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Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 9

I immediately came home after that encounter with the salesman. I had decided not to do anything stupid. But my destiny had other plans. It was as if destiny was trying to make me a slut if I was not a one already.

I took a shower. While taking shower remembered the salesman and the hard thumping he gave me. I could have stopped him immediately but I didn’t. Maybe I was a slut.

Arun came late at night. I had already done my dinner. I was tired so I had slept.


A Week later –

“Ahhhh…Aaahh…yeaahhhhhh….ummmm…” I screamed as the orgasm hit me. Baban was banging me hard as I was sitting on the kitchen platform.

[Image: 5dd276a829ddd.gif]

“Yeahhh…Yeahhh…take it…yeaahhh.” He grunted as he realised that I had orgasmed and that provoked him to stroke harder. He had been waiting for this for the last week.

“Ohhhaaa…yeaaahhhhh.” I screamed as my pussy spasmed and clenched hard from the orgasm.

“Aaaahhh…yeahhhh…yessss…” He moaned as my pussy tightened around his cock.

The sound of my screams, his grunts, the slapping sounds of his balls against my pussy filled the room.

Suddenly he increased his speed and grunted loudly and deposited his cum inside my pussy.

You must me wondering how it all came down to this….so let’s go back in time …

3 hours Back-

I was at the airport to drop Arun. I was feeling a bit sad but at the same time happy. As I will be a free bird for six months. Arun boarded the flight and returned home.

I hadn’t told Baban about Arun going abroad yet. But I didn’t know that Baban already knew.

Now I was alone at my flat. I had no worry of coming anyone. I was planning to call Baban. But the bell of door rang. I opened the door and it was Baban. I was not surprised as he must have seen me and my husband leaving. And anyways I myself was going to call Baban.

He came inside and sat on the sofa relaxed.

Baban : Come here….
Sit on my lap madamji….

There was nothing to worry. I was pretty relaxed. I was wearing a saree with a sleeveless blouse.

I went and sat on Baban’s lap.

Baban leaned forward and kissed me on my lips. His dark lips were eating my mouth. And in no time his tongue was exploring mouth.


I was not far behind. I also started to explore his mouth. It was smelling of pan and gutkha. But I was used to it now. I was caressing my hands through his hairs and kissing . We kissed like that for 10 minutes. Baban was a pretty good kisser.


After 10 minutes we stopped kissing.

Baban – Madamji, why didn’t u tell me about sahab leaving abroad?

Amruta – I was thinking of telling you today.

I said feeling a little embarrassed as I was caught in a lie.

Baban slowly removed my pallu and started squeezing my boobs. My mangalsutra was coming in between. So I was removing it but Baban stopped me.

Baban – Madamji keep it on…..U look sexy with your mangalsutra.

After squeezing my boobs for 5 minutes.
Baban asked me to bring tea for him.

I was going to the kitchen but Baban kept hold of my pallu and just like that my saree was on the floor.

I was in my sleeveless blouse and petticoat.

Baban : Now make tea for me like this.

This made my pussy wet. I was now making tea for Baban in the kitchen. And Baban came behind me and put his hands inside my petticoat.

“Ahhhh…..ahhhhh…..” I moaned as his hans reached my pussy .

Amruta : What are u doing? Don’t u want your tea? You can do whatever you want afterwards.

I said blushing.

But he didn’t stop. He was only in his underwear and he was dry humping me from behind. And at the same time he was fingering me..


I was feeling heavenly. His one hand was inside my pussy and other hand was inside my blouse. His dick was poking my ass from his underwear.

By this time the tea was ready.

Amruta – Baban tea is ready.

Baban came back to his senses and removed his hands from pussy.

Then I poured the tea in the cup and gave it to Baban.

Now Baban was having tea in the kitchen.
I was standing infront of him in my blouse and petticoat.

Then suddenly Baban pulled down his underwear with one hand…..and pointed to his hard black dick.

I understood his signal. I bend down.

I gently cupped the balls with my right hand and wrapped my left hand around the shaft. I ran my hands over the cock, gauging its firmness and weighing the balls. I bent down and kissed the cock before licking it. I licked the precum off it and tasted it. I then took the cock head inside my mouth and moved my tongue around it. I could feel the firmness of his cock inside my mouth.

