg eased Judy down onto her king-sized bed, looking lasciviously down on her gloriously proportioned nakedness. “You must excuse me,” he told her, “but I need to use the little boy’s room”.
“Through the lounge and down the hall,” Judy told him, “second door on the left. Could you bring our drinks back?”
Greg grinned down at her. “Your wish is my command, beautiful lady!” he responded, heading for the door.

Judy’s hungry eyes feasted on his still swollen, semi-erect cock bobbing before him as he walked to the door. Her boring night at home had been transformed by this handsome stranger who had come in from the rain. As she listened to the wind howl and the rain lash on the roof she thought back to her last, brief session of sex; it had been almost three months previously, at the office Christmas party of the law firm where she worked as a legal secretary.
The senior partner, a tall and good-looking older man whose wife was out of town, had been particularly solicitous towards her all night, plying her with drink, until he had encouraged her to join him in his office. Anticipating some alcohol-fuelled flirtation and possible sexual dalliance, Judy had accompanied him, but once there, with the door locked behind them, with no banter he had immediately begun kissing her as his hands urgently unbuttoned her blouse and roughly pushed her bra up to maul her large and now bare breasts.

With no further foreplay, he had forced her back towards his desk, pushing her back onto the desk and biting her breasts, as he raised her skirt above her waist to tug her tights and panties down, before unzipping his trousers to release his rampant cock. Spreading the lips of her pussy with the fingers of one hand, with the other he had guided his broad knob between them and thrust brutally into her without further ado. His thick cock thrusting forcefully into her barely moist pussy had been less than pleasurable, and she was only just beginning to get wet and enjoy the act when he began grunting and thrusting harder and she felt the rush of his spunk flooding her as he gave one last thrust and his cock pulsed inside her.

Hurriedly pulling out of her, he quickly tucked his cock away, buttoned his fly and, murmuring apologies, fled the office, leaving Judy lying on the desk naked from the waist down with his spunk drooling from her pussy. To add to her discomfort, she was sure that as her boss opened the door and left, others at the party had looked in past him and seen her sprawled on the desk in a compromising position. This concern was confirmed when she returned to work after the New Year break’ by the covert sideways glances from some staff, and the lascivious winks and grins of some of the men.

Her experience in the lounge with Greg only minutes before was so different from that last one, and so thrilling that her body pulsed with exhilaration and anticipation of what the rest of the night might bring. Judy felt a rush of excitement as Greg walked back into the bedroom, his thick cock still swollen but dangling more loosely over his large, pendulous balls and swaying from side to side as he walked. Her cunt tingled at the recent memory of the meaty-looking cock filling her, stretching her, and at the thought that it might do so again soon. Greg smiled to himself as he closed in on the bed: he knew that his cock was bigger than most, and seeing Judy’s gaze drawn to it almost hypnotically, he anticipated a night of further stimulating sexual activity. He marvelled at how the night had developed, how if he hadn’t been hit by a gust if windblown rain as he passed Judy’s house, he wouldn’t have turned his head and seen her naked at the window, wouldn’t have known the thrill of holding and fucking this attractive, voluptuous and sexually stimulating woman.


Setting the whisky glasses on the bedside table, he bent and kissed Judy on the lips, at first gently and then more passionately as her tongue snaked out to duel with his. Gently breaking their kiss, he straightened; “I’ll just fetch the bottle,” he told her softly, “it will save me leaving you if we need another top-up”.

Breathless from the passion of their kiss, Judy watched Greg’s swinging cock and the flex of his buttocks as he walked from the room, and when he returned quickly with the whisky bottle in one hand and Judy’s vibrator in the other, she knew with a rush of excitement that this wild and rainy night would be one to remember. Lifting the bedclothes Greg slid in beside Judy’s warm body, bending to kiss her softly on the lips. She snaked an arm around his neck, pulling his head closer as she kissed him passionately, her other hand reaching for and finding his heavy cock, feeling it swelling, stiffening and lengthening as she stroked it feverishly.

Greg’s hands fondled Judy’s soft, heavy breasts, mounding and cupping them, pinching and rolling her large nipples between fingers and thumbs, bringing them to engorged hardness.
Skilfully, Greg worked to increase Judy’s passion, until she broke their fevered embrace, gasping for air. Her hand continued to caress his cock, swollen now to full erection and throbbing in her hand.

“Your Willy likes that, doesn’t he?” she asked Greg slyly as her fingers caressed his shaft.
“Yes, my darling,” Greg replied, “but what Willy would like even more would be to feel your mouth on him again!”

