Jim Goes to School

Jim Goes to School

Or, rather, the school comes to ole Jimbo.


I felt something jostle me. I opened my eyes, but it was still black. I tried to move but my hands were somehow restrained behind me. I tried to say something, but there seemed to be a pool ball in my mouth. Ball-gag? What the fuck?


I couldn’t speak, so I yelled into the gag.


She said, “Baby, you need to relax,” as she turned on the bedside light.

No! Nooooo! Please, God; not her! My fight or flight was kicked into full flight mode. However, I was reduced to squirming in place as I realized that my feet were tied and connected up to my hands. I’d been hogtied.

“You know, Jim, you’re a pig. Check that. Pigs are intelligent and learn from their mistakes. You, on the other hand, seem incapable of learning from yours. You see the result of one of your mistakes sitting in front of you… don’t squirm!”

She dropped a blindfold over my eyes.

A few seconds later, I screamed into the gag as electricity shot through my body and my muscles cramped up. What the fuck?

The onslaught relented then struck again. I screamed as my whole body knotted up.


“Jim, I’ve really enjoyed sitting here for the past 5 hours watching you sleep. You hardly moved when I stuck you with that short acting barbiturate. Do you feel groggy? Oh, don’t bother answering, I know you don’t. Jimbo, let’s be clear on some rules. The first one is that you’re not to scream. Got that?”

Electricity shot through my body, cramping my muscles and probably breaking some bones. I screamed.

“Jim, Jim! Sweetheart, what’d I just say?! Let’s try that again and please try to get it right this time.”

My whole body vibrated with the sudden onslaught of current. I didn’t scream. On the outside.

The current stopped and I quickly assessed. How’d she get in? More than that, how’d she find me after I ran from her 3 years ago. I knew that she was crazy, which is why I’d already rented a condo on the other coast before I left. But this? I realized that I should have changed my name or moved to China. Probably both.

Definitely both.


I waited, silently. Eventually…

“So, Jim, you seem to have an IQ above 3, after all. I’ll only tell you that you’re going to be here for a while and while you’re not going to enjoy any of it, I’ll enjoy every millisecond. In fact, I wish I’d brought a video camera.

Before we get to the main event, I want to tell you a bit about what you’re hooked up to. Jim, let’s see what’s behind door number one!”

She dropped into a Scarface voice as she said, “Say hello to my little friend, the ErosTek 312B.” She laughed out loud! “Actually, say hello to my 4 little friends!”

She fucking laughed for quite a while. Fucking bitch. Fucking crazy bitch.

“The 16 electrodes that I stuck to you before you woke up are the same as the ones an EKG machine uses and leave no trace. The electrified butt plug and the metal rod I’m going to put into you won’t leave any traces either.


Two of those pads are in place so that I can jump electricity across your heart and murder you, in case I need to. Any examination of you would conclude that you had, sadly, suffered a heart attack. There’d be nothing to cause them to doubt that.

The other 14 pads, plus the cock rod and the butt plug, are hooked up to 4 ErosTeks. Each ErosTek has 2 channels and each channel has a positive and a negative. 4 times 2 times 2 is 16. The ErosTek doesn’t put out much current. In fact, these boxes have small, 12 volt batteries that can run them at full throttle for hours. I made sure they were charged in case your electricity was to be shut off due to non-payment because you were, pardon the pun, tied up and couldn’t pay your bill.

One of the boxes will be working your cock. The other 3 are what you are experiencing now. These boxes lock a whole bunch of muscles up. It hurts like hell, as you know, but unless I leave you on max for hours, there’s no actual muscle damage. So, back to the plan.”

The electricity hit again, but a little bit stronger. I cried out in pain and she said, “Shut the fuck up. I’m not going to ask you if we’re clear about that. Your actions in the next 10 seconds will tell me.”

The electricity hit again, but it was even stronger. I didn’t let out so much as a peep even though my body was threatening to become one huge, cramped muscle.