Baban had closed his eyes and was moaning lightly. The look on his face was enough to turn me on further and suck his cock hungrily.

I lashed out my tongue on the slit a few times before licking the entire shaft and sucking on the cock head again. I bent a little lower and gobbled up his balls. The feeling of his heavy balls in my mouth was amazing. I sucked his balls one by one before focusing back on the cock. I bobbed my head slowly as I tried to take more of him inside my mouth. The pungent scent of his cock was arousing me further.

[Image: 5dd27adf3d304.gif]

Baban : Madamji even whores don’t suck cock this good.

Baban said moaning.

After a couple of minutes of sucking his cock, I took it out of my mouth and looked at Baban.

“Fuck my mouth.” I said

Baban smiled…..and he stood in front of me with his cock right in front of me. He grabbed my head with both his hands before pushing his cock towards my mouth. I opened my mouth wide to accept his giant cock and soon it was inside.

[Image: 5dd27c596c56e.gif]

He shoved his entire cock inside my mouth in the very first stroke. I gagged and withdrew immediately but I wasn’t done. I again took him inside me and this time, I relaxed my throat and let his cock slide down my throat.


He was fucking my mouth deep…….

After fucking my mouth for 10 minutes he stopped.

Then he removed my blouse ,bra in a flash started sucking my right boobs and squeezed the left boob with one hand.


[Image: 5dd27776789bd.gif]

My nipples were tight with all this foreplay.

He was sucking and licking my boobs like crazy. It was giving me immense pleasure.

Baban : Madmaji your tits are too good…….

And he kept sucking.

All this foreplay had made my pussy wet.

Now I wanted Baban’s dick inside my pussy quickly.

Amruta – Baban fuck me now……I cannot control this anymore….. please….

I pleaded to Baban…

Baban – Madamji what’s the hurry? I will fuck u real hard..don’t worry..

And he kept eating my boobs.

And then he stopping and looked at me naughtily.

I thought now Baban will fuck me.

But he bent down…and lowered my petticoat and panty in one go.

And suddenly put his mouth on my pussy.


Baban began to shower my pussy with kisses.

His tongue began to trace its way along the slit. He was alternating between flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it. Baban was literally eating my pussy.

[Image: 5dd27cf03642f.gif]

Baban – Madamji ur pussy is sooo tasty.

Suddenly I felt an intense orgasm building.

“Ahhhhh……yessssss………I am cumming”

I trembled. Then I came hard. Baban’s face was covered with my fluids.

It was the best orgasm of my life and that too without actual fucking.

And then Baban lifted me like baby ,put me on the kitchen platform and inserted his dick smoothly inside my pussy.


And started thumping me hard.

And the rest u all already know.


It was one week since Arun left abroad. And Baban had fucked me in every possible way ,in every position ,in every corner of the room.

I haven’t had this much sex even when I was on my honeymoon.

I even gave the extra key of my flat to Baban so that he can sneak in my flat at night without any problem.

Now Baban had become my sex buddy.

One day as usual he came to the flat. It was afternoon. He looked a bit sad .
Now a days he was having lunch at my home mostly.

So after lunch I went to him and kissed him. But he looked uninterested.

Baban : Madamji sorry but today I am not in good mood.

This was a new thing .

A sexy high class housewife was infront of him and he was not interested.
I knew something was not right.

Amruta : Baban what happened? Tell me
If there is money problem I can help.

Baban – No Madamji…no money problem….it’s a family problem.

Amruta – Tell me then …..I know you are sad

Baban – Madamji I had told you about my marriage….but now there is a problem…..my yonger sisters marriage has been fixed…..and my parents want me to come for the marriage with my wife….

Amruta – Oh…I can understand….but you can go alone and tell them that ur wife was busy.

Baban – Madamji ……people will again laugh at me….I think I should not have lied in the first place. Otherwise there would have been no problem .

And my parents have told the groom’s family that I will be coming. So if I don’t go then they might feel insulted…it can even affect my sister’s life…

Baban was having a emotional breakdown. But he controlled his emotions . I didn’t force him to have sex with me.

Baban said sorry and went away.

I felt bad for Baban. And I also had sympathy for Baban. As he had not met with his family for six years.