In a flash Judy pushed Greg onto his back as she slid down the bed to his hips, covering his rampant cock with the warm wetness of her mouth. Greg lay back, thrilling to the exquisite sensations of Judy’s practiced oral skills, as she worked her tongue and lips over and around his heated shaft and bloated knob. However, her expert ministrations soon threatened to bring on his climax, as he felt the familiar tightening in his swollen balls and tingling in his cock that signalled his excitement was peaking. Gently reaching down he lifted Judy’s head, feeling a chill of cold air on his heated and saliva-slick cock as it slipped from the clinging embrace of Judy’s lips. She gave a tiny mew of frustration as he drew her up the bed; she knew he was close to climax and wanted to taste him.

“My turn darling,” he told her,” I want to taste you”.


“But I haven’t washed!” she whispered.

“Then let me be your servant, my lady,” he responded, “and wash you with my tongue.”

Slipping from the bed to kneel beside it, he grasped her legs to draw her to the edge of the bed, reaching behind her knees with his hands, spreading her legs wide and pushing her knees back to expose her shaved and swollen pussy to his hungry gaze, before he dipped his mouth to feast on her. Her cunt tasted strong, tangy from the mixed juices of their previous fuck. As he licked her avidly, her hands reached down to stroke his bobbing head, even as hers tossed from side to side, as her excitement grew in response to his expert tonguing. Eventually, she could take no more, and whimpering with frustration she grabbed his head, pulling him up on her to kiss him frantically.

“Quick, put it in me!” she moaned, “I need to feel you inside me!”

“Get on your knees,” he urged softly, “I want you from behind.”

Judy quickly scrambled back up the bed, getting onto her knees, lowering her head to the pillows and arching her back to raise her hips for him. Even as he shuffled in behind Judy, his rampant cock bobbing with his movements, his hungry gaze feasted on the voluptuous sight before him; the curving flare of her full white buttocks, between them the pucker of her pink anus and below it the swollen and parted cleft of her aroused cunt. Her moan of pleasure as she felt his broad knob spread her pouting nether lips apart was echoed by his, as he relished the slick elastic cling of her cunt on his cock as he surged deep inside her.


His belly pressed hard to her smooth white globes, he shuffled even closer, his knees spreading her legs even further apart to sink the last inch of his shaft into her warm depths. He began a slow, steady thrusting, moving easily back and forth, reaching around under her belly with one hand so his fingers could reach between her thighs to stroke her swollen clitoris in time with his thrusts, while with the other hand he caressed her heavy, swinging breasts and teased her engorged nipples. He continued his steady thrusting even as Judy’s body shook, as she moaned into the pillows in climax, continuing for many long minutes as her body shook again, this time more violently, her cunt convulsing on his probing cock. However, after steady thrusting for many more minutes, he felt the early signs of a pending orgasm. He increased the speed of his thrusts, his belly clapping noisily against the full moons of Judy’s buttocks, glowing pinkly from the impacts of his thrusts. Feeling her body begin to convulse beneath him, he grasped her under her hips with both hands, holding her up to meet his increasingly frantic thrusts.

 Judy shrieked in ecstasy, her shrill cries muffled by the pillows. Her body bucked violently beneath him and then went limp, and she would have collapsed flat on the bed had Greg not been holding her up to receive his last vigorous thrusts, as his spunk burst from his cock to jet deep inside her. He continued to support her, his thrusts slowing to an easy stroking within her wet core to maintain his erection. As he released her hips she slumped to the bed. Rolling her onto her side, Greg spooned her heaving body. Her neck and shoulders were flushed, and as he leaned over her he could see her magnificent breasts similarly flushed, and damp with a thin film of perspiration. She lay there inert for several minutes, then, shaking her head, slowly opened her eyes and looked up to see Greg watching her.

“My god” she breathed, “I think I must have passed out then. When I came that last time I could see vivid colours like fireworks behind my eyes, and as I felt you cumming the colours went grey then everything went black!”

 Greg bent to kiss her shoulder. “You sure came hard, lovely lady!” he told her softly, adding “You are wonderful; wonderful to look at and wonderful to make love to!”

Reaching between them, Judy’s hand found Greg’s still swollen cock. “My god!” she exclaimed, “You’re still hard!”

“That’s what you do to me, my lovely! I’ve never been that way around another woman,” the lie rolling smoothly off his tongue. She snuggled back into him, relishing the pressure of his swollen cock, feeling it pulse gently against her buttocks, as with one hand he idly caressed her breasts. Greg pulled the duvet up over them, and after many minutes, when Judy’s breathing had calmed and her body cooled he asked “How are you feeling?”