She sneered out, “I’m glad you understand me.”


Jesus H. Fucking Christ! If I ever got loose, I was going to murder this bitch and I’d drag her body parts, in plastic bags, to the nearest cop shop and proudly proclaim my righteous vengeance.

My body convulsed again, but I was silent.

“Now, we’re getting somewhere. Let me show you what else they can do. Unclench your ass so I can have access. If you don’t, you’re going to be suffering the effects of what you just went through for an entire 5 minutes. You’ll wish for death but I won’t grant it.”

I relaxed my ass. I felt her poking around my back door and eventually she shoved something in. A short period of time later, I felt something being tied around the base of my cock. She fiddled with the head of my cock and then I felt something rigid being slowly inserted into my urethra. What the fuck?

“You ready, dickhead?”

I didn’t answer, because this might’ve been a test and brought a rain of pain.


I realized that I was feeling a tingling in my nethers. Slowly, it increased and became waves of pleasure. Over the next minute, it got even stronger until I was writhing in ecstasy. The electricity was thrumming up and down through my cock, through my prostate and into my ass. I felt like I was being jacked off from the inside.

A couple of minutes later, I started to, sort of, cum. Each time the wave of electricity went from my ass to my cock, it caused a fresh, small bit of cum to ooze out. I was being electrically milked.

“Jim, stop cumming.”

Fuck! How was I supposed to stop cumming? I had no control!

Suddenly, the electricity went from waves of pleasure to a force of nature, threatening to cause my dick to explode.

“Jim, do what I tell you and do it immediately or I’ll crank this bitch up all the way. So far, I’ve only had you up to 50 out of 100.”


The electricity dropped back down to an orgasmic level and I was soon leaking cum.

“Jim, stop cumming.”

She waited for a couple of cycles and saw that I hadn’t stopped. How could I?

My guts were on fire! My whole crotch seized up in pain and my asshole was clenched so tight that not even a fart could escape. This went on for 10 seconds – or hours. Not sure. Eventually, I was back into the milking rhythm and my cock and ass were a ruinous mess.

Another minute or so, and I couldn’t help it as my cock started to leak cum. It seems that the back and forth of electrical flow was causing my prostate to be milked.

“Jim, stop cumming.”


My fear level went through the roof and I went numb as my mind froze in fear, waiting for lightning to strike.

“Good boy, Jim. See? You can do what I want if properly motivated.” She laughed.

Without a severe shock, my fear level dropped and the oozing restarted.

Again, my guts exploded in pain, only this time it was even worse. I started crying.

“Did I tell you that you were allowed to start cumming again? No, I. did. not.

Jim, stop cumming.”


Fear tore at my heart and I thought I felt my prostate trying to claw its way out of my body. I didn’t need electricity for my butt to clench up. The oozing stopped immediately but my crying increased.

“Jim, you’re doing much better. Thank you for helping me help you. Let’s move on for now.”

I hardly heard her through my crying. Suddenly, the milking restarted. However, the fear of the pain had caused my member to shrivel up and prevented me from leaking, so I was safe. She didn’t say anything until my crying abated.

“Jim, cum for me.”

What? What the fuck? First, she didn’t want me to cum while I was being milked

but now she does? Cra-cra bitch. Yeah, I didn’t see how that was going to happen. My whole groin area was still ablaze from the last electrocution and my cock was a strand of shredded spaghetti. I was pretty sure that, despite my ass being clenched in fear, my prostate had escaped. I was never going to leak a drop, much less cum.


She waited for 30 milking cycles to pass.

“Jim, cum for me.”

Fuck! My fear level went through the roof and, 15 seconds later, the electrocution shook me. It only lasted for a couple of seconds before resuming the milking. First, she used the pain to stop me from cumming. How could she expect that I’d be able to cum when I was in fear of that same pain? She was intercoursing legumes. Fucking nuts.