After Baban went without fucking me . I was just alone relaxing on the bed. I was thinking about Baban’s situation and a kinky idea came to me .

(Amruta talking to herself)
Maybe I can accompany Baban as his wife?

Just this thought made me wet.

But how can I live in village? I have never lived in a village? And I don’t even look like a poor housewife. I wear all these fancy dresses and designer sarees.

I have lived my whole life in comfortable houses. In villages people still don’t have toilets. How can I manage if I decide to go as Baban’s wife?
(Self talk ends)

I was feeling really turned on by just thinking about the scenario.

And the opportunity to fulfill the fantasy had come at the perfect time. As my husband Arun was out of country and I was without job. So there was nothing to worry about.

The thought of living as someone else’s wife that too in a village was making me more and more horny .

So I decided to tell Baban about my plan when he comes back at night.

But Baban didn’t come at night.

Next morning I called Baban but his phone was switched off.

So I decided to go down and check on him.

So I went to down but it was Abdul.

Abdul was a friend of Baban and he used to work in place Baban whenever Baban was busy. Abdul was dark skinned man
in his early 40’s.

I went to Abdul and asked him about Baban.

Abdul – I don’t know memsaab , he didn’t tell me anything .

Baban mostly used to sleep in the society store room . But he had his home somewhere which I didn’t knew.

Amruta – You know where he lives?

Abdul was a little surprised. Maybe he was thinking why I need to visit a poor watchman’s house.

But he gave me the address.

Baban’s house was in the slums. Baban had never told me about it .

So decided to go there. I booked a cab and told the driver the address. He was a bit surprised hearing the address.

The cab driver once again confirmed the address.

After half an hour I reached the location. I could only see small and dirty lanes .

[Image: Dharavi-1-1129x752-jpg-optimal.jpg]

People around me were looking at me as if I was an alien. People were openly checking me out.

I was just wearing a pink saree with sleeveless and backless blouse. I could see people looking hungrily at my ass. But I wasn’t bothey by it. In fact I was enjoying it.

[Image: 45af958891636165559caa34b6130630.jpg]
[Image: ayu3-preview.jpg]

I couldn’t find the exact address. All the houses were small and  similar. Calling those huts as houses was an exaggeration. There was foul smell everywhere.

I asked a guy about the address . He was  in his early 20’s . First he checked me out. Then he asked me to walk ahead and he was guiding me from behind. I
knew he was checking out my ass.

[Image: ef1ec18ca492bfec53f876600b0ab0d7.jpg]
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Then he took me through small lanes and asked me to stop infront of a small shack.

[Image: images-1.jpg]
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It was small shack beside an open drainage . I felt like vomiting but I controlled myself.

I knocked on the door. And Baban opened the door.

He was genuinely surprised to see me at his house .

Baban – Madamji ,how come you are here?
He said standing at the door.

Amruta – First let me come inside .

Baban – Sorry Madamji
And he asked me to come inside .

I went inside Baban’s house. It wasn’t a house per say. It was just a small room with no amenities whatsoever.

It just had a small bed and a table fan. And there was toilet nearby .
[Image: stock-photo-mumbai-india-september-insid...809781.jpg]

Baban offered me some water. He looked tired and depressed.

Baban – Madamji, Why you came here?

Amruta – What option I had ? You were not picking your phone.

Baban – Madamji I was not in a mood to talk to anybody.

Amruta – I have a solution for all your problems.
I said smiling.

Baban – How is that possible madam?

Amruta  – I will accompany you as your wife.

Baban – Memsaab but how is that possible?

Amruta – Whats the problem?

Baban – How can you live in village and that too for 8 days?
You have grown up with all comforts. You will not be able to live there.

Amruta – You don’t worry about me. I will manage.
I said confidently.

Baban – Madamji saying it here is easy but it will be difficult in real life.

Amruta – I will be fine. Don’t worry about me.
I said assertively.

Baban – But Madamji u don’t even look like a poor married woman. You look so beautiful that no one will believe that you are my wife. Look at me and look at yourself. You wear these expensive clothes and jewellery.

Amruta – I have a solution for that. We will buy some cheap sarees and imitation jewellery.

Baban now looked a little hopeful.

Baban – Madamji but are u really serious ?

I took a deep breath and said yes.