“Exhausted!” she sighed softly.

“That’s too bad,” he told her, “I was hoping that you might have some energy left.”

“Of course I have,” she responded with a giggle, “Pass me my drink.” Reaching across her, he took her drink from beside the bed. She propped herself on one elbow and took a long sip, shuddering slightly as she swallowed. Reaching for his own drink Greg took a long swallow, relishing the alcohol burn as it went down. Taking another sip, Judy asked, “What do you have in mind?”

“With a lady as lovely as you,” Greg flattered, “there’s plenty I could do! Let’s see what comes up!”

Judy reached back to grasp his swollen cock once more. “Here’s something that’s come up,” she giggled “if it ever went down!”

Greg chuckled. “You do that to me, so can you blame me if I want to do you again?”


Returning her drink to the bedside table Judy rolled over to face Greg, pressing her lush body against him. “You can do whatever you want, you lovely man!” she exclaimed, one hand cupping his heavy balls and caressing his sticky cock as she snuggled into him.

Placing his drink back on the table, Greg suggested “Let’s start by cleaning one another.” Easing away from Judy he slid her down the bed, reaching to take the vibrator from the table before reversing his position to straddle her head. Positioning his cock above her open mouth, he lowered his hips to let her take his cock in her mouth before burying his head in her crotch, pressing his open mouth over her sodden and pungent tasting pussy. For many minutes they feasted on one another’s sex, wet sucking and lapping sounds the only noises apart from the steady drum of rain on the roof.

Greg’s tongue began to home in on Judy’s engorged clitoris as he worked two saliva-wet fingers into her anus, before taking the vibrator and inserting it into her nether hole as he removed his fingers. Turning it on, he moved it gently back and forth as his tongue alternately caressed her clit and probed her dripping pussy. Reaching over Greg’s hips Judy pulled him closer, taking him even deeper into her mouth. Feeling her hips rising rhythmically against his mouth, Greg increased the depth and speed of the thrusts of the vibrator into her anus, at the same time sucking her, swollen pussy lips into his mouth, as his tongue rasped faster over her clit. Judy pulled Greg’s hips down hard as she came, He heard her gag briefly as she inadvertently pulled his broad knob deep into her throat, and then her hips mashed up against his face as her orgasm continued.

As Judy’s movements slowed Greg lifted his hips, drawing his cock from her mouth as he turned around again to kiss her passionately, She returned his kisses frantically, almost with ferocity, as the buzzing vibrator in her butt kept her close to orgasm. Settling his hips between Judy’s thighs, Greg reached to bring her knees up and back towards her thighs. Ranging his broad knob between the lips of her weeping pussy he sank back into her. Hooking his arms behind her knees he forced them back to her shoulders as he rose up over her until her legs rested on his shoulders. The buzzing vibrator slipped from Judy’s anus as her hips lifted from the bed.

Slipping his cock from her pussy Greg guided his knob to her puckered anus, now gaping slightly from the intrusion of the vibrator. His knob, well-lubricated by her copious juices, slipped past the tight ring of muscle with little difficulty. Judy’s gasps quickened as he gradually worked his shaft deeper into her with short, easy movements, until he was buried to the root of his thick shaft, his taut belly pressed hard on the back of her splendid thighs. Reaching back for the vibrator, he held it firmly against her swollen clit as he began to work his shaft back and forth in the tight, clinging grasp of her anus, his other hand mauling her heavy breasts.

Judy’s gasps became heavy panting as her body responded to Greg’s movements. She began wailing as a massive climax overcame her; Greg’s thrusting increasing until his cock was flying back and forth like a shuttle, until he could hold back no more and poured a generous libation of hot spunk deep in her bowels. He slumped down on her panting, heaving body, his own breath coming hoarse and hard until they both calmed, perspiring bodies locked together until Greg’s slowly shrinking cock slipped from the elastic embrace of Judy’s anus, and he released her legs to lie in either side of him.


Greg slowly eased himself from Judy’s hot and clammy body. “Time to hit the showers!” he murmured hoarsely as he climbed from the bed, taking a long sip of his whisky before heading for the bathroom.

“I’ll come with you,” Judy responded weakly, finding her legs strangely rubbery, and feeling lightheaded, needed to lean against the wall for several seconds before feeling capable of following her new lover. Taking an unsteady path to the bathroom, Judy entered to find Greg already under the showerhead, water streaming down his body. Sliding the shower door open she stepped in, Greg moving to one side to let her share the stream of warm water. Invigorated by the rushing water, they began soaping one another’s bodies, Greg revelling in fondling Judy’s body as she toyed with his cock and balls with her soapy hands. Feeling his cock gradually swelling and lengthening, Judy looked up at Greg with a wicked grin. “Willy’s pleased to see me I think!” she chortled.