This time, she let the milking go on for more than a minute before…

“Jim, cum for me.”

Again, I couldn’t cum and again the electricity felt like it was going to rip my cock right off my body.


She worked this cycle for another 45 minutes with no success then she shut the machine off and went quiet. After an hour (I guessed) of saying nothing, I heard her pick something up. My fear was visceral.

“Jim, you really need to help me help you.”

The machine went back to milking my dead cock for about 2 minutes and got nowhere. I was afraid that she’d turned it into a piece of overcooked bacon.

“Jim, cum for me.”

My fear enveloped me! I was surprised when a large climax shook me and forced cum from my dick. I had no control over either and it happened without having the fuck shocked out of me.

“Good boy, Jim!”


She let my orgasm subside, but she didn’t let the machine quit milking me. My cock, however, went even limper, if that was possible. I wanted to die.

Another 2 minutes of the milking didn’t bring anything out of my cock.

“Jim, cum for me.”

The fear of an electrical storm forced cum from my dick as I had a slight climax and my mind became a black hole. My eyes rolled up into my head and all I could see was a sheet of red on the inside of my skull.

“Jim, you’ll cum for me when I tell you and you’ll stop when I tell you. If you deviate from that plan, you’ll spend 2 minutes at the highest setting on the box. So far, you’re doing great. Let’s work on something else.”

Crazy bitch! I was going to strap her ass down and slowly skin her. Maybe I’d eat some of her. Of course, I’d need a nice Chianti to wash it down.


“I’m going to take out the gag and remove the blindfold, but you’re not to say anything to me that I don’t direct you to, no matter what. Any deviation from that and I’ll put the gag back in and you’ll spend the next 2 minutes wishing that I’d just kill you. Are we clear? Grunt once for yes or twice to spend 2 minutes writhing in agony.”

Was she fucking kidding? How was that a choice? I grunted once.

“Good boy, Jim!”

Apparently, I was no better than a dog. She took the gag out and the blindfold off. The look of crazy on her face had me wishing that she’d just kill me. I couldn’t suppress a whimper and hoped this wouldn’t anger her, but I didn’t scream or yell. I was rewarded with the machine being turned on at a low level.

“You know, you fucking douche, we may actually be able to get somewhere today. I’d really hate to hook those leads up across your heart and give you a heart attack.

Wouldn’t you hate that? Say yes or no.”



“Do you believe that I’d do that? Yes or no.”


Shit. I remember telling her, when we were together, that I was afraid of her and afraid that she might kill accidentally me during one of her outbursts. Yeah, ‘accidentally.’ She knew exactly why I’d run so far and tried to stay hidden. I had no doubt that she’d do exactly what she said. None at all. I was so very fucked. And not in a good way.

“You bet your ass, you worthless, lying piece of shit. Before you woke up, I was tempted to just murder you and never look back. I still want to do that.”

She looked at me and licked her lips, like Frankie Figs in ‘The Whole Nine Yards,’ when he was on the boat and contemplating murdering Oz. Jesus. I wanted to ask her to kill me. I would have if I thought that she’d immediately do just that and not torture me for hours and end up not killing me.


“However, I spent a lot of time working up what I’m about to do to you and I don’t want that to go to waste. Time is money, pal. I’m pretty proud of this plan and want to see whether or not it works. I’d be so disappointed if it doesn’t, and you’d be so dead. You should get behind me on this plan!

Do you want to help me succeed? Yes or no.”


“Oh, Jimmy! You flatter me with your support!

I’d planned to drug you and take you to my place before starting this, but you’re more remote from your neighbors than I am, so here we stay. I know that you don’t have a job or any friends; that means no visitors. You made it really hard to find you, you know? Waldo would’ve been easier to find. But, find you I did! Aren’t you happy about that? I know I am!

You’re happy, right? Yes or no.”



“I just knew you’d be! So, back the plan.