Amruta – Do you know where should I get cheap  sarees and other stuff?

Baban – yes madam . There is a nearby Bazaar. Most of the people from my area go there.

But you will also have to change the way you speak.

I have told my parents that my wife is also a servant and she washes clothes, utensils.

You will also have to speak differently.

Amruta – I was a pretty good actor in my college days. I will manage.
I said confidently.

I was feeling really awkward in that small place.

So me and Baban decide to go shopping for the stuff which I needed.


At the market

There were small shops in narrow lanes.
I could see people looking at me hungrily. But Baban was with me so nobody tried doing anything.

We went to a saree shop first. So I asked him to show the cheapest sarees. The fabric was really thin. Meanwhile the shopkeeper was looking at me puzzled. Maybe he was wondering why I was buying cheap sarees. I selected 5 sarees quickly and paid the money.

I then bought green glass bangles similar to what my kaamwali had.

I also bought some cheap imitation jewellery.

Now I had to stitch blouses. I couldn’t go to my fancy taylor with these sarees.

So Baban knew a taylor shop nearby. So we went there. It was a really small place.

The tailor was a old man in his 60’s . He was wearing a skull cap and had a characteristic long beard. He also had a tape around his neck.

[Image: tailor-making-clothes-on-old-sewing-mach...CTPCAR.jpg]

Baban got a call . It was something important. So Baban said he will be back in 30 minutes. He asked me to wait there and went away.

So it was me and the tailor guy in that shop. It seemed he worked alone there.

I gave him the sarees and he then cut the blouse pieces from it. He was glancing at my body in between. He looked a bit surprised seeing a woman like me in his small shop.

Now it was time for measurements. The place which I used to stitch my blouse had women to take measurements.

But here this old man was doing all the work. There was a cabin like arrangement with curtains to do the measurements.

So the tailor guy asked me to come inside to take measurements. The cabin was like a telephone booth with walls on three sides and curtain as a cover. After I went inside he slid the curtain.

Tailor – Madam remove the pallu so that I can take measurements.

So I removed my pallu.

His eyes lit up seeing my huge boobs and cleavage. I could sense the bulge in his pants.

Then he started taking measurements. He was intentionally fondling my boobs over my blouse . As I didn’t object he was getting bolder. After fondling my boobs in guise of taking measurements he noted down.

I was enjoying all of this.

Amruta – Uncle stitch the blouse properly. It should fit properly. (Chacha ji acche se sila dena blouse. Fitting barabar honi chahiye)

He thought for a minute.

Tailor – For proper fitting I would have take measurements without the blouse and bra.

I knew he wanted to see my boobs naked. And that’s why he was saying this but I didn’t mind.

Amruta – Is it necessary?

Tailor – If you want proper fitting then it is necessary.

Amruta – It’s ok……then you only remove my blouse.

I said naughtily.

He immediately removed my blouse. Now I was in a bra. He asked me to turn around and started caressing my back. His erect dick was poking my ass. And from behind he unhooked my bra and it fell down. All this made my pussy wet.

I was controlling my moans. But his caressing made me moan softly.

Now he turned me around and saw my naked boobs for the first time. He started fondling them. I was biting my lips to control my moaning.

He understood that I will not stop him from doing anything . So suddenly he started to suck my boobs . His rough beard was caressing my boobs

“Ahhhhhhhh…… ummmmmm……”
He kept sucking my boobs.
His rough beard was rubbing on my boobs.

Then he stopped and looked me in the eyes. My eyes were filled with lust.

And he put his dark lips on mine.

I was kissing a 60 year old ***** man in slums. It was some sight.

He kept kissing and exploring my mouth with his tongue.

But suddenly my phone rang. It was Baban calling. I came back to my senses. So I broke the kiss. I picked up the call. Baban asked me to come to a nearby location in 5 minutes.

Amruta – I have to go urgently now.
I told the tailor guy.

I promised him that we will meet again. So he reluctantly agreed.

But he had a disappointing look on his face.

But he asked for my bra as a trophy. I gave him my bra. I wore my blouse without the bra .

Before parting ways he gave me a long and deep kiss.

He promised me to to stitch the blouses in 2 days and he asked me to come to collect the blouses. I replied affirmatively.

And I left the tailor shop.

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