“He is,” responded Greg, “but unless pussy wants Willy more than just one more time, he needs a rest to recharge his batteries!” he retorted, smiling at her. Pouting prettily, Judy pretended disappointment, but secretly acknowledged that if her virile lover’s vigour was to continue unabated, she too would benefit from a rest.

Stepping from the shower they towelled one another dry, before returning to the bedroom to climb into bed. Judy dimmed the bedside light before spooning Greg as he lay on his side, pressing her full breasts into his back as her hand reached across his hip to grasp his limp, but still swollen cock before they both drifted off to sleep.

When Judy woke almost two hours later the rain was still lashing the roof. Slipping from the bed she donned her robe and made her way to the bathroom, where she raised the toilet lid, hoisted her robe around her waist and sat down to release a stream of hot piss. Finishing, she wiped herself dry and lowered the toilet lid before flushing; washing and drying her hands before walking through to the kitchen. Filling the kettle she plugged it in. Taking mugs from under the kitchen island she placed them on the bench, reaching up to take the coffee and sugar containers from a cupboard, taking the coffee plunger from under the island.

She had just taken the milk from the refrigerator and was placing it on the bench when she heard a gruff, false voice growl “Aargh, me favourite breakfast!” A firm hand on her back pushed her upper body down onto the kitchen counter while another ran up between her legs from behind, raising her robe to expose her. She felt hot breath on her buttocks as Greg pretended to bite them, before parting her generous globes with both hands to plunge his face between them. His hot breath gusted in her cleft, and then his hot, wet tongue was probing, teasing her puckered anus before dipping lower to her swelling and moistening nether lips.


Judy could feel her legs trembling as her lover’s tongue probed deeper, reaching up into her moist channel. The sudden, unexpected sexual assault thrilled her, and she felt the tremors of a tiny orgasm ripple through her, making her feel weak at the knees. Greg must have sensed it also; the next minute he withdrew his mouth, and she felt his rigid cock brushing the back of her legs as he moved in behind her, then it probed between her thighs as Greg’s knees nudged her legs further apart.

She felt his bulbous knob touching, then spreading the lips of her weeping pussy, and then with a powerful thrust, he surged deep into her. His hands slid under her upper body, still pressed to the kitchen counter, grasping and mauling her full breasts as he fucked her vigorously with long and powerful strokes. A further, stronger orgasm washed through her as Greg continued to pound her cunt. Suddenly his grasp on her breasts tightened, his hips slamming into her even more heavily, jerking her back and forth on the countertop; then he was growling, groaning and she felt his seed flood deep into her as his hips clamped hard against her buttocks.

Greg held her tightly for a minute or two, and then she felt his body relax behind her, his grip on her breasts loosened and he eased his thick cock from her channel. She felt a warm rush of spunk on her thighs as Greg turned her to take her in his arms, kissing her passionately. Her legs feeling weak and rubbery from her recent strong climax, Judy slumped against his broad chest.

Scooping Judy up in his arms once more, Greg bore her back to the bedroom as she protested weakly about the coffee. “Don’t worry,” Greg responded with a grin as he set her down on the bed “I can be quite domesticated when required. How do you like your coffee”?

“Milk and one sugar,” she answered weakly, watching Greg’s limp but still thick cock sway as he turned back to the kitchen, seeing the muscles in his strong back and taut buttocks flex as he walked from the room. Pulling the duvet up over her, Judy lay back, marvelling at how her boring night at home had transformed into such an almost magical event; from anticipating pleasuring herself with her vibrator while watching a porn movie, to her most exciting sexual experience ever, and with a total stranger.

Blessed with a strong sex drive, Judy had nonetheless failed to find a partner capable of satisfying her sexually. Few of her many former partners could meet her sexual needs, and those that could had generally moved on in search of variety, not wanting commitment. Others had been intimidated by her sex drive, unable to match her physical sexual energy. Now a mysterious stranger had come unannounced into her life, not only capable of meeting her needs, but seemingly capable of even more.


Judy’s reverie was broken by Greg’s return to the room bearing a coffee mug in each hand. As she took her coffee from him, Judy looked pointedly at Greg’s limp cock. “It looks as though Willie has gone back to sleep!” she sniggered.

“Don’t worry pretty lady,” Greg retorted “I know just the trick to wake him up!”