I have cloth underneath your bonds and the ropes aren’t tied all that tight, so there won’t be any bruising. I studied Japanese Shibari to learn how to make sure that you couldn’t escape while making sure that a hand didn’t fall off due to a lack of circulation. You know me! Always the considerate one!

I’ve got the whole potty thing worked out when that comes up. I don’t want you pissing or shitting on my stuff. You just let me know, hon, and I’ll take care of you.

You may be wondering what the point of all of this is. I’ll tell you so that you can mentally, as Judy Tenuta so eloquently puts it, SUFFAH!”

She burst out in loud, full-throated laughing. She was batshit crazy and I was scared shitless. I wasn’t going to eat her. I was going to slice her up, feed her to a dog then kill the dog. Maybe I’d eat the dog – with some nice Fava beans.


“By the time I’m done, you’ll be my willing slave or you’ll be dead. The boxes will reveal the truth of what you tell me. They will cleanse your mind and soul and put you on the right path if you’re lucky, or they’ll kill you. I’m good with either.

What say we get to it?”

Damn, I was wishing that I’d gotten a job and made some friends. She was right; no-one was going to check on me. All my bills were on autopay out of my investment account. I dropped contact with my family when I ran from this bitch so that she couldn’t use them to track me down. I could be dead for a year and no-one would notice. How the fuck did she find me??

Apparently, I was inattentive for a heartbeat or 2 too long. My body lit up like the night sky on the 4th of July.

“Jim, you need to pay closer attention. I really need you to focus. You know how important this is – for both of us. To help with your focus, I’m going to add the first three machines into the mix so that all four can help you focus. Let’s see if I can persuade you that this is the best way to go.”

My whole body plus my ass and cock were being crushed – from the inside. My mind went blank.


I don’t know how long it was before I became aware of the outside world, but I opened my eyes and she was sitting there, smiling at me with a Dr. Evil smile. I wanted to self-terminate.

“Are we focused? Yes or no.”


“Are you happy that I’m helping you? Yes or no.”


“Do you want to fuck me? Yes or no.”


My mind spun for a bit. For a bit too long. It was worse if that was possible. When my vision cleared, she was still just sitting there, smiling that same smile. How was it that she wasn’t in a locked ward on heavy meds?

“Do you want to fuck me? Yes or no.”


“You whore! I wouldn’t fuck a worthless, lying piece of shit like you! You have some nerve, Jim!”

It was worse still. When I became a bit lucid, I realized that my ears were ringing. Jesus. Hello? Would someone please get that?

“Do you want to fuck me? Yes or no.”


I knew what was coming, but I said it anyway.


My world was the color ‘pain.’

As I regained myself, I realized that she was brainwashing me. The military did a light version of this when a boot camp DI would ask if you wanted to fuck his sister/wife/mother/whatever. There was no right answer. It was designed to screw you up and they’d straighten you out further down the line. They did a lot of shit to mess with you so that they could rebuild you into a mindless killing machine.

If the CIA had her skills, they wouldn’t have needed an MK Ultra program.

“Enough with the chit-chat. What say we get to it. Yes or no.”



“That’s a good boy, Jim.”


It took me almost a whole month to see that she was completely right. I’d been a worthless, lying piece of shit. However, because of her grace towards me, I was rescued from myself. I love her and will forever do whatever she wants. Every time I do something for her, I feel an immense sense of gratitude that she’s allowed me to perform an act of service. In turn, she seems to get a lot of pleasure from making me cum then having me drink it. I feel my body climax, but it never brings me any pleasure, just gratitude that I can perform another act of service for her.


It’s been a year since she looked upon me and saw a sinner that could be saved. Every day, I grow more grateful for her. I’m still no better than a dog but that’s as it should be.


“Bitch, jump up.”

She laughed the most wonderful laugh every time she said that. I love that laugh, I long for that laugh!

“How high, Master?”

I love her so much. Isn’t she perfect?

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