Judy looked up questioningly. “Take a mouthful of coffee and hold it in your mouth,” he told her. Following his advice, Judy took a large draught of the hot liquid, holding it in her mouth despite the fact that it was almost scaldingly hot. Taking Judy’s coffee mug from her and setting it down with his own, he told her to swallow it as he got onto the bed to straddle her. “Now suck me!” he urged, shuffling closer to her.

Reaching for his limp but still swollen cock, Judy took it into her mouth. To her astonishment, even as she closed her lips around his shaft his cock responded rapidly to the heat of her mouth, swelling and lengthening almost alarmingly quickly, filling her mouth so fast that she had to ease it part way out, as his bulbous knob threatened to fill her throat.

Greg murmured appreciatively as Judy practiced her oral skills on his large cock, cupping his heavy balls in one hand as the other fondled the base of his shaft, while her tongue and lips worked on and around his bulbous knob and the base of his glans. She had always enjoyed oral sex, both giving and receiving, but somehow this time it felt special, fellating a man she really didn’t know, had only just met, yet in just a few hours had bought her to sexual satiety so many times. She relished the fact that he seemed to appreciate her practiced oral skills, grunting with pleasure as the tip of her tongue probed the long slit in his bulbous knob and caressed the sensitive flaring rim.

Breathing heavily, Greg enjoyed her oral ministrations for many minutes, until the expert workings of her mouth and hands on his cock threatened to overcome his considerable constraint. Judy mewed with disappointment as he eased his swollen cock, glistening with her saliva, from her suctioning mouth. Moving to the side of the bed he threw the duvet aside. Taking Judy by the hips he moved her down the bed before getting back onto the bed, reversing his position. Lying first on his side he grabbed Judy by the hips once more, dragging her over him as he rolled onto his back. Pulling her hips down to him, he buried his head in the fork of her thighs, even as Judy’s eager mouth fastened onto his cock once more.


Greg relished the potent, tangy odour of sex from Judy’s heated crotch, and the alkaline taste of their mixed juices coating her inner thighs. By concentrating on using his tongue to pleasure her, he was able to control his responses to her mouth and hands, busy on his cock for many long minutes, but when she worked a wetted finger deep into his anus to massage his prostate he could hold back no longer, giving a muffled groan as his hips rose and his cock erupted in Judy’s mouth, hearing her little moans of satisfaction as she greedily swallowed the libation jetting from his knob. She continued to suck him, even after she had milked the last drops of spunk from him, and as the exquisite sensitivity of his cock faded, he was aware that he was still erect. Holding Judy’s hips firmly he rolled into his side to pull away from her and roll her onto her front. Kneeling between her thighs he grabbed her hips to draw Judy up onto her knees, and moving close in behind her he ranged his bulbous knob at the entrance to her pussy and drove deep into her with a powerful thrust.

Moaning with satisfaction as Greg surged up into her, getting up on all fours she pushed back to meet his powerful thrusts. Bending over Judy he hooked an arm beneath her waist, reaching with his hand down under her belly to feel between her thighs to stroke her swollen clitoris, while the other hand was busy with her swinging breasts, cupping and fondling them and teasing her hardened nipples. A small orgasm rippled through her, causing her cunt to clamp convulsively on Greg’s pounding cock. Feeling it, he reared up behind her, grasping her hips with both hands to drive into her even more strongly.

Yet another orgasm shook Judy as Greg’s cock continued to ravage her sopping channel. Judy had never felt quite like this; her pussy was flooding, her wetness causing wet slapping noises with each of Greg’s thrusts, which were creating friction spreading through her lower body. His violent thrusts were forcing air into her flooding pussy, only to have it expelled with wet farting sounds the next time he bore back up into her. Her body rocked back and forth under Greg’s onslaught, her dangling full breasts jerking back and forth as his hips slammed into her buttocks.

The bedroom was filled with the sounds and odours of prolonged and vigorous sexual activity: grunts, gasps, moans, the slapping of wet flesh meeting, perspiration, and the pungent fragrance of sexual fluids. In addition, Judy’s bed was creaking in response to the extreme physical activity being performed upon it.

Judy’s senses whirled: it was almost as if she was having an out of body experience; a part of her mind seemed detached, remote, so that she felt not only a participant but also an observer, as a part of her brain attempted to analyse a sexual experience as yet never encountered. Orgasms continued to rock Judy; never before had she had some many so frequently. She had sunk down on her elbows, her body sapped of strength, supported only by Greg’s firm hold on her hips as he rode her like a man possessed. Ultimately a massive orgasm racked her body so violently that her hips were torn from Greg’s grasp, and she slumped forward on the bed, sliding from the rigid cock that had ravaged her pussy for the past twenty minutes or more. Equally exhausted, Greg collapsed on the bed beside her, his breath shuddering as his muscular chest heaved from his exertion.

As his body began to cool Greg reached down to draw the duvet up over them. He had not climaxed before Judy had slipped from his grasp, and his cock, still throbbing and rampantly erect, felt bruised. Judy seemed to have either fallen asleep or into a stupor. Careful not to disturb her he reached across her to turn out the light. Spooning in behind her warm but motionless body, his aching, throbbing cock trapped between them, he closed his eyes and was deeply asleep in seconds.


Hours later Judy woke. Briefly, in the darkness and feeling a warm body pressed to her back, she was unsure of where she was, but initially slowly and then in a rush, fragments of memories of the previous hours came back to her, disjointed at first until her recollection improved. Her body ached, but not uncomfortably, and her pussy felt swollen and slightly bruised. Feeling between her thighs she found her pussy puffy, the labia engorged and still parted but dry. Her breasts likewise felt bruised, her nipples sensitive, still slightly swollen.

Raising her eyes to the glowing numerals of the digital alarm clock Judy saw that it was 5.00 a.m. A touch of panic flushed her body until she remembered that it was Saturday morning, and she relaxed once more. The storm outside still raged; the rain had ceased but gusts of wind continued to batter the house. The warmth of the body behind her bought back thrilling memories of the previous night’s activities. Once more she marvelled at how chance had bought this stranger, this incredible lover, out of the storm and into her life.

As Judy lay in the dark blissfully recalling aspects of last night’s incredible activities, a growing awareness of the need to empty her bladder encouraged her to carefully ease herself from the warm body behind her and out from under the duvet. Expecting to feel cold, she was initially surprised as she tiptoed from the bedroom to find the house felt comfortably mild, before remembering that she had not had the opportunity last night to think to turn the heating down.

Sitting on the toilet, releasing a stream of hot piss, she was aware of a slight tenderness in her pussy and labia, but not to the point of being uncomfortable; no worse, she recalled, than when her boss had fucked her so brutally but briefly at the office party. Carefully feeling herself, she found her labia still swollen and partly open. She continued to sit there, daydreaming, for several minutes, marvelling at last night’s events: never before had she had so many climaxes, and while she had experienced multiple orgasms before, she had never had so many or any as violent as those of last night.

Drying herself, thinking happily of the cause of the tenderness in her nether parts, she flushed the toilet and washed her hands. Back in the bedroom, she tiptoed to the bed. Greg appeared to still be fast asleep. Carefully lifting the duvet she eased herself onto the bed, equally carefully easing herself back towards Greg’s warm body. However just as she was congratulating herself for not waking him, she became aware of a growing pressure against her body, a pressure that increased until she could recognise the heat and growing bulk of Greg’s rapidly swelling cock trapped in the cleft of her buttocks.

Judy felt Greg stir, shifting his hips, and she felt his swollen cock slip from her cleft to bound upright against her back “My god!” she thought, “The man is a machine!” Even as the thought crossed her mind she felt Greg’s lips brush her smooth shoulder.


“Good morning my beauty,” he purred, “how is my lovely lady this morning?”

“Wonderful!” Judy responded breathlessly “I feel wonderful!’

“I’m sorry” she continued “I didn’t mean to wake you. I shouldn’t have come back to bed and disturbed you.”

Greg chuckled, “I was already half awake when you got up. I probably could have gone on dozing after you came back to bed, but your gorgeous bum pressing against Willy brought him back to life, and that’s what woke me properly.”

“I don’t know how you do it!” Judy said softly, turning her head to see Greg looking down at her, “I don’t know how many times you made love to me last night, but it seemed all night long, and now you’re hard again!”

“It’s you that does it, my beauty” Greg said with a grin, “You’re so sexy that once Willy had tasted your sweet pussy he developed a mind of his own. I can’t control him!”


Judy giggled “He certainly was out of control last night! I don’t know how you do it!”

 Grinning, Greg riposted “It’s your fault, my sweet, you made him do it!”

Judy slapped him playfully on the shoulder, “I bet you say that to all your women!” she challenged him.

“No, only the beautiful ones!” he replied, ducking back as she aimed a harder slap at him. Grabbing her wrist he took her hand to his cock.

Taking hold of it, marvelling at its heat and rigidity, she rolled over to face him. “I suppose you have things to do today?” she queried.

“How do you mean?” he responded teasingly, knowing full well what she meant.


“Well,” she stalled, “what do you do on the weekends?”

“Do you mean when I’m not saving the planet, or working in my underground laboratory trying to turn lead into gold?” he teased.

“No,” she responded, “you must have something you usually do!”

“Sweetheart, I do whatever pleases me,” he answered “In the weekends I’m on my own dime and answerable to no one. What do you do usually?” he countered.

Judy stalled, thinking. She didn’t want to admit that her last few weekends had been as boring as last night had begun to be, that she’d spent the days wandering the High Street shops during the days, and watching porn DVDs at night, with a bottle of wine beside her, a glass in one hand and her trusty vibrator in the other. Instead, she prevaricated “Oh, I don’t know, it depends; sometimes there’s a party on, or friends come round, or there might be a concert on.” These things happened, Judy was thinking, but not to her lately.

Greg smirked internally, seeing through Judy’s prevarication. If she had a good social life, she would hardly be sitting naked at the window on a stormy night with porn movies stacked by the DVD player, and a hastily discarded vibrator handy. “I can imagine” he flattered, “a beautiful woman like you must be beating guys off with a stick. I guess you’ll be tied up this weekend too?”


For several seconds Judy was quiet as she thought fast; she didn’t want to admit that this weekend would have been just like the last few, but nor did she want to say that she was busy. “Oh, nothing important,” she lied “nothing I can’t put off.”

“Well isn’t that lucky,” Greg pronounced, tongue firmly in cheek, “I guess we could entertain one another, once you’ve put off the things you’ve planned. I suppose you’ll have to ring and cancel a few things though?”

“Oh, that’s alright,” Judy said airily, hoping she wasn’t blushing at her lies “nothing was set in concrete. I was only expected to turn up if I turned up.”

Greg grinned to himself. He was sure that he had called Judy’s bluff, but she had covered herself well. “Well,” he said, faking a yawn “it’s early yet, too early for breakfast. Maybe we should catch a couple hours more sleep!”

Feeling Greg’s hot, swollen member throbbing in her hand, feeling her pussy moistening at the thought of that wonderful cock inside her once more, Judy felt her pussy tingling, moistening. “Yes,” she countered, spotting his fake, “maybe you’re right. Maybe we could both use some more sleep.” Even as she said it, her hand was expertly massaging his swollen shaft.

The brief catch in Greg’s breath betrayed his excitement; he was tickled at the thought he may be meeting a challenger in verbal and mental and sexual duelling. Rolling closer, he reached between her thighs, his fingers finding her open and damp. “Mmmm, maybe sleep can wait a few minutes,” he purred.


“A few minutes?” Judy teased, “Why, has Willy lost his mojo?”

“We’ll see who’s lost their mojo,” Greg growled as he rolled over her, grasping her full breasts in both hands, as he expertly teased her swelling nipples with tongue, lips and teeth, his rigid cock pressed hard against her soft thighs.

Judy moaned with pleasure as Greg’s teeth caught her sensitive and rapidly swelling nipples, teasing them into full engorged hardness. She thrust her hips up against his in an endeavour to trap his swollen cock between her thighs, mewling in disappointment as it remained trapped between their bodies, his bloated, bulbous knob pressed high above her pubis. His rough mauling of her breasts thrilled her; she sometimes thought them too big but her masterful lover seemed to know how to use them for mutual pleasure. Drawing her legs up she thrust upwards vigorously, momentarily dislodging Greg so that his cock slipped down and the broad knob brushed the open lips of her moist cleft. With a groan of satisfaction mixed with pleasure, she closed her legs again, trapping the heated shaft of throbbing flesh between them, flexing her hips to work her thighs against the bulk of his hefty cock.

Anticipating a leisurely and gentle spell of early morning lovemaking, Greg had intended to use his oral skills on Judy to arouse her slowly, but distracted by her stimulation of his cock in the soft clasp of her warm thighs, Greg reacted to meet her obvious need. Instead, releasing the soft mounds of her full breasts and moving up on her, he kissed her passionately as he reached down for her legs. Hooking his arms under her knees he drew them back to her shoulders, raising her hips clear of the bed. Ranging his knob at the entrance of her open cleft he bore down on her, with a single thrust plunging his cock deep into her, until his hairs pressed against her shaved pussy, drawing a shuddering moan of satisfying pleasure from deep in Judy’s throat. His hips rose and fell rhythmically above her, thrusting down into the hot clasp of her weeping sex, his broad knob probing deep inside her as if searching for her cervix.

Responding to Greg’s urgent assault Judy pushed her hips up to meet his thrusts, levering her legs against the muscular arms behind her thighs to hoist her hips even higher. She had never felt a cock penetrate her so deeply, probing every crevice of her most private parts: it was as if his invading penis was possessing her, claiming her pussy as its own. The thought inflamed her, filling her with lust. She felt flushed throughout her body, heat radiating from her core, her cunt convulsing on the plunging flesh ravaging her vagina as a climax washed over her.

Although unused to a lover as demanding as Judy, Greg’s body instinctively reacted to her demands, increasing the speed of his thrusts in response to her quickening hips urging him on. With her hips raised and thighs spread wide by his strong arms, she was wide open to him as he drove into her with increasing urgency. Multiple orgasms racked her body, but her hips continued to rise ever faster as if challenging him, until with a roar Greg discharged his seed deep inside her, releasing her legs and collapsing on her shuddering body.


Giving a shrill, prolonged shriek as a final climax shook her body, Judy lay quivering beneath the weight of her lover, their heaving bodies bathed in perspiration as both fought to recover their breath, until with a final deep gasp Greg rolled from her, his thick but now limp cock slipping wetly from her to leave a damp trail on her thigh. Pushing her hips back she nestled against his warmth as he put an arm around her, drawing her back to him wordlessly before exhausted, both fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

When Judy woke she could see from the clock that they had slept for a further three hours: the storm had blown itself out and weak sunlight was leaking around the edges of the bedroom curtains. Her entire body ached vaguely, as if she had competed in a vigorous sporting event she thought, smiling inwardly. Carefully easing her body from her new lover, she carefully pulled the duvet higher over his motionless body before shrugging into her robe and tiptoed from the room to the bathroom. Having used the toilet she turned the shower on. Standing waiting for the water to run hot she was aware of the ripe smell of sex rising from her body; the slightly sweet scent of perspiration overlaid with the musky ripeness of stale sexual fluids. Smiling to herself at the memory of the previous night’s sexual activities she stepped into the shower and under the stream of hot water.

Hair still damp from her shower, Judy wandered through to the kitchen in a blissful daze, he body refreshed by a long soaking under the stream of hot water, easing some of the vague aches she had felt on awakening. Suddenly feeling ravenously hungry, she poured orange juice from a carton in the fridge and spooned yoghurt and canned fruit into a bowl. Finishing her snack she rinsed the dishes and filled the jug to make coffee, setting a tray with another bowl of fruit and yoghurt. Filling mugs with the steaming coffee she placed them on the tray and walked back to the bedroom, carefully placing the tray on the bedside table before reaching to gently shake her lover awake. She saw momentary confusion in his eyes before he wakened fully and realised where he was.

Judy flushed with warmth at the smile Greg gave her as he looked up into her eyes. “Hello lovely lady! I was dreaming that I came in out of a storm and met a beautiful and sexy woman, and here you are, or am I still dreaming?”

Giggling with pleasure, Judy leant down and gave him a gentle playful poke in the chest. “Flatterer! I’ve bought you a snack and some coffee.”

Yawning mightily, stretched luxuriantly, Greg breathed in deeply. “Mmm, maybe a quick shower first! Keep the bed warm while I’m gone!” Slipping from the bed with a laugh he strode quickly from the room.


Gathering the whisky bottle and glasses, Judy carried them through to the kitchen and returned to the bedroom to slip under the duvet shortly before Greg came back into the room. Obviously as hungry as Judy had been, he polished off the bowl of fruit and yoghurt rapidly, and they both sat in companionable silence for several minutes, sipping their coffees, both thinking of the night behind them and the day ahead.

Judy had only known a handful of men who could satisfy her sexually, and none as thoroughly as Greg had the previous night. For his part, despite his extensive experience of women, Greg had never before met a woman who was his match in bed. In the past, he had generally left his partners exhausted long before he tired, but Judy had tested his abilities in bed, he wryly acknowledged to himself.

Finishing their coffees and setting the mugs aside they turned toward one another as if in an unspoken agreement. Reaching for the tie of Judy’s robe, Greg untied it and she raised her body to help him slip it from her, as he revelled in her lush nakedness. Moving down the bed to lie between her legs, Greg used his tongue, lips and fingers to bring Judy to climax, before moving up the bed to mount her, beginning a languorous session of lovemaking that lasted over an hour,

Later, as they showered together, he hooked an arm under one of Judy’s knees to raise her leg, opening her to expose her sex so that he could drive up into her with powerful thrusts that quickly bought both to shuddering climaxes, leaving them drained and finally sated.

So ended Judy’s night in.

(to be continued).

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